5 tips that will make you a better bass player

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Abusive Wife
Steve Harris would laugh at this
Andrew Dyson
LMAO. She doesn't even know how to play bass
Angela Aceves
if you are playing death metal do the opposite of what she said haha
Angs Rf
Hero licks typically fit best at the time the drummer does rolls on the toms, or when the song is rocking out (and the main chords have already been established) such as the bridge or outro. But grooving in the pocket and smooth chord transitions always have priority.
Anmol Eastern fire
Lovely face with poor lessons.....
Anthony Lopez
Thank You!
B TS316
Stick to root notes at lowest octave without using open strings are 3 of the 5 suggestions. If you're anywhere beyond the most Beginner of levels... Zzzzzz. These are fine for tonality, not necessarily for other aspects of musicianship.
I actually understand everything. This is very helpful! Thanks!
STAY IN YOUR LANE! But what if someone actually wants to be a musician?
Beka Khurtsidze
წადი შე ყლეო
BlackJack794 IsTypical
Bassist stop trying to be guitarist
Blair Jones
Great lesson - I don't like people getting busy and playing solos on the bass!
Bobby Salvin
All of those tips are pretty subjective. Many of the more creative bass players people admire don't abide by them.
Bowen Simkins
Please stop. This is what the world has come to, people think that the more popular instruments like guitar can do whatever the crap they want but Bass can’t. Look open strings make it have a nice sound, fills make it sound awesome, simple is not always the answer, you don’t need to stay in the root, and last of all different sounds give it a unique sound. K do what ever you want on bass because it is not something to be good at, it is something to have fun with and you can be good and have fun, so please don’t listen to her and do what you want🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻
Maybe this would be useful for an absolute beginner. But if I had her as a teacher I'd have never stuck to bass. I don't advise anyone to follow this advice. Any of it really. (No open strings? Really? Play open strings people, just mute em when you're done with em.)\n\nScott's Bass Lessons is what I'd be YouTubing for some good bass tips.\n\nInspiration is the important bit. Do what you love while you learn.\n\nThen when you join a band do what the music and situation calls for. Do what will pull the band together best and strengthen the overall sound and groove. Don't be afraid to venture round the fretboard and don't feel bad for playing roots. No one's going to care how you do it, they just want you to groove good.
Bruce Bass
The problem with her tips is this: you play what the song requires!! If it requires the use of only open strings, that’s what you play.
Commando Lemon63
5:30 you can go to any other instrument, literally any other instrument.\n\n*Plays double bass*
Well as a person who also studied bass and theory, we've learnt quite the opposite. Music is expressive never try to limit yourself. You don't have to always start on the root note... Inversions, etc are beautiful. You play what the song needs and don't just stifle yourself with all these do's and don'ts...stop making bass seem so boring, it really is quite the opposite. I felt so stifled watching this as a bass teacher.
Always when the \
Dave W
Thanks for the tips. What kind of bass do you have there? I really like it.
Did people miss the part about this being tips for beginners & intermediate players? Get the solid fundamentals down first, then you can play with the boundaries. Also, she referenced gigs, where you can lose your job for jacking around when you get a wild hair. Also, these are tips, not hard rules.
David Collins
Why does the bass have 4 strings and the upper register? Thank God all this keep it simple crap wasn't around when Geezer and Geddy and the rest of our Bass Heros were coming up. Here's my tip to all Bass players: play with only one guitar player then nobody complains about you over playing in fact you're usually asked to to fill up the space. I do agree with open note advice, I don't like the they sound sometimes.
Derp Gamer
3:56 \
Endriu 5
Why am I even here? I'm a guitarist. lol
Franco Aravena
The ,3rd is....debatable...I love it lol.
is it just me or those are some really bad tips
Title: How to get better at bass by not doing what a bass should do\n\n1# Don't even play the strings\n2# Don't be creative with your notes\n#3 Stop the video and dislike it because it's trash.\n\nThanks for watching!
