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The SCHWA is the English sound you NEED to use... /ə/ If you want to sound natural when you speak! Improve your speaking skills with mmmEnglish courses: Your name will be featured underneath the video 😝

Schwa how to improve my accent how to pronounce schwa how to reduce my accent how to sound natural in English how to use schw... improve my English accent

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schwa is like the Filipino / Tagalog AEIOU\n AH EH EE OH OOO
Bogumił Rylewicz
Do you know where does SCHWA's name come from? It is the name of a very short, sometimes mute Hebrew vowel. Hebrew alphabet consists of only consonants or/ and mute letters like ayin or aleph. Besides, there is a vowel system. They look like dots and hyphens etc. and they are located under the consonants. \nLike :-) Great lesson, as always. Best wishes.
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Great lesson! I think i really get it this time :) Anyway, i really wanna know a reason behind why such a huge difference between English writing and speaking(pronunciation). Is there an explanation? I mean in my mother's language (Slovenian) pronunciation always (well, in more then 98%) copy the words(letters) as they are written. A is always a (it can be a long or short a, but it's still an a), b is b, c is c etc. In English everything seems so random ... No rules, each word needs to be memorized. Any idea why and how that happened? Why don't you just write as you speak or what am i missing here?
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Thank you Emma for the video, cleverly presented and superbly organised with problems and solutions in the end. Another one excellent video from mmmEnglish, tough stuff presented and analysed in simple terms.\r\n----------------------------------------------------------------\r\nALERT: a tough lesson on advanced pronunciation, pause the video and listen again and again and practice.\r\n\r\nSchwa\r\nThe following include the schwa\r\namazing, adventure, carrot, complete, attack\r\numbrellA\r\ncelEbrate\r\ncircUs\r\ncarrOt\r\nprincIpAl\r\n\r\nUnstressed structure words\r\nA At\r\nAn And\r\nthE jUst\r\nIn sOme\r\nOn yOUr\r\nat 08:23 for normal stressed pronunciation\r\nat 08:36 for reduction to schwa sound (when they aren't stressed)\r\nExample: AN appLE A day keeps THE doctOR Away\r\n\r\n09:05 unstressed syllables\r\nthee following have the 1st syllable unstressed, the 1st sound is the schwa\r\nAmerica Ability\r\nAnother Allow\r\nAgain Adventure\r\nApply Ago\r\nAbout Accept\r\n\r\n09:42 unstressed syllables\r\nwomAn sYringe\r\nstudEnt elephAnt\r\nvegetAble initIAtive\r\nsUpply infOrmatIOn\r\n\r\n10:54\r\nextrA cultURE\r\nvisA adventURE\r\nweathER hiRE\r\nnevER liAR\r\naftER colOUR\r\n\r\n10:40\r\ngoing to --\u003e gonnA\r\nwant to --\u003e wannA\r\ngot to --\u003e gottA\r\nshould have --\u003e shouldA\r\n-----------------------------------------------------------\r\nproblem 14:11 are you feeling better today?\r\nsolution at 14:50 aRE you feeling bettER tOday?\r\nproblem 14:59 do you want a piece of banana cake?\r\nsolution 15:14 dO yOU want A piece of bAnanA cake?\r\nproblem 15:24 I need a knife\r\nsolution 15:31 I need A knife\r\nOh, it's under the toaster\r\nsolution 15:38 Oh, it's undER thE toastER\r\nproblem 15:42 I can't remember how much butter I need\r\nsolution 16:05 I can't rEmembER how much buttER I need\r\nproblem 16:19 Can you pass me some more water for the cake mixture?\r\nsolution 16:38 CAn you pass me sOme more watER fOR thE cake mixtURE?\r\nproblem 16:53 I've got to get this cake into the oven\r\nsolution 17:00 I've got tO get this cake intO the ovEn\r\n----------------------------------------------------------------------\r\nEmma's imitation video
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