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OMG... Is the last girl an angel?\nawesome.
Guys u deserve more than 5 million.. I from my side convince at least 100 people to follow u...
Cz of last grl impressed me. She is a good n big hearted grl... I need that type of grl
Last girl was amazing absolutely heart touching.god bless her :) 👍thumbs up if you agree......
Abdelhak Khalfi
Giving people money and films him !? WTH
oh god, the last girl really made me cry
Aditya Bali
That last girl almost made me cry! People are so good!!! Great video!
Adiyogi Shiva
Ali Linog
Touching. In Islam this is called sadaqah(charity). The one who give sadaqah to the needy will have a blessed life in this world and in the hereafter.
Ali Mohammed
Please go find out for last girl 😢\nGod bless you 🤧 we need people you in the world 🗺 girl
Ameer Khan
U guys do awesome work . Keep it up and inspiring people .
American Enigma _
Finally I learned how to get a girl to hug me 😋😄
*In India People don't deny and Ask for more* 😂😂😂
Antoine Bandele
Dat last girl doe. Slow clap.
Carlos Vega
To the last girl in the video. I woulda went back inside and gave her another 100 for being a sweet heart!!! wow .... God bless her!
Chand A
Deva..Layak banao mujhe ki mein kisi ki iss tarah madat Kar saku
Chandrahas prajapati
Who is came in comment section for the big hearted girl ☺️☺️🤗
Curiosity Unlimited
And I am blown away by the last girl giving that homeless person 20. I love her humanity and thinking. 🤗\nShe deserves everything better....
oh man that last girl was really touched my heart...!!!
Why would anyone dislike this🙏
Daksh Dhiman
Kind hearted last girl like god
Darryl Williams
That last woman is so nice! Seriously if you see her again marry her because she has a heart of gold! :,) p.s stop chopping onions
Dibyendu Halder
Love from lndia brothers...\nRespect also...🌷👏👏👏
Don Strashinsky
Last girl....no words, kindness is a boomerang. Okay 4 words!
Dumpak Evol
The last girl makes my eyes teary
Elvira Vazquez
The homeless person flinched as if she was gonna hit them bless those peoples souls
Damn ninjas cutting onions in my room again
Firdausi Ahlan
Sungguh menyentuh hati.... perempuan yang terakhir juga membuat ku takjub😢😞😣
Flubadubdub The Great
Just for context in case you guys aren't aware, minimum wage in the US hovers around $10.50 an hour, so $100 is almost 10 whole hours of work (which is a lot) 😀
Ganesh. Majety
Everyone should and must appreciate the Last rich heart girl 😇
Giacomo Latumaerissa
Last girl made me cry,she got heart and soul you rock girl 💛
Every one is not rich please help others who are poors.
HiFi Beast Gaming
*_That girl is amazing...I wouldve call her on date_*
Howard Zimmer
He made more than that by this VIDEO.
Hey... that's great....really really awesome!
Jeon Nicole
The girl at the end is amazing! 😍\nI'm happy people like her are still here
Johnny Walker
Good people breeds good people... The last girl is a wifey type ❤...
Joy Amin
last girl made me cry...good soul..she is rich coz of her big heart
Kamruddin Khan
Make someone smile is the best activity of life ☺️☺️☺️
Kenny Phun
The last girl is a perfect example of pay it forward! ❤️❤️❤️👍👍
Khizar Shahid
Oh mai gawd that last girl was a really generous one.
Kushal Sarma
Nice people.good job dudes.god bless us all
Lokho Athohrii
The last girl got a beautiful soul.\nMakes me emotional!\nThe world would be a better place to live if at least 50%of humankind have that souls.😊😉
the last girl is perfect!
He is Indian guy
Merang Kithan
Mannnn dammmm this is the kind of video worth watching ! Hats off guys ...We ain't need a marvel superhero when you guys are the REAL hero's ....Huge respect🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mjrm Dash
شكرا على الترجمه
Mohammed Ali
Who skipped right to the end because of the comments
Muhammad Irfan
Men you are doing great job\nAllah bless you
You are Doing Great Job.... Keep it up.... God Bless You
I love your content so much.\nI genuinely get inspired after watching you, keep it up!
