the one thing i hate about coffee...

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dont get me wrong, coffee is the love of my life, but the fact that it stains my teeth PISSES ME OFF!!!! in this vid i try some DIY HACKS that ATTEMPT to unstain (not a word) my teeth…. it was… interesting.If you liked this video and want to see more from me, I post every other day (during the summer) and will be posting 2-3 times a week during the school year, SO SUBSCRIBE FOR A GOOD TIME YO :)✩ SOCIAL MEDIA ✩✭ instagram: @_emmachamberlain✭ snapchat: @emmachambie✭ twitter: @emmachambie✭ pinterest: @emmachambie✭ VSCO: @emmachambie✭ email: [email protected] ✩ MUSIC ✩✭ Music from my outroJoakim Karud - Love ModeCheck out his channel!! - GUYS YAYAYAY WE R SO CLOSE TO 10K SUBS!!! THANK U SO MUCH I LOVE U ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK

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*spills tea
1:15 yet the title says “the ONE thing I HATE about COFFE”
Abi Earhart
What I do, is I open the charcoal capsules and put it in a little bowl and get my toothbrush wet and then dip it in the charcoal. It doesn't have a flavor and it works great!
Adalyna Rosemarie
My aunt lives in benicia and he house is designed the same 😂😂
Addison Lang
If your trying to make your teeth white than why add something black... cough...cough (charcoal) 😂\n\nEdit:thanks for the likes ❤️
Alexasourus rex
4:37 if you were trying to make your teeth whiter why would you add black?
Alyssa Young
U should try chocolate covered espresso beans
Anna McIver
have you tried the toothpaste with the charcoal in it? maybe that would work instead of the pill lookin things
Anna Ranieri
You are hands down the funniest YouTuber I have ever watched and I just started watching you like 45 minutes ago, can't wait to say I was one of your first 10k subscribers when you hit one million
Anna Weis
okay why does she remind me of Micheal Scott i love it
Annika Thebridge
she litterally gained 1000 subs in the last hour
at 5:10 idk why, but when she said \
Ariel Perez
She should do a video of my strange addiction for coffee 👍
Ashley Robson
I’m late but in Australia (idk if it’s other countries) there’s a toothpaste that is for tea and coffee drinkers and it helps removes stains
Ashlyn Swink
where the frick did the cat come from😂😂😂
Beef Please
This looks like baby Emma 😂
C U Later
Emma: before u call me dramatic u try that.. u will not do it\nMe: challenge accepted\nEmma: u know what do not try that it is disgusting\nMe (with vinegar in my mouth and on my teeth) ... what did u say
Charlotte Murrill
The charcoal one actually works you just need to do it for a while. ilyyy emma💓💓
Ciaran Hayden
U use turmeric in curry and curry stains your teeth so ye x
Claudia Campbell
Crazy Berry
Emma is pretty af
Cristina Diaz
Binge update: I use charcoal toothpaste and it’s ok lol but it has mint flavor so it’s yummy
Damaris Isigar
thank you for this!! I'm also on a toxic relationship with coffee
Dani Brown
I Love You So Much Emma. Have A Good Day 💖
Darian Shimizu
1:13 when you don't like your siblings and you want them to go away
For everyone commenting on how she’s drinking coffee while trying these hacks...... DUH, it is because the dentist suggested she brush her teeth after every coffee. Also she is trying to re-stain her teeth before trying each hack because how else could she compare the effectiveness of each of them?!?!?!?!
Elise Kelsey
she is litrelly the same as me but i drink like 10 chi lattes a day
Em P
tag yourself im the cat
Faith Hofer
I’m sitting here watching this vid eating cookies and then when she started washing out her mouth from the charcoal stuff I starter dying laughter and cookie was going everywhere!👍🏼😂😂🍪update it happens 2 more times!😂👍🏼😫
Fynn Kleefeld
you not even try
Gamma XXX
probably should have done this before you went to the dentist
Genevieve Feeney
She's ranting about how bad coffee is while drinking coffee
Georgia HemmoPenguin
Just the thought of rubbing cotton wool against SHINY teeth and it making that sound makes me shiver sm😭
Grace Clifton
Just mix baking soda and lemon juice
Grace Whiting
1:13 😂
Gymnastics Journey
Iced lattes with almond milk sound yummmmm. I wanna make one.
