Vienna-Billy Joel (Lyrics in Description)

Gente, dejo esta canción, una de mis tantas favoritas :)Lyrics:Slow down, you crazy child.You're so ambitious for a juvenile.But then if you're so smart, tell me why are you still so afraid?Where's the fire? What's the hurry about?You better cool it off before you burn it out.You got so much to do and only so many hours in a day.Don't you know that when the truth is toldThat you can get what you want or you can just get old?You're gonna kick off before you even get halfway through.When will you realize Vienna waits for you?Slow down, you're doing fine.You can't be everything you wanna be before your time,Although it's so romantic on the borderline tonight, tonight.Too bad, but it's the life you lead.You're so ahead of yourself that you forgot what you need.Though you can see when you're wrong,You know, you can't always see when you're right, you're right.You've got your passion. You've got your pride,But don't you know that only fools are satisfied?Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true.When will you realize Vienna waits for you?Slow down, you crazy child.Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while.It's all right you can afford to lose a day or two.When will you realize Vienna waits for you?Don't you know that when the truth is toldThat you can get what you want or you can just get old?You're gonna kick off before you even get halfway through.Why don't you realize Vienna waits for you?When will you realize Vienna waits for you?Disfruten y comenten :)

13 going on 30 soundtrack Billy Joel-Vienna the stranger billy joel

Aarni Myllyaho
i love how everyone is sharing their stories in the comments, i find it magnificent that people all over the world can bond over this one,wonderful piece of music. so now i will tell you mine.\n\ni've been dealing with depression and anxiety for three years now. i'm young and i feel often very out of place when kids my age are doing fun stuff and i just can't bring myself to go along. i have always been very perfectionist and ambitious, crying over what i considered bad grades, having anxiety attacks over my math test. then one day i go and see my cousin performing. i knew she could sing very well but nothing prepared me when she sang this song. i just lost it. my well constructed wall was breaking and i was crying. from that on this song has always been a safe place for me, something that won't change.\nthis isn't like other powerful songs, this isn't just tattoo worthy, inspirational or someone's own song.\ni believe that the word i'm looking for is magic.\nthis is magic. and it's been keeping me alive for so long.\nthank you for a reading, i wish good things to all of you.
Agus Bassagaisteguy
Here because of Camila💗
My sister is in college and this song is her favorite, she's miles away and I barely see her, so when I hear this, I think of her and sometimes cry.
Alex White
“...but if you’re so smart, tell me, why are you still so afraid?”
Aline Oliveira
Linda! Sempre viajo ao ouvir essa música. 😻
Annika Wells
this is such a beautiful song. it will always be one of my favorites. i love reading the comments and seeing how this song has touched people \u003c3 thats what good music does
Arturo B
This song means so much to me, listened to it for the first time when my life was in a difficult spot, now im here making plans to fly to austria and be with the person I love after three years of long distance...
I always cried at this part in 13 going on 30
This song brings me back to my time in Long Island listening to the Full Stranger album on my cousins stereo system in his basement on vinyl with his big 12\
Bad habit, snap out of it.
I was watching 13 going on 30 and I realized this song describes me perfectly I stress to much about the future and say \
Ben C.
Easily my favorite song. It brings out my sorrow, yet gives me so much optimism.
Black Star
Who’s coming after seeing a Camila’s post 😂💕
heard this on my fave movie 13 going on 30 and instantly fell in love 😍
Deep breaths, you. You're not even twenty yet. You have all the time you need. You're not ready yet, but Vienna will wait for you.
