Top 5 FUNNIEST Reasons KIDS Called 911 (Funny Adorable 911 Calls)

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Today we will be looking at the funniest reasons kids called 911. These are some extremely funny and cute 911 calls that you won't want to miss!Follow us on social media:---------WE LOVE YOU

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That 1st one\nIs so me
1:34\nWhy is a 4 year old, doing double digit problems😄...they should only be doing those up to 10😀\n8:15 savannah, sounds like a little mommy \
A Ru
Omg in the UK they would just hang up cause it’s wasting their time and they have to get on the phone with real emergencies
Alfred Africa
Oh my God, this is so amazing..... I love kids
Anoop B
Al these calls are probably a great way to destress these 911 operators. These calls probably made their day :)
they way that kid kept saying \
Ayush Sharma
Last one was fucking awesome or so far so good 😂❤
Bil Carter
In all fairness, 16 take away 8 is pretty tough for a four year-old. I'd call the cops, too.
Brianna Bernal
One time when I was little I didn’t know what 911 was and my brother told me to call it ! So then I called it and I was like “hello” and then that’s when my brother told me they were the police 😂so then I hung up and we continued to dial other random numbers and call them (then a lady answered the call and said can I talk i your parents and I said they are not here 😂even though they were / so then she call d the police and said that a little girl was alone :/ so then a hour later when I was taking a bath the police came for those two reasons ; and then we had a party that day and my brother blamed the whole thing on me 😂
British Comedy UK
fucking awesome
Cedric Schenally
i start laughing when he ran the redlight so funny
Charlette A. P. Kealoha
I know their busy but we still need this kind of love.
My son once called the emergency number when he was 4 because he wanted to talk to me. I'm a paramedic, so who do you call when you want a paramedic?????
DM Risky
When my sister was about 5 years old my mom and dad gave her the “911 talk” about emergencies. And the next day after they had the talk, she called 911 because she thought they were joking, and when the police picked up, they said 911 what’s your emergency? And she said “hi I’m Rachel I call you because mommy said to call you if there’s an emergency” and then the dispatch responded with “ok Rachel is there an emergency? Is mommy ok?” And she said “yes she is ok” and then the dispatch said “so is there an emergency?” And she said “no mommy said call u if there’s an emergency but I wanted to call because I think that’s cool” then she hung up. And then 6 minutes later the police arrived at the door and said “your daughter Rachel called and said you had an emergency?” And then my dad said “no there’s no emergency ima go talk to her” and when my dad went into her room to check on her she was crying and she cried for a solid 20 minutes. My dad told her it was ok and that was just curious about what would happen and she said ok. My mom had talked to the policeman about the fact that she just wanted to see what would happen. And then we just went on with our lives. I still laugh to this day.
Damtea Khawlhring
Ohh Savannah 😍😍😍
Dan Lam
My son when he learns from preschool, 2-day later when he touching the fire alarm and sound iwent on, he calls 911. lucky they didn't make me pay for that.for that. thank for the fire department in Bridgeport, CT.
Dashia James
I can't believe that guy was still asking and trying 2 help that kid with her math....!!
*LaNae* *Kenneth?* How do you get Kenneth from LaNae?
Dj Ghoul TOUCH
Dispatcher: What's your name?\nGirl: LaNae.\nDispatcher: Kenneth?\nMe : *Facepalm*
East Ender
Shame on that mum who told her son to call someone! In other words she couldn’t be arsed to help him with his maths.
Ed Wald
The last kid was so adorable. Very composed. I am an adult and I would have been freaking out
Emily René
the first one was so cute 😂😂 \
Epiphany Coleman
When my daughter was about 4 we moved into a bigger house, one day I walked in from getting the mail and I found my daughter on the phone with 911, telling them that I had left her all alone and that she wanted the cops to come find me. The dispatcher was kind of pissy and I understand why. For about a week she had been calling all our friends asking if they knew where I was
Evena Chery
I'm busy too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 those kids are to much for me
Fem Pao
Oh how i wish we had police officers like cool #911\n#6 the real girl 😎😎😎#6 was really not funny
Fine Trends
You liked this video? \nWatch *Top 5 Worst 911 Operators Ever* \n
Fireheart Galathynius
That little boy who called the cops on his dad though XD!
Frank Castle
My sister called the cops on her dad because he took her hair dryer because she would never put it away
Glitch DDLC_YT
Gloria Hoyte
The last called was for a good reason, because her father was not feeling well\nand at five she did a fantastic job, congrats savannah !! So far so good!!
Its Zack
bruh this guy's voice so dead lmao
Iza Amaya
Savanna 😍❤️
Jada Kemper
I’ve called 911 when I was about 7 or 8 because I didn’t like eating my carrots lol.
