Movie Scenes That Terrified Actors In Real Life

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I like how a movie about chocolate made it into a video about horror movies XD
The blair witch was one of the dumbest and least scary horror movies I have ever seen in my life. Ultimate let down.
Owhh. I always hate seeing/hearing about little kids getting truly terrified. Though I wouldn't put it too much on Brando, that was more on the improv side, but Monster Squad.. as nice as it was to get a genuine scream, I hope filming that scene ended soon after.
There is also that one where Michael Caine got scared when he first laid eyes on Heath Ledgers Joker in the Dark Knight. I think it was the dinner party scene.
Almog Azoulay
I just feel bad for all of those child actors not being fully aware of what's going on. Children are too inoccent to know what's real and what's not, potentially traumatizing them for the rest of their lives.
Andrew Torrens
the Texas chainsaw massacre is one of the most disturbing films I've seen
Andy Cervantes
Boys n the hood, the director didn't tell that cast that he was going to fire a fully automatic weapon at the end of a scene, so when the gunfire started, everyone hits the ground and and tried to leave the scene. You can see ice cube hand off a fake weapon to try and get his car out of there.
Anna Schvarzman Goncharova
Poor little girl who got scared by the vampire. She must have been traumatized.
Bailey Daniels
Why would you not show us the high pitched squeal
BuyLow SellHigh
how can you include 'the godfather' and not talk about the horse head scene? \n\nthey got a real horse head from a local dog food company and the actor was expecting a prop. his screams were real!
Chris Lowee
What about Psycho? The actress was so terrified she never took a shower again. She took baths but if she was a hotel where she had to take a shower she would leave all the doors open and the curtain on the shower open. Now THAT’S a true terror.
Thats why the blair witch project actors were so good...
Daniel Klein
Just listen \
Danielle Vaughn
I love how they tricked the Alien cast to get authentic reactions.
Dennis Gouns
LOL thats my moms brother playing the baby in the godfather
Derek Heuring
Are you kidding me? The scariest move scenes of all time are in Gene Romero's original 'Night of the Living Dead'. Remember when the mother walks into the pantry and finds her daughter contentedly munching on her dead father's arm or the zombies pulling the young woman's intestines out?
A Looper video that just ends? I love it!
Distraction EDM
This was pretty cool! I would like to see more stuff like this, e.g. something like best improvisations by actors and stuff like that!
Doug Smithart
Directors who sitting surprised on thirty actors the way Spielberg, Scott and Pelli are geniuses. No matter how good an actor or actress is, nothing beats an authentic reaction to a stimulus.
Dr Dildo
Brooke Shields once farted on the set of blue lagoon.
Looper, it would be nice if you included the scenes that you talk about in your videos. Thanks
Ellen Ripley
And That Alien movie was in 1979. Still the best Alien.
Gene Wilder's boat scene that supposedly is scary just confuses me. I don't get how it's scary or even fits into the film. Can someone please explain this to me, or was it one of those 'it was scary back in the days' kind of thing?
You forgot the Exorcist...the director, William Friedkin would do things to startle the actors, like shooting guns right before filming, making other loud noises, yelling at them, slapping actor's faces right before filming their scenes, etc. It worked extremely well.
Fishy Net
poor 5y/o girl. :(
Fokker - 1138
But the Blair Witch Project wasn't scary at all...
Gaming Kanális
Okay, okay, I click on it already...geez..
Gary Diggins
Blair Witch was the original piece of crap cellphone camera movie and not one second of scary.
Greninja Storm
No mention of Maleficent? It was said that when Angelina Jolie was in full costume, the only kid that WASN'T scared of her was her little girl, who knew it was mommy under the costume.
Hero Of Justice
I love behind the scenes stuff like this
I'm on a mission to capture justin.y
How dare you not talk about the horse head scene from godfather?
Isaac Thompson
These scenes terrify ME in real life !! What about ME ?!!!?!?
