Marcelito Pomoy - The Prayer (Italian Video Reaction)


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Really good reaction. Thanks. Some notes: Marcelito is singing a duet with himself, in English and Italian, NEITHER of which is his native language since he is Filipino; he is also sitting down, which is difficult in itself.
Afnan Wasi
hi Girls\nhow you doing??\nLiked your channel and reaction too.\ni have a request\nplease do react on Coke studio song\nname of song is \n\
Al Simey
Hi signore belle. Kudos a voi. Ho vissuto a Modena e Bologna per 8 mesi e così molto pochi italiani parla inglese. È buono voi. Provengo dalle Filippine.
Alain Gil
Ladies, great reaction, and I would like to commend the two of you for your grasp of the English language, where you coherently expressed your emotions even when you were visibly surprised by the performance. I am sure that Marcelito will appreciate your comment about his pronunciation of the Italian words in the song.
Albert Buted
Thats is the filipino talent...
Albert Deocampo
Ciao sorelle, noi filipino non facciamo lip sync, cantare da sola e noiso quindi marcelino ha initiato cantare in doppio voce!
Alex Cruz
From Phillippines.
Alfonso Alviola
He is a Filipino. The winner of Filipinas Got Talents. The Prayer was he's winner song .
Andrea Reyes
He is from Philippines, gifted voice from God
Andrew Villanueva
Thank you ltalians ladies! That was a great reaction and good comments for the singer.
Andy Medina
It's overwhelming to know reaction from you guys from Italy deeply appreciated for your comments to Marcelito, he is from Philippines
BTOBichnaneun Forever
Love your reaction girls, it’s so epic!!\nI’m so proud of Marcelito and Thank God I’m Filipino (tgif)👏🏻💪🏻
Ben Adam
he's a (Pinoy) from Phillipine...... I'm Indonesian but I love this man #GodJob_Brother
Chan Xperia
my 1st time to see Italian reacting to this video and you guys are awesomely gorgeous. I love your reaction so natural. I love you girls. sending some love from Philippines.
Charlene Calinugan
hello.marcilito is from amazing...
Cheril Gabiana
marcelito pomoy from philipines
Daniel Britton
Good to hear Italian opinion about Pomoy's performance. Nice reaction by two beautiful Italian ladies.
Denita Baguso
He's a Filipino singer
Edwin Zambales
He is a Filipino. from the Philippines... wish 107.5 is a BUS radio staion that goes from one place to another... Please try to react also to the songs of TNT BOYS, also from the Philippines.
To english to italians so fast lol
Ennuiegh Ortsac
Marcelito Pomoy from the Pride of the PHILIPPINES... He is a Filipino for more videos search in YouTube guys...
Evangeline Vitales
Habib Nanan
Coming from an Italian like you and appreciating his Italian performance of this song is ❤️❤️❤️
I Love Howl
Italian reactors, reacting and complementing Marcelito is a really big deal to us Filipinos... We are truly humbled and grateful... Thank u so much for this reaction video... I hope through this, Marcelito will be well-known in Italy and in other parts of the globe...
Imie Tayupon
Very difficult to sing the song with the language that you are not used to... He is from philippines. He sung the female version not just an ordinary singer but celine dion. What makes me impressed most is that andrea voice like...and take note in italian.. Wow marcelito. You nailed it. Just like an offortless for you to sing a big sobg like that? Oh you blown my mind.
Jam Avanza
his singing duet
Jerry Bongar
N'Byeol Sisters, Marcelito Pomoy is from the Philippines
Jerry Ruiz
he is professional singer here in the philippines ,and he is the best! and i proud to be a filipino the way he sung this song.
Joaquin Castaneda jr.
Ciao, bella raggaza. Nice n honest reaction. Filipinne talent at his best. Grazie to both?
John Llanes
Nice reaction from Italy....
Jonathan Pan Mendoza
he's from the Philippines. he is a Filipino, he's very famous hers in Manila Philippines
Jules De Vera
Come sei oggi belle belle italiane?\nMarcelito è delle Filippine e migliaia di noi possono cantare anche senza formazione musicale formale.
Julius Tayan
italian is not so hard for as pinoy because lot of your words is same to as hahaha alot alot of filipino can sing greatly and any languange because filipino is like ah copy master hahaha alot of filipino i mean.but marcelito is one of the few that can do it perfectly.
Kan Lim
Im very happy you loved his performance 😄
Kazura Molina
Marcelito Pomoy Watching you guys
Larry Oswald
You girls are so amazing. I am glad that you guys confirm that Marcelino sang it really good in Italian. Individual criticize him about his Italian pronunciation that it's not good.....and he did not pronounce it well the Italian words. Thank you so much for you guys comments on Marcelino.
Lenuta Alexe
Wanderfoul Macelito ✌✌✌✌✌
Levi Lising
He is Filipino from Philippines
Lourjean Verlinden
Beyed sister .Marcelito original from Philippines
Lym Pait
He is from Philippine...
Manuel Meringuez
Try Marcelito Pomoy sings Power of love by Celine Dion. He is good in that too
Marion Gamboa
Taking it from the Italians... it's confirmed🤗🤗🤗
Marison Abe
Merlyn Oronan
it's unbelievable, I'm from Phil. too.. Thank you guys
Michael Genroe
that talent in the Philippines are not much appreciated, that was just normal because too many people in Philippines are good in singing.!
Mighty Thingzone
Ciao raggazzi..e Filipino....e e normale per noi filippine sentire una voce come marcelito in filippine...thank u for ur reaction
Straight from Italian mouths... what can I say?
