Italian Greyhound Play Date 2014 Jan 26

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Lots of Italian Greyhounds playing at Mantayo Kennels in Denver Colorado. This is the Sunday Morning Playdate hosted by Italian Greyhound Rescue of Denver. Learn more at

Italian Greyhound (Animal Breed) Play

Ash- Bob
Good thing there is an water there so that these cermets can an grow.
Bongo Brandy
Hey Mambo, mambo Italiano!
love my italian greyhound but so happy he doesn't do that barking sound lol
Bridgitte Walles
This is what heaven looks like omg😍
Cap Colombie
Wow, so many gorgeous Iggys.
Christine Y
Do you think the ones in sweaters are embarrassed?
Dane Whaley
I love this little breed . If I get a dog,this is the one I want to get.
Daniele Calzolato
Wow, this looks amazing.
Jessica Lee Manton
I would lose my mind if I came to something like this with my iggy!!!
Lorraine Paul
I also have a retired Racing Greyhound.  If you want to see perfect harmony watch a get-together with Greyhounds.  They are so laid back and gentle.
Magdalena C
My iggies would absolutely love this! Can anyone tell me were this meet up was?
Maha Bakri
0:57 WTF
Steemit OneAzania
they seem to get very yapity when amongst their own pals.. mine only barks when i am about to feed her. she growls and seems to be saying 'well, it's about time\
Tadashi Hamada
They look like little whippets
Travis Exe
I love it when my 3 iggys sing together.
Wack and Snooze
Iggy heaven!!! Love this!
Zachary Stall
Thank you for sharing the video!
Lots of skinny doggies...and occasionally, lots of barking and howling and yipping that everybody apparently has to join in on.
I don't get headaches, but I could see one with this. However, I'd be on the floor and loving every second.
michael walker
if I was there I would lick there noses
I need one. They're so cute.
Oh wow...I see several of my dogs in this video!
It's the twilight bark...