Boxing Unsportsmanlike Moments! Pt 1

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SmB Boxing Presents Boxing's Top 10 Dirtiest & Unsportsmanlike Moments (Part One) Featuring Cheap-Shots,Disqualifications,Low blows/ Fouls & Unsportsmanlike ConductYOUTUBE CHANNEL:

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Ortiz deserved it.
Aga Gimo
Video is a bit bias. Naseem deserved what he got to him, he did it himself so it was a payback. Ortez deserved it too after that bluntly headbut. No boxer would want an apology after headbuted intentionally. As for mike biting that ear was a bit to far
Alex Yang
tbh, Mayweather is just a wimp. All he does is runs away.
Andy K
Peterson vs rios judge was needed in loma vs salido fight.
Anthony P
A guy gets disqualified earlier in the video for headbutting, yet Ortiz headbutts blatantly, avoids disqualification, Mayweather makes him pay, yet Mayweather is the dirty fighter? lmao.
Atdod Naudu Gey
When ortiz did that obv mayweather would be angry and do that... i would do it too
Bro Ortiz head-butted him and then punched the right after like what can you guys blame me weather for that yall just haters
Bendikt Sperk
I still cannot believe Mayweather got away with that. The ref CLEARLY was asking the timekeeper if he was ready and had not given a signal to continue. NO QUESTION that was punching on a break, intentional, resulted in a KO. Absolute MUST to DQ him here...
does anyone dislike that regard Floyd as much as I do??
floyd did the right thing by punching that apology out of that mofo
Mayweather will be known as the biggest biitch in boxing history.
Gayweather is back :))
Chris Reyes
Huge respect to Floyd for that Ortiz KO. He didn't let that headbutt go unpunished and he did it well within the rules
Chriss George
Cheap shot by Mayweather
Cris Apple Arabaca
i really don't like running man mayweather. he is rude! he is so gay he cant face his opponent better. he is famous because of his running man style ./.
Das Wars
Boxing is disgusting.
Dirty Bag
That lower punch then run. Lol
Dovenz Jandoc
mywether is the deartiest in boxing
Drumming Ginger
Why are people mad at Mayweather that guy deliberately headbutted him
Dustin Noobs
What Ortiz did was much worse! I'd be pissed too if some douche deliberately head butted under my chin. Mayweather just gave him a taste of his own dirty medicine.
Dylan Gallagher
Defend yourself at all times. It's not nice but you shouldn't be allowed make them shake hands if they don't want to.
I'm not the biggest Floyd Mayweather fan, but the HATE in these comments is real...... Jealous much?
Ernest Hemingway
Meyflower is such a disgrace to the sport. He just finished prooving to the world, how fixed boxing is. The sport has lost many fans because of him. He just made it too obvious.
Err Pee
if it was me in the last fight getting that headbutt i would have reacted in the same way.
Extra Fishes
Idgaf bout Mayweather doing that. Ortiz straight tried to billy goat his jaw off.
Felix Liz
That last one he kind of deserved it
Ortiz got what he deserved
I haven't seen that Mayweather one in a while but that should have been a DQ. No difference from that other one on there where the guy suckered the opponent as the ref brought them together to touch gloves to start the last round. The ref, Cortez in the Mayweather fight didn't really restart them, he can kind of hesitated, looked to the timer to start the time again but it was real weird, to take your eyes off the fighters in a moment like that is unbelievable.
Gen Sherman
Mayweather was the dirtiest fighter ever
That Mayweather cheap shot on Ortiz is one of the most shameful moments in all of sports.
Hector Caa
Mayweather is a disgrace for boxing
Hiep Nguyen
if May whether he box with any one. the tickets of his fight even you give me free. I don't want to waste my time for his fight. He is not special boxer.
Holy Shit
What mayweather did is very legal no quistion about it
Igor Blyat
6:21 why is that unsportsmanlike? I'm not familiar with all the rules so does anyone know?
Holyfield kept headbutting Tyson, and Tyson having a wicked temper had enough of that. He didn't care about the fight at that point, he just wanted to hurt him back cause he felt the ref wasn't going to stop Holyfield.
Island life
Wow that was boring. Mma is way better then boxing. Can't believe people still watch this.
circus (((( maeweather black pig(((
Jim Joe
0:28 is the black \
Joaquin Perez
I’m gonna like my own comment cause nobody’s likes it
Joe Troy
song/tune between the clips anyone!?
