John Pinette

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1stiron Lion
good clean funny, RIP
Agoraphobic Adam
Nothing like a Water Pa-wik joke.
Anthony Malvoso
Miss you John
At ease With the cheese
man, the best comedian ever. and he just had too pass away.
Boutros Stamadianos
I don't even see the speedo. Great finish..:)
Brian Christenson
Eewok impression 😅😅
Carrie Potato
A true original comic, So hysterically funny, thank you John. You are loved and missed terribly.💜🧡🦋
Craig Dyer
What a wonderful talent he was R.I.P. brother you are missed .
Dave Cheney
This man was truly funny lol
David Diver
Rest in peace big guy!
David Welsh
RIP John Pinette. He was funny and topical without pandering much.
Dean Johnson
John was an incredible person. I saw once on New Years Eve in Boston. He was a great talent and will be missed.
Dietmar Hoelzner
He's the MOST
Donna Angus
The ones who punched thumbs down,  YOU try to get on stage and make a crowd laugh like crazy. Just discovered this on the YT and he is FUNNY
Duke Thomas
I miss his humour so much. A true talent the likes of which we may not see again in our lifetime.
Fabian De La Rosa
I've never heard of this guy, but after reading that he passed makes me wish he was still around\nDamn this guy is funny
Gail Gillam
Many years ago my brother had tickets to see John and was not able to attend the performance due to a sudden tragedy involving the loss of a close friend. One of my brother's friends was able to convey the details of the situation and John called my brother to offer condolences. Many years later I was able to thank him at a performance in my home town. I really miss this caring, talented human being. Belly laughs are the best!
Georgann Arsenault
So much talent and that face! He makes me smile 😄
Gregory Schultz
Utter brilliance. What an amazing talent.
John Pinette was a wonderful comic, Just wonderful in his approach and style. Very Funny in all aspects. I will miss him a load. Thanks for the giggles John!
Jalen Thomas
JFL Legend
James Williams
A real comedian wish I could have met the Man
When I 'm feeling down or unhappy about something I put this funny man on and I'm in a better place I miss his humour I miss him !
Janet Chambers
omg i really miss john free willy made me laugh till i cried
Jim Owens
What a talented comedian he was..John I must say was the funniest comedian I ever had the pleasure of watching. Gone to soon RIP John Pinette.
John Cjjfjf
I keep watching. I think he knew he was dying but caried on pleasing. US punters a bit like sid James / Tommy Cooper A true comedy genius. They all played TILL. The end. N A / NA. JK. P/ Bros
Kaye Sampson
Where was this guy when i wasn`t listening to him?? Brilliant! Pete 379.
Lorraine Barnosky
I miss John Pinette!!! He was my favorite comedian. I miss him dearly!
Luke F
Awesome guy. Hilarious. John is missed
Mandy Simmons
The one time I do remember him using a curse word was later when he was doing the skiing joke again and he said he went up Mount Son of a B.  LOL but he was so cute,  it didn't seem like cursing.  I say nay nay to him being gone.
Maria TheSeer
His Voice 😂
Marybeth Medeiros
I went on that \
Matt Schneider
He was so funny...miss him...
Michael Dudley Welch
I found his Speedo out in the parking lot. The scary thing is it fits.
Micheal Attar
Mike Rogers
Laughing so hard my eyes are leaking! 😂😂😂😂😂
Mindy Weinstein
Most Wanted
The thing is for me that after John left this world people will look and I hope his Family enjoy all the comments from a person like me that laughed, smiled and repeat His jokes.
Nancy Foroughi
So funny! Laughed until I cried!
Nicky Depaola
John was a beautiful soul !.... I am just a year older then he was....RIP~* I loved his humor !
4:39 Those people shouldn't have been there!
I really miss his comedy, he was an amazing comedian.
Ollie Hopnoodle
I just discovered the video's of his performances. So funny.
R Smaczny
i love this man.
He was a killer !! Flawlessly funny and clean
Rick Harbridge
Yeah that was one funny guy
Rick Robertson
Thank you for sharing your brilliant talent with us. We will miss the laughter........