Camille K K.
truly good art is made to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comforted❤️
Challenges 101
My first ever concert was Billy Joel’s one hundredth show at MSG, my dad got the cheapest tickets possible for a present after my surgery. We sat way in the back. I couldn’t thank him enough. Then, an obese man sat right next to my dad. We were nice about it and didn’t want to be mean at all, we went to the customer service and said we don’t want to embarrass him because he was a nice kid who also loved billy Joel, and would sit there if it meant him not getting embarrassed. The person gave us floor seats that would’ve cost three thousand bucks a ticket! We went down and first person we see is James Dolan, sitting right across from us. We had a great time the whole night and I stood in my chair because I was to small to see when everybody else was standing. This mean security guard nearly kicked us out two times and said one more time I see you there kid I’m going to kick you out. So my dad held me then right when Vienna hit I stood on my chair, my dad pretending to hold me the security guard was red hot furious, and we sang the rest of the night. It may have been the greatest night ever and I will always remember seeing that security guard angry as heck when we were there laughing. The concert went on for another two hours and we had a blast.
Cholo Turtle Urie
What is a wrong with me!! I kept coming up with the conclusion that I wouldn't like billy Joel but little did I know
Chris Jackson
13 going on 30 brought me here
Christian C
Chuck Fristian
when i was 18 i went to Prague, Czechia by myself, then took a train to Vienna, Austria. I put this song onto my (now ancient) bulky ipod as a joke since i knew id be going to Vienna. To this day, this song makes me want to cry with wanderlust. it reminds me of that train ride, and the feeling of being completely independent for the first time. I had no phone, no way of contacting my family, and it was up to me to just LIVE and i miss that feeling so much. It isnt until youre completely immersed in a culture not yours, in a language not yours, with no friends or family and only you, that you truly feel independence in all its emotional glory.
Clara Milhomem
Slow down, you crazy child.\nYou're so ambitious for a juvenile.\nBut then if you're so smart, tell me why are you still so afraid?\nWhere's the fire? What's the hurry about?\nYou better cool it off before you burn it out.\nYou got so much to do and only so many hours in a day.\n\nDon't you know that when the truth is told\nThat you can get what you want or you can just get old?\nYou're gonna kick off before you even get halfway through.\nWhen will you realize? Vienna waits for you\n\nSlow down, you're doing fine.\nYou can't be everything you wanna be before your time,\nAlthough it's so romantic on the borderline tonight, tonight.\nToo bad, but it's the life you lead.\nYou're so ahead of yourself that you forgot what you need.\nThough you can see when you're wrong,\nYou know, you can't always see when you're right, you're right.
Clarissa Correa
This song reminds me that in modern life we are always running and trying to hold the whole world. We forget that we should take it slow sometimes, and just think about ourselves
Cooper Franklin
This song is amazing... billy Joel in general is amazing... we need this style of music to come back
Coyote Hinderstein
my mom thinks this song describes me, little does she know my life is probably closer to captain jack
Dak Lamerbusch
I just LOVE Billy's inspiration for this song! He went to Vienna and saw an extremely old woman just sweeping the streets. In Vienna, no matter how old you are, you are always useful. THAT is what inspired him: being useful to others no matter what one's age, and most of all just being happy to help and never feeling worthless.
Tears, tears tears! Appreciate the real things and the little things. Cherish times with your kids, family, and the ones you love and not the superficial rush that the world deems as important. At the end of the day they are all but shadows and dust but the memories made with the ones you love last always!
Dee Jay
Camila Cabello’s post brought me here
why would you dislike this.
When I turned 18, I planned so many things. When the little plans came true, I became so ambitious. Although, these were small things compared to my big plans. I became so wrapped in planning jobs, courses for school and when I get to collage. I bit the time I had with personal matters, famiy, friends and the social life I once had. I was so nervous for the real world. And that set back all my ambitious plans, and really stressed me in the long run. Although, I still look and realize I regret cooking up all my time in stress and being nervous. Kids. Slow down at your age. The big world can wait.
Ferdinand Martin
I arrived in Vienna today :)
I came here because of Episode
First name Last name
i am half greek half austrian (from vienna), been raised in greece. it s not only the electra complex -since my dad is from vienna-, not even the fact that i feel mentally closer to my dad s ancestors, it s mostly because vienna itself. for the connoisseurs, vienna has an impact to your soul, sth magic... crossing fingers that vienna still waits for me.
