How youve been cooking rice wrong your entire life - BBC

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Abhinav Acharya
Indian style
Amy Hainsworth
Literally, just read the instructions on the side of the bag/box 🤦🏻\u200d♀️
Andrea Aier
Next; How you've been boiling water the wrong way...!!
Anna Tsukiya
Asian people gonna be like \
Annointed Destiny
Wonder why she is suprised that thats how rice is cooked.Blonde lady
Anoop Bhargava K M
Thumbs down . Even a new born kid in India knows this.
Ardid Sonriente
I have been doing good rice all my life since I was 11. I can make rice in the microwave and still get it right. Its not that hard, the ingredient proportions, putting the lid on and making the temperature even are key. Rinsing it is useful for some kind of preparations, I usually don't need it for mine, the rice still tastes good.\nNothing on this is hard at all, and no, I'm not asian either.\nThis video feels like those infomercials were people do stupid things on purpose to sell an unneeded product.
Awanish Bharati
Dear Chef Manisha I feel that your method is quite wrong instead of drying rice just boil rice in hot water when it is done just drain out the water , this method is more perfect reason behind this is that in drying method starch and carbohydrate content is high and since rice is daily intake as main course so person is more exposed to diabetes obesity extra diseases so draining out water reduces the starch and carbohydrates level in your daily intake of food and does old method is quite more genuine in biological terms
In my country, kids in middle school are better than this😂😂
Bailey Harambe Dobrik Ernst
I love how every Asian in the comment section is kinda offended \nI can relate
Basmati takes that ratio. Other types of rice take different ratios of rice:water. Also, some parts of the world throw talc on dried rice to make it \
is it 2:1 or 1:2 Ratio ??\nBut, you guys drive on the wrong side of the road...
Breach Arce
Thats the way the western people cook rice
All the people going on about rice cookers, why the f would anyone want to spend money on a special gadget to cook something that is as easy as pie to cook with just a normal saucepan?? Are you being paid?
Bunty Sonawane
Here for the love of rice.
Canela Renée
This is literally the instructions i see on the packages
Carrie Llanes
Just don't cook brown rice like this or you'll be chewing on rocks
All asians such as myself facepalming rn
Chubby Unicorn
Am Asian and am offended. \n\nDarn it\n\n\n\n#RICEisLIFE!
Clarisse Christina
We asains measure the water with our fingers HAHAHAH😂 wash the rice,dump the excess water, add water again and measure the the water by the first line of our middle finger viola! ready to cook 😂
What are you talking about? I've never cooked rice, how can I do that wrong?
Damon Kwong
Hear it from the words of an Asian: \
Deone Redwood
BBC should be ashamed for putting this on youtube!!
Dev Upadhyay
200 years in india and Brits still don't know how to cook rice
Don S
Who actually cooks rice in a pot if they consume a large amount of rice? I lived in Japan and China for 10 years teaching English, ALL households there use a rice cooker. NO ONE is China or Japan uses a pot to cook rice. This Indian chef is full of BS.
DrMario Pepper
Rice is so easy to cook. And I’m not talking about minute rice
ExploreFoods Doodle
When i was 8 years old my chores is to cook rice... from philippines
Field River
first time to know the indian way to cook rice, in asia every country has their own way to cook rice, because the rice is different in every country.
Fire Rocker
All ppl from different countries are trying to prove that their ride is the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Game Gamer
Lol this is making cooking rice even harder.. Just wash the rice into the banga or caldero then put some water. If the rice is 2 cups of rice then the water should be two cups too. After that put it in the stove. Let it boil then simmer it. Walosh its done.
Hansen Xiao
Oh no.. I'm cooking rice using the freezer not with fire.. I'm so wrong....\nThank's youtube for teaching me how to cook a rice..\n.\n.\n.\n.\n.\nNo one ever..
Head & Shoulders
the tap tap, tapp tap tapp
That’s how we always cook rice... but oh well we are Asians so... 😂
I just wasted 3 min of my life
Jason Frost
This is how my grandma taught me to make rice long long ago. Simplest method.