LaNae was slick AF she knew not to put her parents on the phone 😂
Jenny Ef Official
Jo-Ann Bastings
While my daughter was napping after lunch (she was 4ish), I went to the backyard to take some sun and relax outside. She woke up and she called me but I didn’t hear her since I was outside. She looked for me in the house but she didn’t think to look outside, and she called 911. When I heard the doorbell, I went inside quickly. I saw my daughter with a surprised look to see me coming in, and I had a MORE surprised look to see two BIG policemen at my door with a very accusing stare at me. I had to disculpabilising myself of sunbathing to those two men. Today I’m laughing about it, but that day I surely didn’t!
John Kimmel
The boy with the math problem was the funniest one for me. I also admire the little girl's ability to evade questioning about Disney on ice.
Julie Rentaria
The best video
June Rosa
Savannah rocks
K Prasad Chari
so good....😅😅😅
Kayla Nicole
when my sister was 4, she called 911 because she couldnt find her chicken nuggets and she was accusing my mom of eating them and a policeman came with mcdonalds chicken nuggets and reminded her to only call 911 in emergencies
Haha! Reminds me of an incident with my kids. Without me knowing, one of my sons called 999 (I'm from the UK) and because he hadn't started talking yet, all they could hear was heavy breathing. \nNext thing I knew, they were banging down the door! There were police cars, a police van and an ambulance! The scariest thing ever was, understandably, they wouldn't take my word that everyone was okay, and that it was just my son making the call by accident. They burst in and searched the house in case it was a cover up. \nLot of explaining to my neighbours afterwards.
KittyCat Ain't Home Productions
This wasn’t when I was a kid, but it was pretty funny—after the fact—and humiliating! I had just been to the ER and was prescribed some powerful pain medication for back pain. I wanted to watch TV but found myself getting really sleepy. My husband said he was going to bed; it had been a long day. I told him no, that I needed him to stay up with me and keep me awake. He said he couldn’t; he had to go to work in the morning. I was insistent that he STAY UP WITH ME AND KEEP ME AWAKE ! ……\n\nWell, I decided to call 911 on him, thinking they would just ask to speak to him and tell him he HAD TO STAY UP WITH ME! But, they insisted on sending someone to our house to make sure everything was okay. I assured them it was; I just needed them to tell him to STAY UP WITH ME AND KEEP ME AWAKE. After I hung up, I realized I hadn’t had a shower that day. So, I told my husband to answer the door because I had to take a quick shower. He begged me not to—but I was persistent. ……\n\nWhen the police arrived, I was still in the shower. When my husband told them where I was, they asked if everything was okay. Then they asked him if I was taking any drugs or if I had been drinking. He told them about the ER visit and the pain medication. When I finally got out of the shower, they sat me down, took my blood pressure, asked what I had been taking, yada-yada-yada. I was completely embarrassed by this point. (Seems the shower had sobered me up a little.) This humiliation was the gift that kept on giving, however, when a month later, I realized we were in the neighborhood watch program; the police blotter was made public to my neighbors! 😊
Linda Sharp
I was a 911 police dispatcher for 22 years, and most of the kid's calls are pretty funny and innocent. However, adults call for the most stupid reasons! Some of my favorites were, \
Liz Art
When I first called it was from a car accident. I was the one injured and I was the one to call 911. The others involved didn’t even bother to call 911. One was distracted in texting and driving. The one behind us was paying attention but choose to call some friend or family instead of offering calling 911. Stupid people now a days. Just so you guys know. In Canada if caught texting and driving you will be charged like a felony. No joke. Don’t believe me do your research.
M46 H064N
cute .. me likey... wish the narrator would speak a bit better.. warmer tone of voice.
Mae Chronicles
The second child when they said “yeahhh” it was so cute
like and a sub.. how about NO
Miki Rybicki
That last video was sweet!
Mina’s World
XD the first one though!!😂😂\nMom: Johnny what do you think you’re doing?!\nSon: The policeman is helping me with my math.\nMom: What did I tell you about going on the phone?\nOperator: It’s the mother...\nSon: You said if I need help to call somebody.\nMom: I didn’t mean the police..!!!\nDAMN THAT WAS HILARIOUS 😂🤣😂🤣
Miss Chululups
Savannah is a sweetheart.
Mitz Dolero
So far,sooo good!
Mohammed Nawed Khan
in india we need to call on dial 100 for any emergengy...and we never get any attendents.
Mountain Girl
When I was a kid we didn't have 911 yet... we had to call the operator and ask to be connected to police, fire or ambulance. My brothers and sisters and I called the operator for fun in the middle of the night one night and just when we thought we had gotten away with it... the operator calls back and tells my mom that we were playing on the phone! I think we all got a spanking that!! Darn operator!!
Mr. Horse
I entered
NK Music
Uhm. No, they’re busy...
Naga Guy
Welcome to american comments area🙄
Nana nune official group Channel
this 5yrs old girls savanna is really intelligent and she cares he dud so much. love u savanna
When i was a kid, I thought that if i called the police, they'd come and take ME to prison.
