KOIT TOOME LAURA - Verona - Italian Version (Official video)

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I love this song: thank you guys from Italy !
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah   ah ah\nDormo tutta sola, in mano una bottiglia ancora\nNiente serenate, il nostro gioco ormai è finito\nL'amore era forte in me per te, ma la poesia è diventata un dramma\nCome Romeo e Giulietta io e te, ci siamo persi a Verona\nRicordo le ferite, mi sento forte il tempo lo sa\nNon sono un solitario, dimenticare te non si può\nSono sempre stato sincero con te, ma la poesia è diventata un dramma\nIl meglio di me sei sempre tu, ma abbiamo perso a Verona\nPerduti tra la folla per strada\n(persi noi)\nCome due barche nel mare\n(persi noi)\nSappiamo costruire e bruciare l'amore\nMa abbiamo perso a Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah   ah ah\nPerdiamo troviamo, la nostra Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah    ah ah\nSiamo persi a Verona\nAmore folle amore, amore folle amore\nNon dico mi dispiace, non dico mai di no\nQuest'uomo e questa donna, innamorati\nScomparsi a Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah    ah ah\nPerdiamo troviamo, la nostra Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah    ah ah\nSiamo persi a Verona\nPerduti tra la folla per strada\n(persi noi)\nCome due barche nel mare\n(persi noi)\nSappiamo costruire e bruciare l'amore\nL'abbiamo perso a Verona\nAh ah, ah ah\nPerdiamo troviamo, la nostra Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah, ah ah ah    \nSiamo persi a Verona\nAh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah    ah ah\nSiamo persi a Verona.
Alex Silver
these two i call THE GOOSEBUMPS SUMMONERS :)
Alexis Guillot
This song is just fantastic and maybe better in italian than in english.
So cool, now make an Estonian version! :D
Altamer Pulmakutsed
Sounds much better in Italian language than in English. Half english and half Italian would be nice on Eurovision !
Andrea Soru
Molto bella e orecchiabile!! non capisco le prime parole della ragazza, con in mano una bottiglia in guuoola? ??
Andrea pozzati
From Italian I can tell you that we are very happy to have you cheated in Italian, the 12 points are yours! Beautiful song!
Andrzej Granowski
The Italian version is even better than the English version! KOIT TOOME & LAURA - the best!
Ave Aasmaa
Just selle versiooniga Eurovisioonile. (Y) Seda võikski kuulama jääda :)
Ave Angerjas
Imeline! Itaalia keel sobib imeliselt, iga kord, kui kuulan, ajab nutma \u003c3 Inglisekeelse variandiga sellist tunnet ei teki ;-)
Azaryan Ara
OMG love from Armenia,my favorite song this year
D St.
So terrible sad this amazing song didn't go to finale! \nGreat performance and quality has lost in front of some horrible songs- such an injustice!!!!\nMuch love from Sweden
Daker Carrion
una lastima que una cancion tan bonita no se clasificara para la final
Desi Esc
I love the way they pronounce \
Beautiful song in English and in Italian ^^ Too bad they haven't entered the gran finale :'(
Dubravko Janjetovic
You should switch to italian, it's amazing!
Wonderful wonderful wonderful beautiful song\nFirst place for the Eurovision 2017\nExceptional, beautiful song.
ESC Erks
In English this song is beautiful, but in Italian it is even more beautiful 💖
Bravooo! 😊 Sven is an amazing composer and I'm so glad to listen Verona in another language! Really hope a high place for them this year!.\nGo Koit & Laura! Fingers crossed in Buenos Aires 😊 ❤
Era Isik
Lugu on itaalialik ja kõlab nii paremini. Kujutaksin kuskil San Remos küll ette esitust :)
Esc Martin
This version is beautiful!! Bravo Koit ja Laura! 👏🏻👏🏻🇪🇪
Esc Τony
Laura has a good Italian accent.
That's not a video. That's a documentary on what they did before they recorded their video.
Sounds really nice in italian ;-\u003e
Francesco Marinelli
I can't believe! They did it really...\nNon ci credo! L'hanno fatto per davvero...
Fritz Wunderlich
This song sounds better in Italian
Gabri DJ
bring the song half in italian at the eurovision!
George Austin Tay
I'm Italian and now I'm even more convinced that I'll vote for Estonia in the grand final 😻\nKoit's pronunciation👌🏽
Gerard Hayes
I thought the English version was  brill.....this version is just amazing.
Giuseppe Torricelli
it isn t possible that such a beatiful song won t take part to the final competition..
Hadrianus Emperor
I like this song oin both languages, but Italian is better, the accent gives the song a special caracteristic
After listening to the Italian version, the English one seems quite meh :D
Siete bravi! Una bella canzone, anche in italiano ))
Hotaru Tomoe
As Italian, now I feel morally compelled to vote for you. Well played.
Italy couldn't vote in Semi-2, what a pity.. we love \
gotta love these 2. As an italian I'm flattered, thank you for choosing our language
Kaire Partelpoeg
Mulle meeldib palju rohkem itaalia keelne variant!!! Vaga tublid !!!!!
Kevin Murrik
vot sellega lööksite küll eurovisionil läbi!! Mulle öltse kohe ei meeldi see inglise keelne lugu see kohe on selline eriline..... ag vot see itaalia keelne lugu on lihtsalt parim!!!
Koit Rannas
Võib ka eesti keeles laulda... Paljudele inimestele Euroopas meeldib eesti keelt kuulata, itaalia ja eesti keel ongi maailma kauneimad.
Love, Love, Love from Italy!!! \u003c3
Ma cantano seriamente in italiano? Davvero bravi, complimenti!!! Questa è nella mia Top 3 di quest'anno! L'italiano è una lingua molto difficile, assolutamente! Greetings from Italy to Estonia and good luck!!!
