Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good (Official Video)

Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good Download Xscape on iTunes Now: XSCAPE is an album of previously unreleased Michael Jackson songs. The album is produced and curated by Epic Records Chairman and CEO L.A. Reid, who retooled the production to add a fresh, contemporary sound that retains Jackson's essence and integrity. It's a process Reid calls "contemporizing." The list of producers include global hitmakers Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, and John McClain. For more information on the album, go to www.michaeljackson.com. Facebook.com/MichaelJackson Twitter: @MichaelJackson Instagram: @MichaelJackson Google+: +MichaelJackson

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Who else is listening to this song.?? (December 2018.)\nComment- Me...!!!
3dnane ORIGIᴻAL
2018 😢
Aiden Plott
I love this song
Alejandra Cabrera
Octubre 2018? 💕😊😍✋
Alex Blanco Dancing
Honestly, I love this music video. It's more a \
Ana Letícia
Esse vídeo foi publicado em 14 de mai de 2014 a prensentando quando Maicon Jackson faleceu de uma doença de pele ele faleceu em 2009 o ano que eu nasi
Arkam Khan
Asrfazln 00
When I heard this song I feel like 90’s
Assassin BF
Eminem = Rap God\nMichael Jackson = Pop God
Avril Aries
This song will never be outdated. Play it 50 years from now and it will still be a hit. Michael is really a genius! 🤘
Aziatu chanel
2018 December ?
Beatriz Seixas
aaaaaaaaa eu amooo 😍 que saudade
Bo Hyun Yoo
Listening this in tears.. can't believe he is gone.....
Bora Choi
When I watch this video i feel something happy.
Brenda Ramos
Tadinho do Michael Jackson ele morreu. Quando ele canta me dá é pena ☹️😭😭😖😞
Bruna Castro
Michael Jackson Forever!!!
*Some of you dislike the fact music record labels release a dead artist song, you think MJ didn't want this to ever happen.* *But this is how Michael communicates to his fans beyond the grave.. forever.*
Cyclone Ace
My favourite song of his...
Daniel Suarez
who wishes Michael Jackson was still alive
Darius Alexander
Michael Jackson vive en nuestros corazones
Diana Suarez
When he was wearing blue and white he looked so cute his smile his wink he's so cute
Efrain Gonzalez
Por siempre Michael Jackson :\
Elder Souza
Michael jackson King on pop
Eleazar Nathaniel
1:20 is how MJ would react if he saw this
Eliel Santos
Erica S2
Que música deliciosa ..🎶😍🇧🇷
Erika Cornejo
Michael Jackson....,💖Rey del Pop 👑 quien lo está viendo? 😘✌️
Fabricio Abalos Retamal
2018 Alguien?
Yes, Jo Jackson pushed all of his Kids to the very limit, espacially Michael, but it made him the greatest performer in history! Tell me what more can a man achieve than Michael's immortality?! He is inspiring, a pleasure to the heart and ears, almost any song from him cannot be touched by any artist or band from past or present! This guy made better music by the age of 10 than anyone else is capable of...I miss him...the philanthropist, the entertainer, the man in the mirror, the King of Pop❤
Gacha Wolfie
*How Many People Still Love Michael Jackson?*
Gaspar Santana
Esta canción transmite una sensación de tristeza y alegría combinada que te hace sonreír con lágrimas en los ojos. 😭 #MichaelForever
Gosia Marszałek
Super ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Guiovantaker Domínguez
October 2018 :v
Hugg Gnst
November 2018 ? 🤷🏻\u200d♂️
Iker 9999
I love this song
Irene Kent
So sad with the loss of Michael such a talent
Iris van Gils
How can he post this when he died in 2009? (R.I.P\n)
Isaiah Quidilla
That awkward moment when a dead person can make better music than anyone alive today.
Jack9034 Savage
Jacovo Matrina
noviembre 2018 ?
Jaffet chavez usca
que canción mas positiva!!! :)
Jamilly Santos
I Love song 😍
Jeanderson Gameplay
Saldades de Michael Jackson quem tem saudade também deixe seu like no vídeo e no meu comentário #MichaelForever
Jhoel Vega
I love this song
Juan manuel Vivas camilo
Forever reí.. 2019
Juana Rodriguez Martinez
Nunca fue cantada por michael por eso esta dedicada
Junior F. Sins
I love u MJ. You're living in my heart
Alguém em 2018/2019?
Kim Dye
It’s Sad watching this video! But Justin did a Great Job Honoring Michael!! Miss you Michael!! Forever My Love King Of Pop ❤️🔥👑🌻🐰🦋🙏🏾🔥👑❤️
Kurt Corpus
If Micheal jackson saw this he would be so happy I miss you micheal jackson
Laetizia Walker
This made me cry💔
LiTtLeLaMbY 64
Our sunshine Michael would have loved this, thank you Justin for being a real fan of MJ ❤💔❤💔❤💔❤
Mafer Aguiar
October 2018? Love neveeeer felt soooo gooooooooodd 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 R.I.P DEAR MICHAEL 😭😭😭❤️❤️
Makeup La la land.
This made me happy yet sad at the same time. When I was young Michaels songs always made me so happy and I miss him and his songs ❤️
Maryam MacO
Espectacular, un 18 de Octubre del 2018
Michael Righini
Michael Jackson & Justin Timberlake ??? Now I can die happy !!! \u003c3
Miss Murder
Just makes me cry. I am really happy to see this. I just miss Michael so much it's indescribable.
