What tourists shouldnt wear in Italy! - Italian dress code from a local

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Hello my beauts!Here's a couple of fashion tips to help you fit in with us Italians!Remember these are just tips, and if you're a tourist I'll forgive you for wearing any of these things - exept one I'm sorry you know what I'm talking about.Leave a big like if you love italian fashionand subscribe if you still like to wear whatever your heart desire!

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33 yee
Nonsense, this is just a piece of advise not dress code!!! I wear whatever I want if I'm a tourist. What wrong being a tourist wear whatever I'm comfortable with. You are just misleading people that Italy have law for dressing.
Adriane Grosch
These rules are for a good part of the world...I live in south of Brazil and I can see these same rules here
Alexi Steinegger
Wear whatever you feel comfortable and like the happiest version of yourself in.
Amanda Fernandes
I would laugh at you in America if you wore socks and sandals too. That's just a level of horrification so extreme that it transcends political boundaries.
Animals Animals
On behalf of my fellow Americans I thank you! It had to be said! Sundresses, or loose linen shirts for all genders, please and thank you!
Annie R
Watching videos like this are very informative for tourists who want to take the extra step to blend in AND be respectful. It's the comment sections underneath when people can be absolutely horrid in their comments towards Americans that make me want to don my old ripped sweatpants with my college name on the leg, the flip flops I do only use for the beach, a baseball cap I use only in the summers on lazy days, and a worn out tank top JUST to annoy people. Helpful comments are... helpful. Hate is just... unnecessary. You think Americans are slobs and you may be right in some instances. But here all I see are snobs in the comment section.
i wear socks and sandals and very loose clothes when i have a big chunk of money to spend and buy clothes and shoes, not often... for true shopping experience you need to remove those thing very quick. enter, try then , buy and leave to the next store. sales people recognize the uniform. this one is entering to buy. the same with jewelry, you enter in shorts , this one is buying something for the wife. my friend have a boutique, she reads people.
Apoka__ lip
High socks are my life wtf i would def wear them idc abt people seriously i think its mean that italians judge people for their clothing
Easy fashion tips for guys when in Italy, Wear fitted/slim styled pants with a solid button-up shirt, roll sleeves up and add some nice comfortable Chelsea boots and your ready to go! :)
Lolll thnx for the tips! I always wear camisoles so I would have definitely worn them on my trip to Italy next year haha!
Aurora Lecter
no one should wear socks and sandals... not even here in Germany XD dafuq
Dressing up for walking your dog at 6am? Purlease. There will always be people ready to mock you and tear you down for something about your appearance, no matter what you're wearing, so you might as well be comfortable. If people are rude enough to point, stare, or laugh at strangers in the street, they're the ugly ones who should stay indoors.
Blake Bella
Right on. Glad you brought that up. Too many tourists look RIDICULOUS and hopefully they'll listen to your suggestions.
Blueberry Cheesecake
What? I love wearing skater skirts or denim shorts with sport socks. Then I wear a cute sneakers with it. I think it's really stylish and cute. You think it's a good outfit to wear in a city like Rome? I need insights from Italians. Thanks.
Do you wear thongs?
Carla Portocarrero
Eres graciosa :-) means you are funny. My husband, daughter and I are going to visit Florence for the first time next April. We are Mexican and well be flying from Cancun to Rome. Any recommendations? Greetings. 😊
Carla venero
Her accent is not Italian
Dora Egan
Dyanna Chung
Why are there so many rules on how to dress just to visit a country ? Like I understand no tank top or dress sloppy in the church but everywhere else? I know it can reach up to 90° in summer & you expect us to wear no short sleeves shirt with shorts? Like let’s us enjoy our vacation. So what if we dress like a tourist ? WE ARE TOURISTS. I saw lots of Italy Vlogs and saw people in the background with flip flops and tank top and shorts, there are no rules when it comes to walking around on the street guys.
E Irving Diaz
Ciao bella!\nNice tips\n\
Elio Castani
Sto a Roma a questo momento!!! LITERALLY NOT KIDDING
Erin Bridges
I just found your channel, its exactly what I was looking for! I'm trying to move to Italy in the next few years so I love learning things like this from actual Italians.
Fleur Eldin
My god high heels ! When I see girls wearing high heels by day in Roma I suffer for them! 😁
Gia Lopez
This was so entertaining! hahaha! socks and sandals shouldn't be allowed ANYWHERE! And yeh....high heels in Rome...NO... I couldn't even do it with flats!!!! thanks for this video and assuring me that my American self did not mess up hahaha
The pocket-less shirt is mostly formal shirts, or slim fit shirts. For normal fit shirts, it is hard to find one without pockets, unless these are formal shirts. So if shirts with pockets aren't considered \
Grace e
I thought Italians invented socks with sandals
Hannah Stazakis
Hahahahaha the socks and sandals is a huge No
I noarundathi Jesus
No one look what others were and no one staring even if you were nothing in Britain...
