Conan Gets Styled By Dapper Dan - CONAN on TBS

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that last suit is actually pretty fab
Alex Thornton
Only Dapper Dan should be allowed to say swag
Andy Lee
At least he didn't go to fop, please tell me you got that reference
Armando Dy
Conan makin sum fashion gainz. Lookin good. Oh yeah.
Arnold SWAGsnegger
Take a shot every time Dapper Dan claps.
Brian McNay
That suit really was fire
Brian Murphy
when he was in the gold jacket all i could think was \
Conans chest looks like uncooked turkey breast, i swear!
Dapper Dan has a hellava story if you didn't know. Some stuff is up on YouTube and hopefully we get the full-length movie soon
Chad Michell
Dan was roasting him left and right 😂 but that outfit fresh tho got the gucci belt n errything
Clark Parker
Conan is the goddamn best host that ever lived!
nah it didnt spoke to you it cursed at you hahahahah
Darius Olfus
Conan is dope for this
I don't know Dapper Dan, but this clip made me love him 😎🔥
DeVante Foxx
I want to see Conan wear a Dapper Dan suit every night now
Okay Conan I see you with Gucci lol
So this is what the black dude from incredibles is doing
Dresem Tv.
Why’s Conan got a body like spongebob?
Evren K
That suit at the end.. Wow. Pure class. Dapper Dan knows what he is doing.
Eyram Drah
Conan looks like the fourth member of Migos at 4:15
Francis Nguyen
Ayee, real Conan fans will notice that he not wearing his signature leather jacket. Sad.
Gabriel Barboza
My friend any time he goes to New York..this place is a must..he said they treat everyone as they are stars. They sit with you talk to you..then they tell what they prefer you in..great people that work there..
Got7 & Infinite
I really want to see Conan in Jack Skellington's outfit! His long legs would be perfect for it XD
Grace Watson
I've never seen Conan look so good in a suit at the end....😵
Haroon Jaweed
Ngl That Last suit was fresh af
When Conan showed his chest it was as white as the crowd that never heard of The Fat Boys, Eric B and Rakim, lol.
Dap had Conan clean as the board of health
Jake Hunter
Harlem Legend.
Ok but can we also talk about how funny the tailor Barry was 😂😂😂😂😂
Jannett A. Glow Bykov
Truth be told I love that suit
Jason Green
That was a dope look.
Dapper Dan a real OG.
Joao Vieira
If Kpop fans saw one of their favorite artists with this 4:22, they would still like it ahahaah
Joseph Morales
That suit does look great! Damn
Justin Schultz
Anybody know the song Conan's band is playing when he and Dapper Dan walk out on stage?
that actually is a great look on conan
Lg Marquez
Conan rocking that gucci belt... #GucciGang
M. Lewis
Conan’s actual stylist for his talk show is sweating bullets right now because they might be out of a job; that last look was phenomenal Conan should look like that every show
Marianela vega
He does look nice at the end
Midnight Awakens
Conan lookin like a snacc.
Morgana Moonshard
Conan’s Chest reminds me of an uncooked Turkey 😂 I love him though ❤️
Morrise Perez
Mr lewis
Conan need to hire him to do more fits for him.
When Dapper Dan said “casual” he looked like he was being generous..
Nauman Javed
Daaaamn... Dapper Dan made Conan look amazing!
Nik Zutshi
The does look fantastic, the whole getup 6:10 Conan lookin' smooth.
No One
I don't like fop damn it, I'm a Dapper Dan man!
Omg Panda
Conan's chest looks like a fillet of raw fish...
Overwhelmingly Handsome Jack
O brother where art thou
Personal E-mail
I dont want no F.O.P. damnit, Im a Dapper Dan Man.
He need to put Dapper Dan on his payroll.That man is a style Icon for a reason.He got you looking Dapper Conan
Someone give this guy a makeover show already
Robby Huang
Haha, they did both coming out looking super good at the end!
Robin Laurence
He said casual like it was a slur. This dude has real pajamas...know this!
Man, that man sure knows how to swag conan up. He looks dashing 😍
Coco pulls off the last look very well cony hire dapper dan for every episode
Salman Kazi
In all honesty, they killed it at the end
Sam A-Mar
all jokes aside, that suit at the end was phenomenal.
Sean Galindo
Yoooo got no words ,that outfit ... Swag AF! Bravo
ShahK 915
That Gucci suit is fire
Wow...that's actually an awesome suit he ended up with
Stage Ready
I needed this laugh . I've been stressing so much . Thank you Conan ♥️
Had me cracking up. Really enjoyed this one.
Stuti Khadka
I want a world full of Conan loving people where we see his videos and talk about how funny he is.
Conan is hot af in the last one
Final product was def Harlem swag. Looked good
TenThumbs Productions
The Aura Tree
This happy video made me feel better about quite a glum day...
The Sprawl
I like this Dapper Dan guy.
The Weakest Baldwin
0:43 just after they show Eric B & Rakim’s Paid in Full album cover and it cuts too Salt & Pepper, you can see Conan holding another Eric B & Rakim album cover, Follow the Leader, before putting it down. Dapper obviously handed Conan that album but they cut it out.
Tony Bueno
Every time Conan opens the jacket seems like a body ready for autopsy.
Tony Romo
Gucci stole from dapper Dan facts 😎
Unknown Person
Conan might have skinny legs but he also has a lot of swag
Damn, that was swaggy! Good work, Dapper Dan!
Damnn, he got the Gucci belt on
Vincent Valadez
3:45 is that the joker or Elton John 😂🃏🎃👌❤🚫
Vogue Daddy
it looks like you were nominated for 5 BET awards lmfao
Vonetta Spencer
Yo! Best I’ve ever seen Conan dressed
Wayno Soze
Nice Work at the end with the suit
Whatever I Want
Wow, that suit in the end is amazing!
Yawovi E.
Conan is just too funny.
alison zzz
dang Conan actually looked really good at the end
I can never guess how old black dudes are. So he could be 30 — or 62.
I honestly hope he wears that outfit again. It's a damn good look!
Damn that looks fine af
The designer is just as good or better than someone like Tom Ford
Dapper Dan is the undisputed fashion god. He’s been dressing super stylish and styling people for decades upon decades. Salute to the legend.
Ice cube and Kevin should of been here for this.
Conan gets love in the hood!
4:30 Migos outfit
Dapper Dan really enjoys what he does. I wish I could have that in life.
lemont calhoun
Dapper Dan is a street legend. This is my first time seeing him interviewed.
I must say that's a pretty classy outfit he has at the end.
p m
Conan is probably the whitest man in the world, yet still manages to instantly be liked in a black community :)
ruvimbo nyakudya
I love how conan can go into any neighbourhood and just make it work without that awkward feeling..
dapper dan is now collab w/ Gucci for spring fashion 2018.
Dapper Dan is like 100 years old and still looking 40
Dapper Dan is a fashion icon, love how Gucci honored him this past year
uber eat my ass
I can’t believe my Daddy Long Legs was in the city and I didn’t even know about it
zaimah Begum-Diamond
Big Red as an unemployed pimp😂😂😂