I have been waiting for this song for what feels like my whole life (even though I'm just about to turn 19). It's like I got scraps of words in my head and fragments of advice I want someone to give me and Billy Joel beautifully pieced it together and even included soulful music. I'm on a 5-month leave of absence from college and I have been meaning to be comforted but talking to a friend or family just doesn't feel the same or proper, so I keep to myself. I have never felt this comforted in such a long time. This song reminds me that there's still good in this world and in this life. Thank you, Billy. \u003c3
Heard this song while rewatching some Taxi episode. Although I'm only 17, this song describes me quite well. I'm way too stress about the future, so I'm going to slow down and dream on.
Time to say good bye. We've been friends for 4 years and we tried to have a closer relationship many times but it wouldn't work. Even though we always had the same result, we would still try again and again. Learning new things each time and thinking that.. maybe in the end it would completely work. \n\nHowever, this time will be the true ending. Good bye to the future I imagined by your side. \n\nI wish we had met in other time, maybe it would've worked. I will never know. \n\nI didn't want to realise the fact we had different goals, desires, wishes. I thought we were opposites that could complement each other. How wrong I was... We're so different to be compatible. \n\nI will love and remember you forever, Fabiola.\n\nHope you don't read this.
Gangga Mascoditos
You may want to read this true story if you don't mind.Some years ago there was one guy in the small village in Indonesia. He was living in bullied environment. He tried to survive for some years and then one day he was desperated. He didn't know what's the future's like to him. He has no idea.Then finally someone proposed him to work as a veterinarian in one of the company in Singapore and he never realized before that there must be someone or some people can appreciate his work. But he still loves his country despite nobody needs him. Finally he has an opportunity to work for Austrian company based in Asia.  The headquarter office in Vienna always invited him to visit the office in Vienna to do some annual review.He got his dreams. One of his dream is visiting Mozarthaus Vienna and the dream came true. He loves Classical music e.g. Mozart, Johann Strauss, Beethoven etc . Now he feels useful and confidence.That guy was me.Gangga Mascoditos.
Genuine pessimist
This song saved my life
I am here because of 13 Going on 30.. best movie EVER.
Heather Wyatt
I lived a fairy tale love story for about ten months. We were in love from the start, and I left the US for South Africa just over four months after we met so randomly online. He was my best friend, and knows more about the true me than anyone ever has. I did everything right, and we loved each other so well--the kind of love that people hate you for just a little. That unreal, Instagram love that people look to for hope while not completely believing it exists. \n\nI bought a ticket a few weeks ago. I was going to surprise him for his birthday. A few days later on our first anniversary, I planned to propose to this man. Me, who before meeting him had - at best - mixed emotions about the institution of marriage at all---I wanted to propose to this man and spend the rest of my life loving him. I was even making his ring by hand. A week after buying my ticket, and a day after talking about marriage--a loving, hopeful talk--he told me he's fallen out of love with me. \n\nNow, here I am, listening to this song and crying in my office because I dreamed so hard and never imagined it wouldn't come true. I worked and saved and sacrificed and now he won't even talk to me, and I don't know how to do it all without my best friend.
Iahel Cathartes Aura
I just heard some very young person on my apartments singing awesomely outside... couldn't see her, and wondered what the haunting & insightful tune & lyrics were. Typed in the few words I could make out, and I believe this was it. My young unseen neighbor sent me right back to an old & favorite, forgotten song from my youth!
Indigo Blue
im here as a fan of Billy Joel and especially this song from the 70's!!!!!!!!! \nWhen asked in a recent interview, Billy Joel listed Vienna in his top five favorite - of HIS own songs. \n5 - Vienna\n4 - And So It Goes\n3 - You May Be Right\n2 - She's Right On Time\n1 - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Iraci Falavina
this song is wonderful.\nnothing else to say
Italia Montes
A book on episode OFFICIALLY introduced this song to me even though I already knew it from 13 going on 30😂💜
James Rainy
I only cherish the times of life by the past memories of what this song brought with my daughters! James
Jenna Marcus
Love reading the stories in the comment. Goes to show how meaningful music can be.
