10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

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360 Bitchtits
I’m a pizza digger
Alan High
When you tell them you're broke, they scatter like cockroaches when the kitchen light is turned on.
American Nightmare
And this is why I'm single.
Anders Burden
Anna Nicole Smith died soon after the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead. Rupert Murdoch has never been married to Heather Mills - should research facts more before posting
Anette Nyström
The last one is Swedish model and participant of Swedish \
Appallo Kelley
Anna Nicole was left nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Art Vito
gold diggers should be given permits before digging, assigned and certified by the gold digger governments,... thieves stealing from other thieves..
Bart Groeneveld
Last one is a well known hoax
Benty Baroon
Michelle obama only married barack because he gives her good blowjobs.
Bonnie Nash
I married for love 15 years later I'm still married and yes we are not rich in wealth but we are rich in all the ways that truely matter. 😘
Brad Stevens
Gold Diggers are just very horrible women altogether since they're nothing but users and total losers to begin with.
Breanna Nouveaux
So why arent these men with equally fat women that are their age? Clearly the men arent in it for love either but they are made into victims \n.\nwhy??
British Comedy UK
fucking awesome
So #10 is based purely on a meme.... great \
Chris Ramsey
Show me a man with a lot of money and I will show you a gold digging ho that is trying to get it.
Halle berry should tell that to the billions of mothers living off child support.
Clorox Bleach
I bet a gold digger watched this ;D
D. A.
She's so ugly\n\n...$4.7 billion...\n\nShe still single?
Daniel Ramsey
I always deny being a millionaire.
Danny 54
the broad with the Phat guy had 181 millon reasons to love him ?????.............................lol how'd yaaa like to jump on that Gals ....lol
i agree... anyone who lives off child support is a bum and a gold digger.
Don Francisco
I wish I was rich
Dz Nutz
Most women are golddiggers, its just that only a small fraction of woman are able to pull it off successfully.
Elaine Snow
Look, if an old rich man marries a fresh, young penniless girl, he pretty much gets what he pays for. Same with an old rich woman who marries a hot young stud with no money of their own. Come on, most young people are not interested in old folks - if the old folks have dough, that’s the main attraction. I blame the old rich people more than the young people. The old folks should know better. Besides I think that young dude who married that old, very rich countess is gay and is more of a companion than anything else. Highly unlikely they have much sex - there aren’t any comparable Viagra drugs for women. As for the young women who have sex with the Viagra enhanced men, all I can say is “YUCK!” It’s said Hugh Hefner used an excessive amount of Viagra & still couldn’t get it up for long.
Enigmatic Entity
Let us not forget if there weren't men who wanted these women they wouldn't be gold diggers in the first place. I don't feel bad for any old man who wants a young woman on his arm. If that's what makes him happy in his older years then who cares? You think they don't know what other people say about them?
Eva Toth
6:03 Heather Mills has never married Rupert Murdoch or been linked to him, pretty random statement.
Fatima Hussain
Why isn’t Amber Heard on the list ??
Fitness and entertainment
Oh great and cleaver women
Gecko Gremlin
You have been sold...\n\nSo sad...\n\nI would prefer being poor as fck and have real love in my life...
Girl wearing a cross
Where is Melania Trump?
Gorillaz is my life
If i had a man with money, i would love him and not his money
H Singer
But then karma gets around to gold digging men also. Seen that first hand Lol
Hellen Lo
I'm sure the rich person is getting something out of the deal just like the younger person is hoping to get $. Kind of both in it for their own gain.
Homo Sapien
Human Beat Clocks
Natacha Peyre with that oversized guy in the end. She is very famous in Sweden and i have never heard that she have ripped of that guy.
James Nakason Huang
181 millions LOL ...cash is the king of romance ... where there is money, there will be honey coming to get it ...
Jamie Swanson
Missing Padma Lakshmi
Janina Jochim
I don't understand why you call them gold diggers - why not call those old dudes \
Jason the Power Ranger
Team 1 : All women are queens!\nTeam 2 : If she breaths, she's a THOT!\n\nComment your team.
Jesse Segedy
10 smartest people that i'm jealous of, list.
Joan Olga Keine
being a gold digger I clicked on this so fast 😂😂
John McClane
The last one is Swedish model and participant of Swedish \
John Titor
I used to go to a club and one Saturday I got my friends to spread it around that I was a millionaire. During the evening 8 woman approached me including two that had given me the brush of a couple of weeks previously. I told them all to get stuffed. But it shows there are more gold diggers around than some care to admit.
