After He Flew To The Caribbean To Meet His Online Girlfriend, No One Knew What This Man Would Become

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Imagine talking to someone halfway across the world for six months and then finally booking your plane ticket to meet each other. One man from the U.K. knows exactly what this feels like. Unfortunately for him, though, there wasn’t a fairytale ending to his love story.A man from Wales has become somewhat of an internet sensation after his long-distance relationship crashed and burned in the most public of ways. It all started at the end of 2017, when Glyn Thomas Bailey boarded a flight to the Dominican Republic.For six months Bailey had been communicating with a woman living in the Caribbean country. With the help of Google Translate, he had forged a friendship with a mother-of-four named Wilfa Peguero. And before long, they decided to take the relationship to the next level.Peguero had told Bailey how she was struggling to support her young daughters. And while Bailey himself never claimed he was a rich man, he still offered to help out his love interest. However, that was a difficult task from so far away.►For more articles visit:

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Adam Alfred
Good job queen .don't fall for the caveman ✊✊✊✊
Agnes Agborsangaya
Watch out for Part 2 of this story \
Alan E
Can't blame her!
Alexia Hamer
How could u come 2 a woman single with kids & no money cause of you selfishness of wanting her body she has kids 2 see about also
Andy J
I think they deserve each other. He thought he was getting a much younger than him, brown skin woman to satisfied his fantasy. She thought that she was getting a rich white man. Why on earth, will a person travel to another unknown country broke? Not a penny to his name to a woman with 4 kids.
Annette Goka
Lol she fed and watered dude like a plant or dog
Ashley Gonzales
That's girl she is scammers
Awesome G
What if he is really a rich man pretending to be poor to test if the girl would still want him despite having nothing???... Hmmm just saying😂
You first make the cash then you get the honey 😂😂😂\nDont no one told this dude SMH
Best Achiever
First Appearance matters a lot! That man is a parasite.
None of us really know what they said to each other before he actually went there but I am sure she enticed him just a little bit, LOL
Brian Hart
Would have been cheaper to buy a washing machine.....
Cherry Berry
He’s a fool for buying a 1 way ticket she looks great for having 4 kids, his lucky he ain’t get robbed or killed hope he’s doing ok 👌
Chukwuma Daniel
Why would you talk about Love when you don't have money ? Love is priceless I know but make money.
Love doesn't pay the bills. This guy is a moron. Sounds like he made himself sound like something he wasn't. Put yourself in her shoes.
What ever happened to meeting people out in public? Learning how to read people was valuable.
Daimon Mario Perez
This guy is out of his mind. If he was home in the UK, and he went to a woman's house with no money a Welsh woman would had told him to go home. The only difference is she might have given him bus fare.... Remember he said he wasn't a rich man, but he didn't say he was a broke man...
David Conde
I ain't saying she a gold digger
David ugwuanyi
She ain't gold digger
DeOndrea Walker
👍👌 to be honest I don't know what he expected she already got four kids 😳 so is she supposed to take care of him now he going to learn today
Dee Starr
He's on a Beautiful island ....just live like a BeachBum...😀
Demitri Jones
I bet he kisses prostitutes 🤣
Dineille Arrindell
They both was planning on using each other😂😂😂
Eric Williams
She wanted a her Night in shinning Amor, instead she got Sausage in a can.😂😂😂
Every Man Is Your Teacher
Never go near Dominican Republic women. They are gold diggers. I met one in London who claim she was brought here by an old white man who abused her. I took her in, got her a job, taught her English, give her everything. I came back from work one day and all my things were gone...
Fred Mac
When one scam artist meets another scam artist online = Karma.
Gabriel Martinez
A single mother with\nYou just asking for trouble
Grooty Tam
Momma of 4 kids plus a fat red faced man=Buahahahahaha
No real woman wants a broke man period!
Jackline Mirembe
OMG she thought he had money😂😂😂😂😂😂😂you woman money can never buy love👌
Jaime Santiago
No money no honey...