Javan Narshon
We've NOT been cooking it wrongly. It's you who has been cooking wrongly. Please don't yoke us together with you in that pool of shame. Cooking rice is as easy as ABC!! 😜 😜
Jaymina xo
Um.. isn't this how everyone normally makes rice? What was that blonde girl doing?😅 Every African person can make rice like this from the age of 5 😅 I was shocked that this was even a video tbh😂
Jean Jean
I'm sure my unborn kids can cook rice in heaven better than this blonde, she just made a rice porridge, she didn't even wash it... Sweet jesus..
Jo Rutherford
Sorry guys.. but my rice smacks this chef's rice out the water!
Joshua Bryan
Change the title.... She just didn't know how to cook rice, dragging everyone in with her...
Jure Macola
As you can see brits, people from india will enrich you
Kevin Godding
Buy can open with can opener heat up done
Korah Leah
“A white lady has been cooking rice wrong her entire life” There, I fixed the title for you.
Kristen Walls
I’ve been cooking rice like this forever
Law Licht
Next week video is: \
Linxy Wun
Very useful video but that chef scares me. She looks like she's judged you before you even say anything 😬
London's Rock
Mandingo _
Different rice different water ratio. Usually its 1 is to 1. When its boiling, turn the heat off then wait till the water is absorbed by the rice then turn on the heat again to the lowest for 5 minutes then its done.
Mango Oreo
Use a rice cooker eastyyyyy
Maryam_ Lovesnails
I'll teach you my way of cooking rice:\n1- get a pot boil water (no measuring but the more the better)\n2- rinse the rice until the water comes out clear from the rice\n3- when the water boils add the rice mix it \n4- keep mixing every few minutes until you feel the rice is not strong (soft)\n5- sift it \n6- put a tiny bit of olive oil or vegetable oil to the pot any kind works them add the rice that you sifted from the water\n7- leave it for about 25-30 minutes on low heat \n8- ready to eat it
May Cat
How can you go through life and never google how to make rice properly..
Mina Lioness
The titel of this video should've said \
Ms. Leonalyn Tayone [Solving Math the easiest way]
omg why im watching this hahaha
Muhammad Adeel
there is reason Indian restaurants won’t go out of business
Omg who doesn't know how to cook rice. In Fiji that's basic cooking a primary school kid woyld know how to cook.
Natalie Merdame
Seriously?! People didn’t know this? Lol I make rice like this since I was like 7.
Next video: ''How you've been clicking on stupid videos wrong your entire life.''\n\n\n\n...Gotta click on them right.
Nonnem Rekhung
I cook rice in bottle with some butter damn it's delicious
Pallab Chakraborty
Only Fish and Chips BBC knows how to cook rice...!!! Height of the ego.
Paz Enore
In philippines we are using our fingers to measure the rice and water,well the result is perfect!😊❤
Need to marry a girl like that blonde, so impressed that you can cook rice. It’s gonna blow her mind when I show her my rice cooker that makes perfect rice every time.
Praveen's Fitness Family
In india A 8 years old could cook the rice the right way 😊
I've been making rice like that my entire life. That blonde lady is a noob for using a strainer to cook rice.
Rajeev Ratnalikar
Manisha ji, entire south india who eat rice after boiling and draining it... North indian rice, only biryani rice can be cooked in rince way , no varities of indian rice can be cooked the way you are teaching ..... What that girl is missing is the time of cooking in boiling water, a pinch of baking soda can correct her cooking.
Rolando Chan
Asians : say no more!
Russ Marvin X. magbatHon
Wtf the blonde lady dont know the basic things in life! I bet someone is cooking for her since birth!
I add salt and a bit of sunflower oil to make it taste better \nY’all eat some bland rice if you don’t at least put salt in it
AWKWARD MOMENT when the Indian lady was wrong and the presenter was right. Rice didn't come from India, in fact came from China and they used to boil it into a porridge texture this dates to 8000 BC. So everyone thinks this miss know it all Indian women is right, she is totally wrong. And for all the people giving this young presenter shit, and acting like morons you are all wrong to.
SR 123
I was never wrong
Savi You
This video is obviously aimed at millennial who can't cook hot water.
Shehla Khan
Not correct style for cooking rice
Some Random User
How *she's* been cooking rice wrong her entire life.\nDon't point it on us.
