SHIT ITALIAN MOMS SAY - Part 1 (Daniel Franzese)

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Please SUBSCRIBE! Daniel Franzese says the SH*T your ITALIAN MOM says!Produced and Written by Daniel Franzese and Lisa MastroianniDirected By Zack BassCamera,Sound and Editing by Dan MungerMusic by Mike Meehan© Copyright 2012, by Daniel Franzese. All video and music rights reserved. Duplication without express permission of the author is prohibited.cast:Daniel Franzese as ITALIAN MOMJoseph Ferrante as AnthonyMadeline Carroll as RosalieJudith Benezra as DonnaPlease rate, follow, like and comment. Leave us some Sh*t your 'Italian Mom' Says for future videos!Follow @whatsupdanny on Twitter for more! Make sure to watch PART 2!!!!


Adam Khid
i love how everybody is saying are u damien from mean girls lol just look who uploaded the video
Allison Mead
As someone who is half Italian, this gets me every time. I can't get enough of it. It's so accuarate!!!!!
being italian is fun, and this is unbelievably accurate. my mom always does the \
Andrew Zourides
Brings back memories that I have of my childhood in \
Angel Goldstein
You know, this is the guy who played Damian from Mean Girls.
Arlene Campbell
You are hysterical. Were you possibly looking into our kitchen window?
Avraham Greenhut
The funny thing is, I'm Jewish, grew up on Bay 50th and Cropsey Ave. I will guarantee that I understand this video on a level that Italians across the country probably can't. It's a Brooklyn thing as much as an Italian thing .
B. P
Cher Stark
I seriously think this should be made in to a sitcom for sure . I literally watch at least one a day lmao.
Chloe Dancer
This isn't moms restaurant ... \nLmaooooo
Christina Gallinari
He's not portraying an Italian from Italy, he's portraying an Italian from New York.
Italian moms are like the extrovert version of a Jewish mom. Instead of just saying the shit to their family they say it to everyone.
Clare Ultimo
I am second generation Italian American. Of course this is funny but it does make us all look stupid, and continues to propagate the stereotypes that no ethnic group benefits from. My mom and dad, first generation born in the USA, hardly any education but they were generous and kind to everyone and hated the \
Claudio D'Agostino
my Italian Mamma & I love this video, very talented and funny guy!!!!! tantti auguri!!!!! congrats for a very funny creation!
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Dani Mendez
I'm Mexican and I came here to see if Italians are similar to Mexicans...Its about right in some ways xD \n
Danielle Stalter
Omg Danny DeVito I love your work
Dawn B
This is New Jersey Italian.....btw why no plastic over the furniture? If you show the floor there better be those plastic runners through out the house too. No respectable Italian doesn’t have plastic over things.🧐😂
Deranged Entertainment Inc
Lmao that \
only thing missing is a grandfather sitting silently through everything.
Emily Prentiss
im laughing at the video and that this is damien from mean girls makes it even better
You forgot \
Frances Van Siclen
Okay, it was funny but I don't approve and I'm an Italian mother ! I don't like stereotypes ! btw, Daniel's wig is exactly the color and style my hair used to be; it was beautiful and he looks charming bwaaa !!!!
Gail Levy
You are the friggin' best. Hilarious
Gelci Spacapan
This is how South Italians sound like. South Italians are the best.
Giuliana Auteri
right when i saw his face i knew it was damien from mean girls, but omg this is literally the funniest thing ever cause its so true
Harley Lasso
Italian mom sounds like Peter Griffin
Isabella Danetti
I’m Italian and this is exactly like my family 😂😂😂
LOL I'm Italian and my mom and dad are so like that
J wilson
you have no idea how accurate this is.
Jacqueline Leming
Yea mention the plastic covers on the friggin couch - that when you took a nap on them your face stuck to them. Damn those were the days\nPlus it made fart noises when you got up and down.
Jason Muskopf
At the 1:51 mark \
Jess Didani
Jill F
My aunt is exacctttllyyyy like this 😂😂
Joan'ne Valentina
I love this. Proud to be an Italian Mom!
Joanna R
Wait till you see her yearbook photo Donna your gonna die!!!! - so accurate, and I laughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my esophagus.
Johnny Trash
More videos please Danny, from a Calabrian testa dura, ha ha. I had to edit this, seriously, Italian-Australian mothers talk like this to their kids too. :) One thing Italians have in common, whether you are Jersey Italian, Canadian Italian, Italian Australian, American Italian, Italian American, Italo-International Italian: Food, and lots of it, swearing in Italian and making a mockery of oneself, pretending to be a wise guy, complaining about your coffee (I do if it's a bad coffee), hitting on women and listening to Italian music, or watching 'Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets'. I must have seen that about seven times! No, I do not aspire to being a 'wise guy', I'm a good fella....