Jason Beatty
You mean a woman from a 3rd world country isn't looking for a foreigner with money 😂😂😂
JazziiBoo T
Jediah Matthew
I see nothing wrong with a woman looking for a man with money. (I personally don’t think my dark skinned sister should be with an oppressor. Too much history, did we(including her) forget how her and my ancestors ended up in the so called Caribbean in the first place?) FACTS
Jeffrey Keith Horne II
I feel sorry for both man and woman. They both wanted something from each other, but fail to deliver. At first, I thought the woman was a golddigger, but after realizing she took care of him for a minute, not as much. It was as if she was taking care of 5 children, including the man, pun intended, lol. The moral of story is plan ahead and make sure you know people before making life changing decisions. God Bless.
Jermar Griggs
I trust no other race especially from different states or country
Joel Henry
How can you go to a strange place and buy one way ticket bro
Joey Rodriguez
It doesn’t sound like she turned her back on him immedialy.. it sounds like she took him in and got tired of taking care of him lol
Jrjjd Bdndnd
You don't go for these heffers in the Dominican Republic they're nothing but money hungry hoes
Kanayo Nwosu
He’s a fool for going empty handed across the world to meet a much younger woman with children. Idiot he didn’t even have a return ticket. Game recognise game 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kay Ari
LOL. Dominican Republic women DO NOT take care of men. They are well known gold diggers and home wreckers throughout the Caribbean. This broke perv thought he would get the goods and most likely be able to molest her daughters. That is a known practice there too.
Kimberly B
Mr I need love if you had to borrow money to get a ticket and then had no intention on paying it back so you can start another broke life in another country that sounds like mid life crisis who does this smh.😨😩
SMH this sad she say she's not a gold digger but wants nothing to do with him because he has no money well new flash you are a gold digger not only that no where near a nice person even if you wanted nothing to do with h why humiliate him the way you did say women need to watch out for him and men like him men need to watch out for you...........I do pray the man get home
Linda Beal
Loki The Builder
Would she support my family and become a sugerlady
Louise Scott
The man is a fool. When you meet someone on line and they ask you for money, any person with half a brain should know he or she is being scammed.
No money no honey. Lol
Malachi Ben Yisrael
4 kids or not, what woman wants a broke man?
Margaret Jackson Gray
Fed and watered...what a thing to say to anyone!
Marie Martini
Poor old man!... may God help these lonely men. Wake up men.
Marriam Grace Daoa
Maybe its not for being a gold digger...remember being a single mom and with 3 kids is not that easy?..she just hope to find a man that to raise her kids and of course to love too...but sadly...her shining armour is not true.....
Melford Nunley
Most people of the Caribbean Islands are not well off. Why would he think that she had money? Also, many women in her situation are looking for a man to help her, and not add to the burden. I know that does not apply to all women in her situation, but you must agree that a struggling woman with four children could use some financial relief.
Miss Shantel
You struggling to take care you and your four kids and a man shows up can’t even feed himself and you suppose to take care of a grown man who was only supposed to be meeting you to see how y’all clicked together and now he expects you to take care him and your four kids that ain’t love and I would be furious
NPC 158761
Hes a grown man. He should of knew better.
Nicola hawkes soyer court Woking
Hi I am nicola hawkes
Nothando NYONI
Why did the boarder control miss to check he is penniless before letting him in, just the same way it is dramatic to enter the UK
He wanted to be child number 5. Oy!
Paul Findlay
Scam meet scam 💔
Phoenix Rich
He wanted Chocolate Milk...But didn't have enough to buy
Princess kayla
I don't know what's funnier, the story or the comments 😂😂😂 ☠
Ravenn Johnson
Ummmm I'm not takin in a \
Remon Peterson
He Traveled far and Wide, for that EXOTIC CHOCOLATE, LOL
Reon Baruah
Lol she has gold digger written all over her 😂 dude
Ron M
Haha she thought she was getting a sugar daddy and got a lemonhead lol.
Rosemary Emeribe
How will u not have return ticket. Internet love is a risk so keep some cash in your pocket for Emergencies🚨
STAN.P channel
At least he earned the fame cause he appeared on a rap video and tv so 😂😂😂😂
Salif Amara
Stays away from our sister's..\nWe are God's ppl..u are not.. God greated you because of our disobedience so he can give u power to punishes us because of we broken his commandments..