I kind of learned this stuff when my family went to Paris. But Rome will hopefully be next!!!
It's Elissa, not Alyssa
No one should ever wear socks and sandals 😂 Btw I love that lipstick on you 💛
Jacinda Valentine
“Do not wear a tank top in general” AS SHE WEARS A TANK TOP NOW I DO FIND THIS HILAORUS
James R
I was in Milan and Florence in April of this year. Italians, men and women, are so fashionable and attractive. It was unusually hot, but Italians still looked fit and nicely dressed in the heat. Americans on the other hand were real slobs. American women braless, spaghetti tops and too short, ragged jean shorts and spongy flip flops. Dirty and cheap. Overweight American men and women dressed like the scum of the earth.
Jezabel Torres
Juliette Kratochvil
An Aussie wouldn't last a day lmao. Thongs (flip flops) are our iconic shoe. And we wear shorts and spaghetti strap singlets (or wife beaters for guys) everywhere cos it's so bloody hot. I suppose we're probably not as fashion conscious as Europe. I think in hotter climates you just have to be more laid back with that sorta thing. I'd love to visit Italy one day though!
Jungmee Kim
Perhaps you should make this video also in Italian! I live in Milano and most of these faux pas are also committed by so many Italians. We are in 2018 and I see Italian men (from Milano and beyond) in wife beaters with capri pants (aka pantaloni \
I think this is not based on how Italian sees fashion don'ts but from a random Italian girl who thinks she's really into fashion. Come on have you watched fashion shows?! Fashion is based on how a person carries her/himself. 🤣
Killua Zoldyck
La mia amica è Australiana e ogni volta che viene a visitarmi sta in \
Krisia Vaca
Hilarious!! love your personality, am i glad i stumbled upon your channel because as a girl who was born and raised in Ecuador (but lives in the USA for 12 years now) i too love everything and anything Italian, maybe it was because my next door neighbor was half Italian? Anyway having been to Rome i totally dressed for this beautiful city i love fashion and of course wanted to look good on my trip. funny note random people kept asking for directions and all sorts of things while in Rome so i guess i must've looked like a local. lol!
Lien Bijs
I am Dutch and I have been in Italy, I have been to a restaurant in shorts with a top with spaghetti straps and sandals, you know, these unelegant hiking sandals. I know that Dutch are known for their bad dressing style and I guess I am the same. When I am busy with painting and I have to take something from the store I just jump on my bike with my old sweat pants full of paint stains and people just think that I am busy with painting. My mom used to let the dog out in the morning in her pyjama's....
Luna Collacchi
As an italian that used to live in australia for 5 years i say: italians shoud stop telling other people what they are wearing, but they should focus more on their inner beauty!
Ma dài, cosa ce ne importa di come si vestono gli altri? Ognuno faccia come meglio crede...
Michele Lupe-Bowe
No baseball caps or logo sweatshirts or you stand out as tourist.
Michele Pohl
Wow ! I guess all these Posh Europeans forget their dress codes when they come to Florida.
Miia -
I found out that one of the most important things to take while traveling is a big giant scarf. Like if it's hot and you want to wear skirt and a tank top but want to visit church etc. you can just wrap the scarf around your shoulders (maybe even whole body to cover knees if needed) and you're good to go
Mini Min
How Italians dress should be an example for all of us - they are always stylish and elegant even when they are being casual and comfortable - a prefect lesson that those things are not mutually exclusive. Going to Italy always inspires me to step up my dressing game and it feels really good! They also prefer quality over quantity when it comes to buying clothes.
Mini Mixers
A lot of these apply to the rest of Europe and UK also :) I have never seen a random person with flip flops in town. (Also when I was a kid I used to ware socks with sandals and it drove my parents nuts ;))
Mirage Sur
This applies anywhere!
Mom Cat22
From personal experience - if you're a lady of a certain age & interested in blending (not looking like a tourist) - wear a smart knit dress and low heels. One the nicest compliments I've ever received was while walking in Verona, three giggling teen-aged girls with a map ran up to me saying, \
I live in Washington State in the US and socks+sandals are literally a stereotype of the people living here because the weather is quite indecisive and lots of hiking areas are around. (Yes, people wear those hiking!) I can’t stand them but my dad wears them constantly! 😩🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Nick Mancello
We call them sneakers or athletic shoes not trainers. You didn't cover baseball caps which many American men and teenagers wear.