Jordan Lewandowski
Lmao we can tell within the first 10 seconds this dude aint a Mayweather fan
Jovan 1973
tyson gets disqualificated because holyfield hits him 20times with a headbutt lol
Karl Kleve
Mayweather Ortiz doesn't belong on this list. I don't even like Floyd, but if someone intentionally head butts you, then tries to hug you like everything is cool, you SHOULD knock his ass out
King23 _
Y'all bashing Mayweather but Ortiz was the one who threw the head butt
Lim Xin
Everytime I watch videos like this one, I always see mayweather on the list wow!
Lore Nexus
can someone explain to me what was different from the fight at 2:40, and what happen with Mayweather when he did basically the same thing. I mean they were saying \
Luis Rangel512
Funny may weather is considered a pro but yet he's the most unsportsmanlike boxer out there,
Lý Long
Floyd actually nodded his head and said \
Mayweather did ALL correct, ortiz play dirty games? Imma play dirty too
Many Qualms
I hate when it's a Legal punch and just because the other idiot wasn't expecting to get hit people act like the puncher did something wrong. I hate that
Matt Neath
Those two blows by Mayweather were really satisfying
Matthew Ghirardi
6:41 that jump though XD
Michael Stroman
Mike Tyson is gonna bitecha!!
The Boxing ring is not a place for hugging. Always keep your hands up, never let your guard down. Floyd didn't do anything wrong. Nothing
When the bell rings, it's time to fight, not shake hands
Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr
Pacquiao beat Mayweather.
Good thing Mayweather returned the favor.
Nicholas Ablong
Mayweather in the beginning of video is such an a-hole. Lol as a boxer I can respect him as a boxer. But as a human being, he is the most disgraceful POS of a person. Sorry excuse of a man
Pablo Escobar
Where is Golota vs Bowe 1 and 2??? You did not see these fights???
Paing moe
I want to invite these gentle men on the street to free fight at will. To as dirty as they wanna be.
Pharaoh Vito
what's the little song in the beginning?
Phil Driver
mayweather should have been disqualified
Last one though😗👌
Rest In Peace Adventure Time
lol mayweather was pist tf off
5:30 Literally balls of steel.
Rory Williams
why apologize for an intentional headbutt
Dirty and controversial maywether
The fight between Floyd and Ortiz must NO CONTEST
Serchhip Chelsea
They make Boxing's dirty.
Slimm Jimm
Floyd IS the MAN!!!
floyd is the worst fighter of all time.
Mayweather is such a scrub.
SteLi 64
Floyd Mayweather is the most unworthy champ of all times no competition. He's created by cheating and money.
Steve Roe
The BELL rang GAME ON COME OUT FIGHTING don't come out touching gloves
Surge Álvez
If I were 50 years younger, I'd be 50.
I can't blame Mayweather for doing that. That headbutt was clearly intentional. So he popped him.
The Haven
You should've showed Holyfield headbutting Mike which lead to the bite.
it's Too Many Haters In these Comments It's not even Funny Hating On Floyd smh
Tiniest Violin
Floyd was telling the truth in that first clip!
Mayweather should be disqualified or even minus points from him.
Wayfaring Stranger
Mayweather isn't a dirty fighter. He it's smart fighter who saw an opportunity and took it
Wendel felixRj
Floyd isn't dirty,was a intentional headbutt by ortiz he was dirty,\
Floyd mayweather is a good fighter but he’s a piece of shit person. Beats his wife, sucker punches a person who might’ve been able to beat him, and is extremely disrespectful to people.
a gay boxer would be in top 10
hamed motherfucker
I'm not a huge Mayweather fan but Larry Merchant was being an ass abusing his position. And Barrara was not the bad guy in his fight either with Naz, yes it was a bad move on Barrera's part to manhandle Naz into the corner ropes but he truly deserved it.
carlos mauricio osorio recinos
floyd what a dirthty boxer
hitting someone who wants to touch gloves after the bell has rang isnt dirty or unsportsmanlike, its called winning
eva rodriguez
Fuck Mayweather !!!!!
isaiah richardson
look at how all the kids come out to trash Floyd for hitting Victor Ortiz yet not one of them comment on the blatant headbutts. \nFloyd and Ortiz aren't the only fighters on this video but once again Floyd gets all the attention and money
maurice amos
I love floyd😭😂😂
ding round starts, knock down....what is the problem ?
isn't it great to watch a well put together video and not be begged to like and subscribe, thanks
The guy spitting deserved to get his ass whopped
rawr i'm a dinasour
can anyone tell how mayweather hit is legal?the reff was not even looking
I dnt like Floyd but I would have done the same thing to Ortiz.
How is 8:45 any different from 2:45? One they said was legal but the other wasn't.
Lewis vs Rush. Bell rang both fighters came from corners. Not the time to shake hands and touch gloves.
☆ Star™ ☆
mayweather is the greatest idiot the sport of boxing ever saw.\ni respect every fighter except him