What would you do if a hungry child asked for help?

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Created by LionMaus MediaWhat would you do if a hungry child asked for help? We filmed children walking up to adults who were eating at a Farmer's Market and asking them for food. Every single adult offered to give or buy the child something to eat.Our campaign aims to remind viewers that just because the child isn't standing directly in front of you it doesn't mean they're not out there and it doesn't mean they don't need your help.Please consider donating to the PBC Food Bank in the Great Give on May 5th & 6th. www.pbcfoodbank.org

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No lie if I saw a white kid with nice clothes with braces on I’ll just be like where’s ur parents lol
WOW The real experiment is in the 165 comments below, its really sad and says what the video above could not. I can't help but wonder if some people did not read the words in the first 10 SECONDS of the video Warning There is no shortages of the many types of ignorance expressed in the comments below.
All around Dylan
I was taught it doesn’t matter what they are going to do with the money or if they needed it at least you’re not in their shoes
Alton Finklea
I could never turn down a child who is hungry
Alyssa Brown
Why didn't anyone ask them where their parents were?
Amal Rashik
Im i the only one who cries after watching this kind of videos 😭😭😭
Andy Ridley
Wow, tears in my eyes. What have we become? God Bless them that stepped up on this, you are the salt of this earth!
Angela Cicero
Why didn't they ask \
Angelo M
how fucked up is it that in the richest country in the world there are children actually going hungry!!
Aries Llorca
There are too many of them here in the Philippines. And many of them would complain if you just gave them what you can give, like your extra coins.
Aurora Kelley
The woman at 00:59 sounded so harsh
Bailey Smith
I get the idea behind this experiment. But some people might not realize that these children are starving and hungry and probably haven't eaten in days. They probably just think their parents told them no and they're trying to get free food or something. You know? I'm sure more would help if they knew the actual situation..
Bigfoot Hunters
“What are you hungry”?\nKid : “No I was gonna try to sell it”.
Caroline Trevis
They could of made her dirty and gave her ragged clothes\nThat would be more convincing and I think would get better results
Celtic Minstrel
No child anywhere should ever go hungry.
Chloe2Cool T-T
The best was the man that said \
Christin S.
I help kids all the time at work. I buy them all sorts of food. \nOne lady had restored to counting $15, all in change, in our break room. She had her two kids, I went and bought cookies for the kids. Cause all kids should have cookies in the pantry.\nI see kids counting their change, I won't even let them pay and will buy it myself. \nI had one boy who would come in the store and specifically look for me so I could buy him candy.\nOne teen employee had asked for money for food. So I bought him food. He always came up to me for food after that.\nI had other kids and teens coming up to me asking for food, cause they knew I would pay, no questions asked.\nI'm flat broke, and no kid will ever go hungry around me.
Christopher Palmer
it doesn't matter what colour the child is if they need help you don't think about it let them no adults are there for them
Now try a obese child
Dahlia Cross
I would first ask where is her parent or guardian. Then if they are indeed in need of food I'd be glad to try and get something for them
Devawrat Vidhate
in India most of the people ignore that because most of the kids forced to beg money then only they get food
Giving your food away is really painful.I admire those guys
Donna Law
Idc what the kid is dressed like. If a child came to me asking for food I do not question. I give the babies food! Video made me cry knowing it is true. So many hungry kids
Donna Salmans
I've done this before for kids. And would do it again in a heartbeat
Damn, this would not have happened if the child were dark (moreno).
Eric Cartman
I cried watching this video, but i can now eat my KFC bucket with 50 hotwings alone now.
Ericas Extra
The Asian guy is the real MVP !!! He sat with her even after giving her the food.
Fousey Tube
sweet heart m sorry... disgusting girl
Francies William
what u want I will buy it for you super ya
Francis Zorammuana Hlawnchhing
Omg....😢 ... A hungry child begging around for food....Oh good Lord please..pleaseeeeee supply their needs anytime they are on need of.....
Galaxy Tacos
1:02 and 1:03 The men keep looking back at each other at the same time
I experienced this same situation. A girl just came to me and my family and told us that she wanted to eat what we were buying. When I started this video I suddenly remembered that day and had an urge to comment below. The girl who came to us didn't say anything with words but her expression said it all. When my mom was buying it for me the girl just came and stood beside me. Since I never experienced this kind of situation before I told my mom and she asked the girl if she wanted to eat and she nodded. When she got the food and started eating suddenly I felt happy for her. Maybe God wanted us to do this good deed. I just hope where ever she is May Allah Keep Her Blessed. Ameen.