Hardtop Harry
Reading these comments I see so many critics. This video is all sound advice for a beginner. Of course advanced players can break these rules at their liberty. But it is good advice for a beginner to avoid open strings at least until they have their muting down. It is good advice to not overplay, to stay down the bottom, to emphasize the root etc.\nYet the comments are full of criticisms from people who have no videos of their own.
Harold McLaughlin
Hard to argue with some of the world's premiere air-bass players here telling us their imaginings of what REAL bass players would say to this. Quite a few probably taking time off from a busy Playstation RockBand 'tour' to give us their imaginary John Entwistle quotes on the subject.
What bass is that?
Indigo Potato Music
This really sets a low bar for any aspiring bassist and I would urge them to skip this video and seek tuition from a real teacher; one who can teach you how to play open strings where appropriate and one who can teach you how to play a fill in time.
Indigo Whitelotus
Hi funny people, where did she say for pro, Paul from Beatles was amazingly gifted and Professional. This girl is right on! The only thing she might of said which is obvious by the music played, it was not jazz or Fushion it was middle of road playing tips and Root note with most runs under B on E string and across and down, yes the money area of the bass.This Video is obviously for people who want Gigs that pay. And not play like Jaco at day at jam! and kitchenhand at night.
Inescapable Oscuridad
Jack Fisher
Good tips.. Im a guitarist, but from time to time i pick a bass if I need to make a recording and sound like a whole band. I dont know much about bass scales and stuff so I try to keep it simple and i use what i learned on my guitar. I try to stay to the rhythm and as much the same tones the guitar is played in. I dont do bass solos tho i know one guy who learned bass like a pro in TURBO time and played in a 3 man band. They played funk. The music without that bass was nothing. He did allot of fills and he was given time to solo too. I guess that was the right type of music for the guy. It sounded so funky.
Jacky Lie
is depending on music genres you playing. if you play hardcore or neo classical metal, or maybe japanesse rock this lesson is useless.
Jakey C
Playing open strings is great. Lets you itch your nose, mid song, while you're playing a gig.
Jarbo Fiorini
Very nice tips, but, it really depends a lot on what type of music you are playing. I totally agree on tips 1 and 5, the other ones really could be used as part of the expression itself of the bass. It depends on the band, the type of music, the song itself, even the character of the musician him/herself. You won´t dare to tell to a \
Javier Mendoza
Chris Squire is frowning 😫
Jaysson B.
I've been playing for about 30 years, but I'm always looking for tips. IMO, you have to stay humble as a musician. I understand where she's coming from with this info. I have found over the years, that some of these things make sense in certain situations, but I have to respectfully disagree with all of it. Steadfast rules for playing are how boring musicians are created. The fact is, you should do whatever you want. If it ends up sounding bad, do something else, but don't ever say \
Je vais te dire
hahaha WTF is that video??? Is it a joke?
Jean V
The funny thing is that I like your \
Joe Blechl
alright then! thanks for the tips
Joe Casson
I hate basses with all of those damn knobs. More than three is too many! I want to play BASS. Those basses with 6 or 7 knobs are just so stupid. Volume, Volume, Tone or Volume, Blend/Mix, Tone... nothing more.
This is for the old school. In the world of today, Bass is not that simple anymore. These tips are great for beginners to learn about control and mastery, but it's not about don't do this and that. Everyone has a different playing style. Still a good video though! :)
Johnnie Cameron
I never play the root note
Joseph Mielewski
José Duarte
John Myung, Geddy Lee and Geezer Butler send greetins....
I stopped the video at tip #2 lol
Keith Coleman
These are tips you need to hear. I hire bass players a lot. Ego is the worst enemy of a bass player. If you want work.keep it on the one, in the words of James Brown. You want to solo learn to play guitar. In football you don't hire a tackle to run downfield and catch passes.
