Eric Clapton - Change The World (Live Video Version)

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Change The World Eric Clapton Rock

Whoa.... Clapton and bunch are \
Alfonso Poblete
Clapton is GOD.
Andy G
This combo does some of my favourite Clapton music.So professional, so.....  MUSIC !!!!
Andy Jones
Greg Phillinganes I think is the Bass player.
Angela Skipworth
Nothing to say it speaks volumes
Anna Vasquez
Beautiful song heard this song at work today and quickly recognizes his just the song tears in heaven,layla,beautiful night
Warner, tks for sharing this amazing video
The late great Billy Preston on organ with a touch of southern/rock/gospel style, total genius, rest in peace man.
Caroline Paraschos
I am so drawn to this song. And drawn to EC. So incredibly intense and emotional. Plus, the bonus for me is watching his feet move as he feels .... I do that !
Chris Nowak
The organist is great.
Cloudy Baby
old Billy Preston groovin' on the keyboards...
Dan Ellwein
he looks like Hugh Laurie... :)
Derek Hullah
not many people can sound better live than the studio recorded version. awesome
Diana Ross Lozano
I can't change my world! So help me GOD! . . .
Diane Lake
If I could change the world I would make Eric Clapton President!!
Donald D
I wanna see Eric dance !!! It looks like he's been holding back! Think a idea is flurishing on it ;X
Donna Plamondon
Nathan East is such a classy bassist. \u003c3
100% talent. He got better with age. It's so great to listen to wonderful music like Clapton, rather than the trash today!
Tarea de la *ZONI*. alv....
Edgardo Becher
Eric & Superband!!! Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Billy Preston, David Sancious, Andy Fairweather, Gregg Phillinganes!! WOOOWWWW
Elevationwest Designs
He's a true musician and true talent, unlike many of so-called \
Elizabeth Carson
You have changed the world Eric Clapton
Enrique Mirón
Why was George Clooney playing drums?
Ethan Zukerman
i love this song!
Gilberto Blanco
Brutalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, una rolaaaaaaaaaaa de esas que nunca olvidaremos y hace eco una y otra vez en nuestros oídos.......................
Goose McSwan
Bass player was the star of that song!
Jane Melody Cabarles
Oh my, I am still loving the classics...God, thank you for the gift of music!
Jathon Delsy
The mighty Clapton, totally cool and in control, full of subtle nuances and integral expression, technically perfect yet executing his music straight from the heart,  a consummate virtuoso. From warm soul to gutsy blues through smooth lyricism, his world class voice rides the gently epic dynamic development of this dignified song, while his outstandingly complete playing combines strums, leads, pickings, slides, crescendos, and all manner of guitar articulations into an understated artistic extravaganza of florid fantasy. His band are similarly excellent, equalling his mastery with their tasteful and harmonious backing.
Jaym Serafico
claptons guitar playing is beyond words man!!
Jeannie E. H
Clapton rules...
Jim Blackwell
Love that Hammond B-3 sound! Nothing else compares
John D
Totally love this. We got SLOW HAND, Nathan East, Steve Gadd....and is that Billy Preston on the organ? Thanks for posting.
Jorge Romero
Genio total!
Jurgis Simelionis
Give it up for George Clooney on the drums
Karjuliz Estibi
Obra de arte musical!!!!!!
Kathelaine Pelimer
Baby if i could Change the World 😂
Kazuki Matsumoto
Kevin Lock
An absolute fucking legend on the guitar! Love this song!
this song its like Oporto wine \
Klaus Hofmann
Es ist an der Zeit, die Welt zu verändern, machen wir sie gerechter, liebevoller und besser !
Kursi Pangkas Barbershop
Les Nisbett
Happy Birthday Eric!
LisAnne Marie Becotte
WE Can ALL Change the WORLD ***TOgether***
Lisa Elea
this bass player is tearing it up as well....nice
Lord GooDest
2:41 - 2:43 listen to that bassline.. what a badass tone!!!
LuAnne Moran
Eric, had a dream of Children of different nations being enabled to bless in every direction, generously, throughout the world, through Music Royalties, Performance and Imagioned the miracles that could occur, and believe their could be a new age, granted the Grace of Innocence through Children's Eyes, and likely, the many more blessings of reflections in artistry. Wouldn't they too Live In Hearts And Minds of one and other's Grace. This is what your generations music always meant to me; Forever Amen ! It will remain, My Last WISH! Sincerely, Lu Anne \
He's actually better now older and sober.
