Joyner Lucas - Im Not Racist (Black Folks React)

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888 Kinasiti
I agree with the mom and the African American boy part of the story
Andrew Perryman
Anthony Barbuto's vids
She gets me mad
Here the thing black ppl can’t be racist bc they hold no real power unlike other races. All the ppl who run major corporations and that are extremely rich are white. Which means although not all white ppl are rich, they are the race in power. Also, I am not saying all white ppl are racist. I just want ppl to know and not all black fathers leave their children but some do same goes for whites except not many talk about it. I expect hate for this but I believe these facts should be addressed. Thank you god bless you all.
Caden Grossman
Can someone say *ONE SIDED*
Caleb Sieders
“dies” 😂
This went way over her head.
Christian Tompkins
Lol her reaction when he sees I don't like you white people... so racist
ChubTv !
She doesn’t even understand 🤦🏻\u200d♂️
*T H A N K Y O U*
They act like the videos a joke
Bruh that chain look so tight it look like you’re wearing a choker
Ed Hoff
Picking sides is what racism is
Fat Cat
Both sides are true though
Fear Plays
Im not bashing her or anything, but its people like her that this video is projected towards. If you choose a side, you missed the entire point of the video.
Franco Pascarella
Oh look now they are saying that they hate racism but they say that only one race can use a word 🤨😐😐😐
Fresh J'rrell black and she is the racist one here and i saw it coming bc she was very offended on the first half but starts agreeing with everything on the second half. I am not understanding. I know how Abraham Lincoln tried to help free the slaves along with other states that tried to force end it. And during the civil rights movement we had a a bunch of other races that agreed with the movement and even marched along side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Amd we can thank President Kennedy for allowing them to march
Gavin Turin
Your aunt is so dam bias
He is an actor portraying a trump supporter who doesn’t understand black culture. It’s an important discussion to have the oppressors will never relate to the oppressed never. Europeans did that to Africans distancing and elevating themselves from us In the Congo the French cutting hands off of slaves as punishment, segregation, lynching, shooting and dehumanisation of Africans in countries like South Africa, America, Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Barbados, and Jamaica etc .. separating Africans from our customs , family, language and culture is a huge deal. The scars run deep internationally slavery was 2 centuries long oppression still present after and plus the civil rights movement only started in the 60’s in America, and apartheid was only abolished in the 90s don’t tell me we should be over it. As a born and raised Nigerian my dad feels the pain and anger from our loved ones in our past caught up in this messed up trade. Joyner Lucas showing their ignorance and how people conveniently leave out what is deemed as incriminating evidence in favour of finding some to incriminate someone else.
Ikaika Ho
Don’t bash her she just does not understand the point of the video both of the characters have great points about each other’s race or people in general but then just bull shit claims that are said everyday
Initial Engineers
She missed the whole point of the video ...
Jacintha Henriques
Its funny how everyone assumes the older white man made the video lol
James Williams
I have to say one thing. I don’t agree with racism in anyway, but black people where not the first people to never be enslaved. If you look back in history the Moore’s enslaved a culture too. If you don’t know who the Moore’s are they were black and they enslaved the people of Italy. Slavery was wrong and it was a bad thing. Also the man sing this song is a black man.
Jarrett Strait
This is why I like No Life Shaq. He reacted to this and he’s African American and he agreed to both sides. GTFO with that oh that’s racist but yet your agreeing nonstop with the black dude in the vid. Btw Joyner did the voices of both those guys.
Jeff S
Trump wasn't a reaction to obama it's against cuntface hillary
Jeriah Kennedy
She didn't know anything about the video so i don't blame her opinion
Jessica garcia
As a mexican i can say we do use racial terms to talk to one another but it’s usually in Spanish so most non spanish speakers dont realize what we’re saying
Jonathan Bailey
Ummmmm.... white people were the very FIRST slaves ever! The original term for slave was made for WHITE SLAVES! African kings were the ones who first enslaved white people! Damn I wish one person would do some actual research! White's were the first slaves but they overcome it then later on built the first free country then abolished slavery! Noone knows this cuz it blows all this rasist crap all to bits. The country Africa got a start over any country or race and even still to day it is a waste land. There is soooooooo many people misinformed about this whole situation and nobodys coming out with THE TRUTH OF IT!!! COMPLETELY CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!!!
