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Learn Italian While You Sleep. This video features 125 basic Italian phrases and words that teach grammar automatically. They are especially useful for the beginning student of Italian. So start learning Italian today. Looking for an Italian teacher? Try Italki. They have tons of teachers that you can talk to online.

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Aaraf Boy
Very simple and clear. Thank you very mucj
Abdourahman Sujon
Like a lot of videos
Adrienne Sophie
Does this actually work while you sleep because it's really late where I am and I wanna impress friends at school
Akorie Michael
Thanks for this compilation God bless you
Alexandra H.G.
Buon Nuovo anno 2018
Amina Mimi
Anabella Martinez
Does this actually work
Aqua Fina
My new resolution
Aravindakshan Narasimhan
I love italian \u003c3
Badhon Islam
grazie mille
Capitan Brulote
Carmen Lubas
Thanks for this video now I know how to speak italian little 😊😊😊,,,bcoz of this video,,my Italian bf was surprised when I speak italian language to him😊😊😊😊,,,💖💖💖
Charlene Rathgeb
I really enjoy this, with the soothing hypnotic music!
Chef Rafi's Awesome World
Do Italian dialects too! 😊
Chris Ford
God bless you for uploading this video
Dan Hanies
Tq so much gratzie
Darker Side
Hello, I'm new here but.. could you do a learn Norwegian in your sleep video please?
Eddy Dainel
Gud afternoon in Italian is Buon pomeriggio ??
Eko Languages
Updated Learn Italian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn4_9V64fWM&t=4397s
Ela Stanuch
Very nice, do you have Polish?
Erika Shepard Alexandros
Francesco Lorenzini
Freddy Krueger
I put this on when I went to sleep. When I woke up, I spoke fluent German
G. G.
Thumbs UP! Undoubtedly, one of the very best language videos for learning Italian successfully. Thank you very much for the high-quality upload and the repetition of the Italian translations three times, instead of just once, as well as other very thoughtful features, which make learning the language very effective. Definitely Thumbs UP!
Gloria Johnson
A lot of these phrases are very easy to learn if you are a spanish speaker 😊
Golden Boy
Gopa mondal
grazie mille
Greg K.
ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT language video that deserves Thumbs Up all the way! Thanks!
Molto grazie per ogni cosa! Questo video é un molto bello video veramenta. Arrivederci. Sto aspettando un nuovo video da lei!
Haruna Sillah
I love this channel so much. Thank for the help
Howard Koor
Hussein Mohamed
Garzea mille teacher thank u so much am from italia palermo i don't know italian language but am very intrest to learn it so i subcribed this chanels its very important to me thank you so much teacher ✋👈
Ilhem Loulou
so lucky to find this channel !
Inari Chappy
These videos are amazing but I have memory loss so when I try to learn other languages with these videos or anything I forget. =\u003c But I do want to learn Japanese, German, and Italian. I'm sure this is amazing with people who aren't like me!! Great job Eko!!! =\u003e Keep up the good work!
J.Jeremias Gòmez
Waoooo, veramente sei bravo, complementi..!!!! io sono sudamericano e sto imparando lo inglese ...saluti ragazzo.
Jared Jackson
I am learning Russian and I work in a Italian pizzarea so my boss challenged me to learn as much Italian I could in one week... challenge excepted
Jay Luis
Lol Is it just me or does knowing Spanish help ? \n\nI know, they both derived from Latin.
Joe L
E X C E L L E N T ! ! ! PLEASE REMEMBER TO CLICK ON THUMBS UP for this video. Thanks!\nDear Viewers/Listeners/Italian Learners, this is an absolutely excellent video for learning Italian. As a long-time, self-professed linguist, I consider this YouTube video for Italian learners EXCELLENT for the following reasons: First the English words and phrases are individually read out and then the Italian ones are translated not just once (once would certainly not be enough) or twice - BUT THREE (3) TIMES! Furthermore, both languages appear on the screen TOGETHER. Thanks for this language video that deserves a 9 to 10 on 10 for both the upload quality and the very efficient presentation! I would have given this video a 10 on 10 if the readers had been FEMALE, or at least the Italian translator - because, in my opinion, the female voice is much more pleasant-sounding in general, and the Italian language is the most beautiful language in the world, especially when spoken by females. Just my humble opinion. Thanks, again, for this superb language video! Finally, everyone, please remember to click on THUMBS UP for this wonderful video.