Nazla mohammad
He is from philippine..
Nick Ducusin
Thank you both for an excellent reaction. This is the first time I’ve seen this , I know it’s late but I’m glad I found it. Marcelito is an incredible talent. Filipino singers work extremely hard at singing and you can tell by the quality in their voice. Thank you so much, by the way if you have time please check out Cherol Smile. She has a channel on YouTube also. She is Filipino born in Italy she speaks about a wide variety of topics you might appreciate. 👍😊
Otte carlos
ive been looking for italians to react on this. thank you girls..wish i heard more italian words from you too.. but everything was good.
I'm crying
Phinferb Bella
I like Italians reacting to Marcelito Pomoy's \
Pian Razak
Finally... reaction from the Italians... 👍🏻
Proceso Abalin
From phillipines ..a duet of Celine Dion and andrea bocelli....god gifts his voice
Pyaar Suravira
been waiting for an Italian reaction. It really make a difference when people who speaks the language says it's good.
Raymond Gonzalez
I love your beautiful Italian accents lovely ladies
Rhona Allauigan18
Marcelito pomoy is from philippines☺☺☺
Rhys Uegenio Official_Channel
Filipino people are very talented when it comes in singing from Philippines ❤❤❤❤🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Richard Solomon
He's from our country, The Philippines!
Roel Pacio
A Magnifico rendition of The Prayer by Marcelito. He's now in the US as a guest in the Ellen de Geners show.
Strawberry Wine
Ola new fam here🙋\nMarcelito from Philippines,👍more reactions from Wish 107.5 Bus 🙏and cant wait😘💐❤✌
Tere Borgonia
Marcelito is the best! Perfect and amazing voice! Proud to be pinoy! Mabuhay Philippines! Godbless u marcelito.
Teresa Cartel
spanish snd english
Vic Aggari
He's from the Philippines
Wendel ArmadaLumalang
Two thumbs up to marcelito and to your reactions
Za ch
My doctor is Italian. She is the best. Dr. Milanesi.
azagra hanon
Now confirmed from Italian itself reaction...Thank you N'Byeol Sisters..
beast of the east
proud to be filipino 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
ber calnip
Thank you . Now I can be more of a fan of Marcelino... great italian pronounciation
brave ones
Marcelito Pomoy From the Philippines. Champion of Phil Got Talent dual voice
chatt cedric
Tnx guys for appreciating Filipino talent like Marcelito and his Italian diction. You've been reacting to some Asian singers, since you already started with Marcelito, why not try to continue reacting to more Filipino talents, am sure you'll be amazed by their incredible talents which are now appreciated globally. Morissette, 4th Impact, Katrina Velarde to name a few. Buongiorno, Gracie !!!
dave cruz
he is a Filipino...from philippines
dave joie napoles
Nice reaction👍👍👍 try to his marcelito cover... power of love by celine dion live on 107.5 bus
Hands down the best reaction. Who can judge this better than two beautiful Italian reactors, right?
edwin semidey
i loved it that you heard him everyone of my italian friends said the same as you guys
gentle Mac
Filipino Exquisite God given Talents. Philippines have so much talented singers.
grixoo alcatraz
He's switching his voice guys..😁😁😁thanks for your nice and excellent reaction.. 😁😁
heiress kharll
He's from the Philippines. Proud Filipino here..
irene reyes
Marcelito pomoy e un filippino 😊bravissimo da vero
thank you so much for your nice review and reaction to Marcelito Pomoy voice, great....
jez Mercado
Half italian, half english. Half woman, half man. Hahaha
jho braduz
Whos watching 2018....proud filipino
joan adrian
I clicked LIKE Because of your genuine reaction.\nMarcelito is from Philippines and YES that is his real Voice... 😉 Filipino pRoud 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭\n\nTry to react to his POWER OF LOVE
mary athena sabado
he's from Philippines, he is one of great singer, please react more Filipino singer there a lot great singer in the Philippines, NICE REACTION!!!!!
matixs blinkikwee
wow nice voice and thanks 4 uploading this song
mercifel aranda
oh yes he is the winner of the phil. got talent..\ne molto bravo per avere 2 voce lui e puo cantare canzone femine e maschile
he has another version of the song taken last April, also live, and which he has consistently performed. Check it out --- Watch Marcelito Pomoy Performing \
onioc eugenio
He is the champion of \
peace2killa 23
He is from the Philippines. A winner of filipino version of Americas Got Talent.
ranulfo napay
Perfect,so cool has a very nice and perfect voice.
I think Valentina or is it Mona Lisa, who is trying to say IMITATING (OR SING LIKE), they were so excited they forgot what to say. anyway, for your information girls, Marcelito is the PILIPINAS (PHILIPPINES) GOT TALENT overall champion. This is the equivalent of the AMERICA GOT TALENT in U.S., or BRITISH GOT TALENT IN UK. He is 28 years old, just got married and have toured a lot of places to perform such as Canada, Singapore etc. You might also want to react to his rendition of THE POWER OF LOVE by Celine Dion or WHY CAN'T I FALL IN LOVE and more. Try also other talent like KATRINA VELARDE'S GO THE DISTANCE or her impersonation of 3 singers. Appreciate your comment re his correct pronunciation of his Itatian version by his Italian subscribers, it makes it ever better to recommend it now. BOUNDIORNO.
I've always wondered how Marcelito's Italian singing sounded to Italian ears.  Your confirmation made this already amazing performance even greater. Thanks for a great reaction.
tyrence mingote
were pilipinos are easy to adapt other language..