I’d like to personally apologize to anybody this video offended. Though it isn’t shown, I promise neither me or my aunt are ignorant. It was offensive to watch for her I’m sure. To her defense she’s pretty old and I never explained to her the real purpose of this video. She probably still doesn’t know this was made by one man and just presented as two. I asked her to be blunt and to let her mind flow out of her mouth just as soon as the thoughts did. I take all the blame here, and again I do apologize if you didn’t find it entertaining and instead found it offensive. She’s a VERY kind hearted person, in fact — the most generous and loving people I have ever encountered in my 20 years of living. Please write off her “ignorance” to my lack of informing her ahead of time and instead of bashing her take it out on me. I hope this video didn’t ruin anybody’s day and if I did again here’s a third apology I AM SORRY. Thanks for checking out my content!
Clearly she failed history
Kalib Morgan brown
And the fact she goes along with one side but not the other shows she just a steotypical racist that needs to get over herself.
Does your aunt not realize that Africans are still being beaten, killed, raped, and enslaved by other Africans today? Did she miss the history lesson of whites (Europeans) owning other whites? Slavery isn't about racism, it's about power. The haves vs the have nots. Rich vs the poor. That's how it's always been. Throwing race into the argument only creates a tribal mentality and doesn't address the real problem. That's not to say racism doesn't exist. It sure as hell does but in all facets of life, culture, and religion. It's not white exclusive nor white made. Just like crime and gangs aren't black-made. \nCome together and destroy hate or fall apart and embrace fate.
Did you tell her it’s the same guy rapping both verses?
I am white and I think all lives matter and I never had use the N word and I think that guy needs to get his life checked he needs Jesus Christ and yes I didn't care that u said honkey
I am not american but european and when I see how slavery is still a thing to talk about in the US I see the problem. The woman in the video said that whites don't know what you know because our ancestors didnt experienced it. But fact is whites have also been slaves. Irish, slavic people (the word slave literally comes from the word slavic due to the fact that the slaves often were slavic people). North africans back then also had europeans as slaves. But thats not exactly my point. The slavery part of your history is so present in your every day thoughts that you can never forget it. For example if every white american was passing their story to their kids about how for example the french people tried to take over europe (napoleon times) and how many germans died because of that, etc. Than the mistrust between the two groups in america would go on and on over a thing that is long history. As a german I see the same in with the Nazi era. The nazi era still so present in our lives, I as a german can tell you our politians insult eachother nazi almost weekly if there is another opinion on whatsoever. And due to that presence of that time era there are people who get into the nazi scene because that scene is so present.\n\nWhy has there been so many wars in Europe over the centuries? Because people had a war every 5-10 years and never forgave the other side. Due to the European Union and the peace since then we Europeans dont have mistrust and hate towards eachother than we had before. And I think thats the problem in the US, I have heard stories how americans ask us germans if we have a certain technology in our everyday lives (mostly the fridge) this lets me think what you guys learn in your schools. I mean we in Germany basically only learn WW1 and WW2 at a certain age and nothing else (thats why its so present imo) but if the americans dont learn anything else than the civil war, slavery, american-mexican war, etc than its no wonder that they have no \
Linda Montavon
I was paying close attention to the reactions rather than the music video and song, since I have heard and seen it before. As you can probably tell from my picture I am a white girl, 22 years old. My best friend the second girl in the picture first introduced me to this song when she played it in the car and I begged her to turn it off when the singer was portraying it from a white man's perspective. Not because it was wrong but because I was appalled that it was probably accurate for the opinion of way too many white people. But she forced me to listen to this song to the end. We were parked in the lot of our apartment and this song was playing and it made me angry, I was crying listening to it. Once again my reaction comes from how I feel. Both the white mans perspective and the black mans perspective (in my point of view) seemed to be from the most racist perspectives someone could find. There was so much hate. And it frustrated me. Because I dont know anyone white or black who feels that terribly towards the other race. Even one of my closest guy friends. He's a black guy, adopted into a white family in a hick town. He was stabbed in high school, almost died. All because he was black. When he told me that story he had