Salma Angel
Woman's of nowadays are after money yet they don't know behind asucessful man there must be asucessful woman patiency pays if you rash you crash start your tomorrow with your sweat don't run for more you will never be happy piece of advise to some ladies wake up please 😔😔😔😔
Samuel Gyamfi
So was he expecting to go to a third world country with no money and live off a mother with kids?!?\n\nWas he really expecting her to take care of him and her kids ?!?\n\nYOG
Sara Rose
The narrator finally gets to the point at 1:43
Sarah Stewart
Neither one was looking for love. They were looking for a fantasy; money and usury. Who goes any place broke anyway. He must've thought she was desperate bc she was a single Mother with four kids. And she knows she was looking for a guy with some mulah. Lol
Selene Aquenette
Why would a man of any caliber would move half way across the world to live with a single mother of four with no way of contributing..And why would a single mother of four would invite a stranger into her home around her children..I feel sorry for her children only..Just think of the potential danger she put them in....
In my mind she was honest and open about the fact that she was struggling financially. In today's times money and stability is a huge factor in a relationship especially when kids are involved. You can't fault this woman for trying to do something for her family even if it was the wrong thing to do. Bailey on the other hand is a complete dingus, thinking he was going to get away with being dishonest about his situation. Guy thought he was going to find him some easy meat huh, nah sorry to say you got it twisted brother.
Sidney Smith
Don't no woman want a man she got to take care of he was wrong to go there with a one way ticket when you clearly was suppose to visit you would have seen if she was the one or not and if not go back home
When a gold digger and a broke simp collide
Terrell 718
She was in it for the money point, blank end of story.
The Hawk
He thought his white skin would be enough, and she thought his white skin came with money. They're both fools.
Sounds like to me he's the gold digger
Val Restaino
He only got a gold digger that's good, lucky he didn't get AIDS.
Y&T Squad
Typical female, she was trying too play him.Wire me some money so I can meet you..If he sends the money she never comes..Ha Ha😄 her game got reversed.
Zen Bona
Looks like this guy suffers from some sort of mental disorder. What kind of man would travel to a foreign country without a penny to his name and no intention of returning to meet a woman who's obviously struggling financially? At least the young lady didn't initially abandon him and actually took him in, even feeding him for a while knowing he was worthless; I give her credit for that.
ameshia westbrook
You had 4 kids you were looking for money you was tricking and got tricked lol
The lady even tried accommodating him for a while.\nI was also hoping the guy to reveal how super rich he was at the end but the story of him was embarrassing.
Not talling the story how its that women took care of tha man till the last day. He was broke and she was feeding him and takings care of him till the day he when back to his country do your research that man did the same thing to 100s of women
gary prater
Well... He should have something to offer as her Man. He shouldn't have to be rich, but should be able to make a difference in her and her children life and be a good example for the children.
girl flexx
She's a single mother of 3. Why should she want to be with a person that can't add anything to her .
jana Ross
Gold digger!
janie lou johnson
Why would anyone show up at another person home; in another country; broke and no return ticket? No women wants to support a grown-up!
jesse glenn
Who really wants to take care of someone else's 4 kids? He came for the nookie, and he has money. He just isn't giving it to her! Ha!
mario mendez
Something got lost in google's translation .
the thing is , he didnt even have to be rich, he could have just been a working class guy with a stable income - but he definitely couldnt be broke , unemployed and homeless . i actually have to side with the gal on this one .
multtee randall
She was a gold digger, it just back fire
She wanted nothing to do with him after he arrived and she discovered he had no money. But she says she's not a gold digger 🤔. Yeah, ok.
you cant blame her a woman needs a man to help her you cant live on love
shill shill
He was more looking for a home rather than love, how do you travel across the world to meet a stranger with no return ticket?
Girl bye,\nYou wanted that man for money and when you found out he had none you jumped ship
steve mitchell
He is old...ugly..out of shape..and broke soo why would a young beautiful woman reject him??? I'm soo confused!!!
yo yo bigs
He was thinking with his little head