How To Give The Ultimate Hot Towel Shave - Players Barbershop in Hatboro Pennsylvania

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Here at Players Barbershop each barber takes a lot of pride in their art of how to shave a mans face properly. Today, George Bruno, also known as 'The Sultan of Silver' gives an in depth lesson on how he provides the closest shave he truly believes you'll ever receive. Why not stop by today and leave feeling completely refreshed with a face as smooth as a baby's bottom. You deserve to look good! You deserve to feel good too! We guarantee it seven days a week! Stylistically, Players Barbershop38 North York RoadHatboro, PA 19040215-675-0508

(267) 483-8207 1380 Easton Road 18976 19040 215-675-0508 38 North York Road Barber (Profession) Haircut Hatboro PA PA 18976 Warrington barber shop barbershop beards boys haircut close shaves female barber female barbers hot towel shaves lady barber lady barbers mens hair styling mens haircut shave Players Barber Shop

34th RLight
The man is well dressed, well groomed, and speaks very intelligently. On top of that, he knows his craft very well. It's a shame I live in Michigan.
Classical music to accompany this relaxing therapy. A must.
Alex K
I can't believe I just spent 12 minutes watching Donald Sutherland give Sean Connery a shave.
Amanda H
This was very interesting!
Arvin Runstein
How do I get my beard to be as dope AF as that? I've got the size, but no style.
Is it me or does this guy look like Comstock from Bioshock Infinite...🤔
Good vid! love the beard my man!
Benjamin Rance
Woah if Jim Lahey gets a cut there it must be legit
Brandon Campbell
Client looks like an unshaven Jean Luc Picard.
Cano *
4:27 the old men was scare when he say that muahahahaha
Chilled Fox
I feel like there are a ton of barber's out there that can learn a thing or two from this man
Corey Ellerbe
Hot towel shave + classical music = me asleep.
I hear the lawrence of arabia theme everytime he wraps the guy's face.
Daniel Kurland
This is essentially ASMR
Daniela Cedeño
There is no reason whatsoever as to why I should be watching this, but I feel I'm being educated and I'm enjoying this throughoutly. Also, this man is the real MVP
Darth Belal
I like him and I think he's a great guy who loves his job, but I have to say he reminds of Count Dooku............
Deputy sheriff
Like the thin blue line paracord bracelet,have the same one myself
Dirty Dan
ASMR anyone?
I must say, that beard is magnificent!
Your voice is so calming.. I love you
Eva Brekić
This man's beard makes me moist.
FredsVoice ASMR
I could fall asleep to this all day long.
Groot _
That guy looks like prof.X. XD
I love this channel & your pipe smoking channel. I don't know which one I like better though...
the downside of being a woman
Harold Fernandez
If he would give a ring dinger at the end he would own youtube
HollywoodFan21 ( Luis Villavicencio )
It is an original shave at the 1st class Barber Shop.
Honey Rose
I’m a girl \nI’m 11 \nIt’s 12:43 at night \nI don’t want to be a barber \nI don’t care about these things \nWhy am I here ? \nWhat is the meaning of life ? \nAm just a sacrifice to shape the world slightly or I could change it but with a negative impact \nWell \nWait he is using a paint brush for powder now I’m interested \n...
I was in the area and actually had a chance to get a shave from George. AMAZING skill set, and great attention to detail (especially cleanliness). If you go, in addition to leaving a nice tip, bring him some quality cigars.
So triggered!😌
JR Wood & Metal
i just want him to stroke my beard.
Jason Fulcher
Jim Lahey must have left the trailer park and is enjoying the finer things
Jeffrey Wells
An exemplary description to a legitimate straight razor shave . A use of the abbreviation ,BBS is a great addition (baby bottom smooth). Your knowledge & direction was stupendous
Jobre Yukmale
How many towels does he use for every patient because I think he is using too much
I've seen Eastern Promises too many times to trust anyone to straight shave me. I'm not a Russian mobster but some rando diddling a more than razor sharp blade around your face. No thanks.\nEdit: Holy shit i could watch you shave for days.
Jordan Mcgrew
*Stay Thirsty My Friends*
Joseph Barron
That’s a really private moment to share props to the guy in the chair
That is a really nice beard
WOO YEAH HE SAID BLOODBORNE AT 1:45 woo yeah!!!!!!!!! GAME RULES!!!!!!
If anyone has ever given themselves a nickname it was this guy
Kio outs
Nice high class shave!Great instructional video as all of yours but last but by no means least great Mozart piano concerto music(no 9)!!
Koby Glass
Some say his face is still shaved to this day.
This is art.
Lars Dols
What a boss
Leigh Abbott
How did I get here? It's 4:40am. I have no use for this video, I'm a girl 😂I still find it interesting though
Dammit, could you at least use CLEAN towels... Blood, yellow stains... what the hell?
Malachy Wilson 117Mal
more vids from this man please
I think I'm going to buy a plane ticket to Pennsylvania to get a shave by you, you gloriously stylish bear you.
Max Jami
Professor Xavier seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his shave.
7 Matrix reworks and I say finally !!... it's time for *The Architect* to become the barber he was always meant to be.
Motoko Chan
So I'm a woman, and after watching this video, I wished to have a beard XD
Those towels stained af