Joel Bird
Beautiful song. I've always avoided Billy for some reason, what was I doing
John Garner
For me this is one of the greatest songs ever written, intelligent and emotive lyrics beautifully blended to tell a beautiful story of the stresses of on-going life and growing up and the most elaborate way of saying be careful what you wish for I've ever heard, that mixed with a beautiful, simple yet bold melody works to create absolute perfection.this for me is why every singer songwriter should really be looking to Billy Joel for inspiration.
Johnny Applesteez47
Everything is entirely too complicated nowadays.
Jonthan Fowler
Starting off my first day of being 18 with this song 👍🏻
José Arturo
Never been to Vienna...😞 Just got old.... But, the trip has been Wonderful 👍😃,So in a way Vienna waited for me!😊
Juliana Rojas Guillén
Here cause of Camila's post 😬 it is so good 🙆
Jz Re
ye, when i feel sad or not sure where my life is goin i listen to this song
Keith G
Khaiah Mann
I just remember this song from 13 going on 30.
My wife and I are going through a pretty tough divorce. This song has helped me get through the days more than once. I wonder who my Vienna is.
Leonardo Henrique
I have a boyfriend and i dont know if he loves me or not... My anxiety seem to make everything worse than it is and i'm kinda lost in law school... This song makes me feel safe.
These were the exact words I needed to hear right now
this song speaks to me so much. i'm 18 years old, and i'm graduating this spring. i don't have any school left for the rest of this spring because of my final exams. i'm in this stage of life where everything i know is changing. i don't know how my life will be a year from now, let alone 6 months from now. \ni'm so glad i found this song, it's just what i need right now. so thank you, mr Billy Joel for this lyrical masterpiece.\n\nsorry for the long post, and if someone actually cared to read this, thank you, you deserve a medal.
Luis Capellan
13 going on 30 brought me here. Great movie great song.
Maddi Pollard
There was a blackout last night due to a storm we had and we were playing music on my brothers phone and we had to guess the artist and the song and when I heard this song, it brought back so many memories. We all pretty much jumped up yelling \
Maeve Duke
13 going on 30💙
Mark Landes
Just turning 71 and trying to get my car smogged and my notebooks in order and hoping to keep my job --didn't realize that life would go on so long.  Got my mamas support which helps and I can  spend all weekend on facebook razing my friends and whistling 80s tunes.
This song found me in the perfect moment. Nobody would believe me how accurate this song is to my situation. I'm even moving to Vienna in 2 months. Life is crazy.
Mell Linda
Quem veio aqui só por causa da legenda da Camila 🙋🏽\u200d♀️🇧🇷
This song is hitting really close right now. I’m in a rough spot with my mental health, I’m 17 and I have to apply to colleges soon. I’m looking international because it’s a dream of mine to live in another country and I figured if I could use school as an excuse to do so, why not? Well I’m looking at Amsterdam right now and I can tell if I’m rushing by wanting to go right after highschool instead of waiting a few years. However, it just feels so right to me to do so. I can’t tell if that’s my selfish desire to leave speaking or my conscience. Anyways, that’s not really why the “slow down you crazy child” lyric hits so hard. I guess it’s just that I *feel* as though time and stuff around me is going so fast that I can’t live in the moment and when I try to live in the moment my depressions hits and I start thinking about how I wasted my years in highschool, and am now wasting my last year, being depressed and so concerned about the future. The “Vienna waits for you” lyric has me thinking one of two things, 1) that Amsterdam (or any other country I may try to get into) is awaiting my arrival, and 2) Amsterdam is waiting until I’m ready to come. I’m so stuck right now, I just hope life gets better, because my life isn’t even terrible, my mind is. Anyways, I just wanted to get that off my chest.