tears in his eyes but he tried hard to stop himself from crying. Thats my first experience with someone who has experienced racism like that and I wasnt disappointed in my race. The White Race. I was disappointed in humanity. Because in the end I see it as a human was willing to put a knife in the side of another human. And when I saw it like that I cried and I hugged him and we talked about a bunch of things and I felt like that was a really important moment for both of us. I kind of got off track, but as i was saying i was paying attention to your aunts reactions very closely. And I dont believe she's racist. I really dont. She had a strong reaction to a bunch of slurs to herself and some of the people she loves. That's not racism. That's humanity. ANYONE. ANYONE who lacks knowledge before they listen to this song will feel the pain twice as brutally as listening to it knowing what's coming. I completely sympathize with her. This Is a hard song to listen to, it throws horrible facts into our faces and puts everyone in the same place and generalizes. Of course not everyone feels the way about our different \
Los sellout
Bro that lady is racist as hell
Luis Diego Cabrera
This song is a masterpiece, it’s a shame there’s a lot of people that doesn’t even get it, or even try to understand both sides
Luke H
Your mom needs a history lesson with a side of perspective. Shes not taking ANYTHING from another race’s (white or not) perspective, just her own. Thats a problem with society that this song tried to express and it flew right over her head. I mean cmon man, “Theres TWO SIDES to every story, I wish that I knew yours”. Open your ears for a damn second.
He’s just keeping it up for views now
I love how she just utterly despised anything the white guy said, but as soon as anything came out of the black dudes mouth, no matter how equally bad, she just immediately started nodding like “thank you!”\n\nEDIT: holy that’s a lot of likes
Majira Red
You should do a reaction of her on these comments on this vid
Michael Sneed
Also, African-American makes no sense. Just say black or american, unless they have their grandma from Africa why bring it up? Do we say asian American? English American? Russian American? Mexican American? Indian American?
Mike Luis
When people don’t like hear the true ... Past hurts and old injustices have a way of keeping us stuck in our tracks, unable to move forward or experience joy.
Mr.Gaming Music
Sorry my man but yo mom one sided af
NsA Ryan
My though here is like I have black friends and I think it’s just the person who you say it Bc my black friends don’t care and that how I greet them and they don’t care but that’s the only one I use that word
She's exactly what the video is about tho.. she only sees one side
Random guy
I guess it was a pretty bad idea not telling her the purpose of the song in the first place and yes prefering 1 side over is going to offend alot of people. Btw idk but i found it quite annoying having to see her face up close when she was reacting xD\nOther than that good video and i enjoyed your reaction 😊🤙
Robert Schaefer
If your offended then u aint watching whats going on theirs a lot of black on black crime that goes on but yall only see white on black or the people who shoot cops cmon get real
Ryan Akers
Ryan Orion
The kid doesn’t understand it... he seems to not grasp the whole point of the song I felt like they taking it literally like the rappers meant what they said and believe they weren’t racist lol
Salomon Navarrette
Obviously both of them are racist because the dude in the beginning said “ he hates this video” so technically the boy didn’t get the point either
Saxon DeBord
Noise comes from a smoke detector with dead batteries
Sedena Henderson
This is not racist it’s from different perspectives and it’s Eminem’s song so y’all can stop coming at her and the people that worked hard to do this song and video😂💔
I believe that anyone can say any word or no one can say any word
Slava Zatsepa
She’s the racist
wait why was she so mad LMAO the point of this video flew right over her head bc she tends to focus on the racism aspect of it which she is technically the reason why it was made because she’d rather choose a side then to interpret the video... oh my gosh. i’m.
Sonia Anastasia
Okay so SHE is the racist one here 😂
Spyder1monkey6 Bman
I thought both sides were damn straight
Stephanie T
There are biological genetics and there are social genetics that are very real. People act like they don't exist but they absolutely are just as imbedding in us as biological. Anyone who thinks slavery still doesnt effect this generation is blind. I know my grandparents stories of going through the holocaust (my grandfather was LITERALLY kidnapped at 14 by Hitler and forced into the Hilter's Youth. My Great Grandmother sent him to school and didn't see him for 2 years until the war ended and he walked home.) has been taught to me of the abuse and injustice by higher forces and the government. So to think that the effects of slavery isn't taught down through generation is just ridiculous. Loved watching your mothers reaction and all the people who posted their elders reaction to this song because it does help spread knowledge and a lot of people need to hear. Love you guys!