Nigel Sheldon
She actually shared her love.\nWhat a beautiful thing to see.
Norry Rampage
last girl is a angel.
Omertha Davos
who said you can't buy happiness with money 💰💰💰
Pawan M Pankaj
That girl at the end\nshe is..... hmm\nI'm crying😭\n she is poor but his heart is rich👍
Pet Tunia
that last girl made me cry
Phung Hungyo
The girl at the end 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌✊👍👍
Profesionel Viewer
3:41 😍😍😍 That melts my heart!
Rajish Pandari
You guys are awesome..
Raymond Montepio
I remember when I still working at fast food chain at Las Vegas Airport. He was only late 30 and he give me $100 bucks ..
Omfg that girl at the end. Giving to the homeless in response to you giving her money, seriously, that really has propped my faith in humanity up a ton, there are amazing people out there, well done guys.
Sachin Pathak
that last girl was probably one of the few angels God has sent on earth to balance all other evil.........D
Sagar Saraswath
That last girl... was So Selfless. Wish you made her famous. She is not even making money outta making youtube videos
Satish Gandhi
Are you from this world? You are doing great but the girl gave to a homeless people is awesome great great nothing but a great soul. God bless you all
Shubham Jolly
Make a cheap food court
Give them who r really very needy
Omg the 2nd girl is soo sweet ....
Sujith KS
You could give that money to homeless you know.
Suneel Pothu
Good job
That girl at the end is a true star.
Timmy's Investments
last girl, best part, cause no cameras on, no other purpose other than being good, she just did it cause good heart
Tom Ki Vines Official
The girl in last part , she made me so emotional.... She has a very big heart... She shares her tip with some other needy person.
Tonmoy Tonmoy
The last girl is really awesome....Hats off👍
Usman Khan
You are amazing man...
Venkat Ramanan
Great job guys .my appreciations
Vicious Gamer
3:50 says that the people who have less are more willing to lend to people than the people who have money .
Video 360
Last Girl is too good. She give $20 to the homeless man. That's the real moto of this video \
Vijayadurai Govindan
That last girl spreading the kindness. Great act 👏
akshay 145
and i saw an angel at the end \nI am sure she will be successful ❣️
anuj modi
I couldn't see the last girl face but she is the most beautiful woman. She just gave her money to the Homeless man without just thinking about herself. 💞
dellort tog uoy
ironically minimum wage in america is maximum wage in other countries lmao
james sero
The last girl make me cry. 😭\n\nDude you're really really doing great
jass sidhu
Salute bro👌👌👌👌
john denver cardama
I love the part (3:49) 😍😍😍 such a heartwhelming video...
lalatendu das
Those people who make this type of videos and help poors are really not good but great persons, appreciated it form bottom of my heart?
lekirauk metan
Wow......you guys are amazing! The last girl, has a very rich heart and sincere in giving without expecting. This kind of people are hardly found in this very day. May you be blessed and may the girl be blessed with abundance of love and grace of the God.
Kamaal kai bande ho yaar aap log
pavan kharche
Who the hell is cutting onions??
reshmile s
No\nYes\nNoo\nYess\nNooooo\nYessss\nOkay fine I'll take it
rick mriganka
How much food you bought in one day for tipping $ 100 ? It's a great work anyway.
shine yu
shivam chauhan
You gyes are very nice \nI am an indian and love you for your secrifies god bless you. I did whatever i could to help you.
sri nani
superb job
OMG - The girl working the graveyard shift, shared her money with the homeless person. GOD bless you. You are AMAZING !!
uzairmalik transmed
The last girl 💓\nGreat soul really \nALLAH bless her
It's better to support orphans in the orphanages. : (
yeluruniteesh kumar
You Guys Are Awesome ... That's A Great Job ... Keep Going Guys ... All The Very Best ... God Bless You ...
zahoor shah
I love you and I subscribed you are doing a really good job every youtuber should do this Thanks for participating in helping the world.
zia ul
I like it like that, last 20 was awesome