Spider Phil
Don't tell me how to cook rice im Asian
Still Waiting
Ca ha lic ka ba hait ah !!!!
Sukyo Deekmane
Summary of comment section: “YES now I can finally get back at the western people for invading my country by making fun of their rice cooking in a YouTube comment section”
Tainted Frogs
Jokes on you, never made rice.
Are people really out here not rinsing their rice???? Guys come on now thats basic stuff.......
Thomas Backup
Lol I use the finger measuring method. Always turns out fine. But I'll definitely try the double water ratio to see if that's any better :)
Toni S
I am from Hawaii and have been cooking rice since I was a child. We use both ways to measure. Cups or the \
I still don't get why people still using a strainer to wash the rice? *Use a bowl to wash the rice thoroughly (rinse and wash for 2-3 times) till you see almost no cloudy water**. Then fill with a new water with 1:2 ratio (rice:water). ***Cook it either using a stove with lid on or rice cooker, it all will be done in half an hour.\n\nEDIT:\n*You can do it directly using the same cooking pot or rice cooker bowl. It's an easier way if you want to be quick. If you're using rice cooker bowl, don't forget to wipe water remains from the bottom part before you cook.\n**The nutrients of the rice is not affected, it will remove any dust and starchy residue from the rice. Believe me after it cooked, it will last up to 2 days (without refrigerated/freezer) and more if you refrigerated it (for leftover).\n***Depending on what type of rice, the amount of rice and what tool you're using to cook the rice. Is it stove, rice cooker? Time of cooking may differ and it will be done less than half an hour. If you're using a stove, always check and adjust the heat when it almost fully cooked (during the last 5-10 mins). You don't really need to stir at all during the cooking process. Let it be.\n\nNote: I lived in South East Asia, I can cook rice using both method (stove and rice cooker but mainly using 1.8L rice cooker for my convenience as my stove has 2 sides top burner.)\nI usually cook Jasmine rice for my family of 4/5 people. I do hope this will help and answered your questions. Just don't give up, keep on trying till you cook that perfect rice. 👌😋🍚\n\nSorry if my English is not grammatically correct.
William F
I thought my cooking was wrong, turns out that fokin blonde ninja turtle don't know how to cook at all.
aresee MBZ
I used my finger to measure the rice and the water ... Anyone? Alright then ..
cc jammy
The way my rice cooker is set up....
clifford yawn
You forgot to put a half teaspoon of salt and a quarter cup of butter in it while it was cooking. Where in the world did you learn how to cook rice? You left half the ingredients out! Oh I almost forgot always use minute don't have to rinse it because it has already been cooked and dehydrated and cooks in the microwave in just about 5 to 6 minutes... I will put my rice up against any chef in the world, including Martha Stewart! P.S. Whoever thought of the idea of inventing minute rice was a genius!
The title should be \
ibraheem gamer
Who said i I’m
jaswant makwana
We indians have an intense knowledge of taste and cooking coz we have been using many different condiments, spices, ingredients to enhance the taste and aromas of foods, we are the best cooks.
nancy guzman
I knew that... Thats the Mexican way... Except we sometimes add onion and some garlic for white rice or red tomatoes, onion and garlic for red riceee👌👌
panda dafuq
We the Mexicans do it like this first we put the rice on the pan and let it cook without water or anything till it starts getting a little brown then we add the water and some seasoning and we letting boil with the steam so we do it a little different.
pearl city
Idiots Brits wanted to rule India forever .But never learnt to cook rice and call every food on india as curry..
That is how we do it in the Philippines.
The both method is wrong everyone.. You should cook rice Persian style.\nJohn from FoodWishes has a video on how to make it.\nDon't forget... Persian style
East Asian to all you West Asian \
sue lee
I'm Asian and I'm cooking it everyday in a rice cooker.
I've never seen anyone cook rice like that white lady. And I know a lot of white ladies.
As one of Asian people wtf i cook a rice since i was 10 shame on west
zachary paris
nothing to see here.
zoran pocrnja
Also best to cook with one stone of rendered ginger,pandan leaves,and half spoon of oil yummy2; also you can cook by adding the pot half water then put rice in dish steamed up!follow me on Instagram as supermad cook;! thanks