Grass man
This happened to me about a year ago. Different scenario it was a poor kid smelled terrible dirty clothes. I was in big lots at the moment. I saw him take bread and peanut butter. I followed him around the store. Through the midst i was going to buy big bag of chips and those 2 liter soda. But instead i walked up to the kid and said do you have money and are you hungry. At first he stared at his feet for 5 min and said i'll put the stuff back. Then I stopped him again and told him the same question. He replied i have no money and yes im really hungry. I even heard his stomach growling. I had 20 dollars atm. I put back the junk food i was going to buy and offered to pay for his food and give him the rest of my money. I saw a smile on his face that was pricrless while he hugged me. Even though I had a horrible stench after it felt rewarding. Not only did I help someone I helped myself from my weight problem. I went from 294 pounds too 175 pounds now im going to become a junior in high school now i have a little more confidence
Harsh Sinha
In india non of the people have that type of heart u showed in the video \nI am really proud to say that becoz i hate my nation i saw that in my colony there was a begger he died becoz of food he collect some spare food from dustbin and eat them 😠😭 i really shocked that time when saw that man dead
It'sYoGurl FromTheWaters
If any kid comes up to me (when I'm older) I would first be like, \
ItsPang Xiong
What if it was Asian kid or a black kid or any ethnicity would they offer the kid food? 😑💁🏻
Ivy Aguirre
this is sad what I see a little girl hungry I will give some food
Jacqueline R
If those kids were another race, no one would give them food. Just saying
Jamie Mcvay
Jared Detweiler
I'm not gonna lie.. that got dust in my eyes.
Jim Ellison
LOVED IT.......... I have bought them a meal!!!!!!!! No one should go HUNGRY!!!!!!!!
Jo The Great
Ofcourse I would buy the child a meal since I can afford it. Who wouldn't? I don't even need to watch the video.
Jody Brelsford
First I'd ask where is her parents then buy the kid something.
John Suggs
wow this broke my heart
Julie Anne
People should NEVER go hungry. Especially children.\nI could never let a child starve. \n\nThis gives me tears.
Katie Wells
It just seems really unlikely a well-dressed kid (even if hungry) would just randomly walk up to strangers and ask for food.
Kushal G
Larissa Light
I'd buy them what ever they wanted to eat and probably be crying at the same time
Little Miho
I have given hot food to homeless people on the street, some are a bit weird and crazy, one even threw it back at me saying its not the menu he likes...but of those few who dont appreciate, there are more who are honest to thank you for whatever you can give out from your heart.\nClothing doesnt mean they are scamming...if you judge everyone by their looks, then you are by all means trying to find a reason to deny kindness. You can wear clean clothes and still be starving, you ever thought someone may have given them the clean clothes to help them out????
Matt Victor
so no one would ask where the her parents were? That's usually the first question.
Michael Tennyson
As a child growing up in Florida my brothers and sisters were often hungry because our single mom worked for minimum wage to support five children and welfare required her not to work in order to receive any kind of assistance, and why I believe no one should be penalized for working or should have their children taken away from them for being in need of assistance! I had one set of clothes for school and one set for home! But they were always clean and so were we! So yes, you can appear clean and in decent clothes while being hungry at the same time if you have loving caring parent or parents! And at times a relative might send us something new to wear in order to help our mom make ends meet! Stop being disengaged from reality and realize that lots of \
Miranda Ceballos
i am crying my eyes out because I know the feeling when your hungry. 😓😞😢😳
Mizan A
People do not have to be in rags and or dirty to be hungry. I've been hungry and perfectly dressed, but I would eat one small meal each each day to make the the food last. Giving and sharing can never diminish your wealth. My friend Tauheedah gives a lot she is not rich or wealthy, but her home looks like a mansion. Her willingness to share continues to multiply. She is everyday people serving the poor. She is truly inspiring.
Mohan Krishna PC
No child on the planet should starve,,. Thanks and respect to all those who are generous,,.
Moni Poppaea Di Maria
Those kids are too beatiful and verry clean, they look like beatiful kids models. Beautiful faces and eyes.\nEvrybody wil give a beautiful child food.\n\nMake the child dirty and a little bit scary, then try it.\n\nIn Italia you have a lot gypse childeren who asking money on the street , and where people are eating. Almost all those people ingonore the childeren or send them away who beg for food and money.\n\nThose gypsy are beautifil too, but they are verry dirty , dirty clothes and hair.
Mother Russia Kiril
Pang Xiong don't pull the race card and mess up a good thing..grow the he'll up when you see people for what we are an not some broken distorted view of skin color or where there from you wouldn't say such ignorant things. GO home an think about what a piece of crap you were for posting something like that.
Well the girl with purple shirt is too much eat candy and kit kat
Muzzammil Abdulah
One love
Natasia Moore
Why the hell am I crying??
Nikolaos Mihalakis
I ve been reading some comments here and i thing you guys missed the point . If someone (especially a little child ) asks you for food and you can afford it you buy some food . You dont question the hungry . Provide . For gods shake !!!!!!! she has clean cloths , she is with or without a guardian .... who gives a dime . Just give food . AND REMEMBER Anything you do in life reflects to you !!! !!! !!! you do good good will come back . You do shit - shit comes back to you !!!
they should have made the kids look homeless, not just brats who know manners
They should have had the kids say they don't get to eat a lot or something because these people kind of took it as a kid just literally wanting a bite and just confused them
Patch Andres
man, when i saw that the girl had braces,,, nvm
Patrick Nguyen Nguyen
They should try this with non-white kids. I'd be very interested about the results compared to this one...
