How To Pronounce Japanese Car Brand Names. Say Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Correctly

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Have you ever wondered how Japanese people pronounce japanese car brand names? well, fear no more. In today's video, I will teach you how to say Japanese car brand names such as Mitsubishi, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Acura and Toyota.Sorry guys, I meant Lexus wasn't recognized as a brand in Japan until 2005. Not North America.And for those of you getting butthurt over this "correct" pronunciation video, let me remind you that I did not create this video to force anyone to pronounce brands the Japanese way. Do I force Japanese people to pronounce Ford, GM, and Chrysler the way we do in the states? Hell no. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Every region pronounces words differently and that's the beauty of the diverse world we live in.I plan on filming another episode on "how to pronounce Japanese car models" and motorcycle brand names.if you have a car like Hakosuka or Hachiroku that you are curious how it's pronounced, comment away in the comment section below :)Help Us Reach 250k Subscribers! - acura

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Arion Wong
Interesting. But your audio levels are out of whack and quite jarring.
Art Tafil
Excellent video! I was stationed in Iwakuni Japan in the late 1960’s so I learned the “correct” pronunciation of Japanese automobile names early on. You did give me a great history lesson on the names. That was extremely interesting to me. What is your Engineering discipline? Mine is Aeronautical with a minor in Architectural.
I quit watching The Walking Dead when you died 👍🏻
Brit & Patrick & Son Haven & Mullen & Mullen
What is the meaning of Jujiro? I like the sound and look of the name.
Nissan = \
Sorry guys, I meant Lexus wasn't recognized as a brand in Japan until 2005. Not North America.\n\nAnd for those of you getting butthurt over this \
Chris Bramblett
So everything is pretty much how it’s pronounced in Japanese. 😂 Thanks for the quick history lesson. You need to work on the variable sound volume though.
Chris Mayer
I myself, own a 2012 NISSAN (Sentra SR)
Covfefe Dk
Datsun is called that because when it was to be introduced to the western world, we wanted a name we could pronounce. The manufacturer said they would find a good name. Our importer said they needed the name fast. The manufacturer asked when. The importer said “Monday” and the manufacturer said “dat soon?”
Thanks for quick pronunciation lesson!
Dolores Bankson
I prefer Japanese cars than any other brands and admire their culture. Was employed by a Japanese company and they are the generous employer I ever had way back then as an Accountant. They called me Dorores San, they don't have an \
Driver's Side
Japanese car companies sounds so much cooler when you say them haha
Eileen Critchley
Oh my I'm British and the only two I pronounce incorrectly are Datsun and Mazda.  I have Nissan 300zx and my husband has a Mazda RX7.  Thank you I will endeavour to use Datsun and Mazda correctly in future. I've always fancied owning a Datsun 280z and a Mazda  Cosmo 13B 3 rotor engine.
Emmett Turner
Wow. I’ve been using the handle “CZroe” since abandoning “CyberZer0” in the mid ‘90s. Never thought I’d see someone else using it. :)
Erwin Kunze
What about Suzuki?
Ettore Di Blasio
How to pronunciate the number 99 in japanese?\nHalmostahundled
Fiji Tongan
Learning History on YouTube 😊
Foothills Taka
I amJapanese living in New Zealand and I hear this radio ad for Hitachi(日立)but this lady pronunces \
Franck Yan
Hey Japanese dude, when is Kawasaki gonna make cars so we get to mispronounce it with our credit cards? You guys are taking too long even China is making wheelbarrows now :) Ah competition.
Gerald Farr
What about Isuzu?
Gipsy Avenger
When I visited Super Autobacs while in Odaiba last year, I met a cool dude from Tokyo who was cool enough to talk to me about some of the badass aftermarket cars that they keep on the lot. Some of which we sadly do not get here in the US market.This video nailed how he pronounced almost all of the brands you highlighted.  I would like to clarify that most car guys who are JDM fan's here in the US understand the  pronunciation is different than the country of origin so those of you in the comments section kindly stop lumping all of \
Subaru is the Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster, the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier , are an open star cluster containing middle-aged, hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus.THE NAME OF THE PLEIADES COMES FROM ANCIENT GREEK. It probably derives from plein (\
I imagine that the author will have received many dislikes and negative comments from people in the U.S. and Europe. I would like to thank him for a quick lesson about his language, using a totally different system of writing, than any of we \
Jesse Burke
*DON'T GET 'ZIS WRONG AGAIN*\n* chugs beer *
Joey Ferris
What caused the extreme audio jumps?
