10 Egg Tricks

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10 Egg Cooking Tricks/Hacks/TipsThis video shows you 10 great tips to cook your eggs in new and innovative ways.The egg tricks in the video are:1. Herb & cheese fried egg hack2. Eggs Devaux, aka airy egg hack3. Bacon egg baskets 4. Radioactive eggs trick5. Pink egg heart trick6. Herb poached egg hack7. Toasted bread egg tip8 Ying Yang Egg9. Vegetable rings egg trick10. The black egg trickI hope you enjoyed these trick here are some more tips and tricks:6 food hacks: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Why am I here?\n\n\n\n\nI don't even like eggs
First video of yours ive watched, now subscribed! Top vid!
am I the only one wondering if he actually ate all of this or just threw it away after....
great ideas, thank you
ALAOUI DIY افعلها بنفسك
this guy really loves cheese and herbs
Adolf Hissler
Black egg - Now emo and goth kids can eat eggs and get the protein they need without the fear of their mornings getting too cheery, or sunny (side up).\n\nThanks, SaTaN!
Agus Sururi
2 normal egg calories \n=\n1 small quill egg (carefully)
Ahmed Cheema
That was awsome..
Any herbs you said.....i added weed.
Andrew Zong
All the other eggs\n\
Android Gaming
and don't forget to cook the camera it enhances the flavors of the bacon
Andy Galloway
Great video man, I love how passionate you are about frying eggs! I will definitely be trying some of these
5:00 Jumpscare Warning!\n\n(im not making fun obviously xD)\n\nEdit: omg he replied
Yeah, because I can just run right out and get all the cuttlefish ink I want. It's everywhere. I have to step over it every time I'm at the market. Also black food coloring - it's really common.
This is so unnecessarily creative I love it
Buddy Vaderloo
9:19 my family usually calls it a “Winkeye”
Bumba Clart
I'm pretty sure that isn't how you make sushi.
Chris B
If you gonna spray the pan do it away from stove. Safety first!
Cipher Oceanus
D. Jones
2:37 BACON!!!!
Da Illusionist
This guy took egg in a different level.. 😒
How about combining the black egg with a regular egg to make a ying yang look.
Daniel Huddleston
The first one is over cooked on the whites. No trick there.
Den Harrow
Great!!! Now - I'm hungry.
Dining with Dollarstore Jesus
This was an Egg-celent video
Divided Reality
I bet after filming, he realizes he used up all the eggs he bought, and goes back to the grocery store.
I was eggspecting life hacks instead I got recipes :(
EzBreezyDom •
i think this guy likes chives
Idk why but runny eggs make me uncomfortable
Friendly Metroid
Ah yes, I always keep quail eggs handy for when I need to feed my fussy kids.
Guy Scott
I cringe everytime I hear him say Herbs
Helen Splitt
How To Basic would love this
Congratulations, you didn’t clickbait!
Houseyin Dogan
amazing thanks
Hunter Severtson
The title said \
Jonathan Phillips
The heart shaped egg, cut a heart shape in bread and cook the egg in the bread.
Joseph Glenn Paco
holy crap i made evry single one of this and it tasted delicious\ni cant stop baking them 😂😂🍳🍳🍳
Josh Butler
The way you cut eggs infuriates my OCD why make something so nice and then hack it up like Freddy Krueger
Radioactive Egg:\n1. Take a normal egg\n2. Fry it in the pan as per usual\n3. Remove after 3-4 minutes\n4. Sprinkle with uranium hexachloride\n5. Salt and pepper to taste
Kurt Laes
Liked the 'airy' egg :-)
Liam O'Dowd
May The Femboy Fox
I haven't slept, It's 4 in the morning, find this, got work in 2 hours, i should rest, but now im making eggs.
Mike Cartagena
Smart fella. Thank you.😊
Mint Green
That was awesome😍😍😍
I feel like the black one needs a Batman shaped mold... Just sayin.
I thought he was going to add another egg to the last one and make a Yin Yang.
