10 Funny Commercials from China

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Most of this made by thailand for china company. Most of commercials in this video made by Thai entertainment company and use Thai actor .
The funniest thing about China is how small all the penises are there. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Adolf Hissler
Last one was best one!
Alexandre Rocha
In the USA (Hollywood) propaganda-like films, China is a country made by farmers bad clothered
辣鸡滴滴 多少无辜姑娘的夺命鬼
Ambrish dubey
Wtf is didi
Andrew Gator
The first one is so stereotyping but YET SO TRUE!!! I know; |'m chinese
sponsered by didi
Ashley Persaud
5:31 thumbnail starts
BellaYT Chanel
In 5:30 ive laugh so hard \nAnd by the way thats my favorite
2:28 me XD
Not clever, not compelling, not interesting.
Cody Lim
The first one is so true.... no looks but as Long as your pocket is deep, the parents are good on everything.
Colby Chaos
10 not funny commercials from china
Dianto Xentar
The last one is funny
ERIE Berry Marshall
Elijah Oyekunle
Didi and Volkswagen seem to be the only companies making ads in China.
Eric Gates
3:55 he just took his little buddies on a Golf trip
Erza Anime
I was like damn, the first ad was about Chinese uber, I thought it would be something else
DIDI seems safe ...
Francelee Paris
Lol.... Chinese are making better commercials than the politically correct westerners... won’t be long before they undercut all the ad agencies of the world and put them out of business
Francisco Rodriguez
That first commercial is MGTOW! I always knew Asian women are among the world's most GOLD Dogging Whores! That's why they lust over white men, because they believe ALL white men have money.
French Soviet Spy
Hahaha the first one made me laugh so hard
Funniest Commercials Compilation
Come on guys! Don't take life too seriously.
Ganda Gandara
You can see the greatness of a nation by way of its advertisements. - readers digest
Greed Unlimited
You can see the whole nation is honoring the culture of gold diggers .
Healthy Cooking By Meenu
like it
Heru- deshet
The last one killed me because he looks like my little dog, lol.
JL MetaMix
lol at 6:46
Jaden Parrish
He put the bug spray in his mouth and I said NOOOOOO! XD
James Yep
These ads are of ironic to some real society phenomena, nothing to be proud of. They remind many problems need to solve.
Jerry Zhang
John Gibb
Last last one was brilliant.
John Nyu
Really China.....is this your best?
Jon Irenicus
The first one is not only funny but extremely accurate too LMAO.
Kamrul Ahasan
Karwin Chau
The 2 last one got me dead😂😂😂😂
Katsu PAc
the guy with a fish is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS !!!
I for one welcome our new planetary overlords.
Lachlan Holt
This compilation was paid for by DiDi
M. Evripidou
the first one cracked me up
एक बात समझ नही आई कि लोग इतनी महंगी बकरी क्यों खरीद रहे हैं अगर मीट बेचने के लिए तो भाई इतनी मंहगी मीट कहीं भी नही मिलती मिल भी जाये तो कोई खीरदेगा भी नही तो आखिर खरीद करना क्या है इनका कैसे मुनाफा होगा जरा समझाने का कष्ट करें
4:05 ..is this Joji?
MervePlayz Dont know?
The Dog Was in the butt😂😂😂😂
Mike Wasfaret
For some reason I thought of the Chinese as lacking sense of humor. Boy was I wrong!
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LOL fish soap 😂
the commercial at 0:53 cracked me up. The tiger parents trying to evaluate the boyfriend and the boyfriend just owned everyone. lol
Mrudul Jain
Didi Taxi ads are the best 😂😂
Nika Obolashvili
Last one😆😆😆
poor dog!!ahahah ...but very good actress!!
LOL ^.^
Thumbs Up If *_You Love China!_*
Rainbow Station
These are definitely NOT even among the funniest commercials in China. This compilation itself is just a commercial ad by DiDi
Raish PS
The one with the fish made me damn uncomfortable at first😂
Rinku Singh
First ad reminds me of arranged marriages in India
Ripossa Gucci
OMG! The last one😂😂
Robbie Lawson
All you get in Britain & America are are race mixing adverts so I guess it's a step up from that.
Ruchir Jain
Now i have seen everything
Rudolf Adler
5:39 the Chinese girl's name is \
Sky Nightkilla
“Im your boss li come to my office now”\nLost it there
Why use Thai Actor in many filming?
Tianjiao Zhou
Virgil Thelmo
The first and the last one . ... . . perfect!
Vis A Vis
The first one is so funny😆😆😆😆😆
X Nick Cui
LOL. That is why DIDI sucks. They spend too much time and energy on these ridiculous commercials.
dog is S
alex mark
Nihao...\nThis is really funny😂😂👍
The last one was best!
chandramauli singh
The POOR DOOG 7:06
charles miller
I have a Louis Armstrong recording.....therefore I CANNOT be a NAZI
danial tj
4:02 eeww gross
deborah gate
ferry yam martinez
hannah jawad
the first one alone mad me yell and laugh WTF
hongji Zhang
johnny llooddte
when do we see the funny ones
In my opinion the actors are Thai people.
khairul Leon
*I love the last one*
lily happy
Omg the last one 😂😂😂😂
Now I need a Volkswagen car and whatever the DiDi service is lol
mpjopa tv
mugiwara no luffy
AAAAAAahahahahaha the dog dog dog AAAAhhhhh
mythical unicorn
2:08 he wasn't wearing a seatbelt
shilpa kapoor
2:19 totally relate 😂
suyasha rai
haha! that woman never gonna find her dog alive!!!! :):)
victoria Barrios
Sinong pinoy dito? Mas nakakatawa payong pinoy diba?
whatcha lookin at?
OMG the puppy one is funny!!!
widhie dharma
Seriously ?. Thats what u call \
wiwied wicaksono
lol the first and last is the best
xxLevitonesxx Kawai!
Did anyone see the dog on the gigantic butt?
yuchen yao
totally grossed out, why this entire video compilation is mainly comprised of ads of DIDI and Volkswagen?seldom see any of them on Chinese TV. Thank you for showing me how seedy these two companies can be. Steer away from them, for sure.
• Craz •
5:35 is where the thumbnail is at if u dont wanna waste ur time
ちゃんTsukiko 月子
Okay, Chinese adverts are just as good as Japanese ones. 10/10
the first one was funny
Thai ads style🤣
소소한 아따ADDA
혜정 승완