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360 WD Français
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to learn about easy way to learn italian language try Jadonite Talk Italian Buddy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my m8 got great success with it.
Abdur Rahman
I lov italian languse
Abraham Ba
cool . thank you
Ailalin Kojoma
Okay 1. No offence but its boring a little bit. I am addicted to italy but this?!? I mean..l i could fall alseep and the next day and never speak english again! Though it would never happen, 2. It said just learn italian in a few steps... this is 3 hours long people!!! 3. I hot clickbaited. Its not really giving words at the first part. Apps will have sounds and this channel could do words!!!!! No offence... i just... well... its not the best ok?
Aimee Ward
Thank you so much for posting this. I lived in Vicenza, Italy for 3 years and learned the Vicentino dialect from my neighbors. That was about 22 years ago; I'm very rusty but want to be fluent again. \nFor anyone who wants a little extra listening practice you can stream RAIUNO and RAIDUE plus some good local radio stations.
Ameer Hamza
Love it
Angela Lovell
Como esta? Lorne uyto cajn
Cumar Farxan
Molto bene
Elinborg Jonsdottir
best lessons I heave found so far !
Emily Mason
Extremely irritating noise coming from her mouth when she talks 😫
Great Idea
1)No language is learned \
Hadim Touba
Very g
Haley B
Grazie! Mi piace molto
Ibrahim Mame
In Glock We Trust
yes, the words on the screen would help immensely.
Jenya Gavazova
Can we have a link to the book?
Karim Benzin
here's several things for how to learn Italian\nDecide precisely why you want to learn it\nTry to use Italian everyday\nDecide which process works for you best.\n(I read about these and more from Hartlyn language lessons website )
Kevin osatom
Krusos Gold
Me piace molto
Lamin Dampha Dampha
i like do video
Luciano Di Grazia
Even if you learn it, you will never be able to pronounce it correctly. CONDIZIONALE
Lyon Egbeni
This is nice, is very helpful
Mahbub Ahmad
+Florin Dobrea - is this based on a book? if so, can you please tell me the name.\n\nthanks
Mamdouh Malakhy
I need the book of this course.please?
Mansaray Cool
I like to no this language but we too had
Mohamed Seddiq
The name of the book plz
Muhhamed Sarr
I love Italy
Nawfling Molotov
please add the script
Damn this is long
Onojehwo Nathan
Molto grazie
Panic! At the twenty one fall out boys
I wanna try this sleeping but I'm afraid my phone will over heat and explode :[
Paula Oliveira
It is very good. Should have the all the words showing on screen. So we can visualize what you are talking. The leaning would be more efficient if do not have the book like me. What is the name of the book? Thanks
Ps Silva
Subtitles are missing.
R. Tony Jimenez
I used this to fall asleep because one can learn languages while sleeping too, but heard most of it as I was not sleepy. I woke up this AM to find what book this is and saw that everyone else here is asking the same question. Sad thing is when I went to bed, I heard the name of the book. It's the FIRST thing she mentions on video. The book is called TEACH YOURSELF BEGINNER'S ITALIAN by Vittoria Bowles. I looked on Amazon Prime and book is under $10.00 (only one left in stock) and the one with Audio is under $24.00 (only one left in stock). I have so many Italian books at home to teach myself, I decided not to buy this one. Though this does not have the words pop up, I know enough of the language to make out how to spell most of them myself. My only issue because I don't have Italian friends in Orlando, FL, or anyone else willing to learn, it's hard to continue as the practice comes from communication. Hope that helps some of you!!!
Randall Paul
Difficile lingua. Importante imparare le grammatics. Io vivo in Italia per due anni.è ancora difficile
Sajid Ranjha
molto bene
Shiba Namo
Srimantha Perera
This Is Mine
Ciao Italia
Yves Shaz Lewis
What the hell is a thousand million? ???
azim nasir
dil demo
There are several suggestions for how to learn ItalianDecide precisely why you want to speak itTry to speak Italian in your everyday lifeFind what method works for you the best.(I discovered about these and more on Hartlyn language lessons website )
Another good video for learning Italian on You Tube. I LOVE the English accent of the English Lady. Reminds me of home - England!
hakam shira
tropo di dificiale lingua pro none impossible
helena heng
It's very good way to practice listening, and it's very useful and easy to learn. Thanks a lot for post it. Grazi mille
john lennon
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about easy way to learn italian language try Jadonite Talk Italian Buddy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got great results with it.
love it!
teklit berhe
Šime Ivanov
Vrlo praktične i lijepe lekcije za sve koji žele učiti ovaj krasan jezik.