Robin Williams Wife Has Revealed The Last Thing He Said To Her And It s Absolutely Heartbreaking

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111%er Michigander Girl
Rest in peace Robin willams
Aaron Vice\n\nCondolences.
Alan wolker
waw amazing
AmericanPatriot 1776
My dad had lewy body dementia. He had the shakes and he would do weird things. We thought he was just crazy. When the doctor diagnosed it he asked that he be able to perform the autopsy when my dad passed because it was so new back then. My dad died in 1993 when very little was known about this condition. A lot was learned from this examination and, I hope, my dad was able to contribute to medical science. He had wanted to be a doctor and it didn't happen. So maybe this was the next best thing.
Andrea Roberts
I've never been so affected by a celebrity death as I was by Robin Williams' death. It broke my heart and still does that even though he gave us all so much happiness through the years, he didn't have any left for himself. RIP Robin. You are still loved by so many. Thank you for so many years of laughter.
Can’t believe it’s been 4 yrs already. I miss knowing this man is in the world, for a large part of my world was touched by his humor, his compassion, his sincerity, and his thoughtfulness & loveliness as a human being, through his movies and his interviews, despite his flaws. May you Rest In Peace, Robin. I’ll miss seeing new, funny & touching works of art from you.\nWish I could’ve met him in real life, or even have been able to see him perform on stage. Thank you for being you.
I was so heart broken when I was at a restaurant and on the t.v. the headlines reading he died and even more surprised it was from suicide. I was unconsolable. I loved him in The World According To Garp, Dead Poet's Society, Awakenings, Birdcage and anything he did. He was so cool. I've been told a guy that worked with him on stand-up comedy that he was really nice. Such a loss still.
Boston Bmx
So he had a terminal disease wanted a way out versus suffering.
C A Campbell
The background music is simply awful in my opinion. This couple and their story deserve so much better.
Caroline 2017
Carthage Flaherty
cant blame him. no one nows what the would do I think I do the same .better than suffering for years.i saw my brothers suffer for years after all that the died whats the point in that . bless you robbin rip
Cassidy Matava
we love you Robin
Catherine Kennedy
Still breaks my heart to this day, Robin was the best.
Charlie Alvarado Video series man up
What’s the saddest part of this world, is a person entertaining our minds hearts and who we each are. Learning this about a brain sickness and how he still love to make you smile laugh, thank you Robin Williams and family of his love ones. God bless them each with love kindness peace.
Chris Creaser
Robin Was a LOT of things - but ''Funny'' Wasn't one of them.... :(
Cynthia Bernard
So, So sad no one knows what they were both going throw.
the ones that seem the least likely to commit suicide DO IT.the ones who say they will thats a cry for help.but are less likely to go through with it. they'll make attempts they know wont kill them, or close to it but will be saved again a cry for help but both should be taken seriously.
Dave Bentley
I thought it would be, \
David Page
no offense to anyone in the world but its pretty clear people with ldb and robin williams dealt with the most horrifying pain and suffering ever imagine your brain being taken completely over by a disease thats unknown and is killing off brain cells i cant even fathom what he went through i hope hes at peace now but thats a cruel way to go out just know robin that we all love you you were a fantastic person with a pure heart thats loves his family and everyone else that got taken down by lbd most love and respect to him and his family this was not suicide
Debra Smith
I am so tired of people judging those who actually have to face the hardships of life.\nI am also sad that we have raised a generation of people who believe that they own their parents.
Don Diego Vega
Alcohol and drugs are not the answer when you have depression, they make it worse. This guy needed help.
Donna Noe
My best friend's father had Lewy Body Dementia. He was sick for a long time. I know that I would not want to live like that. I would want an assisted suicide.
Dr Benway M.D
R.I.P Mr Williams.
Dr E J Langseth
Find better background music. And, when someone has heart surgery, as with brain or even protracted cervical spine surgery, it's a life-altering event.
Duck Grenadine
One Hour Photo was great! Awesome seeing Williams play menacing, non-comedic roles. Same with Insomnia. He did it so very well.
Dusty Glover
The music was SO-O-O bad.
Elizabeth Wolfe de Kluijver
He loved his wife dearly that is clear and wanted to spare her the distress of seeing him reduced to a shell of a man.\nEach path is heartbreaking but helplessly watching a talented person such as he disintegrate over many years is so much worse !
Fatina Moore-Weston
It's just still hard for me to believe \nI'm 😐 sorry.
Fin1960 Gin
Who really cares. He was just an actor.
Honestly I didn't need to hear his entire entertainment history. The caption I believe said the last thing he said to his wife before he sigh get to the damned point.
I can't watch him again yet. It hurts knowing that he suffered so much, that he's not here and that anyone can suffer so and that doctors haven't got a clue.
