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AIRPORT WORKER FAIL CAR MECHANIC FAILURE CARWASH FAIL CONSTRUCTION TRUCK FAIL ESCAVATOR FAIL FAILS AT WORK FORKLIFT FAIL FUNNY FAILS AT WORK HEAVY MACHINE FAIL PRANK AT WORK TREE CUTTING FAIL TRUCK FAIL TRUCK OVERLOAD WORK FAILS bad day at work bad workers bad workers compilation epic work fail compilation idiots at work try not to laugh job site fails stupid workers unloading fail why women live longer you had one job IDIOTS AT WORK

1985Viggen ツ
0:31 you spin me right round baby right round...
Amin Probst
OMG, that with the car lift is so heavy, what about this 2 mechanics.and why the arm on the front broken?this try normaly 2500kg!. 1.40
Andrew McDonald
06:38 I love the adibas brand! Best brand with the 3 stripes...LAMO!
BrianPlayss _
The 2 one is fun lol
Brock Landers
How is a floor breaking you being an idiot at work? This video should be called some idiots at work along with everyday accidents in a compilation made by an idiot who can't tell the difference.
Cheddulous D
Dude at 1:33 is definitely not kickin'.
These should be required viewing for all millennials especially for those who think a \
It looked like the car hoist was defective. No idiocy there.
Daniel Fronc
And the third world takes offense when the U.S. says that it can do things better.
Daniel Thompson
What is it about Indians where they can't seem to grasp the concept of maximum load capacity/ weight distribution
David Kennedy
1:50 what do you call a man with a car on his head.... JACK (sorry)
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG
Did he died?
Demetrios Kosmas
6:38 adibas
Do not trust anybody
Omg that second video almost killed me with laughter
Edis Velasco
How do you have over 1 million views nad Zero sub
Eetu The Hunter
0:16 **Disappered**
Using a video camera correctly should be taught in elementary schools. Some of these vids should be in a ground filming compilation vid
Gazzy Bishop
OSHA would have a heyday in those third world countries!
Gosha Goshenyove .
Hanne Catton
At 3:48 that was a cop making an ass of himself trying to cycle down the steps ! Sweet.
HoW To All
Good clip
Homina Play Games
I want that adibas shirt
I do not like to use bad words. I stopped myself. Anyone.... American people know what I mean. I am so done with third or fourth world countries. Are their any brains at work there. Logic seems lost.
James Livingston
Love It!
James Mastroianni
that last one hes lucky he was on the rear of the engine
Jeff Graham
holy crap dude in the carwash LET THE HOSE GO immediately when it starts tugging back on you
Jesua Contreras
I hope the guy lived in the first clip
Kornél Kereszturi
Why do some people overreact on that car lifting video. Yeah it's not a good one to watch, but it happened, so what? If you are offended that easily, why do you morons even start the video? You should be not that braindead to know there's a chance you'll see something like that every once in a while. I watch a lot of videos about russian traffic accidents, though I didn't lost my common sense when I saw a lady get under the wheels of a truck. I knew there'll be something like that eventually. Not if I wanted to see that. I just moved on.
Kyle Bags
truck falls over....derka derka derka....mammana mmammana
Indians love overloading their trucks....
Liberty Rising
Remind me never to buy coconuts ever again.
Lucas Cruz
At 2:00, what white men call work.
Lungelo Ngema
#2 he’s super dizzy
I'm so much smarter than all of these workers, I'm unemployed :)
Manisha sharma
5:05 he is super man
6:38 welcome to India, where Adibas is the new yellow!
Manny Baquero
I didn't see the driver of the cement truck getting out before it fell into that hole. And the car that fell off that lift on those two dudes. Did these people survived ???
Marcel CookieCore
Mark Gorospe
i know its not appropriate....i know its wrong......but what the heck....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
Mark Rothenberg
Why is the guy filming the dirt at 2:59?