Misaki Sailor
describes the feelings every young person has just in a song
First time hearing this and I really love it already
Who else feels that Billy Joel's songs are inspiring and truthful?
Queen Rexy
To me this song is about enjoying what life really is. I think we've all been at a place in our lives, maybe still are, where we feel like life is out there and we haven't yet experienced it. Like having plans to explore ancient ruins, visit the pyramids, or, as this song suggests, visit Vienna. This is especially true for teenagers who are at a large crossroads in their lives and have all of these grand plans as to what will make their lives fulfilling. But life is about the day-to-day experience. If you spend your entire life trying to find it, you've missed it when it was there the whole time.\n\n\nAnd what makes this song so depressing, to me, isn't thinking of all the young souls out there who are afraid of missing out on all that life has to offer. What makes this song truly gut-retching is to think about Joel giving this advice, most likely from his own experience. Your life only goes in one direction. To reach adulthood and realize you've missed the greatest parts of your adolescence because you were so wrapped up in the future... that's what makes me cry.
Billy Joel is the American version of Elton John! :D
Raees Bajwa
mac miller just did a cover and I wanted to know the original, this is beautiful, grew up on hiphop but now I know there's more to music I just don't know where to start
Ricardo Cubek
Ok, i'll join the 'tell stories in the comments section of a good ol' song' club. I am 19 and i study Systems Engineering but i don't quite like it, i mostly do it because my mom wants me to. In the meanwhile, i study a lot of Game Art and i totally love it, but there are so much things to study that are wonderful but also overwhelming even though i can't make a living of that career here in my country and considering that the economy in the country i live in (Venezuela) it's going down everything adds up and i feel really tired and stressed out i even sometimes can't sleep. But i keep going on, nothing will stop me, but sometimes you just gotta slow down and relax. I have never listened to Billy Joel before so this is the first time i listen to him and it hit me up in the perfect moment.
Roland Dawson
I always used to cry while listening to this song, I don't know why. Never really outgrew it either. :,)
Rudy Rodriguez
Camila Cabellos post on Instagram brought me here. Such an amazing song. So deep and beautiful. Thank you Camilla.
Ruth Koshy
I will never get over this song.
Sarah Thomas
I'm hear from episode 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shonu Sucks
To all those kids our there who are responsible for their age. You don't need to be flexible or beautiful to be with your friends. You don't have to work out everyday or fix problems, be a kid, it's who you are. \n-Flave
Socrate Smith
Why do drugs when you got music lie this to clear your mind
Vanz La
My grandma Yolie (Yoyo) (the best grandma in the world) (Rest in Paradise) dedicated this song to me when i was little. Hearing it now and Icant stop crying.😢😣 Its so true. I always rushed to be older and fit in. Now i want to be a little girl again. I thought it sounded like desperado by the eagles. Man I miss my grandma so much. She knew. So here I go 10 days before my 26th birthday and im cutting all the bad influences out of my life. Done wasting time on bullshit. Bullshit will always be there. Im better than what I've settled for. Being weak is dumb. Only the strong survive. 😘😇
audrey alexis
i dedicate this song to my 9 year old self many moons ago. i first heard this song at the tender age of 9 (2004) in 13 going on 30, i never understood why i loved that movie so much and years later i watch it over and over again and understand it more and more. i identify with jenna rink, at that age i couldn't wait to be 15, while 15 i couldn't wait to be 18, at 18 i couldn't wait to be 21, now here i stand at 20, in three weeks i'll be 21 and now i wish i was 10 again.
cc auyeung
Let's just say I'm lucky to have come across Billy Joel, and this song and particular.
Hands down, Favorite Billy Joel song. It is one of the less famous, yet it is such a wonderful song.
