Learn Italian: How To Order Food And Drinks At A Restaurant In Italy

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A. Sheker
very nice !! little bit regret to watch this after my first year in studying already in Rome .:)
Claudia studiosa di esoterismo
Bravo!!! Ami l'Italia? Saluti da Bologna citta' al nord italia
Cynthia Waldrop
Nice presentation, but you should learn Italian before you attempt to teach it
David holbrook
Gracie Mille !
Joe Goodwill
Gracie mille! Very helpful indeed.
Joe Trippiedi
Mio Dio, suo Italiano e cattivo.
Mikie St. John
Your pronunciation is not consistent. Doggie bags ....brutta figura
S. Monica Monica
I think you are wrong...it's ACQUA NATURALE and NOT Acqua NATURALMENTE.
Tiger Lily
grazie. Sto imparando bene..