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Ahmad AlOmary
I’ve been in almost all of the great cities Paris, London, Barcelona, Sydney, Munich, Riyadh, Dubai, Geneva. But man there is nothing like New York.
Alan Stuart
What a brilliant artist Billy Joel is. His music is evocative, imaginative and inspiring. His talent is unequaled. My wife and I went to New York very recently for a vacation and loved it there. I sang this song every time we went out and drove her nuts..(not in a good way!)
Alfred F. Jones
I like to pretend this song is about the whole state.\n“New York State” of mind.
Angello Corvalan
My highschool is playing the marching band version of this song! So exciting!
All due respect to Sinatra, but this should be the state song.
Wow, this song gives me all the moods! It makes me want to live in New York!😊
Beatle Stories
Just outstanding. One of the best non Beatle songs ever written
Bet Dalton
Many songs are lost through the times but this song always glides to my memory like a flying feather.
Betteralways Better
Miss the old days of my life thanks for such a great song!
Big Tone
Blissful Ignorance
gives me chills...ny be safe on this new year's Eve...
Bob Glassett
Billy Joel Concert, Madison Square Garden, October 1986. Mets win the NL Pennant in an extra inning affair over the Astros. He comes out late, explaining there was a ball game on, and starts playing this song. Place went nuts.
Brian Smith
Billy Joel......THE BEST!!! Ever!!!!!
Britteny Evans
how could anyone not like this song???. this is real music
One of the best songs I have ever heard.
Charles Cleary
It doesn't matter where I have traveled to, there is no place on earth, like NYC!\n There is nothing in the world like seeing Billy Joel at MSG in 1980!\nI was raised across the river in Jersey, but I'm always in a New York State of Mind!😎
Chris Macdonald
The piano intro to this song is amazing.
Dan Nary
393 people are jealous bastards from Newark.
David Alexander
Billy owns this song . Nothing else to say.
David Holmes
I've heard this song before, but I didn't get it until I saw her for myself. Love at first sight, i'm a believer now.
David Morrison
Having been born and raised in NY, and living somewhere else now, I definitely get this feeling sometimes. My mom still lives in Manhattan, so I always have a place to go.
Dely Doll
Never been in New York city but I fell in love with this song.
Despina Luigini
Edd Solis
nice. one of my favorite songs to listen to. i honestly like it. becuase of the sax solo.
Oh god I love this song
Emily Gear
Does anyone else cry when listening to this song? It's just so heart felt and emotional in my opinion
Finding Neverland
My First night in a city that simply took my heart, I was sitting in a The Brooklyn Cafe in time square with my wife and it was lightly raining. We were drinking coffee and sharing a pastry, Then I Noticed the music playing on the P.A it was New York State Of Mind. I live in San Diego California, witch is beautiful (Americas finest city) as they call it.....and yet I never have been able to feel the same about my home. New York is truly a magical place.
Frank White
Rappers, I monkey flip 'em with the funky rhythm I be kickin'\nMusician, inflictin' composition
if you know the lyrics to every Billy Joel song, but you've never seen him live or owned his CD' might be from Long Island
Graham Allen
Guy Girard
Never lived i NYC but thinks this song as one of best ever written and sung.
Happy Birthday
I grew up in a big city...Philadelphia pa...went to new York quite often everything about much excitement the heartbeat of the ya NYC and Billy joel
Hunter Dvorak
Billy Joel is one of those artists that I feel a connection to. Some of his songs just capture my emotions and I really feel a connection. Billy Joel along with Ray Charles, Paul McCartney, Elton John, David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Milsap, Johnny Cash.
Huub Wasbauer
That piano ..... timeless song. Greetings from Holland.
On repeat...and I'm not even from NY. Call me crazy, but if you visit this city...just once, it is in you, and you in it. To an extent, we are all New Yorkers.
James Blaze
I am a Jersey boy, from Hackensack. Been driving east on 80 to work my whole adult life. Something about that skyline man, puts a man into a place, into a certain state of mind.
