IRIS - Trailer

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Korea, the last divided nation on Earth, is constantly under political and military tension involving its surrounding countries, especially on the issue of North Korea's nuclear development. NSS special agents are trained to use any means to fulfill their missions. Officially, they do not exist. They are not acknowledged or protected by their own government. Although they are highly trained and cold-blooded killers, there is one downfall they still cannot avoid: love. Hyunjun and Sawoo are close friends and rivals in the 707 Special Forces, and when they are both recruited into the NSS, they quickly become the best of the best. Assigned to different secret missions, they soon find themselves on different paths in life, and even become pitted against each other. In a world of conspiracy and betrayal, they both fall for Seunghee, the beautiful but lethal profiling specialist at NSS. Working against each other in the face of a nuclear terrorist attack, each man is forced to make a final decision, even as Seunghee's deepest secret is revealed.

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