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Abhinav Kumar
Is this Dove ad?
Abz Art
The girl who said she'd change her forehead, when I first saw her I only thought damn she is gorgeous
The adults hesitated and when I'm like oh this is easy, I know right away what I'd change
Adan Anukheys
I felt bad when the Asian girl said she would make her eyes bigger, cz I think she's beautiful already. And I hope people stop judging each other cz nobody is perfect
Aisha Stylieber
I cried.
Alli Grace
“Extra pointy ears”
Amairani Hernandez
1:45 ese hombre es perfecto
Annie Tankard
This video is so powerful; it really makes you wonder about how much we change as we grow up. We stop focusing on childhood-related things (like teleportation or a shark mouth, said by the kids in the video) and end focusing on things about ourselves (e.g skin) that we really shouldn't feel uncomfortable about. I actually cried when the video went over to the part with the kids, and realised what the video's message was all about.\n\nThere's only one thing that I would like to change about my body, which is the way my belly sticks out. Everything else I'm alright with. I think the issue here is that society portrays an unrealistic representation of beauty, which isn't imposed on children but is socialised into them as they become adults. Like the elderly woman in the video says, we should love ourselves no matter what.\n\nThis channel just earned a new subscriber!
Antoinette Gomart
I needed this
Aqua Pupper
Wings would be awesome if I were as light as a bird to fly
Banana -
This is easy for me.. I would change my eyesight.
Bharadwaj Goda
The woman said stretch marks...cause of the baby. Broke my heart.
1:46 so cute!!!
Brenna Edwards
I'm 15 now and I used to be perfectly fine with my body. (I am considered a normal weight for my age and height). But 2 years ago my older brother started to bully me. Calling me names, and making fun of me for how I looked. He to this day calls me fat on a daily basis. Yesterday he said he saw me at the beach. I said I wasn't at the beach. He said I was the whale swimming in the water. I cry at least 5 times a week about this. But it's not completely about the names he calls me. It's my parents. The fact that they do nothing about it is heartbreaking. My dad will yell at him or send him to his room. But he is at work until 5 every day. And my mom won't do anything unless it's bothering her. He will yell at me calling me fat and I will yell \
Caitlin C.S
The girl who said she has a big forehead, I feel the exact same but my forehead is way bigger. 😪
Caty Grey
The children are so adorable \nWow\nPowerful message\nDammit society XD
Chappell Myers
And people say you can’t learn anything from children.
The girl who wants a mermaid tail is me tbh
Cream Whiz
Wow when she said she has a big forehead I was like, WTF YOU DONT
Omg! I found someone who also has a crooked foot! I am so happy! 😭
Do you know annyeonghaseyo?
all these people were so beautifullll, but its not society's idea of beauty its their own idea of happiness..
Eimear joy
its amazing how the children interpreted the question in a different way and answered it the only positive way possible by wishing to gain something instead of lose something
Elayequeyuiow jecca
I think my heart just broke
Elisabeta Luca
These people are awesome, honestly...all of them
The girl who said \
i literally am sobbing
Hany Official
Hey you \nYes you \n you are beautiful \n💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Happy Hope
i would like to change my body shape eventhough they didnt ask me😂
Hedvig Sylwan
God, I totally saw it coming but when that beautiful little girl said she wanted a mermaid tail I completely lost it
Helene Heltmark
This just made me realize that we´re actually born confident in our selves, but through our lives we experience so much shit that we lose our confidence.
Hullu Majava
I'm 16 I woldn't change anything about me
For me it'd be my top and genitals for being trans + TALLER OF COURSE.
omg this little girl who said she couldn't climb the chair❤❤😍😍💐💐
Jasmine Campos
Joanna Boxer
sorry but human insecurity will happen regardless. You can never stop bullying nor media production.
Jomairy Ochoa
I want big teeth and taller longer legs
Josh Is Not Real, Remember?
This video hits me so hard.. when i was 7 my biggest problem ever was that i lost my favorite marker, now all i think about is \
Juliva Fakavamoeanga
honestly I would change my ears cause my ear lobes a what's called non attached which basically means a have flappy earlobes other than that umm nothing.\nOr may be even my eye colour to green or bright blue or mixed colours just for the fun of it. \nother than those I am beautiful and unique just like everyone else on this earth
Kate Looti
I am glad some kids don't have issues with their bodies, some start to have thoughts about it in a really young age
Katherine G
The innocence of a young child mine 😭 idk when I was last time comfortable. We know to self love, not to live up to other's expectation on social media, we all know that, but there's always that something that doesn't listen and still is insecure about ourselves.
Kylie Russell
I would change my face. I don’t like how my face looks. :/
I don’t understand why people don’t like stretch marks, they make everyone different.
I feel like I would've been the rare kid who would've definitely been more along the lines of the adults since I was conditioned to hate my body at a very young age.
Live Laugh Love
This makes me want to cry. was ready to be really upset when children started talking. I was afraid to hear how much society had already gotten to them about how a person should and shouldn't look. The adults were so fast to think of what they don't like about themself and the kids all came up with creative cool/fun and funny things or didn't want to change anything. Sadly when the question was asked I already knew my response, \
Lizzle 2 cents
I'm with the kids. All the adults were doing normal stuff like height ( which I totally respect) but I'm with shark boy and wing chick- I want to eat more and have wings sounds pretty good!!!
