Giving My Hamster A Home Makeover

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Here is HoppingHammy's rainforest cage that inspired me (and you guys thought I was extra, I tooooldddd you SHE IS NEXT. LEVEL.)

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this video made me so happy cause it showed her younger viewers the things they really need cause for a while i thought they needed the wire cages and they didnt need that much space so this is something important
Abigail Feller
Addison Wall
Hi I just got a hamster today his name is domino he is a dwarf he in sooo cute
Alexis Gilbert
I like it
As useless as Dan's belt
So sad you couldn't get him his little popsicle stick house before he passed. RIP Ad.💕
Audrey Helton
R.I.P Adward Sponsorhands my your memory of thiccboines live in forever and ever
Audrey Houck
What size cage is this
Beauty lps
I got inspired bye the currton and it works for me pretty well 😄 thx
Boo Bop
I love how well you took care of him! (Unlike faze rugs) you showed good hamster care and it's very obvious u did a lot of reaserch and it's awesome you showed a wide audience good care. Who knows, u could have convinced some to take better care of their hamster
BouncyBunnyz 190
Rip ad 😣😟😢😭.
Brent Wolff
Petition for an #Ad livestream 24/7/365 so we can see the soft boi all the time
Brooke McGrath
Rip ad we miss you so much😘😘
CB BirdLady
I love it. It’s so adorable. KILL ME NOW ,l LOVE YOU
Caca_ Fangirl
RIP Adward Sponsorhands :(
Ad you are missed little boy
Carrots N Hummus
Plotwist ad was a girl the whole time 🤣
Catlily Holmes
Send our love to Julien
Chlo Reynolds
I have that log for my lizard
Chub's the unicorn
you remind me of one of my subscribers!
Cookee Cat
Wile your cleaning the cage ad is just like wtf Jenna
Courtney Dunn
I love everything about this 😭😂❤
Darcy the cheesypuff 123
I recommend using carefresh I used aspen and sawdust and stuff but it caused one of my hammy's to go blind. Carefresh ain't cheap tho. In the UK at pets at home it's about £6-£7 it's different coloured. But they can burrow with it. Xx
Dasliamer TV
why so many ppl saying rip she would have posted on her insta
Deniz Balik
Someone, on Julien's video in reference to the loss of his friend, said \
Devin Sumer
i never thought i’d ever say this but i wish i was one of jenna’s pets she treats them so well
Eli Mosqueda
part 2
Ella Landsman
He looked so surprised at 8:42
Elle Jones
Please get another hamster 🙏🙏🏾
Ellie Does Life
If I was a hamster I would want to be your hamster
Emma J
This is the quality content I sIgNed UP fOR
Emma’s Animations
You all have no idea how happy I feel to find someone who is LITERALLY ME IN 20 YEARS
Fleek Iconic
You should get a new hamster named spons
Galaxygirl 2006
U should put a rainforest print paper on the back
Gamerkittycat 1313
Rip it on rip it off XD
GotAlotOf Problems
You look SO stunning wtf.
Harleigh Lefler
Hamster fam hit the like here and on the vid
Heather Smith
R.I.P Mr Sponsorhands 👼❤
Hi Jenna! You may or may not see this comment, but I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the mention in this video and also for giving Ad such a great life! His tank looked good before, but it's even better after your home makeover! It's nice that you're incorporating various substrates and textures for him to investigate. I smiled throughout this entire video to see you giving him so much love and care. Thanks again from me and Kashi! 🐹
Horse Girl
Wait. What happened to ad? 🐹
I SEE MY FUTURE 0-0 why me
What happened
ImWeird Hahahahaha
Do any of you guys think Baer is a cute name for a hamster cuz my hamster name is Baer
Iminijae 11
i know right now that adward is up in little hamster heaven living in all his very wonderful house that jenna has made for him and that he’s very grateful for all the wonderful things that his parents did for him when he was on this earth, rest easy ad.💞😭
Why do you sounds sad?
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Tyler Rugge reacted to this video :D
Karolis Čepenas
Good Enough.