Knot Sew
Great tips for beginner and early intermediate bassists. As she says, 99% of the time, if you follow this, the band will want you back. There are very few people who can play all over the neck AND still support the song.
Led Zepmann
I agree with your tips in the sense that they are for beginners! I would say that it's never too soon for beginners to reflect on advancing beyond. Here are my reactions as a professional:\n\nFor the open strings - it depends on the tone you want - the fretted A on the E string has a thicker/darker tone than the open A which brighter and has more ring - play what sounds good for the song and learn how to properly mute your open strings with your finger plucking technique, or palm muting with a pick.\n\nFills should be done in a tasty way (Think John Paul Jones) and should be placed in spots where there are no lyrics being sung (don't compete with the lead singer) and are great when the drummer is doing a fill - If you can match the drummer's fill with your bass notes, it will sound super tight. The wow factor doesn't stem from how many notes you can play and how fast (leave that for the lead guitar player) - it comes from the actual notes you choose - go for the goosebump factor.\n\nTip 5 - I disagree - it actually sounded good when you went from the low root to the next octave as it helps create some emotion and elevates the mood, especially just before a part change, like leading into a big Chorus.\n\nHave fun kids!
Leo Bass
Using open notes like that is fine as long as have good muting technique.
Note from Yonit: \n\nHey everyone! Thanks for watching the video :) Just wanted to make a few clarifications! \n\n* This video is for beginner / intermediate bass players\n\n* Obviously, there’s exception to all my tips (which are not rules!) but these tips should help you when playing with your band. Of course you can play open strings if you can mute them (which is a difficult technique to master if you’re a beginner), of course you can play fills that are well practiced, on time, from the bottom to the very top of your neck and so on. \n\n* Always play the root - in the beginning of the bar - you can obviously play any chord tone / mode tone you want after. But not straight at the top. We establish the root and then venture out. Of course you can play inversions but that changes the chord, and you probably should make that decision with your band-members.\n\n* I may have said ‘never’ and ‘always’ but this is really me just trying to make a point, don’t take it too literally fellas\n\n* This can be applied in many genres, but mostly for mainstream genres such as pop, folk, rock, funk etc. Yes, if you’re playing a progressive-jazz-fusion-hardcore-metal song this might not be the video for you.\n\n* Here’s a 6 tip for the brave ones who read all of this - make music to be happier and have fun with other human beings. That’s the point of everything, including this video ;)\n\nPeace, love and many low frequencies,\n\nYonit
Luc S
If everyone followed these rules, nobody would want to play bass in the first place. It would be way too boring.
1) Practice\r\n2) Practice\r\n3) Practice\r\n4) Practice\n5) Have abnormally long fingers
Martin Cohen
Well after all the clarifications, I'm seriously struggling to see the point of the video in the first place. No open strings? No inversions? Good God. As a concert and studio session player of over 45 years experience, my advice to any beginner is to know chord structure, learn to read music and listen very carefully to the old masters of which there is a treasure trove on the internet, not available to me when I was growing up. At the end of the day, If you can't play in time, understand groove and the fundamental role of a bass player in any musical environment, sell your bass and work in a music store.
I feel like the 'don't do this' sounds better😁
Mike Breaux
One word..... Primus
Niall Doherty - Haze
You can use open strings so long as you mute them afterwards unless you want them to ring out. How you play the notes is what makes you sound good, not simply avoiding open strings altogether. Very good video though.
Nicolas Tambuyser
be a servant of the song, not a showcase of your skills basically
Onkel F
She's right with all 5 tips! All the people here who don't agree with her tips ar bass-playing guitar-players...
Peter Jackson
What if the rhythm guitars are too simple? I think that the busier style of bass fixes that problem. \nOf course it depends on the song. But I do love counter point.\nPaul McCartney did well with independent bass melodies. It depends on how much you want to avoid stealing the show from a guitar riff that needs bass presence but room to be the main thing showcased.\nOpen string issues are tied to bad eq issues.\nBy the way, I was enjoying Yonit's busier playing very much, each every time, when suddenly that don't do it sign flashes, then she looks up shaking her head in disapproval of her own awesome playing.