Josh Gellis
I enjoyed this! I drive a '90 HONDA- she's in bad shape and I lack the cash to have it worked on. Bad previous owners. GREAT car when she left the factory.\n\nA lot of your corrections, seem to hinge around accent, BUT, LOL! ...there's not too many Japanese cars that are trash either, so I have no problem using a fake Japanese accent when pronouncing more in a Japanese way- \
Juan Cabeza
We pronounce the Japanese cars in Spanish the same way that the Japanese does because our vowels are pronounced the same way in both languages... In English vowels are pronounced sometimes one way and sometimes another way depending on the last letter of the word.
Kenny P
I'm glad I'm not the only numerically superstitious person out there !
Leo Cervantes
Hey bro, can you tell me how to spell \
Maciej Kozaczyk
In polish you pronounce toyota honda mugen subaru and mitsubishi like in japaneese
Marc Inglese
Hey brother new subscriber! Cool vid. Much respect from Australia.
Master and Servant
I don´t know how good a Nissan car can be in Japan, but here in México, Nissan cars are made like crap, like tin cans..!
Michael Juliano
I speak German, and I love that video of the German guy explaining how to pronounce German car brands. I want to learn 日本組, but all I can do right now is spell things phonetically in Hiragana and guess at the Kanji suggestions on the iOS Japanese keyboard in addition to using a handful of phrases I learned from Anime (most of which I know are far too impolite to use in ordinary conversation). I know how hard it is to go from Japanese to any European language compared to going between European languages in the same family like I did, so I have a ton of respect for anyone who learns the other.
Mike Fifer
I really liked this. While I am an American I have a hard time trying to get it right. I was slightly turned off by the fluctuating mic volume but great info , non the less.\nThanks , Mike
Mr. VW O' Day
Where is Suzuki?
Great stuff... watching this video I was reminded of how much cool japanese stuff has been part of my life ... \n\nProud to say that my first motorcycle (It was a relative's and I fixed it up) was a Yamaha 175 Enduro !! (I had it straight- piped and it was FAST and LOUD like muthaf....). I also owned a Toyota Celica (stick shift) going to college (I pimped it up with low profile BF Goodrich tires on it and it gave it amazing stability.... I got a speeding ticket once and the cop wrote \
Nath Paris
Nathan C
Havent heard of Datsun, but I heard dachshund when you said it lol.
Lexus is considered a luxury company?\nSince when?
Omar Medina Works
you missed Daihatsu, suzuki.
Paul Racine
Can't even imagine japanese people pronouncing \
Pete Coventry
Nah - SHIT is the right way to pronounce them all!
Peter White
Americans assume that the letter 'A' in every foreign language is pronounced like the letter 'O' and the letter 'E' is pronounced like the letter 'A'. I worked with an American guy who insisted on saying that my Mazda was a Mozda, even when a Japanese colleague pronounced it correctly for him. Americans should not be allowed to say any foreign names or words.
Rachel P
i don’t understand the turmoil in the comments lol people generally pronounce things the way it is spoken to them via peers and advertising. i think americans get it pretty close to correct, and i’m sure we’re not offending japanese because they probably pronounce some american brands differently as well. i liked the video though! i wouldn’t mind seeing more discrepancies explained! :)
Japanese car manufacturers names in the deep south: Mitsubishi - Meesheebeeshee Toyota - Tieyoda Subaru - Super roo
Rich H
Toyota 1:10 \nLexus 2:08 \nNissan 2:35 \nDatsun 3:00\nHonda 5:14 \nAcura 5:35 \nMugen 5:58 \nSubaru 6:15 \nMitsubishi 6:45 \nMazda 7:33
Rob Richardson
It may be correct for the Japanese pronunciation, but in British English all foreign words and phrases, including those in Japanese, are always given an anglicised pronunciation!!\n\nThe anglicised pronunciation represents the normal pronunciation used by native speakers of standard English when using the word in an English context!!!