Jared Krukonis
I'm 15 years old..... This is what real music sounds like
Jeffrey Howard
Did not grow up amid so much concrete, steel, glass, brick, stone, and asphalt but New York is definitely one of the most fascinating cities I have ever been to.
John Dirt
As a southern man from Alabama. I feel a since of nostalgia to what he is singing about. I can picture him on a subway thinking about his life. I picture the big buildings lined up in a never ending maze of beauty. I picture the lights reflecting off of the river at night. Seeing every window lit up with the life of someone elses on going story. I love this song even though it doesn't reflect my history.
John Kratus
This should be New York State's official song.
Jonathan Calva
here goes one for the best city in the entire world!
Jume Leddord
BillyJoel god bless you
Just JuanGoodCitizen
every time im on the North Jersey Coast Line going to NYC from the Jersey Shore I here this song in my head. Soon as you hit Secaucus Junction, New Jersey and you see the Freedom Tower and the whole skyline that piano intro drops in my head.
Karim Mosna
You can hear the Ray Charles influence.
Kenneth Parkinson Jr.
every time I here this song it takes me back to when I was a kid back in good old philly  back in the 70\
Leo Li
It's a shame for Billboard that they underrated this song
Leyla Hussein
My city❤️
Libby Taglianetti
Billy Joel, nobody does it better!
Lord Antonius71
What I don't understand is how some people aren't moved by a beautiful piece of music such as this. This is easily my favorite song of all time, and for a good reason. There are so many incredible harmonies in this song that it brings you along on the journey throughout the song. This deserves everyone of its 2.89 million views.
Meek Jahye
this make me wanna procreate
Michelle Ducharme
Going to NYC this weekend!
Michelle Edwards
my mother took me to see Billy Joel when I was 7 that was 40 years ago and I've never ever stopped listening to him. I know every song by heart that he's ever sang. I really love him and his music. I had forgotten just how many songs he has. where it all comes from, we'll never know but ill tell you this, he's more than awesome.
Michelle Park
Growing up and just visiting the city made me fall in love with this song. It is my favorite of all time
Mike Zito
When ever I forget how wonderful New York is and how wonderful it is to be a New Yorker. I listen to this song and count my blessings. Thanks Billy.
Mitchell A
India Carney from The Voice brought me here! ;)
The fact that this song makes me homesick, and I'm not even from New York, speaks to the power of Billy Joel.
NY Guy
Left Long Island for Florida wtf was I thinking 😢
Neil Ryan Banot
Top 3 Billy Joel's ALBUM:\n\n3. The Stranger\n2. Glass Houses\n1. 52nd Street - BEST ALBUM! /m\\
Love you forever Pop\nAll these tracks I play soothes the heart..cause I miss you more than I can describe.
Pablo Picun
You can take the boy out of the city, but never the city out of the boy!!!!
R. Daw
New Yorkers get a bad rap from the rest of the country.  One of my best friends when I was in grad school was from Oyster Bay, Long Island.  Great guy and I miss him.  I also have a great friend from Staten Island, NY, who is now teaching in Germany.  The fact that a little old boy from the South could have good friends from the Big Apple area just goes to show that there are great people all over.  I am glad to be able to say that I count some of my best and dearest friends as being from New York.
Rachel Manor
This song and Alicia Keys song New york are perfect song metaphores for NYC. I miss those towers and the ppl who died. Forever New York City!
I moved to Southern California. Great people, beautiful weather, the Wild West. \nI moved back to New York within a year. \nBeing born and raised there - it's a part of you. No fake kindness. Brutal weather. East coast style. I'll always be in a New York state of mind.
Ray Whittington
I've been to many a piano bar in times past. You could count on the piano player to know this song if you requested some Billy Joel. Many critics say this is his greatest ever work.
