Easy Italian 2 - Christmas in Italy

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Tony and Bea explore the Italian-speaking side of Nice and find out how Italians celebrate Christmas!► SUBSCRIBE TO EASY LANGUAGES:Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.Hosts of this episode: Béa Baci and Anthony LesbrosCo-Producer: Anthony Lesbros

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Alex Seabrook
is this the same guy that does the french ?
Anita Rossi
Where did you find these guys who interview? They have a horrible pronunciation, awful for a language course. :')
Boris Gucovski
Thank you so much for this. I'd love to see more of those, Italian is too great a language to have only two videos of it here, haha.
Caleb Monoran
I'm not even Italian, nor do I express fluency in the language, yet I was able to understand several words here and there. And I can thank that to my knowledge of Romanian, since I am Romanian. That kind of helped with some of the words (even tho I have learned a few Italian words).\nThe phonetics sound familiar, because they're really close with Romanian's, so that was cool. Also, my partial fluency in Spanish and French helped out too. Can't wait till I learn this language in depth.
Camilla Giannotta
I'm Italian and I can say these interviewers are not Italian! Why don't you change them and get real Italians? \nI love your videos but... They are not native speakers and they make mistakes! It's not good for the ones who want to improve!
Chiara Pagnozzi
I'm Italian and I don't like chocolate ice cream...
Ciara Ferry
Bad translation of Gesu Bambino - it's the Child Jesus, not Father Christmas! Awesome otherwise, love these videos, thanks!
Craig Wolke
Thank you! Please make more of these!
Quite a late upload don't you think?
Fantastico! Ho aspettato tanto per questo video, voglio più per favore :)!
Ciao ragazzi, io seguo spesso le vostre lezioni in altre lingue, però su questo video devo farvi delle precisazioni. Trovo molto bello che, nonostante non siate italiani, abbiate provato a fare un video sul posto, intervistando italiani madrelingua, però si dice: che cosa ne pensa DEL Natale? Perchè Natale in italiano è anche un nome proprio di persona. E poi: A Lei, che cosa piace della cucina italiana..? senza ripere \
Gerardo Morales Aguilar
Non riesco a capire la differenza tra \
Gina Boetschi
Isn't this the guy of easy french?
Ginger McCartney
plus de vidéos. s'il vous plaît! !!!!
Giovanni Coletta
non si dice pensa di natale ma pensa del natale. la parola \
THE INTERVIEWERS ARE NOT ITALIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY???????
Inessa N
Natale è per Gèsu.
Ivana Savietto
Gesù Bambino is not Father Christmas! Gesù bambino is Baby Jesus!!!
Janusz Hamerski
thank you Tony and Bea! Thank to your videos I learn something about European culture from the \
Jessica Ferrelli
My first language is English and I understood 90% of this whole video
The editing of this video is really well done : ) They cut between two people to put similar words together
Jose Gonzalez
thank u for your videos
Has anyone noticed that Italians pause a lot when they speak, almost as if they don't know what to say?
Che bel video! Grazie!! :)
Funny how I was able to understand 80% of what was said in this video, even though I have never studied Italian in my whole life. I can speak Portuguese, French and Spanish though, so I guess that explains it. Still freaking amazing. Now I wanna learn how to speak it!!
Those damn Italian words looks like French.
Kristoffer P
Italian culture is so wonderful! Please make more vídeos from Italy :)
LMatt 88
Nice has an Italian speaking side?
Lazaro cabaret Serrano
I'd like to have more videos to watch in italian ..and please do more videos easy italian
Madson Costa
I'm a native Portuguese speaker and I find funny how its' easy to understand Italian people speaking and I've never studied Italian before
Mady Makalou
Mariateresa Paolicelli
evviva! Nuovi episodi di easy italian! Spero di tornare a dare il mio contributo quest'anno! Yuppiiiiii!!!!!
Mathieu Moreau
Natale è diverse in Frecese, supparotutto la cibo. Penso que la Natale è un buon tradizione per la familia :)
Mystical Catnip
Gesù bambino
Oğulcan Özcan
Is this guy from France or Italy?
Patrick - Sprachen/Musik/Studium
1:23 specialtà?
Paulo Flores
I'm brazilian and I just realized, it look like pretty much portuguese, even more than spanish.
Pedro co co
Y de repente comentario en español aparece..... !!!!!!!! Italiano \u003e inglese :P
Petr Ryšavý
we need more easy italian :-). Pleas and thanks
Wtf I speak spanish and portuguese and understood the whole video without knowing anything about italian but \
Pravin Dana
Finally!!!!!!! Been waiting for an easy Italian video for so long! Grazie
Ranjan Biswas
Italian is a sexy language :*
Riccardo Latini
The gifts in Italy are brought by Santa Claus, not by Jesus! And also the letters are wrote for Santa... the religion today in Italy it's not the base of Christmas
Soumyadeep Bhattacherjee
That guy knows both French and Italian very well, but I think he is a bit better in French.
Szymon Kumięga
1:55 What a cute boy :')
The eagle Eye
Finally \u003e\u003e Italian 2 i waited for it so much :)
They aren't real Italians! The interviewers, i mean...
Vi Mendes
Italian is beautiful but french is more!! \u003c3
Victor Brown
I love these, but it's been some time now that we only have 1,2 and 3. When are more coming. I love these videos and need them. Please, give us more. Other languages I'm using in this format, easy....., have a lot more videos. What's happening with theItalian and Portuguese episodes?
Vinicius Alves
I tought that guy was french but here he is hahaha
Non è manco in Italia il video è a Nizza ! Perché mentete ?
Waldi S
Italian is such a beautiful language!
Mi è piaciuto assai il video e sono contento che alla fine c'è un secondo episodio. Onestamente me ne fischio se sono italiani \
jessica Fabr
sorry but this italian is a little big wrong , I love this channel but if you want to teach a lenguage you have to do it in the right way.... 
jorge ochoa
At last.... plz post more videos!!
Italian is a beautiful musical language! I speak Spanish as a native language and also Portuguese so I understood about half of what they said.
le verbe se repentir
I adore this language
You translated \
Is he french or italian?
more italian please
How did Tony and Bea learn italian???? 0__o
t i z u k a
O cara da França no canal da Itália wtf
Élior Huang
Wow, the host of Super Easy French also speak Italian.😮 Awesome. 👍
such a beautiful language!!\nhope to be fluent in it one day!