This song is so beautiful to capture into words. As a child, as a teenager, I wad the one who planned every little detail, who had all these dreams, all these goals, and I pushed people away along the process. I accomplished many things that I wanted, but now I often feel like I don't know what it is I *need. I lived too fast, and now I feel like life robbed me of my soul. It is still in me, and that scared teenager still lives in me. The fresh, raw, and nervous energy that moved many of my life choices is still there, but still it is so difficult to fight the conditioning that one could call adulthood, and society on top of that. I miss life, and by that I mean not knowing what could happen because I'm too young to care. The pureness that comes from being afraid of daily life. I am still afraid of daily life, or rather, by the reality of it and its monotonous nature. I don't want to die a coward , and just keep living a life that is \
jc jc
this is a deep meaning song, heart touching, though i am young , my uncle introduce me to his songs and nowi am a big fan of billy joel, i have cover this songs ,can kindly someone tell me how it is,please do like share comment. plz do check out
john wheel
Who can listen to this song only once ? It's so short , I can listen to the accordion for a solid 5 minutes , he only gave us 18 seconds .
That's my song. After getting my university degree I tried to get a job. I failed. Afterwards I started my own business. It failed, too. I thought my life is finished ať the age of 28. My last hope was a move from Germany to Austria. And it worked fine...already four years habe passed since that time. I am not 100% satisfied, but ať least I can live my own life. That's what I link with this song...
Song: *first two seconds*\nMe: God, it's already so good.
kevin blanch
I spend a lot of my life in Vienna the most anti nuclear cleanest people on Earth, this song is about his father he was visiting in Vienna His father set him straight his father was right;;; \
lana jay
Billy Joel's parents were divorced. His dad lived in Vienna. On a visit, Billy notices an old woman sweeping the streets with a broom. He asked his father about her. His father said the government paid her to do that, mostly so she would still feel useful. \
lock heart
hello nostaglia my old friend
marsdreams xx
''dream on but don't imagine they'll all come true\
This song can connect to everyone.\nFrom a young person who's trying to grow up too fast, to and older person who wishes that they were young again.
feels like he is talking to us, like he is a old friend or brother.
seulgis daydream
My friend recommended this song to me cause today's been a horrible day, and lately things have been a bit tough. This song is resonating with me so much, I'm just about in tears. What a wonderful song
shmen shmenni
I dated a girl who was always so busy and never had time because of her constantly busy schedule, she meant the world to me and I cared about her so much, but I knew that she had no time for me, so I let her go, because I felt like I was just weighing her down. This song reminds me of some of the best months of my life being with her, but it also makes me tear up knowing that she isn't in my life anymore
It is so difficult to listen to this song and not be filled by so many different emotions. It is almost like a beautiful colorful painting of life, put into the most delicate words. It is rather odd, how the mind of a dreamer never really grows old, it simply just grows. The youth is still in our minds, the passion we have. The undying need of wanting to know more. The curiosity, the desire and the fuel to every single fire that burns within the souls of our simple little bodies. Yet we all know that our simple little bodies will some day not be able to keep up with our ambitious and vibrant souls. Our youth slips away and it is something so inevitable. You cannot void it, all you can do is watch as it happens. You find yourself wondering, 'where has all the time gone?' Or even the fact that all your plans in life or your dreams have escaped your reality. Somehow it's just simply unfair, that life really is as short as a book that you simply cannot put down. It seems like days go by and while we are living those days, they're so slow sometimes, we're never going to grow older, or even grow at all.... Then you find yourself watching children play and know that innocence they have, that use to fill your entire body, is no longer what you are solely composed of. We are all in a rush when we a younger, in a rush of something we don't fully know. Paradise does await for us, but maybe paradise is what we a living everyday. We have the chance to see it. Inside of ourself... inside the youth of our minds, inside our souls. We're in such a rush but what we have always wanted, passes each and every dying day.
this song makes me so emotional. reminds me of my friend, she's so hardworking.
vickie g
I'm screaming my long term goal is to literally fucking move to Austria (Vienna/Wien more specifically) and I'm working my ass of to be able to do that at some point idk y he's saying Vienna but the accuracy of this song is scary
It's really sad when you listen to this and realize you're probably too old to be considered a child but still feel like one and now you actually have to grow up.