Italian Greyhound - Top 10 Interesting Facts

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The Italian Greyhound dog breed was a favorite companion of noblewomen in the Middle Ages, especially in Italy. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Italian Greyhound.Web -

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Chris Baradinskas
So very true!
Courtney Daniels
I've had 4 Italian Greyhounds and found all of these observations to be true. None of my dogs ever wanted to run when we took them to playdates with other IGs. But certainly there were always some IGs at these playdates who loved to run and were very fast. The one thing he did not mention is the importance of keeping an Italian Greyhound on leash when you are not in a safely enclosed space. Because they are sighthounds, they will dart into traffic without even realizing what they're doing, if they see something that excites them or if they're spooked by a loud noise, etc. Also, this breed is not ideal for most people. They often have health issues that can be expensive to treat, they have to get frequent teeth cleanings, they can break a bone easily when they're young (by jumping off a couch, etc.), they're not compatible with energetic young children, etc.
Mistress Komakino
2:45 That's not true, IGs require at least an hour long walk everyday and a safe space to be let off their lead to run. If they don't run, they're not happy.
Nancy Doyle
Small version of greyhound
Patrick Flanagan
Sounds like the same voice from \
Ray Magliacano
1:48 “It is Rare to Find an Overweight Italian Greyhound” You Clearly haven’t Met Paesh🤣💙
Who else just love Italian Greyhound? ♥
I have a 1 1/2 year old Italian Greyhound and her name is Brownie
Winterlove Kate
Cermet does good with an cuddle
bubble tea animationsTM
LOOVEEE the robo voice! Just love it!!
Some of the facts presented are confused with full sized greyhounds, i.e. \
Best kept secret breed.. All the other masses can keep their Bulldogs,Yorkies, and Labs. I have just what I need here with my unique lovable breed.