Geri Brandon
I alwayse thought Robin was bipolor thats how he just snap up jokes non stop and he was so funny. We loved him. It was a shock because he acted so happy all the time. We never know what one is going through on the inside. So sad.
Gregory Thomas
@5:30 -Actual words Robin said to wife.\n'Good night, my love.' & 'Good night, good night'\nLewy Body Dementia (LBD):\nDamages brain cells over time...leading to memory loss, paranoia, delusions, insomnia, tremors, hallucinations, Parkinson's symptoms & other health problems.
Herbert Orendorff
The film Popeye needs to be watched by more people and should be seen by more people more often
I hate bullies I love Bullys
People with Lewy Body Dementia who commit suicide often don't make a conscious effort to do so. In their confused state of mind, depression is common. Suicide can be a symptom of the disease itself. Those who suffer with this type of dementia are often subconsciouly compelled to commit suicide. In my opinion, had he not had Lewy Body Dementia he would not have taken his life. RIP, Robin and keep everyone in Heaven laughing!!!
Jean Harris
So sad he didn't have Christ in his life to support him!!
Jim Jennings
Knowing this makes it a bit easier to let him go. Very sorry for anyone with brain disease, in whatever form. Susan has done something very noble, in the aftermath of a tragedy.
Joe Turner
You didn't mention the most significant movie of all. What Dreams May Come.
John Murphy
You worship demons and eventually they come and collect from you after they have used you up ....
John Paul Soric
Oh Captain my Captain!
Josiah Hill
Kathleen OHanlon
Very sad. Williams was really talented but got caught up in evil Hollywood crap like drugs and booze.
Kathleen Parker
It wasn't suicide
Kevin West
This is so sad. I met him in San Francisco in the mid 90's. He was such an amazing and beautiful human being.
Lexi Hay
My heart breaks for his 3 children. His 3rd wife of only 5 years inherited his entire estate? That’s both wretched and greedy to not include his biological children. Shame on her to cause them even more grief. Had he been at full mental capacity, I’m sure he would have changed his will to include them equally. 😔😖\n*RIP Robin. It seems like yesterday to me.*
Linda Taghon
Robin, you were a total joy.  You made millions rotf with laughter.  RIP sweetie!
Lupe GT
Lewy body dementia...\nSo horrible😞
M Staton
I can't believe we are coming up on 4 frickin years this fast! Well I'm not too shocked. Where did the past 20 years go!! Miss you robin always.
Mark P
I know what he said nah new nah new!
Mary Madrigal
Sorry to say this but, the fact that he lived in another section of the house tells me they were not in good terms. I feel like she was not an understanding and supporting wife. \n\nWhen she mentioned that he would come into the room and leave, to me seems like a desperate attempt for attention and support.\n\n\n I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.\nRobbin Williams
Michael Walsh
This woman can just be quiet now.\nLeave the man rest in peace.
Michelle Hyrons
Cocaine causes severe depression
Mister Sirius
Thank you. The last movie i saw him in was The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. So, naturally i was angry when i heard of his death. My respect for him completely disintegrated and i thought i could never look back on him with admiration. Your video hear has given me some closure now.\nThank you.
Mo Klassen
Praying for everyone who suffers from anything that Satan sends amen
Montana Crone
That music is just awful
Ms K. Johnson
It's so sad. A lot of people didn't know he was sick. Maybe this will shut up the awful rumors. R.I.P. Mr. Williams.
Nicole Jones
This is still a hard pill to swallow. I miss him. He was a great man. Touched a lot of lives. Me being a fan, it really hurt to know what he was dealing with and how it made him take his life. It’s safe to say... money doesn’t buy happiness. God please continue watching over his family and friends, giving them peace. ❤️
Nicole Nichols
Robin Williams is now a goodwill ambassador for the Galactic light forces now. Love and Light!
When you get depressed and no longer want to live for yourself I think a good thing to do is try to live for others.
Olivia Balderston
He made so many people laugh with his humor. He will be missed
Randi LaRocca
R.I.P. You are so miss. Your soul is free and no more pain. God bless the world. You still Rock.
Randy Cable
End vaccinations and g.m.o. foods, as well as other toxic ingredients in food and drink supply.
Rick Nelson
He was a inspiration to us all. A great man, and a terrible loss for us all. He is missed very much.
Robert Campbell
10 F ing minutes on his biography to learn 'Good night, my love.' and 'Good night, good night'
Ronda Hildreth
He was a favorite of mine. Im not going to say anything negative, even though i have alot to say. Just kinda disappointed he would do that. So sad.
