10 Most Unbelievable Gold Diggers

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0:57 *wamen*
Aida M.
There are so many discrepancies in this video!! Halle Berry was never married to that guy nor was Heidi Klum! And Heidi didn't have a son with him, they had a daughter! Also, Anna Nicole Smith thad a daughter not a son before her passing.
Alan High
When you tell them you're broke, they scatter like cockroaches when the kitchen light is turned on.
Amila Wi
Definition of SLUTS
Anders Burden
Anna Nicole Smith died soon after the birth of her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead. Rupert Murdoch has never been married to Heather Mills - should research facts more before posting
April Dannette Gosa
Jerry Hall is married to Rupert Murdoch not Heather Mills Jerry is Mick Jagger's ex jeez don't you people google before you do these LOL and Darva is not a gold digger
April May
These men are just as bad. They know these women are gold diggers but they love having that financial control over another person.
I blame the men . They think they’re gods gift to woman . Knowing damn well if they didn’t have money they could not get a young beautiful woman. Some of these men where married left their wives that have been with them since day one to be used . It’s called karma
Baritone Saxophone
0:57 many wamen
Bart Groeneveld
Last one is a well known hoax
Benson Chen
Bonnie Nash
I married for love 15 years later I'm still married and yes we are not rich in wealth but we are rich in all the ways that truely matter. 😘
Brad Stevens
Gold Diggers are just very horrible women altogether since they're nothing but users and total losers to begin with.
British Comedy UK
fucking awesome
# 1 was that a Male or female .
Chris Lee
where's Meghan Markle?
Christopher D W
I use to own a certain magazine with Darva in it..mmmmkkkkkk......Lets just say those pages do not open anymore.\nSorry Jesus. You built us So weak.
Halle berry should tell that to the billions of mothers living off child support.
Clorox Bleach
I bet a gold digger watched this ;D
Daniel Ramsey
I always deny being a millionaire.
Dz Nutz
Most women are golddiggers, its just that only a small fraction of woman are able to pull it off successfully.
Ed Kroket
Eily Bergin
That's not Anna Nicole Smith on the right pic at 2:06... -_-
FL moseley
Women will do anything for cash. 100% of those Hollywood metoo women are exactly what I'm talking about.
FNCV 777
My dad won a lottery and some girls came to him and you know what he said *I Have a wife*
Fitness and entertainment
Oh great and cleaver women
How about Pele's wife but not anymore. \n(The worlds best footballer was Pele and his wife wanted all of him, but she was also famous)
Frank P
If you’re old and rich you already know the deal when a young pretty girl wants you so they know what they’re signing up for.\n\nGold diggers come in many forms with the worst being the girl that sees your lifestyle and wants in only to wreck it because they’re a train wreck so they leach onto you.
Gecko Gremlin
You have been sold...\n\nSo sad...\n\nI would prefer being poor as fck and have real love in my life...
Gorillaz is my life
If i had a man with money, i would love him and not his money
H2NB Productions
3:39 when this really passed the moderation of youtube
Harith rashid
Most of them are blondes
Henry-a Pachuau
The last one tho😄
Hildegardes Girl
I love how people paint these men as victims. Rich men know what their \
Human Beat Clocks
Natacha Peyre with that oversized guy in the end. She is very famous in Sweden and i have never heard that she have ripped of that guy.
3:41 niple slip???
James Nakason Huang
181 millions LOL ...cash is the king of romance ... where there is money, there will be honey coming to get it ...
Joan Olga Keine
being a gold digger I clicked on this so fast 😂😂
John Titor
I used to go to a club and one Saturday I got my friends to spread it around that I was a millionaire. During the evening 8 woman approached me including two that had given me the brush of a couple of weeks previously. I told them all to get stuffed. But it shows there are more gold diggers around than some care to admit.
Juan G.
all of these gold diggers fell in love at first sight of the bank account 🤣😂
How about the nasty gold-digger wife of golfer Tiger Woods?
2:12 Daughter. She had a daughter that was born just shortly before she passed. Her son died a few months before she did of an OD.
Katreen Denverk
Men in their 80’s who can still have kids?! Their balls must be immortal!!!
Kristie Hart
Correction anna nicole smith died not long after her son died after her doughter was born. The video says after her son was born. Wrong
Le Wats
The last sentence was really funny.
Lissa Love
Ok just clearing up some of you misinformation , 1) Anna nicole smith passed away not long after the birth of her daughter not a son! 2) Heidi Klum has a daughter to Flávio not a son! 3) Heather mIlls did not marry Rupert Murdoch, they never even dated! How do you have over 4 mill sub when your handing out false information!
Berry was an idiot.  She wanted a mixed child so now she's paying for it.  It's fair.
Where's Melania trump?? Don't tell me that she love that orange orangutan
Maheen Fatima
Are you just jealous
Matilda Moss
R.I.P Hugh Hefner
Meg Hamer
Men always think the are attractive even when their balls are dragging on the floor.
Hmm i clicked on this vid to find funny comments, but to many humble ppl here
these hoes ain't loyal!