why don't they have barbers like this where I live?!?! \n\nthere's an old timey barber shop down the street from where I live but I'm always scared the old guys gonna cut my throat if I get a shave cause he's always moving around and doing it fast cause of all the customers
Nelson Marcos
New item on life goals:\n\n*Get a hot towel shave by George Bruno
Nicklaus Books
A consummate professional. It could be a dude making an omelette however, if they know their craft it'll be the most interesting thing in the galaxy.
Patrick Magee
This guy looks like he would be a wicked grandpa to have, like for real, the dude has serious style!
Prince Blake
HELL NO, I would have ingrown hairs and skin infections for weeks. I envy people who get this done
You know that heaven is about to happen when the barber says \
Ron Morales
For a moment I thought the thumbnail was Jimmy Kimmel in disguise.😋
It's such a genuine joy to watch someone who knows their craft so well. A master!
man i want this guy to shave my balls!
I've watched this video a number of times now and enjoy it each and every time. The video is very relaxing and informative as well. George, I like your easy going relaxed delivery. I had somewhat of a long day at work and watching this video helped me to chill out.
Sizeable Paladin
Now this is a excellent barber. He properly used both technique and products and safety. This gentlemen is well trained barber. He used all the appropriate stages for a hot towel shave. Bravo sir.
Sky Shadow
He directed \
You can tell he's a professional just by looking at his fancy beard. 🤔
Holy crap I'm so relaxed right now
Terry Tanktop
I had an ass shave once. Was great. Shame you can't do one of those. Thanks.
The Canadian sloth
Is that Vladimir Lenin he’s shaving?
The Vegan Bear
This guy will straight up steal your Grandma
TheGibbinator Man
He looks like President Snow from Hunger Games, especially in the thumbnail
So this is what Santa does the rest of the year: he gives Lenin a good ol' shave
Thomas Bernecky
Well done, Sir. I'll be stopping by next time I go to Silvio's for their wonderful bread (another Hatboro firm that takes pride in their products).
“Im not big on using the brush” then why even bother using wet shaving soaps and brushes? You might as well use trash out of a can... exfoliating with the brush is half the experience... feels great as well. You can feel for the contours ether before or after using the brush.
Best ASMR video from a non-asmartist
Vincent Vega
This was strangely relaxing to watch. Just perfection.
Wild Mike
I wish there were old school barbers like this where I live. Every man should have at least 1 straight razor shave like this in his lifetime.
Will R
I always thought the reason to lather the face with a brush is that the skin will produce protective oils as the bristles irritate the skin, im going to try this tomorrow.
Wyatt Morris
most professional person I have ever seen.
I'm pretty sure I work right near this place, maybe 10 minutes away or so, I'd guess. I want to stop by now.
Look up the word \
stay thirsty my friends
cj ryan
Excellent work. Barbers have a pride that can never be matched by those chain store hair stylists. Thanks for keeping your craft alive!
Excellent choice of music
pure class this guy. the epitome of professionalism love it
Must be nice giving Jim Lahey a shave.
james pinnock
Not gonna lie the guy sorta looks like a 50 year old Kurt Cobain\nCoincerdense\n\n\n\n\n\nProbably
This guy embodies the term \
Am I thee only one that thinks that he sounds exactly like John Malkovich from the movie Eragon.
I find this so fascinating and cool. \nYour beard is magnificent. \nI also love your passion, knowledge and professionalism. \nI like classical music myself but do you ever change it up or is it mainly for video? Or maybe do you find it is the best for the whole relaxation experience, not only to relax the customer but yourself. Maybe when these blokes have a razor to there throat they don't want to offend? I jest!\nIs the cut throat razor guy treated with the most respect, or should I say never disrespected or argued with, well especially before the service is performed. \nI am just playing. I really do admire this service you provide and would hope it comes back in a big way. So much so that it is the norm. That would be amazing. Then men can still be men while getting pampered in a sense. You can be relaxed and scared at the same time, well at least your virgin shave. \nThankyou for great video, love your beard and I hope I did not offend.
maya lol
You look like snow from the hunger games 😂
Absolutley masculine, civilized and young men in the American culture could learn something about dignity.\nThank you sir.
this was weirdly relaxing
Totally skilled barber! Love the way he maneuvers the blade. While the technique is top notch, the process of \
he extracts the lather from the brush .
Imagine you are relaxing to this amazing shave by Bruno when... \n\nBEEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEP \n\nThe rickshaw driver from Baba's shop in India shows up......
taz uddin
After the elections today i don't think ill be allowed in the states anymore to visit you lool...
Excellent video ! I wish I could bring my son here. I did find Proraso . It's very good. George you are a nice gentleman.
wEt SpOnGe
Me: Hey hun, can we move to Hatboro in Pennsylvania.\nWife: Why?\nMe: No reason.......