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BBC News sadly reported that iconic Italian chef, celebrity restaurant chain founder Commendatore Antonio Carluccio OBE died at the age of 80 on 8th November. In his honour this never seen before final video interview was filmed at his private home and garden with Love Italian Life in July 2017. It was the last time Antonio cooked Italian food on camera. We celebrate one of the greatest ambassadors of Italian culinary culture which perfectly captures his remarkable passion for life. Riposi in pace.For more information please visit:

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love this man. inspired me to regard cooking more than just something that will fill you up. more like an art, a memory and something for the soul. thank you antonio, dear comandore!
Ade Ferranti
l have said many times you can give someone all of the ingredients necessary to cook a dish, but if that person has no passion to cook that dish,order a take away, You have to WANT to cook,if not forget it,Carluccio had a passion for his food,thats what made him great. Rip
Agustín Alejandro Gerosa
Alejandro Zielinsky
Angela Cooper
Oh I wish I could’ve met him !
Angelo De Cesare
one of the greedy italians! riposare in pace
Bianca Hotca
We will miss Antonio Carluccio. I first heard of him on Two Greedy Italians. I loved the series. I learned so many new and wonderful recipes from that show as well.
Carolin Schmidt
Chris Robertson
thank you Antonio for sharing your life and passion for food with this humble Trinidadian so many miles away. May God grant you a fantastic kitchen in Heaven
I love greedy Italians..Genaro and Olly loved him and so did his fans ..such a heart break 💔
Chuwi Tsui
Rest in Peace i learned a lot form you as a young cook
Clementine Sandler
Thank you Antonio.
David Wootton
One of Italy's 'Great Roman Chefs'. You will be missed.
Dorothy Jones
I cook my favourite dishes at home. Italian and Thai dishes are my favourite. I sometimes buy ingredients from and cook my favourite dishes at home. I loved to see this video. Thanks for sharing
rip antonio carluccio💓😭
Fernie Jackson
Such a lovely human being!! So compassionate. -Must be cooking in heaven for the angels !!
Francisco Zahradnik
We will miss you! Thanks for all the joy and teachings you gave us!
Gerx Gonzales
What does he say at 9:50? Candalone?
Her Aeolian Harp
RIP, Antonio! Thanks for tasty inspiration.
Jan Schy
RIP Antonio... And Show them in heaven how to Cook!
Kajal Hinduja
The man is so humble, sweet and lovely. I almost had tears in eyes while listening his philosophy towards food and life. Absolutely stunning video 🖤
Leighton Cooke
Lovely man and a great maestro of good food
Linda Ann
Will miss your smiling face Antonio. Rest in peace. Your now cooking for the angels.
Linda Rose Smith
You can tell he was a wonderful human being, apart from being a superb Italian chef.
Machiavelli III
Such a humble, intelligent and kind person, very genuine and clearly happy with his life, RIP Antonio you leave a great legacy.
Marco Zalazar
Rest in peace godfather of Italian cooking, may you forever feast with the angels ❤.
Mario Soto
Gracie Antonio!.mi vida es after yours!
Markus D. Burner
One of the few people who got me into cooking with passion. Gennaro, Jamie, my Mother and Antonio. Enjoy the heaven - reques cat in pace
Melinda Rivera
RIP. I would of loved to cook with you outdoors your classic Italian food. 🙏🏼
Rest in peace Antonio you showed me the kind of Chef i aspire to become some day.\nand i will forever have your real!! Carbonara
Peter Moody
So sad he is no longer with us. Such an amazing life he had. RIP Antonio.
Ricardo A
RIP Commendatore
Love this
Sacha Chimienti
Rip carluccio
Sheriff Industries
Mile grazie. What a wonderful interview. RIP.
Shop with { Amal}أمل
Rip my favorite Italian chef I ever seen, we'll miss you, miss your English accent & talking about nature, food, Italy,your family looooove you chef Antonio 💔
Super Strada
A great man, a man with love in his eyes. Grandfather to us all.
Taylor NS
RIP Don Antonio ❤️💚
RIP Mr mushroom man.
Wayne Newbold
I had the joy off meeting him and me and my partner had a photo with him ..lovely guy
Yame Regimbald
Grand respect pour Don Carlutccio, RIP!
Yukiedosato RS
I still can not believe that the teacher of happy Italian cooking is gone. I still wish that he was here and joking around with Gennaro while making some pasta and picking mushrooms and vegetables.
R.I.P. Mr. Carluccio
adrian peirson
RIP Maestro.
God bless you. I learned about it just today. I am so sad. God bless you. God bless your family. RIP
first video in 6 years that has only likes
RIP sir. \nThank you
Mile grazie Antonio 💚💛💜
RIP. an honor to have seen you cook. j.
last of the mohawks
God bless u antonio...\nRest in peace in heaven with papa n mama\nThey must be happy to have their son with them
marie Savino
mau mauguz
Rip Don Antonio Carluccio , you teach me how to do the real carbonara with \
mic sor
Madonina Santa....
peter barber
i cried watching this
rasen mujun
rest in peace
shin nohara
requiescat in pace =(
vahşi erkek
RIP Don Antonio
Łukasz Kopała
I'm sending you love and thankfullnes.