RobXbox63 Native
Yes but can you say Chevrolet??
Ron Gee
I think most Americans pronounce Honda incorrectly, saying \
Ronald Tsun
You missed Maibatsu
My parents have a hispanic accent and pronounce Toyota exactly correct lol
Saf Saf
Nissan is what we pronounce the month April in Arabic btw :)
Sal C
What makes you an expert on Japanese car names? You’re not even Mexican, bro.
Saturnian Pytonwielki
Datto San sounds like name of some old sensei
Scott McClure McClure
I miss Datsun
Shiboline M'Ress
Just out of curiosity: since \
Speed Comparer
Needs more stereotyping
Thanks for the Japanese lesson! What about Yamaha? I know they don't make cars, but they make motorcycles and there are people pronouncing it in so many different ways and I'd like to know what's the correct one. :)
That was and interesting and educational piece of history.  Knowing the correct pronunciation of these brands in Japanese is valuable but knowing why it is pronounced that way is priceless.  Thank you for posting this information.
This Crazy Tangerine
I asked my grandmother to teach me Japanese and how things are pronounced. She told me no, that we live in America and should speak English lol. Well she said engrish if I’m honest.
both educational and entertaining. thanks
Velton John Palacios
Japanese cars are well build and highly durable. Here in the Philippines we have a mindset that if it is made in Japan it is reliable and durable. I think the Japanese have that reputation around the world. Please include: Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha.
Warren Nelson
Excellent. Its interesting how words or a series of letters in English can have such a negative (or positive) connotation in Japanese.
Ylan Laus
Thanks for the very interesting video. \nImo however what is considered foreign language when pronounced incorrectly as far as accent and/or diction, is not inexcusable. \nIt is one's mother/native tongue that must be meticulously communicated, taking into consideration the various yet slight differences ~ for example, northern vs. southern; central vs. provincial, etc...\nIt is disillusioning, as well as irritating to hear literate, pure, white American people pronouncing English words as if they are immortal rappers.\nWrecked is the past tense of wreck pronounced wreck ended in 'ed' with the 't' sound.\nIf asked to repeat for spelling purpose you may say wreck that ends with 'ked' as in naked.\nHowever, wreck it, is a totally different 2 words 'phrase'.\nThe other day I incorrectly said Mr. Stanlee where I sounded as if I said Mr. Stanley and my son (who is often corrected by myself when he writes its instead of it's and vice versa), corrected me: \
Zdravko Buljan
That was actually fun, please more of it.
Zoch Buppet
People stop this idiotic NONSENSE!, stop the madness.\nI'm NOT going to pronounce items in their language properly ([any language] like how they do), and I NEVER EXPECTED, OR NOW EXPECT THEM (non English Speakers) to pronounce simple one word items in English the way we do. Ive been seeing this idiotic trend all over the internet in the past year or more. And every idiot on the internet is on this stupid bandwagon\n\nIf this was the case then the UK, Australia, New Zealand and half of Canada would demand Americans to SPEAK PROPERLY.\nNO the word is not PRE-sentation its PRES-entation. ...its not I-raq, it Iraq. \n\nHalf of Canada, because over the past 40 years due to Technology, and TV Canada started pronouncing and spelling like Americans. The spell check in Youtube is telling everyone that its spelled COLOR (American), not not COLOUR, (every other English Speaker).\n\nIm not going to kill myself trying to pronounce stuff the proper French or Spanish (proper way) or any other language, when that language is not my first language.
Loved it! Great explanation. You're a natural teacher.
alvaro alvarenga
Fun Fact\n\nThe same people getting butthurt over the pronunciation are the same people that will correct you over the slightest mistake one make when speaking or writting
andrew pack
Great video! What about AEM parts manufacturers, like 5zigen (go-jee-gen?), Enkei (en-kay?), and Tein (teh-in?).\n\nNow if only we could get Americans to pronounce Hyundai correctly (and yes, I know, it's a Korean company). The big problem here is the fact that people are familiar enough with the romanization of Japanese that they assume the \
angry zergling
Haha back when I was a little kid playing Gran Turismo 3 with my friends when the PS2 came out, I can still remember this race we spent WEEKS trying to beat. At some point in the final few laps, we'd always end up losing, and it was always the same car that would pass us and make us lose: one branded with a big green \
bagas arya
You missed Daihatsu!!!
