How to Learn to Speak English with a Fluency Challenge

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Buen video👍....a mi lo que mas me cuesta es la pronunciación...tengo que memorizar porque se escribe difente a como se pronuncia....gracias por las clases!😍👋
Aadesh verma
Hello Gabby! I am absolutely fine and I hope you would be fine too. Well, your information always useful for all the english learners. \nI am Aadesh from india. and the place where I live, no one speak English. So it's always tough for me, doing practice continuously. I learn all this language by myself. I watch english movies, english news and songs also. But it's not enough to improve my language. By the way, do you have a whatsapp Group or something like that. Actually here are a lot people who want to practice of english speaking. But we don't have something to get connected. If you have a whatsapp Group then we all can practice easily. And it will easy for all the teachers to make us understand at the same time. How's it? 😊
Abd Elmoneim Mohammed
hi .i would like to practice with others .speaking English every day i think thats solution to learn in right way
How can You be so wonderful? Really. Your videos are riveting and useful. Thank you for being a great teacher and person!
Alaa Bsuny
Hello gabby \nI love you so much
Aleksandra rh
Hi I'm from poland, how are you, Gabby
Amri Cass
Hi, how are you? I'm mexican woman, but I love learn english.
Anderson greenlife
I AM practice english, your videos is good... ..Brasil São Paulo bye
Anita Permata
I watch from home in Indonesia
Anna Chekmareva
Yes, I do. I desire to speak English fluently. Hi Gabby, how are you? I am originally from Uzbekistan. I've lived in the USA since November, 2003. Unfortunately, my English is very limited. I hope it will improve soon. I don't have computer. Only i have unlimited internet on my cellphone. Is it possible to study your online course without computer? Thank you! Good bye.
Artur Artur
hello everyone, I just watched this and realized that it's been recorded in my birthday 20.08 heh, oh yeah, perfect coincidence, greeting for all you, positive persons :)
BMX Lyrics
good evening I'm an English teacher \nif you need any help guys welcome .\nI like your accent teacher
Baltazar Guzman
Hello to you from lndiana
Beatrice Wehner
Hi and greetings from Switzerland
Bohdan Kupriianov
Hi:)I am from Ukraine
Braulio J. Ramos
It excellent chance to practice english with may people.
Brazicana - A gringa Brasileira
So good teacher 😉
Cali abdi salaam Ibrahim
Hey teacher gabby wallace I'm from Somali, I like to speak English most of my time but I can't get any one who practice with me .😌😌
Happy new week teacher
Daniel Sena
Hello everybody
Dev Sharma
Yes, it is good to learn language to different different people.
Dr Dalxiiz Maxamed
Teacher allah understanding islamic relation
Emily Zhang
EngVlog : Learn English
Fahad Al-Faris
I preferred to practice with native English speakers particularly American English , I can list many reasons why :however, the main reason is every non-native English speaker speaks deferent accent , some of which are hard to catch \
Gelyn Arguilles is a good idea to speak people in english from any diffrent country
Geoege Smith
Dear ms.Wallace:Do you have a ray of sunshine today?May I know you did have great time last Halloween night?
Guilherme Duarte
Hello From Brazil,I love your videos. You're amazing. Thank you for your help.
ImpactoDelSur Enterprise
Don't know if anyone has mentioned it but one free way to practice with native speakers is through online multiplayer gaming. Only have to pay for the game.
Isaac Abreu
I understood the 95 porcent of what she said.\nthis is like getting an achivement.
Ishwar Tiwari
Hello, I am ishwar from India
Ivan Smith
Heya Gab , u r very very gd teacher, I subscribe at u, it's only one, it's cleanly true, thx u very very much, I like you.
Jossana Nolasco
I want to be fluent in english.
Julia Moore
Hello! I'm from Ukraine. You are the best teacher!
Karm Sidhu
Hi mam
Im from Poland. I wish you all people great day :)
Larissa Furoni
Hello! I'm from Brazil!!! Piracicaba's City near São Paulo's city.
M H Poya
Yes exactly I want to speak with more people from different countries
I'm not understand to more in English but l listening you\nMy canter Arabic
Magna Carta
Yeah yeah I'm ready let go we gonna have a crazy adventure.
Manel M
Bonjour, je suis manel de France, je t'aime 😘
Manu Serrano Husky Musher
Hi from Spain 2 days later
Mc Henry
I'm watching from Malaysia
Mohamed Kamel
Hi teacher , watching you from Egypt , you are the best
Mudassir Ali
*I am watching from India ,I struggle to say in English in class so I speak mostly in Hindi*
Narayan singh Rawat
Yes you are right that learning English is better then we have learn many saurces
Nikola Milicic
Hi Gabby love to see you here i'm from Croatia....I can understand you complete but my real problem for now is grammar I work on it but have no enough free time that's my main problem...thanks you for this your effort to make this really very helpful lessons....
