How Chumlee Became The Richest Person on Pawn Stars...

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Chumlee is richer then rick harrison and corey harrison from pawn stars.Let me know what New Movies and TV Shows you would like me to debunk. Expect weekly videos as this content does take quite some time to create and as well if you want to recommend a video you can either email my business email or just leave a comment.Check out some of my other videos - The Most Incredible Deals on Pawn Stars - .........................................................................................................This is The Filmy and I welcome you. Also note I cover all TV Shows, movies, and more.

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He sells alot of dope
7 Diaz
My moma said... Life is like a box of chocolates.....💪🐸✌
883 Iron
I don’t believe it
A VanderSloot
Nothing but a bunch of haters on here...Good For Dude
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
Omg that’s were we eat Pinches tacos 😋 cool
Adapto 1432
Chumlee is like a everyday guy!\nThat's why he's popular!
Alam Udesky
Andrew Freeman
WTF, there's no way Chumlee is richer than Rick!! He only owns a small part of the business, Rick has basically everything including his fathers share.
Anne Shaw
What a donkey
Ansh Rawat
Weed guy 👌
Anthony O Leray
fair play, happy for u wise 1????,enjoy while it lastss
Richer than the boss? That’s Epic 😂👏🏽
Blasphy B
He is the moron everyone laughs at.
I’m sure Rick has enough to stay satisfied
Calicoe 313
Yeah Chumlee sells candy Nose Candy.
Chief Goose
Chumlee = just missed Down syndrome......barely
Christian Buczko
You have to love some one who buys a Rolls so he can play on his PlayStation...
Christopher Weloy
I subbed
Conor Condon
Chumlee net worth 5 million rick net worth 8 million
Chumlee is very likeable. Thats why he does well. Everyone likes him.
Dale Mcneil
You need to do proper research on the financials of Rick Harrison and chulmleigh including properties, cars, gold&silver.Rick Harrison is worth a lot more than Chumlee so if you gonna put posts up like this just do your research a bit better next time.
Dark Knight
So nobody has said the chum bucket yet SMH...
Dave Thomas
When most of the world thinks of America they think of this guy, only somehow dumber and fatter.......
Deandre who knows
Chum lee and post malone should make a song together
He has also been arrested on gun and drug charges. I wonder if he sells more than just candy.
Eddie Gordan
hes a miracle , a man existing without a brain .
Electro Skull
No I will forget to smash the like button
Elieza Jane
His store is a front for his actual business
Erik Milian
I've Seen better Vids on ytube
Flexin Nuts
DJ School? They got financial aid?
GREG Torchia
Yeah how does he get in and out of those sports cars ?crane?
Chumlee looks like post Malone
Guess Who
Great show. Can’t stand Corey though.
Hangover Blues
I knew there was more behind that thick head. . Big relationship breakdown over $$$ on the way . .
I am Jiren
I watched less than 2 of your videos and I can fully say you're very shallow and dimwitted. Complete bias.
J. J. Martinez
WhoooCares-They're all Koool!!! R.I.P. OL'Mann👊😎\
Jake Dawg
Rip Richard Harrison 😭
Jeff Barris
just goes to show u...the dumber u r ..the higher u go
Jess Connelly
There is no justice in life obviosly😩😩😩😩😩😩
John Beer
😂😭😂 haha his street name is OG chonnkess
John Driscoll
He will be poor again in 25 years
Jon Sant
Good on him.!
Junior Duran
By slanging that crystal meth
Kerry Roberts
hes got to be the stupiest person ever
Kev Wheatley
His a funny kid just being himself kool
Kevin Harte
fell asleep
Kitten queen Nevaeh
Pawn Plaza reminds me of SodoSopa from south park
Kory Looper
Candy store is front for dope slangin.
Lori Hall
Subscribed. I Love this Guy.
Lucas Fortes
It is unbelievable.
Luce Del Sole
I always did like Chumlee cause he is so down to earth.
Marquis Ramos
Chumlee's net worth is 5 mil. Rick's net worth is 8 mil. Do the math
Matthew Suffidy
Cause he's a drug lord.
Mike Arthut
4 out of 5 Dentist's recommend Chumlee's Candy on the Blvd. store, over Trident Gum. !!!
Mike Jones
Sales of meth
Mike Storm
The Chum Chum room. $500 to get out
He's a meat head
Nathan Armstrong
Chumlee is a creep.
Nick Bean
He doesn’t even have 1% of what Rick has
Niterider albin
Can't stand him...
Meth head chum
Patrick chatkin
Good luck chumlee
Perfdog !
Come and get some. Chum Chum for only 100 a pop
Rip chum lee
Bravo Chumlee..
Ramón m664
Allegedly. molester\nMethhead,pothead,\nChumlee, same thing
Raul Martinez
Chumlee is rich, but Rick is wealthy.
Raymond Wilson
Chumlee will be broke in a few years after he goes N rich or forgets to pay his taxes.
Riley Ulrich
Isn’t he a rapist who sells crystal meth tho ?
Riti Hisena
Maby he sells alot of coce.
Rob Walker
Can't stand the fool 👎
Ron K
To act a Clown and laugh all the way to the bank. I assume that Chumlee sells more than candy on the side, which helps enlarge his bankroll .
Ross Mac
I don't like the guy
Roy Shirkey
Rudy Chavira
Enjoy it before you choke on a steak, and cheat a heart attack
Sal Valino
Why is Homer Simpson the popular one from The Simpsons? Why is Peter Griffin the popular one in Family Guy? Why is Eric Cartman the popular one in South Park?
Scott Bletz
number 1 saling meth did everyone forget about that already
Sleepy M
I buy my crystal meth from that guy
Zero chance he’s the richest on the show. So he earns the same or less as Rick for the show and has ownership of a CANDY STORE vs ownership of the pawn store that gets 4,000 customers per day.
Steve Roginski
Dumber than dirt.
Thomas Nappo
Corey with his beauty salon?! LOL
Woof Olliesmydog
In 10 years, he'll be broke, flogging his tale of woe to the National Enquirer.
Yabloody Wombat
aLeX GeNeSiS
I un subscribed
Great story for National,Enquirer -;this is BS
Cumlee has all the talent, personality and brains of a doorknob.
eddie san
Chumly is broke, he lives in the Bronx, he's on section 8, i saw him there just yesterday smoking some crack..
ellie makeup
Corey and Chumlee between them have more chins than a Chinese phone book!!!
i love you but
Chumlee went bankrupt after eating all his candy
jason fata
jeremy Kelly
When you have to name off forty types of candy so you can pass the ten minute mark
lester smith
the guys a real dope like trump
Actually rick is worth around 25 million with all his assets chumlee is worth around 12 idk where this guy is getting his info but it’s pretty easy to find it on the internet lol
primrokevin Primro
Wise man can play the role of a fool, fool can't play the role of a wise man
richard damitz
So does he actualy OWN thosecars or does the bank and hes making payments like everyone else
smokey mcbongwater
I like turtles, and weed