Izzy SoDope
The scariest movie scene was when the alien popped out that dude chest and said \
Scariest movie I've ever seen....................\
J. E. Blake
I'm surprised the first appearance of the Joker in The Dark Knight wasn't on here. When he steps off the elevator, the shock on Maggie Gyllenhaal and Michael Caine's face was real because it was that first time they saw him in full costume.
Good video, but i have one simple question which haunts me :\nWhy do you not show us the scene you're talking about ! This is extremely frustrating ! For example, in alien, you show the moments just before, ( which means it's not a question of copyright ) and then, you show us pictures of the scene you're talking about ! I don't know why, but this frustrates me so much that I have a hard time watching the video even though it is good...
Jae KiDd
you should of showed the clips of then getting scared SMH
Jeffrey Elya
Speaking of Denise Nickseron, they could've totally scared the crap out of her by having the girl put on the inflatable blueberry suit w/o her knowing that Violet's demise was her character widening and fattening up into a gigantic blueberry. If you watch the documentary, she explains that the Oompa Loompas were frequently looking control over rolling her about the room. Thinking about that makes me dizzy,.....
Jeni Watkins
The only movie to ever disturb me was The Descent.
Joseph McDermott
Am I the only person who thought Prometheus was an absolutely brilliant movie?
Julio Molina
WOW!\nI liked the way you finished the video. No blah blah blah subscribe, give it like or activate the bell. \nVERY GOOD FOR THAT!
Justin Ross
That Alien director is definitely having lots of fun from this list. Ingenious psychopath.
Kimmo Laine
Shelley Duvall in The Shining. Pretty much all scenes. She suffered emotional torture by the hands of Kubrick and Nicholson. She had a mental collapse after the project which never really healed. Sheryl Lee in Fire Walk With Me, the murder of Laura Palmer. She was genuinely scared that day, and some others even though Lynch is a sweetheart to his cast.
Kindred 315
The kid actors who met pennywise irl should be in this
Show the scenes damnit.
What other movie scenes terrified its actors behind the scenes?
You tell us about all of the scenes but show seldom clips or sounds of it actually happening
Max Miesen
You forgot Wendy in the Shining when Jack cuts down the door
Mimie B7
Great vid. 👍
Morphic c
Blair Witch is such an underrated horror movie
why not show the scenes?
NateDawg _Express
666 likes....\n\n\n\nLemme be a heel and change this.
Neon Shadow
It didn't terrify me or anything but that boat scene in Willy Wonka had me asking myself like \
What is the point of this without showing the scenes?
Oscar Villa
Poor girl
Paul Thomson
The Blair witch project was not scary. It was probably the worst movie I ever saw. It should be destroyed for being so bad.
Pete Fiftyeight
Dude! You forgot Jurassic Park (1993) when the T Rex animatronic accidentally broke the top windshield of the car and scared the child actors. They weren't acting, they were genuinely terrified because that wasn't supposed to happen. However, Spielberg left that part in the movie because of how raw and genuine the scene was.
Ruudsch Ma' Hinda
I'll make sure to check out some other videos you know I'll like, too. ;)
Every time I watch a scary movie, I sleep with my mom that night. I decided to make this rule because I realized that I haven't given her much love recently. I wanna spend some more time with her. It's not because I'm scared or anything. I love my mom.
My two favourites are the IT remake garage/projector scene and Tim Curry as the lord of darkness in Legend.
Sam Nigam
Nothing scary in Willy Wonka n Chocolate factory give me a break😂. When it comes to scary scenes in movies nothing like Friday the 13th all parts, Evil Dead, Exorcist, Childs Play, The Shining, Amityville Horror, Aliens etc. It will scare the shit of out of u.\n\n From Ridley Scott's Alien series - Promtheus n Alien Covenant were both dam scary Sci fi Alien movies. \n\n But in reality Alien Abduction is scary coz I have studied read n viewed UFO abduction cases. For example Betty n Barney Allagash n Travis Walton abduction cases are most terryfying. Hi am a UFO Enthusiast n believe that UFOs n Aliens exist n have been visiting Earth since millions of years ago.