buck marcabu
Hi👋 couldn't help notice your two cigar boxes under the Ferrari model ( guantanamera and cohiba ) I'm I right or is it something else \nGreat vid thumbs up
No love for infiniti?
carlos alvarez
Educating white people that make fun of other foreign people's English pronunciation but these white American can't pronounce many words themselves. Like Volkswagen. They pronounce it ( volksguagen) whet it should be pronounced ( volksvagen )
I learned at Japanese company I worked for that the Japanese don't accent syllables. So for Americans the easiest thing to do since we can't resist putting an accent on a syllable is just put the accent on the first syllable and you will be much closer.\nWe pronounce Subaru pretty close to correct already. We get Toyota wrong. Try Toyota with the accent on Toy. \nCZeroMedia gives us the more exact pronunciation. But if you can't remember just put the accent on the first syllable and you are at least in the ball park. On the other hand I have learned that if a Japanese person hears an American pronounce it correctly it is so unexpected to them that they aren't sure what we said.
Very interesting. Not just the pronunciations, but also the history lesson on each one. My 10 year old Gran Turismo addict will love this.
I drive a 2002 Nissan Sentra GXE, 183,000+ miles on the clock, The thing still runs perfect. All you gotta do is regular stuff like fluids and the odd tune up. All of which you can do yourself at home. I won't buy another car until it quits, roll on 200k+ miles :D
I didn’t know about the strokes in Toyota, interesting!\n\nYou missed Suzuki and Isuzu ;-)\n\nI‘m a German living in the US and it‘s weird hearing the american pronunciation of german words (and also for japanese words – I speak some Japanese). I always have to focus hard when saying it myself so people understand what I’m talking about lol
god hand
You missed isuzu truck manufacturer, and daihatsu, suzuki.
Very interesting and informative, thanks. Taking the case of Mazda I wonder why they didn't just do a phonetic translation of Japanese pronuciation to English like Honda? Marketing perhaps?
toyota make very good car engines
Someone should send this to the Canadian car reviewer who was chastising people for correcting how he says Mazda...according to him Americans are wrong and the rest of the English speaking world saying \
jeff okello
Yes it was really educative
Sorry, but being hard of hearing I couldn't make out the third word (The letter X) in LEXUS - Luxury, Export,?, United States. A little help, please. Thanks in advance, and I enjoyed the history lessons as well.
kyle norris
Cool video thanx unlike the other sarcastic video the german guy made which he would not like if others spoke to him like that for speaking another language incorrectly.if he was maybe just playing around i dont know cant really judge.ironically they used to say jap scrap back in the old days.until the jap ships and its famous planes pummeld the allied planes and ships aka for quite some time. Not gona say american or british tech is bad because its also very good. Also the jap car prices were cheap and way more affordable i believe and the cars with smaller engines that could go balistically fast aka the nissan yeah the japanese know there stuff and are very smart people of the worlds best indeed even if its old tech it still does its job today if looked after properly
✏.👶 dattosun
New Zealanders say Subaaaaaru, Americans say Neeeesan and Australians say Bitsamissing for Mitsubishi.
purit tamaneki
I'm afraid that you forgot to mention about the vowel omissions of Japanese language.\nIf we pronounce at our normal speed, \nLexus would be \
Ironic that many Americans pronounce Toyota, like the original last name of the man who created the company (Toyoda).
sachin singh
thnx... now i knew between honda and hyundai
scott lampe
That's funny about Datsun. Here in Australia they were called a \
1:12 Toyota \n2:11 Lexas\n2:35 Nissan\n3:09 Datsun\n5:23 Honda\n5:41 Acura\n5:59 Mugen\n6:19 Subaru\n6:51 Mitsubishi\n7:42 Mazda\n\nI suggest: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki (motorcycles) and also Hitachi, Nachi, Komatsu, Okuma, Mazak (machinery, machine tools)
You're handsome
【waveless】 【time】
Mitsubishi Jidoosha
You forgot Suzuki and Daihatsu. ;)