I mean white people were raped and killed and slaves as well, the history of the earth is very dark. It was a bunch of colonization and if you were weaker than the other people you were their slaves, it's how it went.
Taylor88 Productions
Stop with the vids and go get batteries for the smoke detector! 😂
Tech Nikal
She does know that Joyner Lucas is black.
ThE Gaming AcE
She rascist asf
The one Man band
Thank god he didn’t voice it though. Lucas, the creator, voiced over both characters and he’s a black man
She’s nodding her head to black supremacy
Over look ignorance and overpower your own bigotry and use knowledge and reason instead don't be tempted doing otherise will only make the devil and evil grin and laugh at you
Todd Soellner
so biased like look at it from another view
Torryn So 4oreign
Honestly I’m not mad at her cause she doesn’t know the true purpose of the song she only sees what she can relate to like he said she’s older she might have experienced something and is damaged a little from it
TrapxLife HardKnocks
your aunty do realize Joyner Lucas is african american right............?
how about we stop fueling racism by media..
UltimaArtz - Justin M.
The fact that people believe that a white man can’t disagree with trump, or that a black man can’t agree with trump without being shunned for it is RACIST. People say they want to stop racism, but in reality all they do is make it worse.
V2_0 rbx
She was the racist one here lol
William Monahan
This is quite possibly the worst reaction video to this song I have seen. Both you and your aunt missed the point of the video. Both of them made valid points. You only agreed when the black guy rapped. If you understood the video you would have agreed with what the white guy had to say as well. Both sides are valid.
She’s racist SIMPLE
Yung Jay
Who else saw the fat dude left the refrigerator door open in the mirror
_ Breeze
It’s funny when black people stick together every lil racist comes out their hole and starts typing away 😂
aaron behrens
she said that we were pathetic because he said that about eminem but didnt they do the same thing to kanye?
bango willz
An Joyner was rapping all of it so
brandon silva
I hope she realizes that isn't Joyner Lucas
destiny faith
She is the racist one tbh😂😂😂😂
fat guy who needs a girlfriend
I like how his auntie overreacts a lot lol
grim reaper
He said probably they will stop killing you probably
josue pantoja
I’ve experienced this a lot at my work when I was a cashier I would have my light of and getting ready to leave and an African American person would come up and ask for me to ring them up and I said no like to everyone else that came up and then they leave saying I’m racists like umm ? Huh? like in my neighborhood everything is blamed on or you being racist likes no 👎 stop that like why do people First blame it on that ?
julian smith
She was a very clear minded woman. She knew exactly what she was saying. She’s just part of the issue today. Take time to think about yourselves. We’re all living here together. We live in a world where racism doesn’t have to exist anymore. Let’s just cut the shit and stop judging how other people come up. Like damn! That was the whole message of the song. But y’all wouldn’t stop JUDGING for ONE second to LISTEN! Then racism takes over. Congratulations! You’re a racist💯
*black guy farts* Her: \
miles chicoine
I don’t think we should call them that but they shouldn’t call us a cracker give like you you think so
savannah webb
Do yall know joyner Lucas is black right🤔. There just actors lip singing the song so don't get mad at actors for lip singing it. Get mad at the person who made it if u didn't like it
trav w
Joyner Lucas is the realest. This rap was so good because he flat out looked at it from both sides and he took the extremes of both sides.
tyler040911 the gamer
Slavery had already existed in Ireland for centuries by the time the Vikings began to establish their coastal settlements, but it was under the Norse-Gael Kingdom of Dublin that it reached its peak.Gaelic raiders kidnapped and enslaved people from across the Irish Seafor two centuries after the Fall of the Western Roman Empire destabilised Roman Britain; their most famous victim was Saint Patrick. The raids were discontinued after the Normans banned it in the early twelfth century, although an internal trade continued in enslaved prisoners of war and debt slaves caused by famine.\n\nWhen the Vikings established early Scandinavian Dublin in 841, they began a slave market that would come to sell thralls captured both in Ireland and other countries as distant as spain as well as sending Irish slaves as far away as Iceland where Gaels formed 40% of the population.