Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time - Sidepork Pandemonium

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Sidepork. Its swedish bacon. Salty and awsome. Hard to comprehend? WE DONT CARE Enjoy the food. And remember: Pre-dinner mayo is GOOD FOR YOU! DO IT: Twitter: Facebook: iOS app: /RegularOrdinarySwedishMealTime Note: 50'000 views by Wednesday, and we will release another one on Thursday. Otherwise, we will take a weeks break for some studies. Note 2: Trolls (who doesnt understand our sarcasm, or that we are merely inspired by EpicMealTime and this is more a parody thing) will be destroyed.

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this isn't bacon!
i know what the real voices are, they are german...
You're in dire need of a life.
Peter Berkes
you could have come up with a different name for that video, why the fuck are you using this title?? get a life
Lol how boring was that it had nothing to do anything with regular ordinary swedish meal time....\n
collin twat
this is trolling