Nurtas Makhmut
I don't know why, but I\u200b felt sad watching this video
Oghogho Idah
The bad part of this tribute is , it has an ending
R.I.P Dad
I just lost my stepdad to cancer he loved this song r.i.p dad
Rachel K
I love this fucking video so much, Michael would be so proud❤️
Raheem D
This is wonderful, I think the video was done tastefully, I like how they paid homage to MJ's most iconic videos/dance moves etc
Reiko Uchiha
The only reason why I clicked on this vid is because I saw Michael 😢... I'm happy that he is still remembered
Robert Petsch
Jackson making hits while dead
[Justin Timberlake]\nDance\nLet me see you move, come on\nDance\nLet me see you move\n\n[Michael Jackson]\nBaby, love never felt so good\nAnd I doubt if it ever could\nNot like you hold me, hold me\nOh baby, love never felt so fine\nAnd I doubt if it's never mine\nNot like you hold me, hold me\nAnd the night is gonna be just fine\nGotta fly, gotta see, can't believe\nI can't take it\n\n'Cause baby, every time I love you\nIt's in and out of my life, in out baby\nTell me, if you really love me\nIt's in and out of my life, in out baby\n'Cause baby, love never felt so good\n\n[Justin Timberlake]\nBaby, love never felt so fine\nAnd I'd doubt if it was ever mine\nNot like you hold me, hold me\nOh baby, love never felt so good\nAnd I doubt if it ever could\nNot like you hold me, hold me\nAnd the night through the thick and thin\n\n[Michael Jackson]\nGotta fly, gotta see, can't believe\nI can't take it\n\n'Cause Baby every time I love you\nIn and out of my life, in out baby\nTell me, if you really love me\nIt's in and out of my life, in out baby\nBaby, love never felt so good\n\n[Justin Timberlake]\nDancin'\nLet me see you move, come on\nLet me see you move\nDancin'\nLet me see you move, come on\nI said let me see you move\nMichael\n\n[Michael Jackson]\nAnd the night, that is good\nGotta fly, gotta see, can't believe\nI can't take it \n\n'Cause Baby, every time I love you\nIn and out of my life, in out baby\nTell me, if you really love me\nIt's in and out of my life, driving me crazy\n'Cause Baby, love never felt so good\n\nBaby, every time I love you\nIt's in and out of my life, in out baby\nTell me, if you really love me\nIt's in and out of my life, driving me crazy\n'Cause baby, love never felt so good\nSo good, oh feel good\nIt never felt so good\nLove never felt so good\nIt never felt so good\nIt never felt so good\nIt never felt so good
Samuel Attias
November 2018
Sarah1060 ROBLOX
Secily Bevilacqua
and i'm crying... MJ forever!
Shoni Mulibana
I want to play this song at my funeral
2019 anyone?
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Now kids, THIS is music!! :)
Love this song! \u003c3
Michael never left and never will.
Toms Clips
2018 anyone??
Palavras não seriam capazes de expressar o quanto eu amo essa música e esse clipe. ❤
Valter Kabas
The Repeat button is On , again, again, again...
Xavier Plumer
R.I.P Michael Jackson
Yomish Rankers
Michael and Freddie mercury = godly
Your Neighbor Amos
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?\n\nMy two favorite singers in a song.\n\nTHIS SONG makes my morning. 
Yoyoyo Martin
2018 Anyone?
Zaida Lopez
Gracias Justin, es un hermoso homenaje a nuestro Michael y para ustedes como cantantes y bailarines, les ha dejado su legado, su arte que seguira mas allá del tiempo💋❤👑✨🌹🌟😁😘
Zion Jones
I love this song and the music video. It's my favorite Michael Jackson video ever. Even though he wasn't in it. I like how they recreated his dancing and celebrated his life and had a lot of fun! I wish I could've been there. Thank you Michael Jackson for bringing your talent to Earth. It's one of the best things that happened to earth. R.I.P king of pop
diganme que no soy el único de 2018 escuchando Michael. saludos de Argentina
braian123 jara
a 42mil negros hijos de su puta madre no le gustaron este video
Yay 10,000,000 for the king and prince of pop!
dayed Loyal
For some reason i thought michael was saying \
eddawg 117
To me this feels like a funeral trubute to MJ and it's 'like love never felt so good' see ya Michael
Musica Boa q pode ser ouvida a qualquer momento ♡
gawin jalowar
I like Justin Timberlake and I love Michael Jackson 👈
gonzalo valverde sabater
Michael habra muerto pero su musica se escuchara siempre
I know many people feel like his new album is just to make money off him even though he's still dead... But I don't think that's exactly accurate. While that might have been some of the motive behind the album, this video shows that there was more to it. You can see in it that there are tons of kids, adults, blacks, whites... All of them learning Michael's dance moves. The point of it wasn't to make money... It was to show that Michael Jackson might be gone, but he still is inside of us.\nMichael Jackson lives on.\nAnd he will for many years to come.
kana chan
*N O S T A L G I C*
leslie huerta
Omg i forgot about this song 😭😭
mick an gigel TV
starla mcgee
Michael would of been so happy about this...all its missing is his kids
the defender
I really didn't care for this song is it good or bad .. the only thing that i care that it makes me feel michael jackson is alive and he will never die in our memory
xd v:
สุมาลี ขอบเวชน์
I love you Michael long time year old beginning 7 year until 35 years that right now I'm crying you live in my heart forever my artisti and remember