Robert Andreone
having born and raised in brooklyn and worked all over NYC in every weather and time of day and night.. ive seen my hometown @ its best and worst..billy joel NAILED the flavor,style .rythym and things that make it unique..and yes NYC does have a certain \
Robert Stirling
This is one hell of an amazing song. Billy Joel was a genius at the piano.
Ruth Klein
love the NY I grew up in...not the same today
Savate Gaming
Billy Joel is easily my favorite singer of all time
Stacy Steele
Anyone who has ever lived in NYC can really appreciate this song. The life of the city just gets into your bones, your soul, and doesn't let you go. There's no place like it.
Sushi Sara
i moved to ontario from new york. I got a boyfriend, and he would play this song for me on the piano because he knew how much i missed it. I would cry... I love him, and I'll always love NYC
Terry Boren
You can sit in a back yard in California and be in a New York State of mind.
TheMacaroni Bear
This song reminds me of this place called “Pier W” they play music when you eat and it’s so nice! So does piano man! 🎹 \nGreat Legendary song this guy is a Legend!
A wonderfully pensive song to sit back and enjoy a coffee with.
now THIS.... Is music
Taylor Swift, I'm not gonna let you finish. Billy Joel had the best New York song ever.\n\nFrank Sinatra's was great. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys can hold their heads high with their New York song. But Billy's is the best, and Taylor needs to sit herself down.
Regardless of whoever brought you here, Mr. Joel is going to keep you here.
William Scott
RIP World Trade Center 1970 - 2001. RIP hero's from WTC
A liberal, socialist, communistic state of mind.
ariana lol
This song calms me
no place like N Y C was a truck driver for years always loved going down west street to the battery and into Brooklyn via battery tunnel or up Canal Street over the bridge
The piano.. the sax.. the smooth voice.. So classic.. like the city itself.
I never sleep.\n\n'Cause sleep is the cousin of death.
d w
Sometimes you are just in the mood to sit alone in a dark bar, with a dry martini, and just simply feel your emotions quietly drift by.
diva Yessenia Foster
Remember 9/11 God Bless America
djyoya booking
i listen that song from Bali, and suddenly i felt like i'm in NYC
That is 6:03 minutes of my life I'll never get back. . . . .and I don't want them back because this is the best song ever. :)
i love Kyrie Irving
Never have i felt such a way about a state in my life..New York is truly magical💓🗽
lawrence shadow
I was looking for nas, but this is dope!
this, when NYC was a great city. now 30 yrs later just a superficial dump of crappy trendy bars, police state, with lack of true neighborhoods, character and culture sucked bone dry thanks to empty headed rich kids and developers.
My ex is in love with New York - this song is her anthem.
Brilliant song. And so well performed
I love All the secondary dominant chords, seventh, and thirteen chords!!!! Sounds sooooo good 😭
siemon j. franken
Some folks like to get away\nTake a holiday from the neighbourhood\nHop a flight to Miami Beach\nOr to Hollywood\nBut I'm taking a Greyhound\nOn the Hudson River Line\nI'm in a New York state of mind \n\nI've seen all the movie stars\nIn their fancy cars and their limousines\nBeen high in the Rockies under the evergreens\nBut I know what I'm needing\nAnd I don't want to waste more time\nI'm in a New York state of mind \n\nIt was so easy living day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythm and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, The Daily News \n\nIt comes down to reality\nAnd it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide\nDon't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI've left them all behind\nI'm in a New York state of mind \n\nIt was so easy living day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythm and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, The Daily News \n\nIt comes down to reality\nAnd it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide\nDon't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI've left them all behind\nI'm in a New York state of mind \n\nI'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line\n'Cause I'm in a New York state of mind.\n; 7 ]
small ed
Underrated and invulnerable.
I miss new york 1980s 90s and early 00s
I have spent best years of my life in New York. Have not been there since 2001.\nMy dad was working at WTC and my mom constantly took me to the Central Park. My child days were full of happy memories in New York.\nSometimes I like to get away from Japan.\nI'm in a New York State of mind....
I want to learn the piano. Just to be able to play the beginning of this song.