Quin Kel
wow.. It's so sad to hear that there are kids who can't get a proper meal in one of the the richest countries in the world..
See the Asian sat with her see this IS WHY AMERICA NEEDS MORE ASAINS I love kpop so that's wily I'm freking out
Rohit T
Once I went to a old man and asked him for 1$ , he gave me 10 $ .🤗
Sara Huang
The problem is the kids are dressed up fine, like those shirts seem brand new.
Snow Black
This is so sad. 😔
The girl has braces but no teeth, wut?\n1:42
Sydney Topoleski
This made me so happy, when the people gave them food
Taj Perry
I cryed through the entire video omg
Taylor gaming lol
They are hunngry
Tracey H
I,d buy any kid that, s hungry food,but years ago I bought a young girl sitting with a cup in her hand a mc Donalds and her mam came running over shouting and threw the food away standing on it moaning that they just wanted money, i felt so sad for girl .But if any kid asked I,d buy them food no problem.
Trent Jamison
with what they said about the food at the end is legit. I'm one of those kids that got free lunch and whenever people complained about how bad school food was I was thinking in my head \
Triple DPSMeta
You want this? Throws food on ground. Go get it!
Uee Hstyls
I cried when that lady says I am sorry and refuse to give food
Vaibhav Waghchoure
shoutout to all kind person out there!
Wayne World
What would this have been like if the kids we're black?
Wilfer Patiño
God bless those people who help those poor children like if you agree
Zoey The Robloxian
If i was homeless and had 1 single dollar left i would even buy kids some food.
bill davis
If a child asked me for food I would not hesitate,I would buy food for the child and ask if there were any other family hungry.when I was a child growing up my mother always set a extra place at the table,we were seven and things were very hard,I asked my mum why the extra place,she always said for the unexpected guest,many times my mum feed our friends knowing that might be their only meal that day.myself I will feed anyone who asked for help,I often contribute to the food bank trolley at our local Asda store.i am blessed with a home,food in my cuboard,able to pay my bills.a little kindness a small jesture can go a very long way.i always think there by the Grace of God
try a black kid. i recon it would diffrent
haley murphy
in my city during the summer our parks and rec district provides lunches at the parks during the week. Its a great program, I wish they did that in every city, its usually a hot lunch with milk and fruit and veggies too
kami w
If a kid came up to me asking for food I'd get them food! And a drink that's so sad! But I'd also want to know where their parents are
madhusudan sanap
Won't work in India though. Where begging is family business.
mahdi mohomoud
I would never feel right if I refuse
marie trocio
if the kids dress soo dirty and faces aswell they might not intertain or help the hungry kids
If a child came up to me begging for food and I had some (or money for some) OF COURSE I would give them some. But... It would spark my interest. First I would ask where their parents are, and if they know of any food allergies they might have. Then I would want to know WHY they are so hungry. Do they have a home? Parents? Where? I would try to extend some resources for free or emergency food rations to their parents. I wouldn't feel good about only giving the child ONE meal, and moving on. What about dinner? What about tomorrow? Are they being abused? Or are their parents just homeless? Did they run away from home, and might be in danger? There is a reason why they are so hungry, and I would want to address that.
mike sanchez
they should have done it with different races and see the results. i would buy a child food without even thinking about it, but i'm very curious to see asian, hispanic, and black kids in this social experiments and see what happens.
Actually i am very lazy so i just give sufficient money to people instead of buying things for them.
I am from India..and always been in AWE with your Great Country (USA) for being so economically strong,Beautiful,Helpful people, who started off from Scratch..but then i see poverty and in discrimination by the govt towards their own people breaks my heart..for eg:- Kids in Palm beach county are hungry and have such bad food shortage...and if the govt decides they can fix it in an instant but they dont, they rather give $32 billion dollars to israel as 'AID' whereas their own wonderful people are dying of such scarcity...why you people dont ask questions to the govt?\nLove from India .
rachel copas
I so would want to adopt them if they asked me for food so I knew they always had a hot meal
roberto hernandez
I could never say no to a hungry child. my mom always helped people in need. it rubbed on me 😊
tony borg
It is happier to give than to recieve. The Bilble.
Sweetheart, I'm sorry??? WTF
Is it just me or does the little blonde girl look like Stephanie from full house in the earlier episodes
xDancer. Videosx
I'm 13 and I have helped 3 kids and I gave them a juice and a hamburger. I felt so bad for them
🍃You🍉Are⭐Beauty*Full 🕊
Oh man...without hesitation Id buy a kid food but I'd ask if they have any allergies 1st.