Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Guitar Tutorial w/ Tabs) by Kirjai

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Asadel H.
The chorus is kinda wromg
Aubrey McCarter
If you have troubles with the harmonic notes in the intro the fifth fret 6th string can be played at fifth fret 5th string. The seventh fret 6th string can be played at the same location.
yeah!!!, thanks man, greetings
Hey what is the harmonic what you use in the final of the second pre-chorus?, I appreciate if you say me, thank you.
tnx :)))))
Dr Andrew Cope
Great! and thanks very much for posting - really useful
Best explanation of this song on the innertubes. Cant wait to throw this at the boys at practice....thnx, man!
Emmanuel Reyes
Awesome teaching
Hayden Suhrer
Like Troy Starkey said, awesome 4 angles; really helped. Thanks man, subbed.
Jacob Robles
As a huge Linkin Park fan you played this song absolutely perfectly. Great video
Luke blank
As a 21 year old who just started playing in december, this was a really nice way of explaining and editing with the tabs.  The tabs i found online didnt even mark the harmonic notes and that explains why it sounded so different.  Made learning it easy so now i can shred with one of my all time favorite bands growin up.  Rock on bro
Matthew Brooks
I heard that it was in drop d tuning
Max Payne
What the numbers mean in red
how d'you tune G# sir? sorry im a begginer sir:( i tried to tune to G# but my 5th string broke T.T 
Mohaimenul Auntor
I love it :)
Mr Sergio
awesome is very simple thanks for the video\nis amazing
Nicely done!
Naman Suri
i really like tht :)
Rob Davis
Yay you got both of the cool chords in there, just messed up the harmonic before the second chorus, and the bomp bomp bomp part during the bridge is on the D note (1st fret), not the flat 5th... close though.
Roby robert
Great tone! and good lessons
Hey do you have the backing track for this???
The bridge was tricky, the rest was easy. Took me 1 hr to learn, a week to perfect. Anyone can do it. Thanks dude, this was the only good video here on my favorite LP song.
Tom Shinji
This is incredible teaching, can I request more Linkin Park tutorials please. How about New Divide. loving it from the UK.\n
Tripp Holland
i did need to laern the bridge becasue noone else added the bridge into the lesson but i hope its being tought the same way that brad delson plays it, being that you are playing almost the whole song wrong.
Troy Starkey
Bloody hell, you make it look so easy! I like the way you showed the 4 angles playing then broke it down for spastics like me. Now to increase my speed :) Well done buddy, subscribing.
White Eyes
you need a boss GE-7 to play the song like the studio version but, well its ok, only you forget the *2.7 harmonics in 1,2 and 3 strings, but it's ok
Awesome lesson. Thank you very much. Ive become lazy and whenever a song gets added on the list I find myself on youtube.\n(The power chords in the chorus are add9 chords. Aadd9 and Dadd9.)
Thanks you so much for providing this tutorial series! After learning this song I will continue to watch your next tutorial until I have mastered them all. Greetings from Germany.
What amp are you using. Sounds on point
cayan yesilkaya
What order is song. ( great video by the way)\n
How does this not have more views?!?! Best Tut on youtube
Your way with the little mute before the octaves ( on hard intro) sounds so sick! So much better than not
2nd bridge harmonic?
kenjie toshiro
what is the tune of the guitar you didnt even say so i dont know the tune wtf
anyway pls make tutrial how to play sum 41 no apolgies