Pavlin Simeonov
Is it me or has this video been posted *after* this channel's giftcard thingy? Sounds like a subbait to me. Narrator's voice wasn't really exciting - the guy sounded like bored while talking. :D
Princess Mesha
💀💀💀💀 he called the police on his dad
Rey Josee
so far so good
Robin Roshto
Little Savanna was so calm and collected. And only five years old! She was even managing the dog! I hope her dad made a full recovery.
S-SERIES India official
He should be 1m + subscriber
Omg..Savannah with her dad.. She's amazing😇
Stephanie S
I should have called 911 to help me with my math... instead of my dad helping me. The police wouldn't have spanked me until I got it right.
Swiper Fox
At least she got math problems... and not meth problems
Thomas Leitner
It's actually pretty sad, when children rather call someone else for help than their own parents, who obviously fail in the role of helping hand.
Tiffany Peyton
Soo... when I was about 3, I called the 911, they awnsered so I hung up, thing they would ignore the call. But what I didn't know was that they SOMEHOW KNEW WHERE I LIVED AND WHERE WAS CALLING FROM!! Well that was a suprise to me at the time, but ANYWAY they came to the door, me (being like 3) didn't look out the window so I opened it, so being very scared, I ran upstairs. My older sister came down and when she saw the police, she was scared too! So then she went upstairs. But then my other older older sister came and she apologized to the policeman and said that it was \n a mistake. \n\n\nSo as you can imagine I got in truble, and learned not to \nA: call 911.\n And B: open the door without l👀king out the window.\nSo yeah.. don't call 911 unless it's a true emergency
Tomo Polic
That last girl is amazing. ..
Tony Aviles
I love the little girl who calls about Disneyland on ICE. She is smart.
Unicorns and Compliments
You have to be extremely specific with children with what you tell them. Because if you leave it opened ended they will fill in the rest. For example when I was a kid I asked my dad if one million came after 100. He said yes. So I was under the impression numbers went something like this...98, 99,100, 1,000,000. Specify.
Vampire Queen
I learned 911 when I was 3. I had to get a hold of it for my grandma, as she suffered from a heart attack at 12 in the morning. I had to run to the neighbors because we didn't have a working phone at the time. I was thankful that the neighbor offered to make the call for me, as I was in tears, and once I knew they were on the way, I ran back to her. I seriously do not understand why a child misunderstands the use of 911.. I knew exactly what it was for.\n It is why it is extremely important to teach your children about emergencies and how to handle them. These kids in here were deprived of real world lessons.
Vijiyant Tanaji
Does the narrator forgot to drink his coffeeeee
Willnard Anderson
I need my daughter to be like Savannah! She's so smart and precious. Awesome daughter.
Zeynep Dagci
- \
awaken brown
That was real unny.... Johnny: you told me to call somebody when I need help... Mom : Not the police... Omg that was funny
bhanu puthra
These thinks really exits , those people are very lucky, in our country law is almost dead,
I might be wrong, but Savannah saved his dad.
My son called the police on my mom because they taught them at school if your parents don't feed you to call the police and he wanted cereal for lunch and my mother said no so he called the
Savannah won my heart. Bless this sweetie pie! Tears flowing away. Oh my!
ikran dahir
When there is an emergency here in Africa u dont call the police u call ur relatives coz the police will arrive aftrt u r burried
kaku Empire
Nice one my dad passed the red light
karima Wolf
I did it for nothing and my dad took it of me and told them oh sos that was my daughter and I fainted 1 time so I my parents called the ambulance \nAnd guess what...?\nWHEN HE SAID DO U HAVE ANY ARM PAINS!!!!\nI SAiD THE ONE WID DA MACHINE 😹😹😹😻😻😻😹😹😹
komling tayeng
i would like to have savannah as my kid
linda ziu
The sahvana girl is so cute. Very worried what she is going to put on
linnie mouse
soooooooo cute..💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
I love kids
markzala Fernandez
Why they allowed police officer have their tattoo but in Philippines they didn't allow it hahaha
Dispatcher: I heard you ran a red light.\nDad: haha ahh ya I’m sorry....\n\nLmao 😂 funny kid ratting out his dad, well at least he has good morals
That last one though 😂
nicola Reay
That last one really was the best, I hope that she got an award or something for what she did and I hope that her dad was OK too
nise Charles
So for those of you who did not know, kindly note, Disney on ice is in Sacramento. Just remember, you heard it here first 😂😂😂
pamba missra
I love d number 6 and number 1
rafia taj
I seriously loved that girl Savannah for being so understanding and responsive. Her attentiveness was amazing for a five year old. loved that innocent girly concern on what she wore. Hope the dad's fine..... has to be with such a wonderful daughter. Love Savannah.😘
Hey do u allow ppl 2 share ya videos??
stephanie Umerah
bro the dude speaking sounds sooo depressed!!!!