Rob Labow
He was so hilarious.  RIP
Robert Gale
The man was a comic genius to say the least, but his big heart will live on in history. For all the laughter that brought us to tears. Gone but never forgotten. R.I.P
Ronald Brabbin
The best comedian I have seen
Ronald Goldstein
Rest in peace brother
Ryan Allmaras
A good comedian. His jokes can't be told by others because his delivery is amazing. Even the worst jokes can be made funny with the right deliverance. He was REALLY good a delivering jokes.
He made us all laugh with good clean humor , hard to find today .
Scarida Ghostly
I wonder how much is exaggerated, but he's still brilliantly hilarious.
Scott O,Donahoe
Gravity sucks !
God, I miss him. He was one of the funniest people that ever lived. Because of him I break out in laughter when someone asks if I want an extended warranty.
Steven Hair
It is a skill to get on a stage and make people laugh. Its even a bigger skill when you make people laugh without using vulgar language. He left his mark on this earth for sure and we all miss him!
T Marshall
I remember when I first came across his material. I used to play it for my nail clients while I did their nails. He is about the only comedian that can make me laugh until my face and stomach hurt and water is shooting out of my eyes. I love his NayNay. And the story about his chauffeur not wanting to stop at the Dairy Queen and his next line starts... after he wiped the blood from his head... LOL I always wish I could have met him. He would have made a glorious friend. And the words 'get out of line! get out of line' I say in my head every time I'm in a line behind somebody screwing up an order. Lol and every time I go to Bath & Body Works without a coupon I always want to say to the cashier 'But I have money'
T Sanchez
Thanh Huynh
He is very funny and smart. Laughter is the best medicine. RIP John.
Who could thumb-down this set? He has excellent material and delivers it perfectly. What a comedic genius.
Tommy Petraglia
More... more... more please
William B
Why does the funniest ones die young
William F. Henry
Why are there two big balls on the stage?
William Taylor
Try finding a black comedian that doesn't use the M Fer word. Good luck with that. This guy was so special super funny and no foul words.
William Wallace
So good and sorely missed!
LMAO luv this guy; GENIUS.
Remember when Stand up comedy was like this? Now its just overdone swearing and yelling about your idiotically informed political views\n*cough* Thanks Carlin *cough* Bull Purr
it’s a free wiwwy
EWOK !!!!
This guy is Good ...true to life is always the funniest
charles ardizzoni
I love when clerks ask for my phone number.....\
So funny. RIP.
a great talent a amazing stand up such a shame hes gone RIP
cory powell
Found out today he passed away...lost a very funny man...RIP JOHNNY.... you will be missed...
I remember him from the movie punisher
Great thing in life is If your good. Your jokes will still make people smile when your gone -\n Keiko (Free Willy )
gator mike
God he was SO FUNNY!! What a loss.
rare and no vulgarity! see it can be done
He looks and sounds almost like Nathan Lane.
its jrs041
Amazing man! He will not be forgotten.
jade fire
You are so missed, John! Finding out you were gone , was a big #NayNay..............
John was such an amazing talent......gone WAY too soon.
john Baldock
To John's family and friends. Its April 2018 and i've just found this Comic Genius! I wish i could have seen him live. You Must have been so proud of him. XX
kathy Dyer
I love him. John was so funny🤣😂😅
my stomach hurts from laughing ,,so sad i never got to see him before he died,,i known his routines by heart,,,, the funniest guy ever!!!
massimo sforzini
He was GREAT In all senses.
one of the funniest comedians that ever lived.i miss him a lot.
On April 5, 2014 the world - and for sure the comedy world - lost a great talent in making us laugh and love him for his point of view and his wins and shortcomings. You could tell that he was, in real life, a sweetheart of a man and so funny to boot -- a winning combination. A pulmonary embolism took him away. RIP, John, wherever you are I hope there's your favorite food and a good glass of Chianti while you're making God laugh. My condolences to your loved ones and family.
the proud pinoy
rip jp, much love.
Pinette was the man. He got the most out of being a fat guy without it ever feeling hacky. RIP.
Very funny
A big nay, nay. White water rafting. \
Gone too soon.