Hailey Jean-Pierre
*This why you add peppermint*
JP21 V
Javier Sánchez Panduro
*Ignores te part where they tell her to put essential oils so it doesn't taste bad*\n*Complains it tastes bad*
Jayyy Zeee
Interesting fact: Did you know that you are 30% coffee? Not you as in \
Josephine Urbon
coffee is cheating on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josie Anaya
One time I was drinking coffee and accidentally put backing soda in instead of sugar RIP
Julia Heinrichs
i love this vid lmao
Karen Magana
she is literally the most funniest human in the world
Katie Koetze
This is only a year ago and you've changed SO MUCH like I am not even kidding
Kaylee Vannier
Kelsey Ahart
this is EASILY the funniest video ive ever watched of you and I subscribed after the first video I watched. I starting choking because I was laughing so hard. choking on what you ask? idk. but I was choking
KitKat 1017
She was literally like JUST 16 here
Pumpkin baby food mixed with diarrhea \n\n\n\n\n\nMY FAVORITE
Layla Rammle
Who else loves how Emma was literally drinking coffee while trying to get the stains out??!!!!😂😂
Lila Moore
HAHAHAHHA my favorite part about this video was that you were drinking coffee as you tried to remove the coffee stains from ur teeth
Lili Islas
Anything you want
Maisie Mai's Incorporated
I use. tumeric+charcoal solution from TJ max
Malik Williams
I Love Coffee to i will never stop
Melanie Panik
The charcoal one tasted bad because you were supposed to add peppermint to make it taste more like peppermint 😂
Mona Kaur
I love her, lmao she is the only person I know on social media who looks like a normal teen 😩.
My Username Here.
Natalie Sumption
You put the peppermint in it so it Tastes better 😂
Naydean Gutierrez
I love her personality sm
Nick DaRose
washing my mouth violently pt. 7254
Nikoletta Romano
OMG It's Lescia
It's nasty that's why u need peppermint abstract
Ordinary Tia
After every clip more and more coffee is gone😂😂
Orla Grace
makes a video about trying to make ur teeth whiter while drinking more coffee
They said add the pepper mint so it taste good
Peach Ø
Rebekka Blue
'The one thing I hate about coffee....' But every time Emma says coffee it gets faster
Reymona Flowers
i'm seriously laughing so hard at the fact she takes a sip of coffee before putting the tumeric tooth paste stuff lmfao
Ruth Megan Elizabeth
She's so relatable, she's like what our minds feel to do but we never actually do it. Just speaking in general because I know damn well I'm hella weird.
Ry and ay
Legit me have to have coffee
Samantha Leggett
I love how she just yells out of no where
Sarah Kaisner
Lemon juice and baking soda brush for 2 min. It changed my lifeeeee
Savage Af
Is baking soda and eating soda the same???
Savana Krauss
You know there Is whitening gum soooooooooooo
Selena Marie
Me: Emma are you ok?\nEmma: No I’m not ok, thanks for asking! \nMe: *shooketh*
Simply Tanya
emma I swear you the most realest person ever if you reply I will die
Stella Pias
You’re just addicted to it, that’s the word
Tanay Chawla
Hey emma,its turmeric not tumric
Taylor Chay
So shook at how fast you're gaining subscribers???? Congrats!!
Tinker love
Im frikin subscribing
Trina Alexis
Actually its good to drink Coffee from a straw its goes right down and does not touch your teeth. #coffeeislife
Weaver Vlogs
I went to the dentist Wednesday and they told me to stop drinking coffee to😕
Yam Hakoun
Who wants coffee after everyone of her videos 😂
Zoeys Filming
Emma you have to wait for the charcoal to you know just wait at least 1 hour
when emma uploads you better expect me to drop my shit and watch 😫
andrea lol
You should start a coffee series where u just got to different coffee shops and rate them
aye.sofia 22
I love her so much
cgm xo
“The 1 thing I hate about coffee”\n\n\n*everything* I hate about Emma chamberlain
hayden cheryl
ok wait. you said the yellow one didn't make sense. what about the black one?? 😂😂
hot tea
Toxic Relationship\nBy: Allison\nOriginal: Emma\nActors: Emma as the girlfriend, Coffee as the boyfriend, Dentist as the jealous friend Denti\n\nDenti: Hey Emma how was your date with Coffee?\nEmma: Amazing!\nDenti: Well you should stop dating him hes bad for you!\nEmma: you're just jealous!\nDenti: Hes gonna stain your heart! You're not gonna want anyone one else but he's toxic to you!\nEmma: *cries* But I love him!\n\nTHE END! I KNOW THIS IS CRINGEY AF BUT IDRC SO
it’s just cam 22
love you
jazmine smith
Why did u toss the cat off you like that? The cat just wanted some attention😂 lokey upset for em
kamryn grisel
No school tomorrow = more binge watching Emma
mia rahberger
You literally got me addicted to iced lattes with almond milk.
Idk why but your really remind me on Millie T .
taylor lythgoe
*picks up cat from nowhere and drops it on the floor*
wig: gone
her voice aw
I love how she’s drinking coffee whilst tryna get rid of the stains 😂😂😂 I love her so much ❤️😂