L M K Gang
That’s hilarious I have a guinea pig and my dogs go crazy excited when they see him
Lauren Miner
I just got a hamster and I named it ad in memory of him
Laviniu Caba
Omg it looks adorable i really wanna do that but my parents wouldn't agree cuz it 2 much $
Lilly Lebovich
And I thought my hamster cage was big
Lily. Michelle
Rip Ad sooooo sadddddd😭
Lizzie P
you should go watch Tyler Rugge react to this video
Lula And Louie
RIP Adward Sponserhands we miss you so much
Jenna’s makeup looks SO GOOD in this vid
Macee Elaine
Lol i have almost all of the “rainforesty” decor in my beardie’s tank
Madeline St Claire
This genuinely soothed my soul ❤ so many people dont do the research on how to properly take care of their pets, and you did such a wonderful job and gave him a great life
MagicalMarsss RBLX
Maya Loughnane Loughnane
I just got my hamster today and this was so cute to watch and gave me inspiration 😁
Mehdi Talebi
Isn't this a coincidence?\n\nI called my hamster Marble (cause he looks like a slab of marble)\nAnd this channel name has marbles in it and the video is about hamsters
Mercury LPS
I love hammysters\nI don't know if this is the food that you give him, but tropical carnival is a really good food brand.i have given all 3 of my hamsters that food, they all like it
MichelleProNotPro i Am VEE FANGIRL XD
My hamster Stuff his cheeks alot... one time He stuff his cheeks and he look like a Big Nut🤣
Min rare Kanal
I have a hamster
Her naturally pale skin is so pretty with her features. Why would she ever fake tan?
RIP little Adward. You were such a good little boi and while your life was way too short it was full of so much more love that any hamster could ever ask for❤️❤️❤️
Mystery Kids
What tank is that? I’m looking to get a fish tank cage but i cant seem to find one
I need someone to love me like Jenna loves Ad
Pigfarts Headmaster
Piper Sheperd
Whatchya ganna doo with those big fat cheeks wigl wigl wigl!!!!
Piper •
Ad is such a lil human
Plant Mom
RIP ‘Sir’ Adward Sponsorhands. You will be missed
Pvzfan plush
when my pictures fall off the wall 5:18
Salty Boi
Fly high Ad 💕
Sean _reviews
Dam girl u filled that cage up with so much bedding I am surprised he don’t just fall out of it
Shoutinggamergirl Lol
I just got a hamster that looks just like ad!! He is such a sweetheart!
Sinister Sister
MTV Cribs is *QUAKING*
Sophie Pattinson
I’m so annoyed how Jenner didn’t even put the rapping paper on the sides😂
Isn’t that ladder for birds....
I thought she scooped up the hamster
Ticci Tiony
You should get a hamster ball so when your cleaning Ad's cage he can run around!
Tiffany Orton
Cutest. Video. Ever.
Tully Bethune
Imagine cleaning it out! It would suck
It's literally almost 3 am for me...\n_but I have no regrets_
User Name
I 💖 hamsters! I have a YouTube channel for mine lol
Zabra Dabra
His personality is just like my hamster lol, my hamster is my yt profile pic lol
It’s quiet without Julien putting his Aries EVERYWHERE
april marquez
Well I don’t have a hamster but I do have Guinea pigs and I also have dogs my dogs ain’t gonna bark but what they do is stare at them walk around while shaking of madness because they can’t get too the guinea pigs lol
ashlyn atkins
i liked this video it was a nice one
WOW! Your makeup looks so gorgeous! It looks SO GOOD OH MY GOD!
danz beard
Placing the wrapping paper behind the hamster homestead made a tremendous difference!!! Hashtag- CAGE CHANGER 😉👏👏👏
that’s actually awesome
RIP lil guy ❤️
Mr.Kate who
the little guy was adorable and even know his life was too short he will always have a very long life on the internet world.we will miss you you little guy!RIP ADD
neu dae
This was so pure \u003c3 \nSo sorry for Julien's loss.. I really miss him and his energy.\nI'm going through grieving myself - I know how it feels. \nTell Julien to take as long as he needs to feel normal again, and that we love him - we'll all be here when he returns \u003c3
officer k
Jenna is SUCH a sweetheart, the way she treats her pets it makes me 😭💙💙