Beautiful videos and such a beautiful question for 50 people to answer. Clip 1:55 the kids are very adorable. I find how they think as very amazing.
2:43 the answer I was looking for.. still my wish as an adult too.😍😍
Mai Le
Waaah these kids are so lucky because as a kid in like primary school (kindergarten) I was already beauty orientated and wanted to be prettier OoO
Mariana Bee
Maryam Amiri
Megan Xo
I love how the children didn't point out any flaws
Melagarge -
It's actually sad that I started thinking I was too fat when I was 4. I would definitely choose to be skinnier.
Mila Levine
Seriously simplistic. So yes the kids didn't care what they looked like. When they grow up, they will. Plus, not all kids are like that. Many r very self-aware. Perhaps too self-aware. This is a small sample of adults and kids. Not sure about adults, But it is sure far from being accurate about kids. Hasty generalization.
Miley onDisney
0:52 - Isn't it amazing how beautiful this girl is and she says her forehead is big? I honestly don't think it's big at all. She's very pretty.\n2:10 - That kid has no veins in his eyeballs! Scary-looking!
Millie May
I would have Red Hair or grow shorter. 😅😂
I would change my face
Nilofar Israr
wings to fly.....
Nour Elmaataoui
Ughhh, someone cutting up onions again!
Rewa Joshi
And that's why they say, old age is your second childhood ♥️
Rodney Robinson
When you was 42 year old. And you live with your mother do your mother treat you like a little kid and you are gown man going to be 42 year old
Sara Marika
it's very interesting to see the difference in the answears between adults and kids. The reason is because kids in that age hasn't exactly develop the same self awareness as the adults have, which makes them think differently.
Sasaki Umiquema
I liked the teleportation one
Shaikha.164 Lol
No one is born hating how they look \nSociety changes that
Sophia Payne
“I would want wings.... so I can fly.”\n\n\n\n*MY HEART* ❤️
the difference between being young and being a teen. the different thought processes damn
So kids want extra things\nAdults want to change things\nAnd elders are wise enough to understand that each one of us is unique \nPerfect idea of a video❤️
I always was unhappy with my body. I remember being about 5 or 6 and looking in the mirror and thinking I was fat. I still think that way about myself because I've gained a lot of weight recently. So if you would(ve asked me the question when I was little, I would have answered it like the adults did.
I asked my 5 year old this question... His response: \
Okay, can I just say though...they chose people who ranged from generally okay looking, to obviously attractive. You didn't pick any body with buck teeth, or a burned face, or bugged out eyes. No one with a missing leg, deaf, blind. So the message seems to be, \
Twice's second bag of chips
I'm short with a big head lol 😂😂 😂 it's funny tho
Unicorn_Chibi Love
Once people get older, the more they want to fit in and look better and they all ways judge they're appearance. We all need to stop and be happy. We are all beautiful in our own ways.
Vi Vek
All of them are so beautiful know world is really a beautiful place.😊
Welpazoo•-• Lia
I would cry.... if they asked me this question.\n\nI would's existence✌
Wig snatcher
I still get bullied ppl call me big forehead and 5 head too. I just wish it would stop.😢😭
Dude, when the kids came out the first I thought was \
Zulja Sinanaj
Oh no I’m sobbing .. my period is coming
[Deleted Account]
i would not Change Anything cuz i believe I'm Pretty Just the way i am
[EX] Xaid
If someone asked me that I would: Look down and say My penis size xD
[Olivia] [Owers]
Im a 13 year old girl and i have size 9 feet and it is so horrible . All my friends have normal sized feet and i have flippers....
angelx xno
I'm crying 😭💕😊
baby Taesthetics
The last time I was comfortable was when I was in 2nd grade...the minute I reached third grade, that's when I realized that nothing's gonna get better. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right.
bianca gionzago
My skin because I’m brown and I have gone through racism
catherine the cool one
666 dislikes satan is that you
I wanna change my eyes.... because videos like this make me tear up so easily.... its like, \
Wings, obviously. \n\nI can't believe only one person got it right.
i dunno
The thumbnail is so cute.
0:48 “only one?” \n\nMOOOOOOD
keith e
this is my favorite channel ever
lil Penisballs
whats so deep about this? people have insecurities and children have imaginations?
one thirtyfivepm
kids are so pure
otuma kazel
ADULTS Care More What Other People Think Of Them\nKIDS Only Care What They Think Of Themselves. A True Life lesson to live by, I came in this world alone and Naked and I will Exit Alone and Naked
snazzy flutes
_i may not like how i look all the time, but i know im beautiful no matter what. and you should love yourself no matter what_
that bitch
the singing goose
I wouldn't change anything about my body, just the way I perceive it.
trinity x
I would change my tastebuds to eat more things
i would change my teeth because one got chipped
{{Sso_ lukeyskywalker}}
i have 2 things im not comfortable with my body. 1. overweight - 2. big breast -
ღ grace ღ