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Learn basic Italian, with Fluenz founder Sonia Gil. In this lesson you will learn what you will need to survive on your first day abroad. Click here to learn more about the Fluenz programs:

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Oh my god! Beautiful language taught by a beatiful teacher!!! I love you!
Aggeliki _stm
I am from greece so this r is not so hard...
Alan Bust
Hey I am from Mexico and I am really interested in learning more languages. So I thought about learning Italian with a \
Albert Peters
my Dear why you stopped to create more lessons? reply me please, I was learning because of you.
Alessandro Signore
This video is just beyond belief inaccurate to say the least:\n1. we don't roll our rs \n2. Be afraid to open your mouth, because it's not queeeeeeello and queeeeeeeesto but simply quello and questo
Ana Amku
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Anna Watson
Annalaura Gorgonio
I'm Italian and I say \
Antonio A
IO VORREI ACQUA? What??? I'm Italian and no one says that!! The right sentence is \
Hahahaha!! Every time I was repeating after her I imagined myself speaking to Ezio from Assassin's Creed and him laughing hard at me...for some odd reason
Ayeva Rayane
Grazie mille per questo video.
Ben Vaz
she's too damn cute. definitely coming back to this one.
Buk Lau
I swear this has to be best and easiest video I've ever seen. She's awesome
Cake Middleton
Io vorei esta ragazza per favore
Carlos Eduardo
Please more videos!
Carlotta Mirnow
Please English guys and girls, her accent is not good! I would do a video where I teach that but with a very Italian accent, cause I'm Italian, would you? Will you watch it if I do it? :-D
Cheng Qu
o..she can speak every language
Chiara Platz
I'm italian. At the beginning when she explains the right pronunciation of \
Cliff Carr
A lovely sweet way to learn Italian, respect for this video !
Daniel A
Thanks for the lesson. Unlike some other comments here, I appreciate your help.
Daniel S.
Bisognerebbe spiegare anche a molti italiani l'italiano xD
Danny Joey
If someone came to my hometown and started exaggurating the accent, they would be killed..
Dhananjai Khilare
grazie!(thanks) for this video.....
Due Nabbi
Sono l'unico che viene sotto questo tipo di video per sentirsi superiore?
Eric Ortiz
wow Itaian is so similar to Spanish!
Federico Bucchi
Io vorrei del caffè - not 'Io vorrei caffè'
she is the reason i couldnt use the spanish one. there is something about her that makes me wanna punch her in the face.
Frank Pineyro
you have made me feel i can speak any language. thank you for your dedication to help others.
Frank R. Pilot
My native language is the soanish, do you think that is more easy for me to learn Italian ?
Franklin Fuertes
Exaggerating the rolling of the R's a little!!!!??
Planning to take my girlfriend on a surprise trip to Roma/Naples, this and a few other bits of Italian should hopefully impress her haha
Gamal Abdall
You are very very good, Thank you
George Santos
Learning Italian without going to college :)
Giampiero Baggi
secondo me è cosi gnocca che molti non si riuscirebbero a concentrare xD...comunque enfatizza cosi tanto le doppie che sembra una ritardata
Giovanni Rij
Giusto in guisa di precisazione grammaticale, \
Greg K.
TH U M B S U P for this excellent video, although rather short. PLEASE, viewers/students of Italian, do click on the THUMBS UP for this video, which it certainly deserves. Thanks. Meanwhile, I also highly recommend another ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT Italian tutorial for English-speaking beginners of Italian. The following link will take you to an Italian tutorial method I consider virtually PERFECT, especially because both the English and Italian words and phrases appear on the same screen together, and the Italian (the target language) is read out THREE times. Furthermore, there's no background noise of any kind; no distracting music, etc., and the readers are not in a hurry to wrap up the video quickly and upload it without real concern for learners on YouTube. Hence, I consider the following Italian tutorial to be practically flawless and definitely worth trying it (but before leaving this page, please click on the THUMBS UP): https://www.youtube.com/watchv=i3GFZAKijww&t=3024s&ab_channel=EkoLanguages.
Ah ah è proprio strano sentire una persona che non sa l'italiano... Mi meraviglio sempre di più della bellezza del mondo... Con tutte queste lingue diverse... I love the world
Jamal Mawlod
gratse per te bravo
James Berkenmeyer
I enjoy your teaching, and how good you do this
Jang i
Fantastic way She is teaching. Thanks
Jessica Shang
this is a very attracting way of learning a language!\nit is very helpful!!
