My Italian nephew tries to pronounce English words!

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According to Alondra
I’m a native English (American) speaker and I didn’t know how to pronounce/spell some of these words 😂
Antoinette Emily
Your nephew is beyond adorable!! Love your new haircut by the way.
Athanasios Proios
When i was at his age my mum always used to ask me \
Poor guy!!! the English language is so tough because of it taking so many other words from other languages.... to his credit, he did use typical English pronunciation with most words.
Choukarah Reda
Great video, now you should do the opposite, trying to pronounce italian words!
Cristina Lopez
English is my first language and I still messed up some of the words 😂 Your nephew is adorable he did really well👏👏
Questo video mi è stato utile per capire quanto è difficile sapere pronunciare bene le parole... Brava e secondo me barolo è ingrassato un pochino 😉
Francisca Bastos
ahhahah i loved this!! i'm going to be honest... i always pronounced Greenwich wrong. x) so i've learned something today. we learn it in school as the \
Franco Beppolo
Like you said in the video, we italians expect to use all the letters in the word we find in front of ourselves, and i'm glad that you came tolive here and understand that. I'm sure that you can think and figure out how we feel about a language which skips many letters in the word and where MANY differently written words have the SAME sound and pronounce (like \
Gabriel Chiavaroli
I'm 13 as well and the only one I got right was \
Loved this video! What a great idea! The relationship you have with your nipote is so sweet ❤️
Giovanni Autiero
Well done you Two! I couldn't help laughing , watching the video that was so funny. I didn't know some of this words and how to pronunce them so i laughed it off with my nephew who is nine years old and i have been helping him to learn some english with homework. I think your nipote did so well in this video and He Will be able to improve it with your help.
Jazz Journey
aww that is so cute i love that..
Jodi's Expat Life
Omg he's too freaking cute ❤
John F
You certainly didn't show any mercy to the poor kid !  Good sport young man.
Karen Militello
Antonio is so cute!!! 💙💙💙
Katia LaManna
Bravo Antonio!!!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Laura Lau
I'm Italian and I can't pronunce the words 'vegetables' and 'jewelry'😂 sorry for my bad English, but I really like your videos❤️❤️❤️
Lisie Pop
I love the videos you do with your nephew and niece! You all have such a sweet relationship :))
Louis Concordia
Haha some of these were so hard! I'm a native English speaker and I can barely pronounce Worcestershire...and I would've pronounced Greenwich the same way Antonio did! New England has some weird pronunciations for some town names (the only reason I know how to correctly pronounce Worcester, MA is because one of my friends went to college there - and then knowing how to say that actually helps with pronouncing Worcestershire) LOL!
Marco Grillo
Devo tornare a scuola.....non ne conoscevo nemmeno una di pronuncia 😂
Monique Gibson
He and his sister are the CUTEST!! He did very well! I didn't realize how difficult English is until I started studying Italian. English is ridiculous when you think about it! LOL XO
Hi Sofie, you're such a great team, good work Antonio!!!! Also the fact that he's not camera shy is a plus :) Great choice of words, we say queue also in Canada, we use both actually, line or queue.
Notorious J
I definitely mess up a bunch of those words 🤣
Olivia Glick
What i think is funny about this is that a bunch of these words do have all the letters pronounced, which is unlike English! Antonio is doing a great job following how things are usually pronounced in English, but a bunch of these words were like trick words😂
Bravo Antonio!
It was so fun! And I learned a few new words!
RL sa
Are you still working with Dada? If so how is it going?
Rahul kumar
Sofie, The coolest teacher 👩\u200d🏫 🙌\nMust say, cool swag/hairstyle of Mr Hunk there... 👌
Rick Chollett
Have him read this sentence :\n\nThe rough boughs are in the trough.
Rimpa Kaur
Awesome video.. Tfs..👍👍👍👍😊😊😊 stay connected
Sapphire Camui
That old man is me when trying to read the name of the sauce. why, English, WHY?? I consider myself fluent,but that word is also a good one to use as password. ;) LMAO
Svetlana Kovacevic
Bravo Antonioooo!! I didn't know the last one either :D hahah
Valentina Vaiana
Ma che bravo che è! 😍
Valeria Violet
Che carini che siete, zia e nipote!😊
Zoey Arielle
This was SO cute!!! :D Bravo Antonio! Worcestershire Sauce was my fave XD PS Sof, your hair looks incredible \u003c3
Io le pronuncio tutte come lui ahahah
He did a great job!
You are sooo nice together ❤️ the words were difficult though (I'm Italian) Good job Antonio!
That was a blast
Oh, the origin of colonel and the reasons of its slightly different pronunciations. Very interesting.\nThe Colonel Angus from SNL's sketch! 😄
I really enjoyed watching it and please make more of this kind of videos. You are the coolest teacher Sofie!!
Cute! I like your makeup in this video... Could you do a tutorial on how to it? 😉😊
ahahah...Me too...I don't speak english but itanglish 😀