Ndabezinhle Mpala
He ate so much egg during the making of this video
The cabbage colored eggs would go great with some rosemary, garlic and chives (or scallions.)
Noonamous Jjj
Gordon Ramsay Disapproves
First person I ever seen to make bacon look nasty
OwlMan Gamer45
Have actual watched this video about 3 times..... good work!
Pelóncio lok
Is this the civilized version of howtobasic?
Pwnd Penguin
One time in kindergarten my mom made me green eggs and on the bus ride home I threw up on one kid's hand and my vomit was bright green.
Roy Beaulieu
Runny yolks are fine. The real issue is the runny whites, that's just nasty.
Sergio Briseno
where can i get that stone pan??
Sky_stider223 ??
I got addicted to egg toast for a year lol loved making that
Dang it!! I all ready ate breakfast.
Stratosphere GT Uh
10:57 its like you copied 5 Minutes Craft or 5 Minutes Craft copied you.
Tammy Tewksbury
egg toast is called eggs in a basket
Tania PinkSky
Eggcellent ideas here! I’m going to fry some 🥚
Ted Cabana
That bacon egg basket thing looked incredible!!!!
Tekuto Kiari
So the last one is the one on the thumbnail, I thought it was an egg cracked on a sock tho, sorry for that
The Spirit of Momma Jin's Tae Monster's SugaKookie
Hold on one second...\n*YOU CAN PUT A GO PRO IN THE OVEN?!*
Thomas Shue's World
Where do you get all those cool non-stick pans?
Tielle Delbuck
Almost every single egg was over cooked 🤢 And what's with this guy separating the yolk from the white? That's usable for ONE egg trick, not 7 of the 10.
Toon J
How did you record inside the boiling water?
Trish Kidwell
I love how creative but runny yolks i just can't stomach. Any raw food makes me nauseous but i loved the ideas. Thanks.
Uriah Siner
Vanessa Jimenez
Awesome gotta try some of these!
cool knife
Had to like
We_ Panda
can you use pink food dyes for the egg not beetroot???
Wendy Austin-Rawlings
My Mum would have a fit if she saw you using a metal knife in a non-stick pan/tin :D
Wholesome Lad
HowToBasic is amazed!
William Whitman
Thank you for sharing so many useful secrets. Liked and subbed.
I realize that non-stick spray is probably just canola oil, but spraying your pan with it like this just feels wrong :/
Yaroslav Andrienko
Are you HowToBasic?
I was hoping for magic tricks involving eggs.
Zoe Miller
everytime he cuts the food it kills me
beautiful tricks. i like them very much u r rock
daniel kumar
your video was awesome I'm trying it now!!
dillo yt
V̥ͦe̥ͦr̥ͦy̥ͦ h̥ͦe̥ͦl̥ͦp̥ͦ f̥ͦu̥ͦl̥ͦl̥ͦ 👍👍👍
Very good. I'll try some of those with my daughter.
Wait, you mean this isn't Howtobasic???
fire lord
9:15 you made eggs in a nest
herbal tea
Doing these is so eggsausting
That's a whole lotta eggs, did it take you a week?
shadnater 365
just imagine all the dishes piling up because of this video. lol
stacey Johnson
U scraping the plate is hurting my ears lol
the bull
Some eggselent ideas
If you're wondering where to get cuttlefish ink, it's simple. Just write one a letter. They're very polite. You're sure to receive a reply.
I wasted eggs-act-lee 13:15 watching this.
wallis wallis
But use French bread, it will be better than toast
¿sᴉɥʇ pɐǝɹ noʎ uɐƆ ?
NEVER cut through the yellow bit. let it pop in your mouth :-D
Алиса Дымова
The recipe of the most delicious sandwich in Russia: white bread speread a mixture of grated cheese, garlic and mayonnaise to put a piece of sausage or ham to put a slice of tomato sprinkled with chopped green onion and dill.
ЖельоМир Пиявици Клизма Jeliomir Leeches Enema
I like the under the boiling water camera action!