Lil jon ft. Ice Cube - Real Nigga Roll Call - Bass Boost! (1080p)

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Give you ears and headphones alittle treat!

Bass Guitar Bassist Call Calls Cream Crunk Juice Cube Drak... Drake Funny Ice Cube Lil Jon Lil Wayne New Phone Prank Roll Seconds Solve Wayne

truer words have never been spoken
Thx for the 1080p quality
BEST BASS BOOST IVE EVER HEARD. This needs more views bro! nice job!
George Mo dr
wow my 5dollar ear phones sounds like two 10s in the back lol
Paz Patel
song with the most cuss words according to guiness
bennyben 280
Its so hard my headphones were making my head shake like an earthquake(280 is how hot this beat is)
I love it its perfect just enough bass to pund in headphones without being distorted and the perfect amount to pound on 12's