(ENG) Fiat 500L Pop Star 1.4 95hp - review and road test

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Fiat decided to blow up the 500. Despite its name the car is based on the Punto. Regardless of whether you like the new styling or not, it turns out to be surprisingly practical. Is 500L the answer to the problems of motherhood?Looking for a family car? Watch:Toyota Auris TS

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Anthony Corrado
The Fiat 500L does NOT have 95 horsepower. The Fiat 500L has the same engine as the Fiat Abarth. The engine has 160 horsepower and 184 foot pounds of torque. 
You open the door, then remove the antenna... just like an any other mpv.
Ezekiel Omotola
what ever you do keep the acent good review
Gianni Pruni
buy a german car... much better
Ikea Uppsala
omg the Polish accent... watching this makes me feel as if I was in a cheap pub in the UK
good review\n
Pretty ugly car, Yugo was way prettier...
Marek Drives
IMHO Fiat's interior is inferior to MINI's, but that is indeed my subjective opinion. And I like the retro theme inside the MINI, even if it is not particularly practical in a family car (we're talking Countryman here, not MINI Hatch).
Mladen Milić
Bravo za tebe , ae sad cuti i smrdi jer ako to svi budu ponavljali , necemo moci nikome da ga uvalimo .
Poor rewiew. Nice car.
Oumar DiAlLo
Looks pretty luxurious if you ask me..
Paul Balko
Only 95 hp? What a joke!!
Peter Balduck
nice car
Steven MacGill
The MINI Countryman is one of the most hideous looking oversized brick of a car ever devised. The MINI is made by BMW which means it will be badly made, unreliable and very expensive to fix At least the 500L is reasonably decent looking and doesn't claim to be something it isn't
Is this Poland?
I like the way it looks, but then again, I'm American and we had huge Fins on our cars lol
Made in Serbia
95hp....really....that cant be right\n
david inger
Got one of these ,great car, same colour ,we call it the swan lol but seriously ,its retro looks high driving position smooth ride ive got the 1.6 diesel on a run 58mpg ! 45 around town £30 a year road tax love it!
debs petherick
omg he is so horrible about everything he is suppose to be promoting , he is not selling the car at all , just moaning about this and that awful review....
parveez zeevrap
The 500L here in the US has a 160 hp turbo charged 4 cylinder Multi-Air engine which is one of the most technologically advanced in its class.
Great review. Thank you for making English versions!
OK we get it you don't like it, but your review is very subjective. Mini Countryman has a better look? ...Really? Mini Countryman interior is better? With all that hard plastic?? Get the top trim and the 500L wins easily over the top trim for Countryman.\n\n
yusuf topaloglu
thanks for the honest reviews
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Nice car