Liliana Šašlova
Tehke, palun, ka vene keelne versioon😄😍
Luigi Francesco Ventura
bravi! anche all' eurofestival cantate in italiano ... almeno per un po' ... bella canzone ! saluti da Roma!
I think the italian version would have bring them to final and in a very high spot. The italian fits perfectly for this song and it would have gotten much more attention because it's different. I still think they should have qualified with english too but italian makes it magical
Marcos Teixeira
che bello! Mi piace molto questa versione! buona fortuna Estonia dal Portogallo!!
Marcus Hildebrandt
Laulge Kievis kindlasti vähemalt osaliselt itaalia keeles. Mu Itaalia sõbrad on sellest versioonist väga vaimustatud.
Maria Karpov
It is song that should have been at least with first 5 songs-winners at Eurovision 2017. Can't understand why the song didn't enter even to the final context? Fantastic song! Thank you, Estonia!
Marianne Schaffner
Ist mein totaler Favorit. Schönes Lied. 12 Punkte.
Martin Benoit
This version should have been used for Eurovision, italian adds so much more emotions!
Martin Nielsen
This italian version simply made me cry. Definately the winning song, no doubt.!!!!They both sing  very beautifull, esoecially in italian.  I think that the angels smile and sigh listening to them both singing together.I am in heaven when I listen to this song. THANK YOU, Love from Denmark.They would have won the final if they performed the song in italian.
esta canción tiene q ser cantada en italiano. pls sing it in Italian!
Mattia Meda
both incredible versions, as italian, italian version it's beautiful, i love you so much, you're my idol, and by italy i voted you...
Merli Raudsepp
Itaalia keeles kindlasti eurovisioonile :)
Mike Jeep
My favourite song in Eurovision!!! in italian version or english my vote calls will go to Estonia!! congratulations from Portugal :-)
Milvi Kaup
Itaalia keeles on see lugu super, super, supet !!!!! Edu Teile Kiievis !!!!!
TOP-5 of the final Eurovision 2017! )
Nick Tempest
Olev Raidjõe
I like to listen that version at 1.5 speed. It's funnier to watch it too at 1.5 speed. ;)
Paolo Moraschi
Paulie A Wakefield
Wow ! They should stick a lil Italian into there performance in the final ! ❤️👍🏼
Ok, it looks like somebody doesn't realise that Verona is a city in Italy, one of the reasons why Estonia's entry in Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv 2017 is sung in Italian.
René Pierre
In Kiev 50% in english and 50% in italian. PLEASE. BRAVISSIMI
Riina Lüiste
Super esitus!!! Itaalia keeles kõlab see laul paremini!
Rumori Calcio Channel
If you lose in Verona, it's either Chievo or Hellas, needs to specify :)
I can say I didn't like that song at first, maybe cuz of weak live (Laura was sick), but Italian version looks better, you guys should make it half Italian, like chorus in italian and other half in English or Italian chorus.
Simo Sporty
What an honor to hear this song in my mother language... even if I prefer the english version.\nSad that you didn't get the access to the Grand Final...I listen to \
Stefano Ceresa
loved the original one, and the italian one as well, but as italian man i can tell u.. this version just need some more energy. I hope you will fix it in the live ;)
Steffen Knoch
I was crying and had tear trops in my eyes - what an amazing song in the Italian language
Syren Wood
OMG, I'm always here to listen to them!!!! xD
Tapio Kuisma
Tara king
love this much more than the English version
Wow! Koit's italian is actually quite good! Laura should work a little bit on her pronunciation, but overall this is a great effort, and as an Italian I'm honoured of that! I've loved this song from the first listen in english and now even more, i hope they will release this version in Italy. :)
Tom Lovren
I can't believe it's possible to love this song more! I hope they make something in Estonian though.
Itaalia keel ja eesti keel on üsna sarnased. Aastaid tagasi juhtusin minema ühte Riia ööklubisse naisega ja pileti järjekorras omavahel suheldes kuulsin enda taga venekeelset suhtlemist, et näe Itaallased ka sattunud siia :) Edu igatahes Eurovisioonil, kas eesti, inglise või itaalia keeles!!
Vegan InWonderland
Kaunisti lauldud ! :)
Virgo Cluster
This Italian version is so nice! Koit's pronunciation is spot on! You deserve to be higher up in the final vote!
Потрясающе! Настоящие артисты на любом языке споют прекрасно! Toome, Laura \u003c3
fitriyani marsusi
12 points from indonesia.. good luck estonia :)
Nice, like the song, and it sounds more interesting in Italian.
igor vorobieff
inga balynas
Estonia. the BEST !!!! You are Winners 2017 !
lps tv
itaalia keeles saaksite 2 koha, aga inglise keeles 15 koha
m.cristina r.
Se ieri sera l'Italia avesse potuto votare, avreste passato il turno! Peccato, bella canzone, bravi
mängur Kypsa
Tõesti on Itaalia keeles parem kui Inglise .Mulle väga meeldib see versioon ;)
It's my favorite song this year. 12 points from Italy.
better than english version, IMO
Everything sounds beautiful sung in Italian. This song is so wonderfully good. Go Estonia in ESC 2017 !!
Itaalia keeles kõlab laul palju, palju paremini!!! Itaalia keel lihtsalt sobib 100% sellele loole! Võiksite tõepoolest hoopis selle versiooniga minna eurovisioonile! \u003c3
Ádám Török
Very nice, but I still love it more in English, it is actually my favourite song in Eurovision this year! Good luck from Hungary!
Володимир Любивий
Як така пісня не вийшла до фіналу \
Ирина Томаженкова
Спасибо большое за прекрасную песню особенно на итальянском.
Олег Крупенин
давайте теперь на эстонском языке) eesti keel)