Roxanne Tomlin
I believe he accidentally died when he was practicing the sexual act of erotica affectation . This act was in one of his movies ( worlds greatest dad ) about a dad who warned his 16 yr old son to stop doing the act or he would die accidentally!! When the son did accidentally die from the act the dad ( Robyn ) told his class mates he killed himself because of their bully ness . Iv heard Robyn’s stand up comic routine and yes he’s was a pig !!!!! And I can see him doing this sexual act . I believe his wife hid this from the world . A belt around the neck attached to a door is how the sex act is done and many die from doing it accidentally!!!
S Helmer
My son was terminally ill and when he heard about Robin Williams death, he signed himself out of the hospital. He came home to die.
He was great, the highlight of my 90's childhood. This was one was really disturbing, We pray for secret sufferers, there truly is Light, Hope and freedom aside from all that this world has to offer. You can use your gifts to glorify God.
Sarah Edwards
Wow! Not only this blew me away but also made me cry.
Shelly Long
Your music sucks
Sirius Lee
In my opinion he was absolutely brilliant , so sad, more talent than most . Great in so many ways .
SliP _
There is more proof that he was murdered then he took his own life.
What about Patch Adams? I think that was his best.
Terry Marchand
I was diagnosed with Lewy body Dementia 5 years ago . I was told my life span would be 5-7 years! I gave up in the beginning my regular doctor didn’t think I would live a year so I know how he must have felt the tremors are embarrassing to me but I get by with medication the worst part of the disease is the hallucinations and voices! My neurologist asked me if I was interested in exercising and I was he told me exercise like lifting weights is a great way to stimulate my brain! So I started exercising and it helped being around people and the stimulation for my brain was great so now I’m 58 year old my condition has slowed down I still have my moments but if I’m kept busy I can go about a somewhat normal life but I sure miss driving and working I know what it’s like to have accidents I have had my share of them because of the spacial impairment but such a loss Robin😢😢😢😭
Tim M
It's sad we lost such a great actor but more so great human being. I can understand why he chose to end his life knowing the Robin Williams that we all know in love would not be the same but just as in life Robin used humor and a smile to let us down easy .. heaven has a special place for him ☁️🌝
His death calls awareness to and hopefully increases the effort that must continue regarding the relevant mental diseases that haunted him. Rest in peace Robin Williams and may the heavenly angels be with you.
Tineke Williams
Loved his films, RIP
Tord Seglem
He arrived AS an alien but he left us like an angel.
Wayne Preston
Let the guy rest in peace, that's why it's called rest in peace.
What We Doin'
I liked Popeye. Not a flop to me.
friggin' loud music!
You Make Me Laugh
Ziggy Zagged
Dont ever be satisfied with that answer that \
brian stuart
his wife should sue the pharmaceutical company he was on a lot of drugs man and all antidepressants and early signs of Parkinson's disease his doctor should have monitored him a lot more closely he committed suicide cuz he didn't want to suffer it's sad cuz he could have went to Canada and got euthanized and it would have been a lot less painful I feel sorry for him
a part of me died on that day too...forever
dermot edge
rip robin you were the best
He did not want to hurt his wife and children by sharing what he was planning to do. He and I were old friends . \nIt was such a tragedy to end it when he was so full of life. He was so strong .
ed waar
With most comedians I say they were better actors and they ever were comedians where Robin Williams was great at both rest in peace brother
eric heine
I think Robin was very lucky to have somebody like Susan in his life. Love is the secret ingredient.\nI would always wave to Robin as our cars would pass each other on the Oakville grade. He would always wave back. I would have liked to have met him in person.\nI always missed him by 15 minutes, in Tiburon, and Sonoma.\nI was invited for a swim at his house. But Robert De Niro was there that weekend and wanted the pool to himself. He dated a girlfriend of mine. She also dated Chris Isaak. I did get to meet Chris. I would have rather met Robin. Chris and Robin were on The Tonight Show together.
hiddenuareand willremain
I had no idea he was McLaren...humph shocking...I loved Robin Williams especially in Mrs. Doubtfire... just goes to show you never know...😖
loleeta irving
thank you Robin for your gift of giving and sharing such amazing laughter I thank God for you I grew up with funny brother s and a wacky Family I related to you I am sorry you died so early Your amazing and our Angel now
what did he say in the comedy circuit that up set the statues quo,,he was anti war sens Vietnam,,
no name
I wanna be patch adams. Not the doctor part tho.
2014! That long? It hurts like it happened yesterday.
reuben zulaica
I loved Popeye and The World According to Garp.
thars hope
O Captain, my captain
He did not cheat on his first wife. She is in the HBO special, Come Inside my Mind, and says that her silence led to the public believing the wrong thing. She says they were broken up for two years before he got together with the former nanny (who had become Robin’s assistant), and she’s sorry she couldn’t speak to the press. 💔
tyrone williams
Godbless robin williams 😇🙏