Kimberly 84
Kristie Hart
Correction anna nicole smith died not long after her son died after her doughter was born. The video says after her son was born. Wrong
Look at 3:40 nip slip
Lissa Love
Ok just clearing up some of you misinformation , 1) Anna nicole smith passed away not long after the birth of her daughter not a son! 2) Heidi Klum has a daughter to Flávio not a son! 3) Heather mIlls did not marry Rupert Murdoch, they never even dated! How do you have over 4 mill sub when your handing out false information!
Alternatively named: 10 creeps who dated girls young enough to he their granddaughters
Where's Melania trump?? Don't tell me that she love that orange orangutan
these hoes ain't loyal!
Michael Alguire
Gold diggers are worse then hookers. That's right ladies, if you marry a rich man that you don't love; you are lower then a street walking Hooker. Hookers don't pretend to love the man there with.
Michael c:
If I give all my money to a girl and then she tried taking it through divorce I'd honestly probably just kidnap her take her to a trip to Mexico and leave her there
Michelle Morris
Consenting adults, benefiting from each other ..so what ?
0:57 *_wamen_*
Morrie Gagliardi
It's Simple , \
Why isn't my ex girlfriend on this list?!
Nicholas Lozupone
I feel like Paul McCartney's gold digger was the worst. The man's wife dies of cancer and a random woman takes advantage of him while he's still recovering?
NormalYT User
Orange Stikbot
what an annoying background sound!
Paul Neilson
Why can't we all just get married for love?
not gold diggers, they are very expensive hookers.
I would rent an actual whore ...and a different one for every day of the week. ..and they had best swallow too
The Fat Guy with the Hot Girl is almost certainly a Pornstar Fan posing with a Porn Star during a Porn Convention.
I thought Anna Nicole\nSmith has a daughter not a son..
Reina Macarena
#1 looks like a trans\n#10 is a true sucker
Rohan Jain
When all you wanted was a sugar daddy and now you're the wife of the president
Rosie Red
It's mostly dirty old men wanting young wives.
unliked, because of the very last picture..
Semour Buttz
Paul MccCartney married a peg leg.....Garrrrr!! Shiver me timbers!
Sharif Al Humaid
The best type of relationships are the ones that you don't need to pay bribes to maintain them. Nothing hurts more than a broken heart because of being broke.
Shilow Dawn. alias
That bimbo with the lottery guy really is kissing a frog. Arrrrg.
Stumperelli Stumpo
3:43 left tit
I wonder if facts verse get hate comments
You said Anna Nicole died “not long after her son was born”. It was a daughter, just thought I’d point that out. She did die not long after her son died though, if that’s what you meant. Heidi Klum also had a daughter, not a son with Briatore, but she does have two sons with Seal.
Talorc MacAllan
ide rather keep ma dough and leave it to the kids.......i would probably string her along and fleece her instead......cuz im a Scot and its what we do we money grabbers, right back at ye.......they leave soon after
The Unbekannt
Melania Trump just wanted a Sugar Daddy and ended up the first lady of USA
What's with the ugly poofter pic at the end?
Wendy P
Old and rich want young and beautiful. Fault is on both sides.
Zoltan Balint
The fatman wins the lottery and finds love is actually a fan having his picture taken with his pornstar. You can see that behind Peyre there appears to be a poster of her. So this photo must have been taken at a publicity event of some kind for one of her shows.
bb;-;bb gg;-;gg
This list is incomplete. Where's Melania Trump?
Number 10 is Swedish glamour model Natasha Peyre posing with a fan...
Old pervs and young gold diggers deserve each other.
So many mentally ill woman haters in the comments! It makes me think these men/boys can't be very happy with their lives or themselves but instead of hating themselves for being inadequate, worthless and unfuckable, they hate women. Sorry boys, it's not women's fault you're perpetual virgins. 😅😅
jasmine Artis
Hallie Barry had her new husband beat her baby’s fathers ass lol. This must be why/
jm vy
Why isn’t kevin federline on this list?
k williams
Both parties know what they are getting into. He wants some young cookie and she wants the dough. You knew what this was lol
maryland 1o1
Would you be rather be unemployed and rich or poor and have a job with an awesome family and be married
mc 74 Two
Heather Mills married Murdoch ? There's no record of it.
natalie storm
I hate countdown that doesnt starts at 10 go down to 1
patty zachora
How bout Britney Spears ex? He has been living off her child support money and is always suing her for more
ray kay
the last one tho,She fell for him at first sight Damn she's such a sweet heart!!
sumper man
If I was rich I'd do gold diggers dirty😂💯
theonewho_couldntfly 1
Somebody not cringing to a tik tok ad..is unbelievable..
will eaton
I don't agree with Barry's comments. if a girl was divorced and given child support no one would say shes a gold digger.