Orlando Silva Ruiz
Hi I am from Colombia ... you are a wonderful teacher
Pedro Jesús Fernández
Hei!,, I am from Spain and I am learning English. I would like to contact with anybody (man or woman from USA or Canada) to practice English and I offer too speaking Spanish by Sky. Thanks!,,,
Pedro Salas
8:09 This shift in the pitch of your voice sounds really uncanny.
Hi Gabby,\nHow are you? I'm from Gujarat, India
Redouane AMOUR
Hi Gabby i'm great thanks despite the tiresome day i had, studying relentlessly haha but hey we all gotta go through this i suppose. How about you ? How are you getting on ?\nI'm currently watching this video from Toulouse, in southern France 😁
Reza Tahami
Hi dear Gabby i'm Reza from iran.unfortunately i lost this live video i planed from tomorrow today but i can't ! So bad surely next time . You actualy trailing me into english for a's a good feeling good sence tank you so much.....
Roman R
Hi Gabby! I am from the Russia. And I try to learn English 😁
Saad Saad
Actually. I don't find person to practice with. \nThanks
Safaa A
thank you my dear
Sagandam Sagandam
I've no problem as i've so many expert teacher from the You tube channel, i can always refer it to the on line english programe whenever i've problem in english 😂😂😂
Said Ascencio
Hello everybody. Do you know a site web where can I practice my English with other people?
Saji K.G.
When you speak slowly, we can understand everything...
Sanaa Chak
That’s great 😃
Saurabh Panday
I'm watching from india
Stela Ruettimann
Dear Gabby please send me the materials.I'll try this experience. I don't visit Facebook. I hope to find a solution. I need your help. \nMy answer is JA. Germany Stela Ruettimann
Tran Sugar
I'm from Vietnam i can't learn from school so i trying by myself at home...before days i tried to invited 2 teachers privately but i didn't focus during course classes
Hello.. you are my favourite teacher.
V.S Vincent
You are a great teacher Gabby
Vane Delgado
Hello. My main problem is that I don't have a friend to practice this language. I can learn the grammar but I can't practice speaking and listening.
Vida con proposïto EL poder de la esperanza
Hi, Gabby please if is possible respond this very important question for me , if I can understand and speak everything you said . What's my English level ?.
Wannerlopes Lopes
i'm from Brasil
Of course, what I like the most is to hear different accents
How can I join the fluency challenge Gabby?
adel saad
Hello gabby .. Yep we have to practice with many native english speaker .. As for me i have 3 real friend from usa . they told me i got about 90 percent of fluently 🙈 .actually i feel like i owe u .
al muzadded
Hi,Gabby, how are you?I am from Bangladesh..
bididha mamath
Hai I speak English but my speaking is right or wrong how can get it
clara Angell
cristian santana
I am seeing you from domican republic is very interesting to me improve my english while i seeing your video in online
hasaan mahdi
Ok , please can you ask a question like the question 1 and 2 from the toeful exam because thats what i need to pass?
juan Pena Huerfano
Hi Gaby mi name is JUAN I am from Colombia I so happy because you are the bets teacher and I like how to explian in all your videos \
kate lopez
Hi!I'm from the Philippines!I really love your videos! =) Yes, its very good to practice English with different people.Hope we could have a group chat with others who want to get fluent. =)
maandeeq indho
Hi Gabby I'm watching you Minnesota United States. I like your teaching. Thank you a lot
nahroji aja
I'm come from indonesia😊
net user
From Buenos Aires, Gabby!
noor. muhammad
Hi ,, I wanna a native speaker to practise language with him .. Bristish one is better
raja jamilhafeez
Jamil from Pakistan currently working in iraq
satish kumbhar
Hello!...My main problem is that, I can't talk with best English speaker to improve my grammar.
serafino rasa
shanky tomar
You say right that someone who learn a language who are practice with native people and also different person whom native language native is not English but they are well in English .since every person have different accent and voice.
suleman alakeel
Which US state accent is the standard American accent? I am a Saudi.
tri septiani
Hi.. Im from Indonesia
willy Jerez
I'm from Dominican Republic
yahia osama
Mrs gabby I love your videos soo much and I am from egypt unfortunately in egypt alot of teachers can not speak english fluently and this effected on me but now your videos helping me a lot of soI wanna say thank you so much for your helping and I am waiting your next videos
Светлана Демакова
Hi,Gabby,i am from Abkhazia,a small country on the Black sea coast!!! I love the way you teach,it helps me to improve my English,to make it fluent,to practice my listening!!! Its awesome!!! I've got some friends abroad,all of them have their accents and it takes me some minutes to get ysed to any accent,its not difficult at all)))
Шер Шер
Hi, I am from Tajikistan and thank you so much for your recommendation Miss Gabby. I'll work hard for my best english.
بلاد كووش
محمدإسلام حسن
I appreciate the work you do \nto improve our English \nuseful tips\ngreat karma\nin the end, I say \n\
วินัย สายสุด
็Hi,I'm Winai from Thai land.