Things Only British People Do

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Gosh I was crying laughing at how much I could relate ❤️
Amana Book Club
Soooo truuuu!!! People are saying British people are polite. Go into the London traffic at rush hour and you will think differently in like 2 mins!!
Ana Paula Militz
british accents are so cute
Annette Shirey
OK so I moved to London less than a year ago, so regarding the politeness thing: HOLY JESUS YOU PEOPLE -ARE- TERRIBLY POLITE, IT'S BEAUTIFUL. If I bump into someone, physically, THEY'RE the ones to say \
Anon :D
My mum is so picky about her tea!\nA usual Saturday night. \n\n\
Ashley Durfee
British people love the sun but I'm from California and all we do is try to get away from the sun
Barbara Miranda
i love to learn british english ❤
Beauty With Eve
I am literally a stereotypically british person oh dear
Being part of something special, makes you special! ♥
I was in England the last summer and they literally apologize for anything! They're the kindest people ever \u003c3
Blossom Andrews
Pause at 00:17
Blue Fire
Irish people do most of these things too
Jamaicans say sorry when we are not actually apologizing too
Cam Kirkham
Hey Marcus great video! Just wanted to say you gave me the idea for my video on British people! Good luck with the channel!
Cerys Baxter
The song Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles was written about finally seeing the sun after a \
Ciara O’Hagan
And dunno about u but I just like PG tips 😂☕️
Cookie lover
Jemand aus Deutschland?
Digital RoyceTv
britain drinks only 60 billion cups of tea in 1 year. and India? how much any idea. billion cups in a day
Things only British people do: They leave the EU 🌚😂
Emma O'Malley
Omg Irish people are the same about the weather sometimes it's soooo annoying😂😂🇮🇪💚
Flores s
Don't forget that y'all Mone in bed too
Francis Osuna
The use of \
OMG Marcus as a fellow brit I can relate to all of these haha :)) Do other countries not do these things too ??? :))
Ghostlyxx Gaming
Hi my fellow brits
Hannah Gibson
I'm a Brit & this is so true 😂
Hannah Goodwin
When the subject of tea came up I was so shocked that other people don't have as much, I was having one while watching this actually 😅. I do have 3-5 cups of tea a day though 🤔
Hannah green
I'm British I say sorry all the time
If you're British like me you will know this problem.\n'Please place the item in the bagging area'\n-_-
Harry Styles 1994
I drink so much tea and im not British
Hunter Gormley
The weather thing is so relatable 😂
Ice Cream Cookie
Something other countries need to know, we can make fun of ourself but you can’t make fun of us.
Jack Black
You can't be British if ...\n-You have no interest in football\n-You reside outside Britain for an extended period\n-You speak a foreign language \n-You have books in foreign\n-You eat non-British food\n-You don't love getting drunk in the pub\n-You don't hate foreigners\n-You believe travel broadens the mind\n-You find jokes about lack of hygiene unfunny\n-Can write a short letter without a single spelling or punctuation error\n-If you don’t find an intelligent conversation boring\nBritain is a nation of bullies.\nBritish are narrow-minded and believe if they haven't heard it before it can't be true.\nJack, the Japan Alps Brit
Jamie Davies
People need to stop interchanging England with Britain. Ain't the same thing
Jess Gurwara
I say sorry a lot, just like you...
Kat B
as an american something that i've noticed is that british people are constantly ending their sentences as questions... i don't understand\n\
Katie x x Xox
I'm British and what I do:\nSunbathe all day if it's sunny \nComplain if it's raining \nSay 'sorry' for nothing \nDrink lots of tea
Lol the weather thing. That is so weird but true.
Laura O
I live in Ohio in the USA. We are also obsessed about getting in the sun, because our climate is similar to England's. Sometimes it seems like we go months without seeing the sun. You gotta jump on it while it's there.
Hallo to you too
Leonie Fischer
The british accent was the hottes accent in the world with spanish accent i think 😁
Let's eat Grandpa
When it rains in Australia I run out and dance in the rain! Like I haven't seen it in a long long long time! And for tea, I absolutely love tea but I only have it approximately 5-6 a month lol 😂
Lexie Harding
Another thing British people do is when on the rare occasion that it snows.... everybody makes a huge deal about it! When it snowed (one cm off the ground) they closed the train track😂😂😂😂
LilPump fan
But how, y'all just seen so nice
SORRY! But British people ARE polite😂😁😇 \nI mean...I have been England, you are really really polite!