Pierre LE COZ
Holly crab apples ! \n\
PoP en
Can any one tell me what bass she is using
PoZ x Aspect
#2 never sacrifice the beat for a fill\nShe’s clearly never heard invaders by iron maiden
Randy Mac
How to Be a Boring Basic Bass Player by Sticking to The Rules! There are fundamentals and rudiments that apply to every instrument, but forcing a bass player to merely stay within their rhythm lane stifles creativity. Sure, it is important that the bass doesn’t overshadow or over power other instruments in a song, but at the same time insisting upon inflexible rules- “never, ever do this . . . don’t do that” prevents a bass player from learning his/her full potential and contributing in a way that enhances a song. Try encouraging new or even experienced bass players that there are times to experiment and expand the boundaries, while not becoming too showy. Think of artists like John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Stanley Clarke, Geddy Lee- If they were restricted to the background of no fills, just “keep it simple” type of playing, then I don’t think I would enjoy the music of their bands half as much- imagine The Who without the turbo charged rhythm section of Entwistle/Moon. Baba O’Reilly would have been a pretty dull song without those two guys breaking all the rules!
I have only been playing bass for a short time and already I know this is realllllly not the video for teaching. Mainly because A) Open string is good with muting technique and Les Claypool and half of the 70s and 80s will agree with me on that. B) The Fills thing.......one band.......Metallica. End of story. C) Keep it simple? Do jazz musicians keep it simple? Did the band for Outkast keep it simple? Did Daft Punk keep it simple? Did Les Claypool keep it simple? KoRn and nu-metal DEFINATELY dont keep it simple. Be creative.
If you're a bass player, beginner or any other level, don't listen to this lady...she's teaching you how to restrict yourself to a type of playing and you should be playing however you want/feel is right. That is the only right way to play music, play from your soul and what you feel!!! Music has no rules!!!!!!
Shawn Budden
The lady shared some tips that she saw as relevant and helpful. If they are not for you, move on and let others enjoy them. Or better yet, start your own blog/video lesson site, web page, etc. (if you can spare the time from your busy touring and recording schedules, lol)\n\nSome people play music to bring joy to themselves and others. Arrogance and petty comments ruin that experience. It also ruins the experience for many beginners and only encourages them to stop short.\n\nI think the only think worse than the political trolls are the ones who troll musicians.
Shruti Management
This is probably the \
Steve Fuller-Hall
I disagree with not using open strings, and you can control any note in any tone. Fills are good, just need to know when to use them.
Geezer Butler played most of his notes above the seventh fret. While Tony Iommi player the lower notes on guitar. It worked quite well for Black Sabbath
The Creatures of Habit
Yeah don’t do busy fills and busy parts if you can’t play in time but some of my favourite bass players played all over the place, eg John Entwistle, Chris Squire, Jack Bruce, Billy Sheehan. Listen to Paul McCartney on Something
Everybody dissing on the video: most of these tips are for GIGGING bass players on how NOT to lose their gig. She's a working musician in a city where there's so many bass players ready to take your gig. \
ThePaul Steezo
Tim Weijers
Man, I get that you're giving tips to session players, but almost all of your tips deny or completely bash intuition, taste and creativity - the things that make music magical. I hope young musicians don't take them to seriously because this video is intimidating and dogmatic.
Tiny Dragon
Never sacrifice the beat for the fill - there goes jazz LOL 😂
Tom Tobin
#1- Learn the notes of the fretboard. #2- Ear training
Ton Verkleij
Ben jij van Nederlandse afkomst Yonit?