Nomimalone L
These rules are ridiculous and based on judgement...who cares and wear what you want people!
Why does anyone think its okay to wear socks and sandals.
Patrice Mitchell
Too much rules for me love living in U.S.a we wear what we want and don't care.
Pearly Jeanette
If u wear socks and sandals in the US we would roast yall lmfaooooo
Pheeno Barbidoll
I don't care what other people wear, and I don't care about strangers opinions on my clothes. Want an opinion I care about, buy my clothes.
Pliny 830
Our poster was too polite to say so, but the reason very sleeveless tanks for men is an absolute no no is because men don't remove the hair from under their arms. Not only is it unsightly, but all the deodorant in the world isn't going to work on a really hot day with all that hair. Have some consideration for the people who have to sit or stand next to you. It's just gross. I actually don't even like shorts on men for that reason, although young men can get away with it. There's nothing attractive about hairy legs, especially hairy, really pale legs.
This should be applied worldwide, especially the sandals and socks! Who invented that?
Robyn Farquharson
It's just clothes. Come on. Wear whatever you want, if people are going to laugh and be judgemental, the shame is on them. It's. Just. Clothes.
Roman Crusader
That's so weird. I guess I really am Italian afterall... born and raised in America, but heritage from Italy , I literally follow along with almost all of these things you describe. I never wear sports wear outside unless I'm actually working out. I always always always wear a nice pair of jeans even when I'm walking my dog, or just going around the block to get something to eat real fast from a corner store or gas station and go back home..when I see a lot of other fellow Americans from maybe Irish or German decent always just staying in pajama pants or whatever. I also am almost always found with shoes/casual boots on when I'm out. And i always, always want to wear a jacket, i literally feel naked without a leather jacket on haha. Plain colored black or grey T-shirts is my basic thing to wear , or dress shirts how you describe them if I'm \
Romano Benini
Brava !!!!!! Tourists need these tips !!!!most of the tourists in Italy are so slovenly , badly dressed and shabby, specially people from USA. Yesterday evening i saw an american young couple on italian train Freccia rossa and the man was dressed in a tennis shirt and beach short . Ridicolous and disgusting ! In Bologna station and to go in Roma late in the evening !! Is it a cultural problem ?
Rome Inside
Hey there beauties! 😊\n Repeat after me:\n\n\
Ruby Butler
Lighten up. If people don't like what I wear, then that's their Problem. Their Problem, not mine!
Ruth Fiona
What is with the women over 25 and leggings? Curious
Its not just dress code. \nI'm an Italian American or American Italian, live and work in both countries. It stems from the way Italians are raised; formalities, tradition and culture are everything. It's hard for non Italians to understand our code of life. For example one time I just got off a flight and stopped in a small shop in Latina outside of Rome. I walked in the shop with my head down looking at the phone and didn't aknowledge the shop keeper with a \
Sandra Panico
Thanks for posting this information because my mom is from Florence and every time I visited the churches I always followed proper dress code. I would wear a nice pair of capris with sandals and a nice shirt with sleeves cut low at the elbow so nothing was showing and then I saw a woman with a spaghetti strap shirt and shorts enter the church and right off the bat she was given something to cover up with. I seriously hope that anyone planning to go to Italy watches your video before they go. This is very important because everything you said is spot on. 😀
Scott Riddle
I just returned from several major cities in Italy including Milan during fashion week. And all I can say is don’t be overly concerned with what you were in Italy people! There may have been a time that the average Italian was fashionable but that is over. And they’re not the most friendly or interactive people anyway so really? Just be comfortable. After watching this video I put way too much effort into dressing above average and I found it to be past self-satisfaction truly pearls to swine.Italians are hyper conservative and there are very few individuals there. Unlike if you were to travel to Los Angeles or Tokyo or? The one thing that does stand out is that 99% of the time they will have above average footwear. Pass that? T-shirts jeans lots of drab colors. Lots of unexceptional everywhere. You see incredible things in store windows. But rarely see them on the streets. Which is sad.
I haven’t been to Rome since the 70s, and I was a child. But I recall at the time that purse snatching and camera bag snatching was an issue for tourists at the time \n\nErgo dressing certain ways makes a tourist either look like a mark, or not
Shannon Pierre
When I was stationed in Italy, I saw a lot of fashion faux pas done by Italians- like mesh see through shirts, capri pants on men, ugly bright colors, too tight skinny jeans, loud shoes, body odor...the street goes two ways.
Sharon Barnes
If we are tourists spending money..does it matter. ?
