Gennaros Pasta Masterclass

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Gennaro is doing one of his regular masterclasses on Pasta!! Amazing.Follow me!

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Looks great. Glad to see one of your videos again.
Thank you Gennaro great video great food.
Anna Walker
my ear hurts a little
gennaro is life
Love you! I'm making it today for lunch! Thank you!
Just to hear his Italian talk while he's cooking means it will be delicious!
I am so glad you are back on youtube. I know you have lost a great friend, but I was really missing you in this community. As always you show great passion, great energy and of course great recipes. You are a great teacher to many of us. Welcome back Sir Contaldo!B.
I wish Mr. Contaldo was president of the world.
Chris Green
Old video... seen this before...
Christian Blandford
Legend ❤️
Chynae Thomas
Yessssss! Thank you!
Cristian F.
so simples
Cucina Feel Good
Il polipo è meglio metterlo dopo aver soffritto l' aglio e i pomodorini ...questo non è stile Italiano.
Daniel Z
Gennaro, Jacques Pepin, French Guy Cooking and Jamie Oliver - these guys are so motivating, so inspiring, I just love them.
The knife that Gennaro is using made me cry. Antonio, Antonio oh how we miss you.
Absolutely love him!
Domenico Magliocco
Gennaro, show these philistines how to make carbonara. If my nonna was alive she would kill the people making it with cream.
Doug Payne
Not a new video, I've seen it at least twice before, I think it's around 2 years old
E. L
I love watching your videos, Gennaro. Thanks for sharing! ☘️🐙
Ernesto Vinago
mi fai ricordare mio nonno che anche si chiamava Gennaro❤...sei grande 😉👍
Fernando Thiedig
Great Man!!!!
Frank _
good job cameraman, I could completely see how Gennaro rolled the ravioli
I wish I was there!!!
Gaby Zhang
I'm so hungry right now!!!!!!!! I love pasta so much!!!!!!!!
Gary Daniels
There's a lot of ladies, must be the accent and the fact he's a great chef.
George Tuvey
I came to one of your masterclasses last year, Gennaro! It was absolutely amazing - I learnt a lot 😃
Grigoris Dasteridis
quick question, i havent ever made homemade pasta, but did he boil it just a bit? is that how it is? or is the video edited and it boiiled it for like 6-7-8minutes?
Hubert Shitmeyer
a liddel tonky tonky! \nMY MY, WHY YOU COOKING SO GOOD-EH? \u003c3
Hyper Horse
I prefer to use lard instead of olive oil.
Contaldo needs to get out of the kitchen and in front of a camera; his own cooking show.
Why I'm cooking so good?
Jackson Phang
Worst camera angle ever. As if Gennaro's hands are invisible
Jaime Quarterbrew
James Banham
Mr contaldo please can you show me how to cook cacio e pepe? Im a big fan of your shows and it has really got me into cooking italian food. Many thanks.
Jc songcuya
what happened to the octopus? why he didnt show us..
Jobin Plays
What kind of knife is that chef knife? I love it!
Jon Ashley
Why is he cooking sooo gooood?
Jordan Snyder
Well as an anosmic I can tell you there must be no such thing as a hot pepper
Jorge Avila
God bless you, Gennaro. I've learned many italian recipes thanks to you. I am sure you are a good person. I visited your country (Amalfi) some years ago, in my honeymoon, and it was fantastic. Salud, from Spain!!
Josh Lim
wattafak the cameraman just ruined the whole thing
Julian Shelley
Kacper Bajor
pasta fantastica, grazie Gennaro :)
Kareem Magdy
Finally!!! You’ve been missed Chef!!
Gennaro is great. And awesome.
Wow this is great. I don't think I've seen him make fresh pasta or sauce before.
Baby octopus, before they are old enough to breed.....very sustainable....
Mattias Bylehn
Almost 30min of Gennaro \u003c3
Monique Montez
Who hired this guy to work a camera? terrible camera work
It's hardly anythink
My Name Is Andong
My my myyyyyy so much wisdom!! 😍
Myke Alferez
So happy to see you back!
Neverino VonTactical
this channel is dead.this is reupload!
Nils Hermans
Grated of Parmezans
Peter Pfleger
cameraman, you are fired lol 🎥
Ragtime Ragtime
This has been in Jamie Oliver channel forever...
Red Raven
There is only thing missing in this video..and that is Antonio sittin on chair eatin all of Gennaros food while telling him to work harder...Antonio & Gennaro was the best pair of people iv ever watched on a food show!
Reid Smith
Genarro, I wish you were my great uncle. I would hug you!
Sabrina O.
Aaaaaaaaah Gennaro is back!!!!!!!!
A new video :)
even the camera man was like god I suck
Sarah Aldawood
Speriamo che sarai sempre su YouTube. Ti amo moltissimo. Sei un dottore in cucina. Non ci manchi mai
Sebastian Weetabix
Why was he using Farina flour instead of semolina flour?
Shayan Givehchian
Beautiful knife chef. big Love
Simon Pyza
Genarro, I could work for you for free, just to be around and absorb the knowledge.
He's so fun to watch
Stefan Dragos
“It is incredible “....mmmmmmmm Gennaro
Tama Drums
I love this mans talent and how passionate he is with everything!!!
Is this a reupload ? I feel like I've seen this already.. in the past
That Guy
Aaawh, I wanted to see how the octopus turned out.
I love Garlic too. I roast a whole bulb of garlic in the oven until it becomes nice and golden, it becomes like a paste. But since it's roasted, it's so sweet. It's not as strong as raw garlic, but the flavor is so deep. I like to make my own Roasted Garlic Butter. Put one or two thin slices of the roasted garlic butter on top of NY Strip steak or Fillet, or any prime cut steak, and it will be even more amazing.
Why even upload anything on this channel, if you're aren't bringing us anything new? I mean, this video was first uploaded on Jamie Olivers youtube two years ago.
Tommy Vercetti
The knowledge!
Travis Levins
worst camera guy of all Time why is he behind and off to the side of the chef we cants see half of what he is doing lol\nass clown.
Ugio Ugio27
Bella masterclass sulla pasta.. bravo gennaro i miei complimenti..
camerawork is a bit meh
The Cameraman wouldn't look out of place walking down the corridors with Drake and Vasquez
I love the combination of the cockney(some other London?) and Italian accents.
it's a reupload ; (
That camera guy has a lot to learn. Bad focus, bad angles, in the way, moved way to much, always shaking
david cloughly
get that idiot cameraman to the front not behind his hand!!!
degureureureu degul
23:00 pasta begins. so easy. so simple.
Can you really say its a sauce when the tomatoes are in big chunks
I would have watched several more hours of this 💕
18.14 Can the cameraman film from the other side so we can see how he folds the dough to make ravioli or whatever?
I'm watching this for Gennaro, not the pasta. I can't eat gluten.
Camera angle is terrible!
knife first
Lucky day
Spaghettiwestern !
meghna srivastava
Awesome. Love u ❤
ming chong tsai
Gosh, the cameraman is useless…
Гриха m9c-m9c
Im from Russia. ma non capisco una sega.
буду единственным русским комментатором, и скажу, что Дженнаро просто нереально крутой дядька! Настоящий итальянец!
معرفه معرفه
so lovely😍
Long time no see 😙
OMG long time no seeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💕💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️
Where is his restaurant?