Marty McFly
Чина рулит, арабы догоняют.China - 1st, arabman - 2nd
Max & Moritz
6:38 Adibas T shirt hahahaha
Michel zenitud
Ils sont pas fut fut \nIls sont dangereux \nSuper vidéo 👍👍
Mick Carson
At 1:35, those car hoists have a history of failure, it's a wonder they're still being used. We had them in our workshop and two of them failed a year apart. They are very dangerous if not properly used. The older hydraulic hoists of the 60's and 70's were the best until some dickhead decided to reinvent history by making these hoists and end the need to dig a hole in the garage floor to fit the hydraulic rams. But are these hoists safe? Dealerships and garage owners who fix cars have eventually found out by accidents, mechanics have been squashed by falling cars.
Mike Britton
Calling these people idiots is wrong. Bad things happen to good people. Some of these should have seen it coming. Others were accidents and shoulnt be called idiots. How can you laugh about that? You have a sick mind!
Mr. Paul
6:39 a new brand?
Peter Simpson
Car wash dude was priceless
Comment toutoutpelle !
Ruben Robert
Exit thank headline direct legislation fire candle same habit that.
Sam Iam
just 2 seconds into the car wash one and you knew how it was going to end up. Workin' at the car wash !!
Scott Walters
I just farted
Seb Syko
0:25 Ok seriously, one of the top fail of the year!!
ShitLord Humungus
The coconut guy was hardcore.
Simon Cox
1:52 is a brilliant one!!
Simona Vaitkiene
2 you spin me round and round
Spacewarp Photography
1:44 I do not come here to watch people get seriously injured or killed! This time it's a dislike. Next time it's an unsubscribe and reported video. And that would really suck, because I've really enjoyed your content up 'til now!
Steve Franklin
Is it any wonder that a measley 4.0 earthquake, knocks their buildings down??
Stuffed Minecrafter
20 comment
Sweet Cookie OC
0:40 Chacaron macaron 😂😂😂
06:38. Adibas tee shirt. Lol
Timo Schnucki
Russia. ..India. China. .... .... whats wrong with you guys? ^^
At 158 I pray those boys survived
Tom DW
Did the truck glitch through the floor or something?
Tommy Lam
Two Flaps
That car falling on those mechanics. Fuuuukkk
VITA kyo
Vl Peka
This is not idiot cause that is genius 👍👍
Walker Lamock
Are these mishaps from the same guy??
Wilfred P
at least the third world is good for laughs
Wout Vermeulen
step violation technique cause entirely up monument uncle towel odd program.
If these People were pop stars they would be called 'Nelly Retardo.'
Zhenyao Wen
Did these people actually survive? Too scary
That car hoist bit!! You should keep that dark shit out of these comps. Trying to laugh here. That's just mean... damn :(
1:40. Did they survive?
basant vimal sharma
That coconut husking is an extraordinary feat.he is not an idiot.
sorry, for him on 3:44
lol! the car wash guy one is awesome.
1:48 holy shit
First video: how is he an idiot when the ground starts breaking away??
Cock and ball torture is key in any quality relationship
6:08 me when I’m too drunk to walk home
cheong ka hong
3:22 three idiots.
chris herbig
the car falling off the lift was actually hard to watch
dan conlan
Chinese woman just walks off 4:30
Looks like Canada under Justin Trudeau.
7:18 is a big idiot, never leave your vehicle if power lines fall on it.. Arch will get ya
jerome tredinnick
4th !!!!!!
komentator resek
mostafa eladawy
Imagine the last one if he pass through in front of the engine
Someone buy that coconut guy a machete
rejecter 01
They must drop licenses from a blimp in these countries.
ted poo
uhh ok
valentin milev
6:38 - AdiBas fan at work.....
welmar amado
The good moral is: don't work
Δημήτρης Καλλίρης
mprabo mprabo apo ellada ...
5:00 you call that idiot? he is genius