Josephz Olabode Abiodun
Fantastic Teacher. Molto Grazie!
Kalah Blanchard
best program I have ever tried, grazie!!
Kham Van Tran
i love to learn Italian
Lucrezia Borghese
io vorrei caffè non esiste nel mondo XD
MKFM_ HunterDrone
its hard to concentrate becuse she is so hot
Marco Frijo
Marco Gardinazzi
It looks like you are spanish or you have learnt spanish as a main second language before learning italian, as your pronunciation of some sounds like \
Wonderful pronunciation, but \
Matthew Martinez
She is so beautiful \u003c3
Muthu Krishnan
Its very useful & it's so easy to understand
Muzio Mattia Coppola
Mi sa che questi video li guardiamo solo noi italiani... quanto siamo tristi
Nicole Mariani
Italians say \
Hello, I'm Italian and I'm proud to see that there is someone who wants to learn my language! Good luck!\nNow I write to you what I said in Italian.\n\nCiao, sono Italiano e sono fiero di vedere che c'è qualcuno che vuole imparare la mia lingua. Buona fortuna!
Pedro Hernandez
io vorrei your number hahah
Provvidenza D'Antoni
Mamma mia, che commenti!
Was she saying something. I started day dreaming about her.
Rachel Tan
this is like an adult version of Dora the explorer
Raju Kunde
Italian is almost similar to Spanish :)
To Italians...Your lingua is so nice to hear and talk..bravo...from Grecia
Rick Astley
How do you say \
Roaa W.H.M
love yooooooooooooooou thanks 
Ronald Allbright
Very easy to follow. What a lovely teacher. More please
Rutherford Jessie
Thank you beautiful teacher .\n
Sbriser ★
Muahahahahaha io sono italiano e so parlare L'italiano e non mi servono questi video muahhahahahaah rosikateeeeeee (XDDD)
Sean Dunne
She's hot
Senthil Durai
hey ,if anyone else is searching for fastest way to learn to speak italian  try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my colleague got amazing success with it.
Shamin Afiq
Hi sonia girl, marry me
You can say \
Tala Tomei
There's this great app you can get called Duo Lingo and I've been learning Italian on that and it's pretty great
Quello caffè is wrong, you must to say \
You should learn the language before you teach it. Vorrei dell'acqua!!!! L'articolo partitivo!!! Even in english you use it: i would like some water
Victor Candelaria
Victorious Mubarak
very good or best teacher.
Vidya Sagar Kantamneni
i want to marry this girl!
Yahya Babair
It is very great work\nthanks
It is not queLLLLLLo or piaTTTTTTO, just be more fluent.
Sonia... its ITaly, not IDaly!! Thanks for the video!
Per gli italiani ritardati che non conoscono l'inglese e continuano a scrivere che non si dice \
you speak italiano pretty good :D 
giuly zaffaroni
ma dicendo \
First time learning Italian just now. Awesome! I'm laughing at myself for my poor pronunciation LOL.
ma da a 100 quanto gnocca e sensuale e' sta tipa ???
nicole lee
Very nice video, just two things: we don't roll the R that exaggerated way and if you want to speak a proper Italian you should say ''vorrei dell'acqua'' ( yes, literally ''I'd like some water'') and ''vorrei un caffè'', while if you say ''vorrei acqua'' and ''vorrei caffè''...no one in Italy speaks that way. You'd seem a foreigner who can't speak our language.
paolo boriosi
Didatticamente fai bene ad accentuare il suono delle R (nelle parole con la doppia erre).Però -subito dopo- ti consiglio di pronunciare la parola con il tipo di emissione che\nusa un nativo.\nPer uno spagnolo invece sarebbe più che naturale farle sentire così marcatamente.
rachelle NBHD
This makes me feel like Luigi
rainbow six siege
this shit seriously works! you being insanely hot keeps my attention and the things you say get me to remember the words. ive been speaking italian all day after watching this video once :D
ror Ol
Ti amo
she is so pretty .. i wud learn italian just to marry her
I would have got straight A's if all my teachers looked like you
This is so helpful! I have to learn French for school, but I'm going to Italy and I need to know basic Italian
Mamma Mia ! that's the only phrase u need to get around in Italy
Corrections: The sentence \
This kind of reminds me Dora the explorer!!
io vorrei caffè in italiano è sbagliatissimo XD