Luiz Miranda
Luke Havelard
Wonderful wonderful song
Marc Doger de Speville
We really need a change in this world full of hate....I wish everyone peace in 2017
Marcos Henrique
Nathan East on the bass !
Mirna Ramos
preciosa canción y el intérprete Don Eric Clapton mejor aún
I LOVE this rendition...I could listen to it ALL day!
Mysteria 5
This song truly changed the world.
Nossa Toca
Check our sweet COVER of Change The World! A tribute to this music master!
Oscar et sa guitare
If we could change the world...
Paul Schofield
Great Musician, with a lifetimes experiences translated into performance. Love it. Brilliant Eric Clapton.
Paula Mahaffey
Always #1 in my you Eric...
Pedro Romero
Another masterpiece performance of the master! One of the bests ever!
Pere Guirado
merabellos Eric Clapton!!!
Great live version of a classic,
Rko Games
Robert Dimbleby
4:39 onwards is so groovy!!
Rodney Muganzi
This guy gat me Thinking about practicing the whole night
Rosella Corongiu ღ
If I could reach the stars\n\nPull one down for you,\n\nShine it on my heart\n\nSo you could see the truth:\n\n
Santiago Orozco
El bajista es NATHAN EAST de FOURPLAY, tremendo maestro.
Sergi Pedrosa López
2:38 That piano guy finger snapping when the drummer beats.. man that was flawless
Serguei Serboz
thought George Clooney was on drums....
Stephen Stiso
Love this version
Tere Funes Clark
Si puedo alcanzar las estrellas, sacaré una para tí, para que brille en tu corazón. Entonces podrás ver la verdad.
The Darci 13
I simply love Eric Clapton the man his music......
Thiago Henrique
Alguém em 2018?
David and Billy round out this lineup perfectly....
Gotta wonder sometimes, why the people with the real power to change the world never seem to do the right thing.
Toni Francis
EC makes the world a better place, for me at least.
Tracey DArcy
You’ve written some amazing music Mr Clapton. I thank god you changed our world after all you’ve been through. You’re a true blessing.
White RabBitz
2018 i love U Eric\nI will remember you forever~~~~\n#Thaigirl
Clapton has already changed the world with his brilliant and unique songs, incredible guitar, phenomenal bands and unique singing style. He strikes a deep chord in me....\n\nIf I could reach the stars\nPull one down for you,\nShine it on my heart\nSo you could see the truth:
albina hajd
definitely, the most powerful love song in the world
Nathan always looks like the happiest man on the planet!
chimuelo tunco
Change the world 2018 and 2019 still ???
elijah o
fahd s
Yes but who shot the Deputy?
kaylynn L
I would be the sunlight in your universe......there is no line better than that
If I'm correct? Isn't that the one and only Steve Gadd on drums?
nicolas ocampo
priceless seeing Clapton and East on the same stage!
pain idutu
素敵です リズムの のりがよくて^^ みていて 楽しくなりました ありがとう~
Eric Clapton fantastic but his musicians need a mention. Listen to the bass... Executed to perfection. Yesssss!!!
I'll never get tired of watching this blessed man singing this song. Also my favorite tempo/version of the song...
steve FromEngland
Presenting Mr George Clooney on percussion, ladies and gentlemen
That guitar solo is freaking nuts
ty hamilton
if you can make one person smile a day, did you not change the world? :)
ya shi
Phenomenon anyone?
Željko Topalušić
Gerge Clooney´s father on drums haha ;)
If I could reach the stars\nI’d pull one down for you\nShine it on my heart\nSo you could see the truth\nThat this love I have inside\nIs everything it seems\nBut for now I find\nIt’s only in my dreams\nThat I can\nChange the world\nI would be the sunlight in your universe\nYou would think my love was really something good\nBaby if I could\nChange the world\nIf I could be king\nEven for a day\nI’d take you as my queen\nI’d have it no other way\nAnd our love would rule\nIn this kingdom that we had made\n’til then i’ll be a fool\nWishing for a day\nThat I can\nChange the world\nI would be the sunlight in your universe\nYou would think my love was really something good\nBaby if I could\nChange the world
Nathan East  びっくりやね