Italian Restaurant - SNL

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Two customers (Ryan Gosling, Cecily Strong) do not react well to learning the food they've been eating is actually from Pizza Hut.

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this is just a recycled chris farley skit from the 90s
Aaron Ruesch
I liked this skit the first time when it had chris farley in it and was about coffee.
Adam Santiago
I love Terrezano's also. You're just a loser who could never afford to eat at Terrezano's so you made it your pathetic life's mission to destroy the people that can!
Ali M.
3:08 I work at Starbucks and I deal with this type of woman EVERY DAY!
Aniv Khawaunju
Lowkey thought this was a parody of Jon hamm and his girl in baby driver
Cecily has done a perfect imitation of all the fake Italians in the comments section of any pasta recipe video.
Austin J
I like how snl had to get another token black guy to replace the old one
Cecily Strong carried and MADE this sketch. So funny
I'm not a pizza hut girl I'm a terazano's girl lol
BatmanFan 76
Domino's \
Black Heart
Ryan giggling gets me
I love it when the actors can't keep a straight face.
Ch O
Chetan Bhardwaj
My dad was a really messed up guy...he was really messed up but he would never do this to me not at terrazanos......
Comedy 3000
I love Cecily! She’s so beautiful and funny.
Rich girl acting is so hilarious. However in reality it makes you angry!
Crazy Craz Ashley!
4:03 he laughed ....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n*which made me laugh hehdhfhucyfbre*
CutsieFace McGee
I'm never eating at Terrezano's again.
Daniel Crecca
Making fun of Italians! I'm triggered?! Hahahaha
Danny Steeler
New cast member(s) on the far right table this season???
David Sastre
I'm 50% Italian and I can verify that we become clowns over food.
Dennis Schohan
super glad to see Melissa Villasenor is back.
EPM 101
Spiritual successor to the Santa sketch?
Faiz Mahmood
Stop Yelling at meee....!
Just wait till they try decaffeinated Columbian coffee crystals
Gernot Hirschbichl
Cecily VERY Strong
Adam Driver did it better.\n\n\n\n\n*B U R G E R J U I C E*
Hannah Lynch
I love the end when Ryan can't hold his laugh
Hughezy Entertainment
Americans say \
anyone come here after domenicos
Iron Spider
Wooo Cecily's got bigger she's even more gorgeous. That breaking of Ryan at the end was so fake.
JJ Dynamite
I’m 50% Italian so I know what pasta should taste like
Jack Brunault
I’m a Terrezano’s girl!
Jack Shriver
Jake and Maddie
Ryan Gosling is adorable when he breaks
James Patton
Chris Farley skit much???
Jared Johnson
I'm liking mark lol Mikey Day is a rising star man.
Jazmin Martinez
At least we arent liars🍕🍕
JoJo Pemb
Mikey’s comedic timing is everything 😂
John Do
This reminds me of Trumptards who thought they had trumpdontcare, but it was actually Obamacare.
John Dounts
Ryan couldn't keep it together at the end lol
Jonathan Heidenreich
Jus Me
Omg why am i buzzed?
Karen L
This is a Cecily Strong appreciation comment.
Keith Purdue
Gosling was losing it. Great stuff.
Kiara Zapata
Literally just ordered Dominos right before I clicked on this😂
Kommander Kool
Is this wine even real? ordered diet
Kris Kross
Kyle Suarez
okay but like I actually know ppl who would act like this...
Leah Alburtus
Cecily breaking at 4:02 has cured my depression
Leslie Perkins-Traeger
Cecily is so brilliant in those sketches, I love her.
Liam Humel
God, Mikey Day is a rising star
Ryan must be a sucker for try not to laugh challenges...
Mary Etuk
“Domenico’s” brought me here...
Matt desu
I thought this was really funny. Luigi Marinara haha.
Matthew P
When he said you guys both signed the release I realized he was one of the guys from the David Blaine parody series 10 years ago. One of the episodes he said a similar line. \
Mehdi Khadem
I love when Ryan breaks... haha... priceless
Mia Gilaani
Lol it’s the same like the Burger King coffee skit 🤣
Mortimer Hyde Finklestien
Thats it im going to terrizanos
Mr.Harris Mr.Harris
This was done by chris farley and it was waayy better
Niki M
My dad was a messed up man and he wouldn't even do this to me. 😂😂😂
Prince Boateng
I came here after watching the remake of this sketch with burger king coffee
Rimsha Khalid
Ryan looks cute
I love cecily and Ryan together
Rusty Shackleford
Italian Americans are the type to tell actual Italians that they're not Italian enough 😂
uploaded just when I was about to have an SNL marathon !
Savage Dragon
This is very similar to that Chris Farley sketch where they gave him decaf coffee crystals instead of regular coffee.
Steve S
I can't listen to this guy without hearing CHEEZITS! from David Blaine Street Magic
The One
What's with all the death threats hahaha
The Unoriginal Channel
The dominos twist killed me
Cecily is the greatest :D
God Cecily Strong is so good in this
Todd Peterson
Mikey can do it all. great performance as a professional-type character.
Tony Sno
Cecily is lookin thicka than a snicka :P
Chris Farley did it better, but still good 👌
Tungsten Tony
Cecily plays a great 50% Italian girl.😂🤣😁.
Viper 47
Does it matter that the food is Pizza Hut if the mind believes it to be Terrezano's? Does it matter that we're all mere flesh batteries for the machines if the dreams in our head seem real? So many questions.
These ads are getting real creative.
Your Ego
I was dozing off last night with SNL on and I kept hearing their voices crack and saying \
Yukon Fuh Koph
Weeeeaaak skit ! Chris Farley owned this bit
No show does fake restaurants better
Ryan always gets the best skits ahahaha he should be a cast member. The chemistry he has with the members is amazing
hayden kerr
Ryan can never keep a straight face
help me Find the bodys
Love snl
Is this the same character he played as when he & Vanessa Bayer thought they were gonna meet Santa Claus?
That Cecily Strong is such a good actress- every time she delivers dialogue it scares the shit out of me.
ii ii
356 people cant afford to eat at Terrazano's
you should be disbarred. you should literally be disbarred
narancia ghirga
lmfao this is my favorite skit
then why am i buzzed ??? 😂
So you tricked us, this entire scetch was a lie
rohit puri
The 9-29-2018 Domenico’s/BK Joe’s skit brought me here.
Mikey Day is underrated
sum times
Clever twist at the end!
vantha doun
The actor playing Mark is funny, they need to involve this guy more!!!
wikiHow Badge
Love the new Mark actor:)