Joshua LaPointe
My best friend since childhood is Italian, and I remember his mother throwing a head of lettuce at him, and the yelling & fighting mixed with kisses, it was like watching people with double personalities. I absolutely loved every minute with them.
I'm Italian-Argentinian and this is basically the story of my life
always \
Kindhearted Greatperson
Americanized Italians, doubt this is what Italians in Italy are like lmao
Knock Knock PENNY
This is what all the Italians in New York sound like 😂😂
Kristyn Nicole
My mom everyday: \
Who else got Sophia from Golden Girls vIbEs from this💀💀.
Laurel Cook
Lauren Rizzo
You sound like my mom...and aunt... And it's pasta vazulle
Luigi Virgola
as an I italian, I can say \
Luna EB
Get my pakabook , haha
Lynda Kelly
I love him...he is the epitome of Italian Moms.....He needs a tv love love him....would go to a show if her had one....\n Needs to do all the italian curse words.....that would be a classic...and the wooden spoon..dont forget that...more more more...
Madolyn Sandra
This is hysterical. I could watch this over and over and over. PLEASE DO MORE!! 😂😂😂 you should have a tv show!!
Megan And the Diamonds
omg the \
Mickey Liriano
hahaha! my family in New York. reminds me of the old days living in NY. good times.
My Computer
American Italian =/= Italian
Lock the top lock
Nikki Gattz
This is so scary this is literally my mom and every other mom in Brooklyn hahahaha\n
Patricia Allen
God I love Italian mothers. They are hilarious!
Born and raised, funny as hell.
Grew up in Richmond Hill (so many Italians) so I know how accurate this is.
S. Rodriguez
I'm half Italian and this is so accurate. Growing up around my Italian side, makes me feel so full blooded from all the craziness lol.
Italians don't talk like this, Jersey so called Italians talk like this.
Sarah keough
OMG I was dying this is so true especially if your Italian and from Brooklyn OMG my family and I to the T
Scarlett Jane
This also perfectly depicts a Jewish mom/grandmother.
Shamrock Rancher
I gotta tell ya... I've watched this  dozen times in the last 5 days. I left Long Island back in '77 but this is like a time warp back. SO FREAK'N FUNNY! THANK YOU Daniel! Really nice job!
Taylor Hartnett
i feel like im at my grandmas house..
Teresa Marie
I NEVER laughed so hard in my life 😂😂
I'm Suprised that they didnt say im telling your father
alright but if you're gonna say italian words at least use the correct pronunciation lol
ive heard the 'donna ya gonna die' so many times
Wizz Da Burrito Boy
annabella olivas
reading through the comments its crazy how almost every Italian can relate.
bella gioa
I wonder why Italian americans seem so different to Italians from Italy :P
dimitri 7679
I'm Greek and Italian and this had me dying because both of my heritages are almost the same. My mother is 100% like this 😂😂😂
euphoria _
It's Damian from Mean Girls!
farah abbas
Arabs moms sound pretty much like that! Love you mom! ❤️
ferrari 458
Dang so accurate I listen to this every day!!
il Diablo
This is more than accurate lmao
jillian valentine
the i'm done just killed me
jjandjack S
I'm Italian. 😈
ajahahahhaha im italian. from sicily but living in the north. thats the perfect stereotyped southern italian mum .....i so much miss them living in milan. they may overwhelm you in a way but they re always there. they give you all you need to feèl safe in this world
madeline mehok
My mom is jewish, but she grew up with mostly Italian people. She says a lot of these things.
mary dancy
Omg my lil Italian gma used to say \nRat badtard 👌👌
ITALIAN AMERICAN not italian. Which means southern italian emigrated to escape poverty decades ago.
I have heard a bunch of these also:\n\
Ohmygod Danny Devito, I love your work! \u003c3
i cook him breakfast he asks me whats for dinner
sophie dema
My mom isnt italian but my dad is 100% italian and my mom is acts likes this tho
You forgot to mention the plastic cover on the living room sofa.
This was wicked funny.  I know it was from N.Y.C., but Italian Mom's are the same in Boston to.  The wine glass in an Italian Mother's hand in the kitchen is classic and putting in Italian words mixed into English is spot on .... especially curse words when they want to make a point but \
suck my dirnt
Omfg hahaha my brother's name is Anthony and my mom always yells at him like that xDDD \
victoria the army
I'm Italian, and it's truly scary how this is such an accurate representation of my family😂😂😂
So damn accurate. I'm really scared, to be honest.\n\nChildhood.