Mengstab G.michael
Jesus Christ is love you guys come back to Jesus Christ he is Lord and King \nJohn 14 (KJV) - ዮሃንስ\n6: Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.John 3 (KJV) - ዮሃንስ\n16: For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.\n17: For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.\n18: He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.\n19: And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
Michael Phillips
Michael c:
If I give all my money to a girl and then she tried taking it through divorce I'd honestly probably just kidnap her take her to a trip to Mexico and leave her there
Michelle Morris
Consenting adults, benefiting from each other ..so what ?
Mr JoKeR
They Don't Realize Their Sluts, They Just Think Their FiNe... lol
Why isn't my ex girlfriend on this list?!
Nathan Holn
Dudes use their money to get chicks but hate chicks that go for guys with money
Nick Roberts
Really if you're old and wealthy you some sweet candy why judge
Nicki Nicole Qualls!
I cnt even be mad at these gold diggers hell wish I had a few rite now...can u pay my bills can u pay my telephone bill can u pay the automobile n then maybe we can chill...lmao I'm not mad at none of these chics, get ur paper ladies
Paul Neilson
Why can't we all just get married for love?
not gold diggers, they are very expensive hookers.
Ricardo Rodriguez
what if gold diggers had feelings
Riley Hermann
With the front picture she does not love him because she wants all the money and doesn’t care about him
Women who marry for money and not love...
Rosie Red
It's mostly dirty old men wanting young wives.
Sabrina Dugan
These old wealthy men know exactly what's going on. They're not stupid. It's what they want....a beautiful, voluptuous, young woman. They know they have to pay for her in order to have her. They know they're not going to live forever. They just want to have that gorgeous woman one last time, however, it's going to cost and they are more than happy to pay. It's the greedy kids and relatives who are the real gold diggers. Most of them could care less about their elderly parent....they just want the money and can't wait for them to drop dead so they can cash in.
Saphire Blue
Priscilla Presley should have been on this list., Elvis had always said that he would never marry a woman who wanted to go into show business.\n Priscilla lived with Elvis for several years, hiding from him the fact that she wanted to go into show business. When she married him, she waited JUST long enough to get the best financial settlement, then left him, got the money and got herself a movie agent. She moved directly into a house with her karate teacher with whom she had been having a long affair while married to Elvis. She got nowhere in show business.\n The people who lived with Elvis said he locked himself in his room for weeks afterward, and \
Scotty Rob
Now I ain't saying she a gold digga.....
Shanda's Collection
They married the money
Stumperelli Stumpo
3:43 left tit
Susan L
You said Anna Nicole died “not long after her son was born”. It was a daughter, just thought I’d point that out. She did die not long after her son died though, if that’s what you meant. Heidi Klum also had a daughter, not a son with Briatore, but she does have two sons with Seal.
The Gacha Dude
Crystal Hairs? Maybe it's a secret name given to her by her hair.
The Great Homo Sapien sapien,
The Unbekannt
Melania Trump just wanted a Sugar Daddy and ended up the first lady of USA
The gaming Diss
So sad...\n\nI would prefer being poor as fck and have real love in my life...
Tom Slak
Women paying alimony & child support to a man (VERY RARE) means he's a lazy, deadbeat freeloader.\nMen paying alimony & child support to a woman (MOST OF THE TIME) means she deserves it, is entitled to it and earned it. \nNo double standards here folks.
LEYKIS 101 ! !
Wendy P
Old and rich want young and beautiful. Fault is on both sides.
Willy_Fresh 89
I woulf pay to be win Halle Barry and I am 24 years old lol
XXYanYan Martin
Where is Melania Trump?
Zawlwin Moe
The irony is that all those ppl are Democratics lmfao!!!!
Zoltan Balint
The fatman wins the lottery and finds love is actually a fan having his picture taken with his pornstar. You can see that behind Peyre there appears to be a poster of her. So this photo must have been taken at a publicity event of some kind for one of her shows.
Number 10 is Swedish glamour model Natasha Peyre posing with a fan...
the winner is the guy who won 181 million... hahaha
jae zee
Rather be a normal dude with real love than some rich guy with fake love..
k williams
Both parties know what they are getting into. He wants some young cookie and she wants the dough. You knew what this was lol
mc 74 Two
Heather Mills married Murdoch ? There's no record of it.
panda_ playzzz
Why always ladys??? Why cant man gold dig not all\n\n\n\n\nThe 3rd one is rachet and she looked gross!\n\n\n\n\n\nFinally the 4th one was a man ! Finally \n\n\n\n\n\nThe 5th one looks innocent :((\n\n\n\n\n\n\nWow the worst part is if u have a child with a gold digger or u loose all your money! \n\n\n\n\n\n\nIts just disgusting how these people are so thirsty for cash they will date older man or older woman just for cash and one day they will have a kid and she/he will want to take this situation to court and alot of people get away with it and most people get charged and its even worse when you marry someone who is not your type !\n\n\n\n\n\nPlease learn do not love people for their money or what they own and , love people for who they are inside !
ray kay
the last one tho,She fell for him at first sight Damn she's such a sweet heart!!
sham hisham
Fair trade: statues for beauty
sumper man
If I was rich I'd do gold diggers dirty😂💯
theonewho_couldntfly 1
Somebody not cringing to a tik tok ad..is unbelievable..