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A warrior sets out in search of water to save his kingdom from drought. He brings home what they think is a 'water-seed'.Illustrations: Emanuele ScanzianiMusic: Holger JetterAnimation : Alfrin MultimediaFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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Angélica P
L'italiano è una lingua bellissima. Questi racconti sono ancora più belli. Thank you so much for posting these great videos!
Elizabeth Connolly
I love these stories and they have helped me with my Italian. Thank you so much and please continue to make them. I want my great grand children to learn Italian along with me while watching these marvelous short videos.
Geometric Fro
Thanks for this! Super helpful =)
Gohar Bhai
Hmmmm too much nice
L Furry
May I ask what dialect this is? It seems different from what we learned in our Italian class. Thanks.
Lei Zhang
Storia cinese, storia dalla cina!
this is a awesome story and its really helping me with my italian. Gratzie 
When the window is maximized, the Italian captions and English subtitles are overlapping : (\nI do appreciate these videos to help learn Italian
Rosa a Rodriguez
Que bello! Gracie per il racconti!
Todd River
I cant find the English translation that used to be with the first well. Has it been removed. Can someone please advise me.
Varsha Ramann
These stories, apart from helping me with my Italian, are so cute by themselves, it brings a smile on my face when I hear them.\nWhen would your Android App have an exclusive Italian version?
ashley larson
These stories are really helping me, I especially like the one with Rosa il elephante, my little sister likes to hear me speak Italian so I always read that story to her! Molto \ngrazie!
khadi ja
I got confused a lot by the chinese music... The warrior looks so much chinese but the others not. Must be a mix haha