Juan Diego Davila
Junaidi Aminuddin
instructions not clear, accidentally built a Fiat.
Also i find the word you have for enjoy is bon appetito. Thats translated as enjoy your meal. If i said that to an italian after he had bought a car from me he would think i was a fool. The word for enjoy that i can see is godere if you are not eating a meal as i see it but please correct me if im wrong you are the expert. im only just learning.
K Jones
Come Stai is actually informal. Come Sta is formal.
K née Aissi
Mile grazie
Kashif Ali
Good job
Kazen Ong
It's easy to pronounce than chinese!
Grazie mille, sto cercando di imparare questa bellisima lingua :)
Why am I whatching this, I am Italian...
Such a great video, going Japan at the end of the year and im sure am learning quick thx so much
Krusos Gold
Muy buenos sus videos
LE 88
I'm learning Spanish but after listening to this. Italian actually seems a lot easier and logical to me lol
Lana Maes
I love this channel so so much! \u003c3 Tommorow i'm going to Milano and now i can speak Italian i learn most of it in the books but this video i remember everything thank you so much!
Linda Pow
Eko for languages thanks you know this is a great idea better to keep the mind silent while learning. Look forward to letting you know if it works. Here's to your success and mine.
Lisa Smit
Abbastanza bene instead of abbanstanza bene
Lolly Scarabocchio
Need someone to speak Italian with? I'm Italian!
Mahim Hasan
Thank you very much
Mai Soulssaengmant
It's like Spanish
Margaret Archer
looks like a great channel. but how does it work ? do i have to listen with my eyes closed and then when i wake up ill find that ive learned the content of the vedio ? please i want an answer many thanks
My Dude
Do you listen to it while you sleep
Neil Ranking
God Bless you bro !!
Nymph Ji
Grazie mille!!
thank you very much for uploading this video reading i appreciate it.
Okunrobo James
Omar Sanyang
Hello, my dear. Good afternoon means in Italian language buon pomeriggio.
Onojehwo Nathan
Molto grazie
Ousman Sowe
Thanks I really love the slow teaching
Prince Ipsiss
You are so very kind. Thank you so much. God Bless you! May all your wishes come true! Thank you for teaching us.
I'm part italian so I Wanted to learn it!
thank you! Ialian language so melody !
Ruhul Amin
Grazie mille
Saleem Saleem
Very helpful. Thanks
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Grazie mile per tu channale
Sonia Godwin
am learning from here\nam a nigerian but I lives in Italy
Soya Channel
Is this use magic? (I'm just asking)
Squishy Gamers
Wow like i can speak so many launguages thanks to this womderful channel! I like reading books but technology is my favorite thing and so is laungaguae
Stefanie Thomas
It is \
Turd Ferguson
Non ho bisogno di un coltello per tagliare il formaggio
we sometimes use this word to say bye in my family ! I did not know it was Italian !
Vitto Di Giorgio
Does this really works ?!
Wasana Perera
grazie mille
I'm going to try it rn but I actually wanna learn also how to speak Russian and Irish
Zolekefero Raouf
It so good
ambuja pramod
The best teaching i like very much
favour Ambrose
thank you so much
habiba narimene
1h video i will probably dream i went to Italy and i get boyfriend hh and i am talking to him
hugobetin_ 120
Thanks Grazie
juan orona
Actually 🤗u have to hear the words not look at the words😑,that’s how u learn how to say it👍
I'm not using this video to sleep just practicing, it's more understandable and easier to learn when you know how to speak Spanish it comes out correctly
king king
Ho bisogno dei Amici
who can actually sleep while this is playing? like i want to learn italian but i really doubt i would be able to sleep with this
mrs banana
Io sono Italiana!haha ❤ E lo ritengo molto utile \nPs:'' il rivederla'' non lo usiamo quasi mai!
nimal senavirathna
i love this videos thank so much
rose lyn
mi piace tanto.you're a good teacher, grazie mille
that freaky fangirl
These are sort of bookmarks, if you have to stop listening, put them here
the best fa
Io vorrei andare all' hotel Roma. (Eu quero ir para o hotel Roma.)
Κωστας Χατζογλου
btw come stai is informal and come sta is formal, not the other way round.Also di dove sei e di dov'e are the other way round
มันทิรา บุญโท
Molto bene Grazie.