ViGi Tres
not agree withi the 4th one. Check AC/DC - Back in Black for example. That 3rd making verse sound cool
William Cunningham
Tip 6: it's a bass let it sound like one.way too many treble frequencies for my taste.sorry
Yep That Is Me
Why do people think she is trying to stifle creative playing on a bass? I take it as a non bass player that I need to start with what she is talking about to get the concepts down and then as I get good at that ( all human beings unless they are Asperger or autistic...meaning they have to follow rules to a T and never want to venture out due to fear...and before any of you want to argue me on this. I have a good friend that is Asperger that I work with to learn to venture out of the rules and comfort zones as long as it doesn't get him in trouble with the law or arrested. If I encouraged him to do that then that would make me a pure douche bag and not a caring friend, so I know what I am talking about...[back to the beginning of this side trip] will take what they have learned and then experiment to see what can come of the foundation ) I will then venture out to funking it up and know when it sounds like crap not to do that ever again. I especially wouldn't do it on stage in front of a crowd for the first time since that crowd is mixed with soft hearted trolls like the ones here on \
below middlec
1) I ALWAYS use open strings wherever possible, and you can combine that with dampening .. open strings give a brighter punchier clearer tone by far and more sustain ... \n2) \nthen the fill is not the problem, in this case it would be the timing and coming out of it cleanly ... As Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Chris Squier, Steve Harris, do ALL the time --- \n3) at 10:06 .. um, EVERYWHERE there are tasty solo-like bass lines all over progressive music that sound awesome especiall with a power trio where tasty bass lines fill the gaps - think Mark King, Level 42 !!!\n4) I call BS, even as far back as Bach, and figured bass notation and - hello - inversions .. taking a not other than the root is perfectly acceptable, ever PREFERRED, what is more critical is what register the note is on rather than the chord tone itself\n5) the reason your higher notes are more 'subtle' is because of your right hand position ... play harder and closer to the neck to get punchy tones from notes played higher up the neck ...\n\nThis video has 5 of the worst tips I could imagine giving anyone ...
The first tip was a bad one, as finger hand muting is an essential technique to any level of player, but everyone is hating on the second tip, and it's honestly ridiculous. If the idea of playing bass the way that best suits music, which is normally following the key and percussion in a rhythmic manner or following the rhythm guitarist in most rock music, is something you find too boring for you, then you picked the wrong instrument. She wasn't saying don't be creative in moderation, she was saying to not play the bass like a solo instrument. \n\nThe bass guitar is a less interesting instrument to a person who is focused on melodies, licks and solos, but if you want to be a bass player who best compliments almost all music, then you should be playing far more rhythmic than with licks and fills. \n\nYour goal as a bass player is to be the low end of the music, while also bringing the percussion and treble elements of the music into harmony, and while that may be boring to some people, to anyone who plays music with the goal of creating great MUSIC and not solely trying to make music \
Hey! aprendi mucho viendote como tocas Funk, thanks so much!.
I can only assume these are tips for session players only, because in every other context your advice is 100% wrong and boring.
Keep it down.... \
jarry Dee
No one wants a bass player that sits on the root.
jo mamma
No offense but what you are teaching ppl is how to play LAME. Go listen to entwistle and learn the right way to play bass before embarrassing yourself as a \
john crawford
Damn even when you're showing what not to do it still sounds 👍
I’m just boring enough, I could play bass. .but I’m too weak.
mark peotter
Rule 5, stay on the bottom. If the song is in D, for example, you can get a deeper sound playing D on the 10th fret of the E string. (Come Together) Many songs have a bass that sounds lower by playing the notes on a thicker string.
So many angry men in the comments...
peterpaul herreur
Dear Yonit, you are a very conservative and restricting bassplayer/teacher.\nYou can't in generally say Don't do this or that at a gig, it all depends on the tune,\nthe atmosphere, the style, what you want to express, and so on. Your bassplaying\nseems very dull to me, without any adventure. Your lessons must be creativity killing...