Before I’ve watched it I’m just going to state I’ll be pissed off if The Shining doesn’t make this list, Kubrick nearly broke the damn woman while filming that, she suffered PTSD and severe stress during and after the filming of the movie, sheds REAL tears , had massive arguments with production team and when they got her to the point of breaking, decided to start filming the scene. The snowcat scene near the end, those are real tears and anxiety showing!
Sonary Hat
I can see someone just excited about seeing the crew being terrified and laughing afterwards 😂
Sonja Morrison
So, Spielberg manipulates small boys? Now, that IS horrifying.
The Blair Lame Project...?
I will always remember Gene Wilder as Young Frankenstein, so take that Looper
Thaddeus Bahl
It is a real shame that you couldn’t post any of the actual scenes
Se7en, sloth scene
You forget the one in It where the kids start crying when they see Pennywise for the first time.
If you are lonely,dim all lights and put on a horror movie. After a while it won't feel like you're alone anymore.
Winston Bush
You try to do that now then you will get sued actually.
If I could tuuuuuuurn back time!
Zachary Tushaus
Ah dang it I thought this was watch mojo
Zulu Armand
Prometheus was the first and only scary movie I found truly scary and that wasn't even it's genre. It's smart to hide a scary movie among thrillers so you don't expect to be scared.
addy kelly
Yeah, don’t think we should be encouraging directors to torment people for their own artistic purposes, especially children.
I can't stand pulling those yricks on the kid actors😩
bailey ellison
I know in the silent film version of phantom of the opera when Christine took off the phantom’s mask her terror was real because Lon Chaney made sure that Mary Philbin never saw his face without the mask until that scene so her terror was real. I wish we could hear that scene though because Philbin says that when she took the mask off Chaney he made an inhuman noise that sounded like it was coming from everywhere at once and it terrified her along with seeing his face and I think that would be so cool to hear.
ben coates
That poor kid in \
hold on, you actually just mentioned the godfather in this video without talking about the horse's head scene?
curse Love
it the same tree LOL its the same dam tree
dodgers doon1130
You missed one. In 2017 It the kids reactions are of genuine terror bc the kids never saw bill in his full pennywise makeup until the scene
The Shining, destroyed the actress’ life
Easily The Twilight Zone Movie, where the safety protocols were so bad that the actors looked terrified with every special effect (sadly a few did actually die with the helicopter scene).
Gene wilder is a god among actors. His natural ability for acting and making things seem real has been unmatched by very few.
I thought they were going to say the wolfman really had nards.
jimmer hardy
Alien: they all knew about the chest buster scene. It was the volume of blood that freaked them out.
jose juan andrade
OMG When did they make handsome Squidward into a real thing?!
lyn baker
Sooooo..... Emotional torture is profitable?
margareth michelina
You forgot IT 2017. The kids never meet Bill Skarsgård on Pennywise costume for a month and they legimately terrified when they met him on first time on clown costume. Skarsgård himself get nightmares of Pennywise for few weeks.
Gene wilder was the best!
no name
uhm so this was utterly stolen from another chanel who done the exact same thing like 3+months ago. content stealing at the finest.
The Godfather one I'M SCREAMING!!!!
Scariest thing that is saw was when the head rolled to the hole in the boat in jaws.\nStill shits me up today.
After seeing those engineers from the later Alien films, I'm just not able to shake off the similarities they share with Woody Harrelson. If you painted his head and face completely white and gave him black contacts he'd fit right in with them.
Liam Neeson admitted in a 2016 interview that he was terrified to do scenes with Jake Lloyd (young Anakin) because he was such an amazing actor. “I was in awe of his skills. Only 8 years old and already making me look bad. I was so happy when he quit acting.”
Scaring kids on set or getting them to go off swearing always bothers me. There's acting and then there's child abuse.