Sopaipilla Pesadilla
This isn't a rulebook about what not to wear in Italy, it's just a video about how italians dress. didn't think they were that superficial. maybe if they cared less about fashion and more about important things theyd actually have a government and functioning economy lol. what a fucking judgmental society, sheesh
Sophiee Dunlop
How does someone's choice of clothing effect you? If someone wants to wear a bodysuit/swimsuit to a rave they can it's their body. I can't understand why people can be so ignorant to think that they get a right to a say on it. If you shame or look down on someone for their own personal style you're the issue not them, it's judgemental and bullying behaviour, let them live!
Tati Syeda
How do you english so well?
TheArtistsWings 9
What is the general fashion opinion on flowing, ocasionally flower patterned shirts? And long skirts that have knee high slits? \nI'm visiting southern Italy this summer, including Rome\n\nI'm also very glad to have found your channel! I'm hoping not to look too much like an outsider. Grazie!
Um have you not ever seen Miu Miu fashion w sandal heels & socks? That's right there in Italy. And Korean and Japanese girls make it super cool too
thanks for the fashion info going to Rome next week
non se è una critica oppure qualcosa che hai visto in Italia che magari non ti è piaciuta o che da voi non si fa!! Vabbè bel video!!
Thats why I see many italian wearing stuff you said we should’nt. How I dislike these videos... People! Just make your experiences and LEARN from it!
WW Jackie
I love these tips. We must respect other cultures and not be “know it all” criticizing Americans who believe we are always right. It”s called respect. Thank you so much.
Whatever Goes
Oh my God I wish I had watched this before I went to Italy, my mom wore flip flops once and my dad wore his socks and sanadals but he's adorable so I don't know how anyone could mind not even I did
Xomarah Dickison
Everything you mentioned is true. I am American and I hate our lazy/sloppy look which we call comfort. It really just means \
Who even does this stuff? My god.
Zack Sal
Actually it is a big issue and a big question. As a man and as tourist (especially in italy), I don’t like to look like a tourist; wearing sport shoes, awkward T-shirt, a hat on the head and having a backpack. So the question is: to have the stylish look or the comfort look? I prefer the first.
Is there a reason for this
Why does it sound like you're listing, \
clare5 one
Socks and sandals? A German.
dancie vs world
Italians are so stylish ❤️
This is the nicest one of these \
drawing dreams
I mean this is not a dress code. Everybody can dress however they want.\nI think this video displays how Italian people *generally* dress to go out, and it’s good if you don’t wanna look like a tourist.\nJust be confident, you look great anyway😌\n(I’m from Italy btw)
Apologies if I misheard you. At the beginning of your video, did you pronounce the “b” in subtle? If so, refrain: the “b” is silent.
I am the culprit of flip flops, only cause I was backpacking and had a limited amount of footwear and it was so hot in some cities. I have birkenstocks but I didn’t bring them cause they weighed the most. Would birkenstocks be ok?
I think many comments here miss the point. In Italy you are going to be treated as you appear. If you appear as a tourist you will be treated with the kindness and courtesy of a host. This may seem very superficial to some, but the way it's understood in Italy is that if you have no respect for yourself, you'll be hard pressed to find someone that'll respect you. Generally speaking, sloppy dressing is seen as offensive for that reason alone. Aside from fashion, getting drunk in public in Italy is a very big NO NO !
There are people who will criticise you for what you wear rather than who you are. Regardless what country or where r you are in the world, being you will help you avoid the people who think you have to be them to fit in. I wear what I feel comfortable in. In many countries letting your mum buy your clothes is laughable but in Italy your mum's taking you shopping at 40. Different strokes for different folks. There is too much blending in the world. Be yourself. If your a socks in sandals person for whatever reason... Guess what kind of people you will meet when you walk around Italy. Probably other nice people who don't give a shit what you wear. Guess who's going to care. Don't bother because it's not worth caring.
Hey you people wear puffy jackets when it is 70 degrees F out!
sara pinna
E poi ci sono io che guardo sti video anche se sono italiana AHAHAHA
Italians are a class act! Too bad the rest of the world will bring you down. It's happened already in the USA. You would NEVER see some dude in a ratty, horrible t-shirt and flip flops at a nice restaurant in the USA in the past. Now? It's normal. It's disgusting. I love Italy. I resent these slobs in our elegant restaurants but it's all about $$$$$$$ and the restaurants won't turn anyone away.
Listen, if I'm paying to go to your country, and spend my money there, I'm going to respect the culture but I'm wearing whatever I want to be comfortable, they are going to know I'm a tourist anyway, the same way we know tourists when we see one.
vegan Haitian
Too much rules
I'm from Mallorca and a lot of tourists wear socks and sandals, it's horrible.