NEVER stop saying heeellllloooo.\n\nnever... 
Masked One
I'm British this is sooo true. 😅😜🇬🇧
Matt Randall
Megg Cxx
I can never ever stop saying sorry I'm British as well. These are all so relatable for me. 😂
Mel W
I lived in Manchester and first 2 months I was there I went to Sainsbury when I had a bad mood. The man in the till : are you alright?\nMe : no, i have a bad mood. \nHim : 😮🤐😯😐😑😶😪\n\nFew months later I have just learned that British say hello by asking 'you okay' or 'you alright?' \n😂😁😀
Mika Chan
I do all of 'em.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nCause I'm British
Mindy Mindy
English and I hate tea 🤷🏻\u200d♀️
3:36 kill your self marcus jk
Someone will walk into me and I will apologise..😂😂😅😅
Prime Panda
im young and stuff like really young like not even in my teens but tea no I don't like tea I didn't like it when I was 4 but I might now who knows
Queen Bandit
That’s sick😸
Queen.mills xoxo
I am British
Random and Useless 1
I'm British and we could have literally all seasons in one day it's so strange lol #proudtobebritish
Rich the Unstable
we're not that fussed by the weather. we're just crap at small talk.
Have you seen the weather ? ☺😀
Im from Germany & i like your humor very much😂 We talked about typical british things in school today and its much more interesting and funny the way you explained it. Im *sorry* (😂) for my bad english, hope you understand it ☺️
Sarah Forgione
Im British and i say sorry so much now i know why 😂🇬🇧
tru dat
Spandana GH gowda
And British people are very good in colonisation,Killing innocent people and robbing 😊
Subrina Ally
Green Tea is amazing but so is Lemon Tea and Ginger Tea
Suga Stole My heart
Me and my brother are obsessed with the weather I dunno why LOL 😂
Tanju Yiyitalp
2:34-2:38 Music name please???
TopShot _Tv
Fings ounlij britiš pīpl dū
Trash One
As a brit this is so true. Also the apology thing is amazing. We do say “sorry can i just squeeze through” and then mumble the most ignorant shit under our voices. But we cant not say sorry
Tyler Mcintosh
I'm Scottish does that count?
Unicorn Lover
Marcus. Great video. You are very unlucky... Sorry. But I am from Greece and our weather is mostly sunny.. I'm sorry for you.. 😢
Ushas U
South India - lots of people equally obsessed with t !!! Work t , study t , go out t , have biscuit ,t , wake up t, bored t , happy t , feeling moody -t and yes we moan for everything, a friend comes t , after 2 min another friend comes again t , unless they r specifically coffee person !!!!! And yea we moan!!! At least I do !!!!😀
Vincent Play's
I'm British aswell
WatfordGuy /WGY
I never noticed these but damn they true
I'm British, why the hell am I watching this 😂😂😂
I'm American, but I do say \
Zahara Miah
I'm British \nLike if your British
Zoe Graham
I'm British xx
Zöe Olivia
I drink like 10 cups a day😂😂
[ A K I ]
5 seconds into the video and I knew I had to subscribe😌😂💕
a week ago
The ONE thing only us British People do allllll the time... Saying 'oh' when bumping into someone or something etc.
If an American asks another person \
captain redsmoke
It looks like im half british and half danish
coolest cat
British accent is soooo cute, i love it :(
drg SCYO
when you visit to my town, i would like to show you \
hannah10 x
when there’s a bit of sun in scotland- ‘TAPS AFFFFF’ being shouted out in the street
hello itse
Any one knows here? Even Indians are obsessed with teaaa! I've seen that in the other video recently
miro Alatar
I'm Egyptian and we drink tea any time in any place for me I drink 4 cups a day
morgan t
For a nation who are supposedly polite, we have a very colourful array of swear words 😂😂\nExibit a: sod (plus variations) - possibly the most versatile swear word ever 😂😂
The weather because ya cant talk about nothin else without offending someone
Sounds just like Swedish people.. the only thing is...we're not that nice... haha..
so my t
I love uk i love tea .....❤❤❤❤❤
this video is so accurate, marcus you literally inspire me so much, thank you for making videos
Are they polite to people of color too?
sorry. sorry! sorry, sorry? sorryxD LOL